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  • rhythmsofheart 15h


    Where eternal clock chimes
    About ecstasy of living
    Rather everywhere
    Mourning voices are singing
    The last song

    In this arena
    Could find one full of life
    Rather everyone
    Is buried in the unknown future
    Full of lies

    Where the present is a subject
    Could find a ruler
    Rather everyone
    Is ruling in the past and future
    Which is nowhere.

  • biswajitdev 3d

    Dear Redolent souls
    Have a kind glance and raise your voice against the atrocities with children.

    Warm Wishes on World Day Against Child Labour!
    **Don't snatch away fragrance of innocence
    Nurture them well to bloom with blissfulness
    Don't chain childhood with shackles to scream
    Free the wings to achieve their dreams and gleam.

    For a peaceful and prosperous future
    Let's take a pledge to abolish Child Labour.**

    *GLOSSARY :-
    Snatch away - Steal, Nurture - Care for and protect, Bloom - Be in flower, Blissfulness - State of Extreme happiness, Chain - Tie or bind, Shackles - Chains, Scream - Make a loud sound, Gleam - Shine brightly, Prosperous - Successful or Productive, Pledge - Solemn Promise, Abolish - Put an end*
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    Don't snatch away fragrance of innocence
    Nurture them well to bloom with blissfulness
    Don't chain childhood with shackles to scream
    Free the wings to achieve their dreams and gleam.

    For a peaceful and prosperous future
    Let's take a pledge to abolish Child Labour.


  • bclark2681 4d

    *This is written about actual historical events that happened in the city I live in, Saint John. The Irish left their homeland during the potato famine in search of a new beginning, and found a new beginning here in 1785 but unfortunately most who trekked the ocean got sick with a disease and were made to quarantine upon Partridge Island until they got better or died. There are many graves upon the island but eventually many Irish were allowed to venture on to the mainland and become part of the city hence the large amount of Irish decendents.
    *Credit for picture goes to original owner
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    #irish #saintjohn #partridgeisland #future

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    Partridge Saints

    We, the Irish from yonder
    Trek across Neptune blue
    Escaped from our abysmal
    Habitat in search of future,
    Found is island of Partridge
    While sickly on our hammock,
    Quarantined upon landmass
    For health of John the Saint
    From our disease of unknown
    As we vanish to historic grave

  • undefined_writer 4d


    Past is past.
    I cannot redo it,
    nor go back to it.
    I have escaped from
    that scene and still
    continue to live.
    All I can do is
    look forward.


  • nyx_16 1w

    .....god, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts

  • the_venting_poet 1w

    Sleep is tugging me gently
    But I refuse to give in
    And close my eyes.
    No, it's not sleep I'm trying to avoid.
    I've been trying every night to sleep
    Only to hear thoughts
    And dreams chattering loudly
    In my head
    Keeping me awake as my heart beats erratically.
    It's nothingness that fills my head
    Keeping me from holding hands with sleep
    And resting peacefully.




  • fiuntscriptum 1w

    Water Relatives, Blood Covenants

    Looking for love, don't come home,
    Looking for trust, it ain't home,
    Looking for warmth, the house is cold.
    Watching family feud, going through family feuds,
    Young royal going through it, a royal feud.
    Arguments not argumentative but petty,
    It's become an annoyance, things sketchy,
    Been looking for avoidance, semi or henny.
    They curse the come up, like you ain't gonna make it,
    Now they use hexes, like they were day ones on days you had zeros.
    Looking at you now, some kinda hero or savior
    They didn't believe before, they just doubt,
    Back when they said it was all for nought.
    They selfish, they want your blood and soul,
    They selfish, they want your flesh and bone,
    They want you selfless, heart and spirit
    Back ain't bent for them they ridicule you,
    Bend over backwards for them and they want more from you.
    Go forward for you and you're the ridiculous one.
    Couldn't believe what I heard and saw,
    Guess the vision is hard to see when you don't listen.
    Securing bags and they want them to flop,
    Bag secured, they lost to how you saw the top.
    They want you out of slavery but mentally enslaved you,
    They want you out the bucket but still pull you down
    Out your mind because the skin tones are brown.
    So much fake smiles it's all coonery.
    They want your baloney for their hatchery,
    Could you PLEASE stop with the buffoonery.
    Studying my moves while you did physiology,
    Talking togetherness but you studied anatomy,
    Talking down on me when I had sleep paralysis,
    I gave them help when their hands were tied in prolonged stasis,
    That's standard for me, but they mis-standard the basics
    Now its hard to say such,
    They asking for much,
    Wanting me to be their clutch,
    Never been the type to be someone's crutch,
    They're negative it's just really too much.
    I can't get reciprocation when all they do is lie,
    Sometimes at night wishing to be the type to cry,
    But it's hard to break when all on mind is to fly,
    It's a different league, lane and sport,
    Alot on mind with decisions to sort,
    Protests and judgments, they really want you in court.
    Made you feel like what you did was only sin
    Strangers give more love than my own kin
    Put more faith in my brothers, they really want me win.
    In any weather their shoulders are trusted, lose or win.
    Guess what the scriptures say is true and in stone,
    Just like when they wrote it on the tomb,
    The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water in the womb.

  • fiuntscriptum 1w

    Our Dead Bodies

    Bodies in the street,
    They ain't sweet,
    Shell casing cold,
    Ar 15s in the winter.
    Family in tears,
    Bodies stay hollow and leaks,
    Blood caresses the dirt in the streets.
    Ops joy cry on the jolly ride,
    Padoones put the books down,
    Reports of missing persons now,
    Magicians with the disappearances wow.
    Plots and glocks all thicker,
    Bodies and blood all thinner,
    Red seas of crips buried in the crypts,
    Blue seas in the veins of bloods.
    OGs barely alive,
    Vets on the last breath,
    Runners get their achilles clipped,
    Tripped and fumbled into death races,
    It's all false starts to death finishes.
    Youth aspire to be them,
    Them aspire to be youth,
    Both see a way out,
    One wants in the other out.
    This life ain't for you or me
    But if I don't protect you,
    But if I don't push you to the League,
    Or push you toward a bigger lead,
    I might gotta watch you leak on the street,
    I might gotta tell moms how you dropped,
    I might cry before watching you bleed,
    So much blood I swear it wouldn't clot,
    So much blood when are my brothers gonna stop.

  • karlac 1w

    True lies

    This day belongs to us,
    You’ll take away the curse,
    The future is shining bright,
    Who would have ever thought,
    That darkness equals light.

    This day belongs to us
    And we shall never part,
    No tears will hit those eyes,
    And there's no broken heart,
    Who would have ever thought,
    That sweet words are true lies.

  • stevenlgoosby 1w

    If you gave a person a inch in the past
    Do you think they will take a mile in the present? This determines the future.

  • ananias 1w

    #regret #race #endurance #rhymes #payoff #future #past @mirakee #predictions #selfdestruction

    Some old friends I knew are meeting up but I am too much of a mess to join them now.

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    [Never been much of a runner.]


    My endurance wore thin, I gave up during the race. I see everyone else still running and I sink low in pace with my place. I can not continue now; marked, scuffed and chafed. I just wish I never stopped running when I would end up in better days. If I just continued stride I'd be secure and not a case, of self destruction, and of dilutant I'd have no trace.

    I ask myself, but have no answer, as to why I did not finish; or how I knew things were supposed to go the way I had envisioned. And how I never expected to get further than how far I got, or to win with high pair on the last card life's dealer dropped.

    I gave myself this bad beat, my sore feet and weak heart forsook me. I curse my own self for this twisted path I've took me.


  • realnotreel 2w

    "♬ ᖰɨ¢Ƭ⩏Ʀ៩ ɨន Ɯ០ƦƬϦ 1000 Ɯ០Ʀᖱន."
    The proverbial sentence “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the famous and common proverbs. It means an artwork or an image can convey meanings more effectively than descriptions. This phrase is usually used in newspaper advertisements. It shows that graphic illustrations are more useful to express the clear thoughts hidden behind a notion rather than words. Most artists, especially in the modern arts, share their message through their art piece. These artworks bring various interpretations and are also hard to get it right. However, an image can undoubtedly give an important message or tell a story using colors, designs, themes, and more.

    ���������� �� ���������������� ���������� ���� ���������� �������������� ����������
    A journalist and an award-winning author, Stacy Hawkins Adams, wrote a book series, Jubilant Soul. Worth a Thousand Words is a sequel, which has the second half of the proverb. In spite of using the proverb partially, the title means “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The story revolves around the significant character, Indigo, a passionate young girl who wants to persue her career as a photographer, but she is stuck in several obstacles. The marriage proposal from her long-time beloved, Brayn, is a hindrance to success and career. The protagonist keeps on challenging her strength and emotions as she tries to fight with her love life and future dreams. This proverb has been used metaphorically in the story.

    ���������� ���� ������������:

    P.C. Pinterest


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  • a_quaint_soul 2w

    To the future

    Rejuvenated and liberated from static mindset to rise and scale new horizons. Unburdening the shackles of unforced slavery and discarding ordinary outlook. Thy shall keep moving inorder to discover true potential through learning and pursuing new endeavours.

  • tiwarigarima 2w


    Dream is the blueprint of your future....

  • blossomwrites 2w

    Your demeanour is not based on your past
    It’s about redefining the future !

  • sroyona 2w

    Pathway of Life

    Why is it so important to know what you are gonna do for future? Why is it that when you have no idea and everyone around you has the perfect map to their goals... I am not condemning the fact that they have; perhaps they have gone through the jumbled up phase, that uncertainty of deciding for what is best for them .....
    There was a time that I had a plan too...no not that childhood dream of being a doctor or an engineer...
    I was allowed to pursue it but only if I could get into the top most institute...the logic behind that was, when they would hire people they would look which institute you came from....
    So, what would a normal person do agree and prepare for the test....but I had to make a choice, as there was this daunting thought that there was no surity I would crack the exam.....what would I do then? Because I would have already wasted time and money ...
    So I chose to give that up took an easier route...
    Passed some milestones now I have two choices...
    But, what if I do not want to take these two paths...
    Try something else...Social media says it's not necessary to choose a career at 23...you can wait untill you find a perfect one....You believe it too... convince yourself that it is okay to take a bit of time..
    But there isn't really any time is there ...
    Each and every day I am reminded that I do not have the skills to try anything else ...there isn't time anymore... You have to choose ...this has happened so many times..that I lost count of how many ways I thought of to get away and not choose from those two career paths....
    after one such career choosing session today ...I thought maybe it's time I should really do what I want ...
    Funny thing nothing came to my mind... I was apalled that there is nothing I love anymore....

  • angel_sneha 2w


    Accept your past
    Without regrets

    Handle your present
    With confidence

    Face your future
    Without fear .......


  • oceanblack 2w

    Mirrors image

    To the stranger who admired me,
    I love you relentlessly now,
    even in your disappointment that I am not who you expected me to be.

    And I am sorry
    I couldn’t save you when you needed me to,

    See I was locked in a days dream,
    as now you are in my nights.

    Maybe we could meet at dawn and see the moment in together, if only we could share.


  • riku_pradia 2w

    Valuing Souls.

    Valuing each one is a rare identity;
    For I was born with a blend of ego and pride.
    Encountered thousands personalities;
    Never have I ever imagined I would ignore mortals,
    I didn't either wished for it.
    But life gave me a hurdle of test in friendship
    Never have I ever regretted to let go,
    Because maybe it was destined for the best.

    Finding a true friend is a splendor,
    Though I was undeserving if those spectrum,
    Spending time with them is a different kind of joy,
    Their absence brings a different kinds of unhappiness,
    Everything we do is a memory we make
    To value them will be the purpose of my life.

  • roel_gonz 1w

    Let this light be my guide
    To the endless path of my dreams
    To the countless time chasing my goals
    This is the moment
    This is the time
    I'm coming