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  • soundshack 30w


    Like a moth your sucked right in
    when the lights and sounds begin
    Planned on the village green
    the greatest sights you've ever seen
    Summer now has just begun
    and it starts with so much fun
    The travelling fair is in full swing
    the village lit up with its bling
    Chairoplanes and dodgems cars
    a simulation trip to Mars
    In the sky you see the glow
    every night you'd have to go
    Hook a duck and shooting range
    so much fun your feeling strange
    The octopus would spin you round
    you could not wait to feel the ground
    Sugar rushing through your brain
    candyfloss now filled your veins
    Summer now is in full swing
    when the lights and sounds begin

    Thomas Lennon

  • soundshack 30w

    Opening Night

    Packaging up and pulling down
    moving to another town
    The work was hard the craic was great
    until you lift the heavy plate
    It must have been now twice the weight
    you'd get the call your breakfast waits
    So much stuff to pack away
    have to travel in a day
    Checking loads and tugging ropes
    dodging traffic scream at dopes
    On the road now for the day
    for safe passage now you'd pray
    Safely parked now on new grounds
    building up not like pull downs
    Slowly now your work begins
    with it now excitement brings
    Crowds now stand and watch each day
    for ten days the show would stay
    Everything now double checked
    safety first in all respects
    Start the plant to check the lights
    ready now for opening night

    Thomas Lennon

  • zachary_hiraeth 181w


    Glaring lights

    People talking
    People everywhere

    Sensory overload