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  • shivani_acharya_0406 11w


    I will be watching you,

    Do not cry so much,

    It's all about good and bad luck!

    Play my favorite song,

    And if you could, then please sing along!

    Bring me a bunch of roses,

    And wall picture of mine should be with good poses!

    Don't be dressed up like attending a mourning moment,

    Remember my poems claiming nothing is permanent!

    Don't talk about our old memories so much that tears come out,

    Don't be quiet and angry, you can shout out loud!

    Don't even think that I am gone,

    Heart still holds our strongest bond!



  • sweedle 14w

    Your truth killed me before you even finished speaking, I felt a funeral in my brain and the sad songs wouldn't stop playing. I had it all before you opened your mouth and now I'm mumbling to myself in the shadow of utter silence.

    © Sweedle

  • the_healer_idealist 15w

    Stages of Death

    I'm in denial
    This can't be real
    My mind is rationalizing everything I feel

    I'm trying to recover from your blow
    Did you shoot me?
    I don't know.

    You're killing me slowly,
    Gradually, just by being
    You're the most hypnotic specimen of a man
    I have seen

    Your substance I've carelessly ingested
    Feeling you too much,
    Now I'm breathless

    I am angry!
    Well, a bit upset
    That fate has put my soul to rest.

    I want to be saved by grace.
    I don't want my senses to obliterate.
    If I cannot recover,
    My brain cells will eventually deteriote

    My vital organs feel like they are going to stop
    I cannot control my body,
    My brain is in shock!

    I gasp
    I'm trying to breathe,
    But it's like I'm holding my breath

    What's that? My heart?
    I hold my chest
    Is it tachycardia?
    Or a cardiac arrest?

    I now succumb
    To this visceral mess
    Because I cannot control the debilitating feeling in my chest.


    I was on cloud nine
    When my entire life and destiny flashed before my eyes
    Is this heaven?
    Or me perceiving, from the third eye?

    This one has left me frail.
    When oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin overwhelmed me,
    I felt a funeral in my brain.

    Maybe dying is not a bad thing afterall.
    I could not avoid it,
    But it was worth the fall.

    Death saved my life,
    My soul is safe with you
    Our love transcends everything we knew.


  • benhurbedford 15w

    The Death of a Poet

    I witnessed a speck of light below.
    Underneath the shadow of tombs and stone.
    The life thirsted its way through hands,
    that were peeled and dry and had demands.

    Dried leaves on top of my blue shed,
    never knew the king too was dead.
    He whispered at sleep and dreamt away.
    of vain imaginings that kept him sane.

    "What is it that life has offered?
    my worn out dice and luck is baffled.
    The sky that remains grey and bitter.
    God has made me deeply withered"

    He did not know to claim ,
    he remained confined in this material plane.
    He reached the horizon with life in his hands.
    But the sun ran away like the merriest man.

  • avlokshakya 16w

    "The Man Who Can't Be Moved"

    There's a man lying in the casket;
    With all his unfulfilled dreams and goals.
    People used to call him 'Dream Achiever',
    But now, all he is called a 'Dead Body'.

    Tears of his loved ones are falling,
    Memories with him are hunting them.
    Who else have thought those happy memories;
    Will someday make them weak?

    Down goes his body for burial.
    Sands dust is thrown to cover the casket.
    People attending the funeral;
    Are desperate for the miracles to arrive.

    Nevertheless, he is gone now.
    His names and his memories are only left.
    The people, attending the funeral gives final goodbye;
    To The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

  • burried_thoughts 14w

    An ode to you, who won't come back

    It's been 7 years since you left....
    And i am grieving for your lose now after all these years;
    Everybody say that I am your favorite, alas I was able to realise it then
    Then I was a kido who wanted prove myself strong infront of all others, wearing a stone face and numbness to push away people.
    That day i was confused myself why am I not able to cry for your lose ?
    But today when i face the reality that you have left us and won't come back,
    Alas I grieve today, that I could have given you a little more than the prayers, a little more love......to bid you farewell !

    #grief #mourning #farewell #regret #funeral
    #goodbye #pain
    @miraquil @miraquilian @writersnetwork

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    Alas I grieve today, that I could have given you a little more than the prayers, a little more love......to bid you farewell !


  • mystery_in_words 22w

    Tonight seems awfully quiet
    Silence, like a ringing in my ears
    As loud as it gets at funerals
    As corpses lay in houses, dead or asleep -
    Who cares?
    As long as the monsters are asleep
    Hunting away in their dreams.
    I step out leaving my coat and scarf behind
    In clothes that let me breathe,
    The same clothes that predators sniff
    The supposed pull of a predator to a prey
    A prey that is not cold but covers itself;
    Not tonight, though.
    I stand over their graves
    The rustle of leaves singing goodbyes
    As my skin breathes.

    17/05/21 - 01.52

  • unquiet_spirit 23w

    I'm a rubble
    Aftermath of inner conflict
    A mosaic of
    Weathered identity
    Stuck against the
    Viscous elixir of truth

    I'm called sluggish
    While I'm worn out
    Dragging myself
    Down the road of life
    Once I saw chrysanthemums
    Kept on stones
    With inscriptions of praise
    An epitaph one would be proud of

    Ever since I wonder
    Shall I lay here too
    Sniffing the petrichor
    An aroma of tears
    Six feet beneath.
    Aware of all demise


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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @clichepenname

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    I'm a rubble
    Aftermath of
    Inner conflict
    A mosaic of
    Weathered identity .


  • prakriti2005 25w


    If someday, I die,
    encoffin me inside my loneliness
    bury me in the soil
    drenched with my hidden tears
    for the inferno entrapped inside me
    still lights brighter
    and dreadful than the lit pyre.
    If someday, I die,
    forgive me
    and obliviate me
    for my existence so obscure
    for you to espy
    even in the brightest of the moments
    and my emotions so ambiguous
    for you to comprehend
    even in the most vulnerable jiffies.
    If someday, I die,
    don't read any eulogies
    for you never knew me
    but for one last time
    try to look at that heart
    so broken, shattered and unfixed.
    If someday, I die,
    I'd never return
    for the guilt inside me
    would've scooped out the life within
    and I'd never live again!

  • shaabie 25w


    Flex, slash, hurl,
    Flex, slash, hurl.

    Lines are getting longer
    Waiting halls are full,
    Can these heaps of logs,
    Make for enough pyres?

    Chuck a little sandal,
    Add the cow dung,
    Some smokey wet wood,
    And even the stubble,
    Hide the stench,
    Soak the spew,
    And keep this misery,
    In semblance of a bubble.

    So all the kings can merrily assemble,
    And go about in their regular guise.
    Blocked noistrils and smoked up eyes,
    Calloused skin and perforated ears,
    Can sense nothing but praise.

    Hail the King! 
    Long live the king,
    The king will never die.
    Slash harder, hurl faster, my friend!
    As my humans die.


    #covid_19 #funeral #pyre #death #king #cremation #coronavirus #frontline #workers #wood #corona #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @amber_blue @poetryly @pa_luck @moitreyee @allbymyself @odysseus_2
    As the numbers mount, all our frontline workers, including the less talked about cremation workers, are working round the clock. But is their work being respected?

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  • tokingbetweenthelines 26w


    All around me is death
    Cemetery seems home away from home
    I am dried of grief
    I am empty of tears
    I sing along to sobbing songs of requiem mourning
    I dance atop their coffin and mine
    To the last words we'll ever hear:
    "Let perpetual light shine upon him.
    May his soul and the souls of
    The faithful departed,
    Rest in peace."

  • pendawn 31w


    Deja vu was reminiscent of the forgotten.

    As voices shrieked in despair, despondence ran through my blood.
    As arms lifted the head,
    tears washed in like flood.
    As breath forlorn the dead,
    thumping transmuted in a thud.
    Her eyes were wide open
    for the light was forsaken,
    I felt it.
    Smudge over consciousness,
    cold reigning the warmth,
    mirror in her eyes
    where I saw myself, dead.

    As body descended from comfort, dust glanced at her subtlety.
    As mantras were chanted,
    virtues were recalled.
    As rituals were performed,
    relatives mourned.
    Final fetter, fire was drawn
    burning bones, silhouette was gone.
    In the heat of moment,
    I felt it.
    Panorama of memories
    flashing, melting flesh
    along with esteem,
    fearing resurrection.


  • lucifer_says 32w

    Roses are Dead, Love is Fake.
    Weddings are basically funeral with Cake


  • the_bapal 32w

    The day I can easily know the thoughts of the people I have left behind. It’s absurd to know that didn’t notice fake and real emotions at the time I was alive. People who shucked fake tears felt like backstabbers. But hey, A dead person can not be backstabbed. People who shucked real tears, I wish I was there to hug you all. I think I could have lived a little more if the planted ones were real. I could have died early if the real ones were not seen by my existence. That day, I felt like a king. Because people were crying and wishing if I didn’t have to die. Their heads were bowed down. Their hands were clasped praying for me. Well, for my soul to rest in peace. A few cried. A few stayed silent looking lost. A few just were there for being.
    The advice I would like to give to the people alive out there, “Be skilled enough to have certainty in your funeral than your marriage.”
    #funeral #mirakee #mirakeeworld

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    My funeral

    felt so outrageous

  • ghostlyarson12 36w


    I put a trigger warning as I wasn't sure if this would be triggering to some.
    #Funeral #death #dead #died

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    It was dark inside the coffin
    I heard the latches click
    On my face, a pretty smile
    Light covered the upper half of my body.

    Was this a funeral for me?
    Have I finally died?
    Oh I wish they didn't cry...
    For I am happy now!

    The coffin closed, the world darkened again
    I closed my eyes, a smile still on my face
    The funeral was over
    The days went on

    Though I was still in their memories
    The crying had stopped
    Happy memories of me
    Were all they could see!

  • microcosm 39w

    And don't be so sad
    'Cause I lived this good
    We were closer
    Now it's over.

    #damned #love #thelast #lockedaway #holdmedown #tograce #dreams #hieroglyph #funeral #eulogy #closure #owningup #deadtales

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    Untitled, Unmastered_!!!

    It's one-sided for me, and none whatsoever from hers. I hate sharing my flaws, she loves to let everyone be a part of her journey.

    It's pitch black to me, she however will fall everytime for blue. I suck at interaction, she is a bundle of joy.

    It's Ed Sheeran for her, Lukas Graham is my jam. I always look down on novelists, her love is them books.

    It's Me, Myself and I for me, she believes in One Love. I never cared for nothing, keeping aside my mother of course. She is the verse of harmony.

    It's death, doom and devil for me, she is just a smile away from Disneyland. It was never my intention to write, she was born with the pen to bless all poetries.

    I am a shitty... not shitty, more of a terrible person though. She once kept me sane.

    And, that's it, this is our paradox.

    Sweet, till tragedy strikes twelfth.
    Sour, but so much needed.

    The End, maybe oblivion,
    I don't know, it's done you know.

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  • geodegypsy 54w

    I feel selfish.
    The sting of tears
    In my eyes,
    Devoid of the sadness
    Reserved for
    Funeral days;
    Stretching further
    Than I can see,
    Spilling over into
    A dark ocean,
    Not for the life lost,
    But for the possibility of losing
    A life that has yet
    To be led.


  • wifey_suicide 58w

    The thoughts of misery
    Keep digging in my brain
    And keeps putting holes in my chest
    I’m wearing a bulletproof vest
    Death is only a one word poem
    That we can cover in flowers
    As we cry for the best
    When our bodies are laid down to rest

    #death #poetry #dark #quote #writing #rhymes #sad #funeral #beauty #aesthetic #pain #suicide #flowers #art

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    The thoughts of misery
    Keep digging in my brain
    And keeps putting holes in my chest
    I’m wearing a bulletproof vest
    Death is only a one word poem
    That we can cover in flowers
    As we cry for the best
    When our bodies are laid down to rest

  • jana_aswathi 59w

    Invitation to funeral

    My blood screamed of you.
    My heart of your betrayal
    Though my eyes stayed intact
    My lungs were crushing beneath..

    Remember me like this
    Like this lifeless body.

    Everything where they need to be
    Nothing where it it shouldn't.
    Everyone in their home and
    I, under the sun, moon, Earth and stars.
    My Tears watering my lost cause;
    Our lost love ..

    Remember me like this
    Come, Cry on my funeral.