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  • not_yours 20w


    Acha content likhney ka chakkar bc

    But tbh it felt like

    Tatti karne baitho but kitna bhi pressure laga lo nikalna tabi hai jab nikalega

    Usi trah content kitna bhi dum laga k soch lo bc ana hai tabi ayega....


  • emceemb 27w

    Ppl will run for various of reasons. It is not your job to figure out why. Just let them run and say to yourself "fuck it"

    #fuckit #mb #haiku

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    Fuck It

    Run away baby
    If running is what you choose
    No fucks left to give

  • quignogthence 29w


    Ungrateful, they teased me,
    saying this is chronic shite,
    my heart is freakin' quivering,
    confined betwixt narcotics,
    the seizures grunting frame,
    i crawled out of this world,
    terror driven and grooving,
    over the facts of ragnarok,
    my soul got pierced, saying,
    i am fine by luck and logic,
    what's the matter with me,
    maybe my heart wants this,
    a clutch of hope, a kiss too,
    the appreciation of tragedy,
    someone to fuckin' say it,
    that anomaly is fine to do,
    a person, all ears and eyes,
    to hear my verses of doom,
    so that the death will knock,
    to have me over, peacefully,
    that's what's wrong with me,
    my story isn't a cup of tea,
    it's a god damn acrimony,
    taste it, savor every mouthful,
    and just get it over with.


    #damned #afterlife #migraine #seizures #eastisup #twentyonepilots #smokingkills #deathfromabove #fuckthesociety #iwritesins #mirakeewrites #writersnetwork #abnormal #bane #fuckit #getoverme

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    I smoked hell and heathens,
    Now it's time to smoke the saints for good.

  • nobodyyouknow 36w

    Mark My Words

    Temptation Makes It Look Like,
    It's Worth The Repercussions,
    And Keeps Bugging You,
    Until You Just Give In And Say "Fuck It."
    It's Easy To Impulsively React To An Urge,
    This World Is Cursed - Mark My Words.

  • oldie_ 88w

    When you need them the most
    they are never there for you.
    So, fuck em.
    You be a lone wolf;
    show them what you can do!

  • ylviia 89w

    I've had enough

    I have had enough of this shit
    I never asked to be born
    Never asked to live
    But still I am here
    In this shithole
    I have fucking had enough
    You like to see me suffer
    Push my limits
    Kill my soul
    Drown my faith
    And destroy my spirit
    But you know I am not doing that
    You can search another stupid toy to play with
    Because you broke me
    Into a million pieces
    I thought it was over
    And I started to pick myself up again
    All by my own and I can say
    That I am fucking proud of myself
    For being so strong for myself
    And then you came
    And shattered me again
    You think I am strong enough to endure this
    Well guess what?
    You thought wrong
    Because I have nothing left
    You took everything away
    How can I still go on?
    Life says
    What doesn't kill you make you stronger
    You know what?
    I am not playing that fucked up game anymore
    It's just a matter of time before my world comes back crashing down
    I can repair myself all I want
    I can fight all years long
    It's no use
    Because life is a bitch
    And if you don't play by the rules
    Then you suffer
    So I will always stay broken
    And I am not accepting that
    I confirm
    That I loose
    You officially broke me
    High five
    For pushing me to my doom

  • wanowak 96w

    Do exactly what you fear to do and peace and love for yourself will follow.

    Plus, try to remember when you are walking right through whatever fear and hell you have, there is no timetable. Or attempts....

    All that matters is you keep getting up and going forward....for, eventually your private victory of self-confidence awaits you on the other side.


  • whitecrosses 101w

    The only way to win with you

    seems to be to never play

  • vera_anne_wolf 103w


    Who lit the thread?
    This is dynamite my dear.
    What was the poison
    That brought you here?
    You’re at the end of your rope
    Slide your card here to cope
    I’ll sell you kerosene
    To burn your broken dreams.

    Life just a game
    Of fraud and blame
    So bury your pain
    And drink up your shame.
    You’re at the end of the line
    You’re sick of saying you’re fine.
    I’ll sell you kerosene
    To burn your broken dreams.

    So burn, baby burn
    Cut them off at the door.
    Burn, let it burn
    Till it doesn’t hurt anymore.
    Who needs a bridge to nowhere?
    It’s not like they even care...
    Their just shadows—
    Nothing more than illusions of air.

    Who struck the blow?
    This is murder my dear.
    Pretend you don’t know
    As you bury me here.
    Grab your keys and escape
    We both know it’s too late
    I’ll sell you kerosene
    To burn your broken dreams.


  • lady5luv5lyrix 104w

    Damaged Goods

    My past proves in error
    Another ones future
    Of despair

  • furrywolf 106w


    "It's not fault" you say, but you act differently,
    "It'll be okay" you say, but you do differently,
    Every bad thing ends on me,
    Even when this could not be me,

    What for i am here?
    When you don't care at all..
    And don't say that you do.
    You made to much to believe you.

    You both are like two snakes,
    Fighting, threatening, killing...me..
    Without caring, all the time,
    Then I'm looking in web for help.

    But everyone is just the same

  • xobszox 108w

    Fuck it

    I hate this feeling ,
    Just wanna die
    Say fuck the world
    Let's get high.

  • ritwikk 110w

    And somehow in your presence,

    I've learned to live.


  • the_mirror_girl 118w

    Maybe we're like tides, connection like a rubber band, until we both have learned what we each need to understand.

    But the point is, that my door is always open, even when I disappear from time to time. And I might say goodbye to one version of us, but that's not to say there's not a hundred possible other versions we could be, when the next high tide rolls in

    2019 - 08

  • parthenope 120w


    When I am silent
    The turmoil in my
    Head is raging.
    There's a gigantic
    Chaos screaming
    Waiting to be heard,
    Acted upon.
    But damn
    My soundproof soul
    It's so tricky
    All you can hear is my
    Heart beating &
    Bones cracking.


  • theunknownpoet77 127w

    Just stating the facts

    In another year and 7 months, (by the will of God), I will be 50. Let's be real about it, I haven't had any success in relationships; truth be told, I have been more of a facilitator, a late night entertainer when the man in their life is not acting right. In those instances, I approach it with minimal expectations; I would just play my position knowing its all a game; a short lived affair with no strings, no rings. At the end of the day for real for real; its an act of selfishness on both parts...most women I have dealt with would end up getting married months after going our separate ways, while still sub posting derogatory remarks directed at me, while taking numerous selfies with hubby...its all good though...these days I have to be out for self, I have no room for the games ppl play and oh yeah...if I wanted to be an asshole, I got evidence that will shut shit down but there is no need for me to go there, I know what I know, I got me if nobody else does...

  • ab0vethecl0udss 128w

    Hocus Pocus

    i spend my time
    shoveling through shades
    self sabotage

    confusing my


    in the form of
    trying to figure out
    another’s nonsense

    Is it really true
    that people as quite
    and as skid-ish
    as you
    exist without reason?
    an unknown - explanation?
    a meaningless conversation
    day to day -
    no expiration
    a false motivation

    a curious, courageous hope
    i have
    only to be cremated

    you bore me to blindness
    although ,
    your consistency..
    it’s contagious

    When you ring me
    “Good Morning”

    ask me how my day is.

    how many times do i have to say this
    the conversation never grows deeper
    Are you the Grim Reaper?
    if this is fast food..
    our conversations are
    even cheaper.

    are you testing my loyalty?
    as if you’re
    the score-keeper.

    So i wonder why you say this,
    tell me
    “Good Night”
    & ask me,
    “How’s your day been?”

    I wonder, “Why do you care?”
    I even ask you;
    the genuine answer,
    you’ll never say this.

    Is it wrong to
    question male attention?
    To wonder
    the purpose

    Tell me,
    Is that Heinous ?

    Is that wrong, of me
    to have my guard up,
    tell myself you’re dangerous

    i don’t know who you are
    your desires,
    who do you wish to be?
    Are you spiritual?
    What of the world
    do you wish to see?
    you have an alarm on your phone
    i happen to notice.
    it’s a reminder
    “ You are Free”
    the side of you,
    i wish you’d let me get to know this.
    Who made you feel so enslaved?
    needing a reminder to

    you’ll never say
    if i ask of
    The answer,
    you rather i don’t know this.
    It’s obvious that someone hurt you
    did you more than
    just bogus

    So you show up with the

  • lazyaf 130w

    Fuck it

    Fuck it.


  • whyigottahaveonebruh 131w


    Introduction to the ones that be fronting, they emotions and how hard they be stunting
    Ain't nothing but the willingness to abide by function
    Can't do with no interruption to my money making, the bills I taking, that bud I baking, yo bitch I be fucking.
    Irreversible how my lyrics may be hurting you, when I bite it I make an attempt to cause a wound, I come at you with hatred the opposite of buddah

  • justme15 134w

    Million reasons

    I feel what you felt
    Your touch wasn't nothing
    Your voice was just right
    Your presence was my all
    I'd give anything to be there now
    We were kidding ourself
    You may never know
    What it took
    To hold back the tears
    When I asked you
    To end it
    Niether of us
    Deserves to hurt
    One day you may see
    That I did this
    For you
    So many reasons
    Not to try
    Yet none really