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  • hedwigs_mom 2d

    It is not you, It is me!

    I know this feeling
    I have been here before
    I know exactly what this means
    I have heard this before

    You say it soo sweetly
    As if you don't know what it means
    You try to sugar coat it
    As if your words aren't the bitter truth

    I can't believe I'm here again
    I can't believe I let this happen yet again
    I can't believe how naive I've been
    I can't help but belive I'm not enough

    You say I'm sweet but you don't like sweets
    You say that I'm caring but you want to be alone
    You say that I'm loyal but you don't want to settle
    You say you dream of us but you hate being a dreamer

    Why? How? Where? What?
    Only musings of all the rings wrong
    Because as this familiar feeling of deep pain settles in my chest;

    I can't help but believe
    I must be wrong
    I must be not worth it
    I must be hopeless
    I must be pointless
    I must be unlovable

  • devilsangelforever 1w


    Sometimes I just lie on my bed,
    Staring at the ceiling,
    Lost and wondering,
    If this life is even worth living.

  • aishwariya_ 5w

    Nhi ho tum..

    Jab zarurt hai tumari..nhi ho tum
    Jo lagta tha tum ho...wo nhi ho tum
    Laga tha bina bole b smjhoge tum...
    Bolne k bad b nhi smjte ho tum
    Laga tha koi mil gaya hai
    Tumse milke hi tume kho diya hai...

    Bate tum meri sun na sako..
    Shikhayate tum meri seh na sako
    Chup rahu toh kehte ho bolo..
    Bolne lagu toh bolte ho q bol rahi ho
    Nhi hu me wo jo tum chahte ho...
    Ye chidiya pinjre se udd gayi hai
    Wapas pinjre ka darwaza use  q dikhate ho
    Jab chahiye tum ...nhi ho tum
    Jaise chahiye Tum ho...wo nhi ho tum

    Jag kya soche tume Parva hai..
    Me kya sochu yaha tum laparva ho
    Tum sath ho par nhi ho
    Tum paas ho par nhi ho
    Tum khush ho par me nhi hu
    Tum khaffa ho par me nhi hu
    Tum gussa ho par me nhi hu
    Tum anjan ho par me nhi hu
    Tum ho kar b yaha...afsos sath nhi ho

    Ye chidiya pinjre k andar b akeli thi...
    Pinjre k Bahar b akeli hai..
    Afsos Tum ho kar b yaha
    Sath nhi ho humare

  • anjana08 16w


    Ghosting everyone and wondering why doesn't people care about me or text me is just fucking another level insanity

  • stellaire_mystique 17w

    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...

    I never had a regret of my decisions no matter good or bad they went but this is the first time
    You made me regret for falling in love with you
    It left me shattered
    I am alive but I am no more alive
    I smile but no matter how hard I try I can't be happy
    It's like I am walking but I don't feel that ground anyless
    I might talk to few people but I just cannot trust anyone anymore
    Yes I might get full stomach everytime I eat but still I am always hungry
    Yes I am breathing but I am dead from inside
    I got fucking hurt but I didn't even made a sound of it
    I am killing myself from inside everyday
    You wanna know how bad it went for me ....
    I craved for you but now I don't want you...
    This insane anxiety is like a parasite inside of me growing every second I can't even sleep for an hour now without a thought spinning in my head about you...
    I cannot make decisions anymore because everytime I think about something it gets overwhelmed with your thought...
    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...
    Now it's not just my brain that reacts to your thoughts but also my body that every inch of it aches with an essence of your absence...
    I am not aware of what I am anymore or what will be the leading consequences of all these sublime reactions been charged up....
    Because a part of you will never leave me alone....Can also be the reason for why I can't let you go off me...
    Just so can't deny that your presence was my Pride....

  • bclark2681 35w


    I know,
    I think,
    That I'm in love
    With the ache
    But I believe
    That I'm really
    Just engaged
    To the thought
    Of loving myself
    In a fucked way

  • poem_is_an_emotion 40w

    Once there was a time
    Where we couldn’t think to leave our friendship
    And now its been couple of years we haven’t spoke yet.
    It hurts!


  • varsha0505 42w


    Find what you love,
    And let it kill you !

  • fatal_fatalist 50w

    Do you really wanna fight?
    As in real fight?
    Don't worry I'll give you reasons
    Why to fight null and void?
    Remember when I told you
    About the stars?
    When I smiled, the time you laughed-
    The way I told you about my scars?
    Remember the time I went on my knees?
    To tell you what you mean to me!
    Think about the things I've said or done!
    Me being 9-days fast for the sake of us,
    Remember I told you- I wanna be forever;
    I mean it seriously, not being clever
    Just tell me what do you really want?
    Watching me dying on my death bed?
    Is that what you really crave for
    It was your fucking decision to get seperated
    Don't blame me-
    Before I could tell you things-
    you asked me to leave;
    Do you know I told my dad bout you the very day
    He said, 'you found him by God's grace'
    I smiled while my tears couldn't stop
    I said, 'he has to be away, to just get me in his arms'
    Don't you think you need to see
    The other person is really dying,
    And not for sympathy
    Chuck it up, I don't wanna talk-
    You too made me suffer, fuck it! It pains alot-
    I got it, it's okay;
    Just take care of yourself-
    You may have trimmed your beards,
    But my nails won't fade-
    I was questioned for everything I ever did,
    You told me to finally live;
    You thaught me how to finally smile,
    And then you took it with your eyes
    Chuck it up man, I don't wanna cry
    Uk after you, I texted bhai
    'When I called you baby' he questioned me
    'Why?' it was fuck hard
    I didn't had words to surpass
    No shoulder to cry on, its an immortal loss
    Uk I was all inn: in this thing
    Either to die or to live.
    No friends no family-
    I'm in my graveyard, begging to be happy
    It's okay I don't deserve love
    I understand
    But 'sometimes' your wounds are healed
    By the same person, who gave you them-
    Btw I have to tell you,
    I've started exercising, I won't be skinny anymore
    So don't laugh at me,
    I'm taking meds on time
    And fuck the anxiety pills-
    Back to the very place I was-
    A dark room with a broken heart
    Uk I've decided to chopp my hairs,
    Uk I get irritated whenever, I had to put them back behind my ears
    Uk I'm writing a book on us
    Some memories un-finished
    With some twists and turns
    Tbh I'm fucked up-
    Love always hurts and this is confirm
    Don't worry baby,
    I'll be fine soon, maybe-
    And even if I don't be,
    I won't bother you with my feelings
    Ik there's a phase of everything
    But day2 of every month,
    Would make me cry like anything
    Baby this would be the last time
    I'm writing it to you,
    'Please save me else I'll be doomed'
    Don't worry I'll not text anymore
    Use social things and kindly do not touch
    There's something more I'll tell you soon
    The songs you used to send me, aren't hymns
    They're powerful
    I'll be texting you on 2
    Not of this month ofc, maybe of 22
    I'll give you a proper time
    Promise I won't ruin things
    Take handful of time and kindly be alright!!!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #love #death #life #you #fuckedup #lovedemandssacrifise

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    (caption says it all)

  • icelynqueen 62w

    The problem with having mental illnesses since being a child is that your whole identity grew around them and you have no idea who you really are.

  • shuffler 66w

    You will never get to know,
    Untill you are completely fucked up!!!

  • _petricore_tu 78w

    I should have walked away the first time you hurt me.


  • _petricore_tu 78w

    Lies kill trust from beautiful hearts.

  • the_nishant 81w

    The only thing CONSISTENT in this world,

    is INCONSISTENCY......!!!


  • the_nishant 84w

    We all are confined in desire
    of infinite loop;

    Whomesoever fulfill it,
    We get attracted towards them...!!

  • sagarsabharwal 102w

    The Human

    Mythology says there are 84 lakh yonis and we have to go through all of them before we get the human form.
    Human is the best creation of the creator. The smartest of all organisms. And here we are as a fucked up civilization. Lost in our idea of everything. Unable to accept, unable to allow. Still stuck to past. Feeling happy over same events, crying over same wounds. Making our own perception about everything, without knowing. We think that we are answerable to no one. We think that everything works as per our plans. We manipulate, we hate, we lie, we keep secrets and yet call our selves intellectuals. Conscience is a dangerous thing. Thinking is dangerous ability. Words are dangerous weapons. Humans are the most dangerous creatures. A snake hiss and bite. A lion hunt and kill.
    But we have forgotten that we are humans. Its been a long time and we have been a lot of things. I think its time for us to be human again.

  • ritik_sharma 102w

    Broken Heart

    For the first time I knew she would cheat me, she thought I was a regular guy who would never mind her. But, she didn't knew how possessive I was for her. I saw that images and my heart broke into pieces she swore me that she will not cheat me. She again cheated me within a week, week after week she did the same and my heart broke into small tiny peaces. Why somebody would do this to a person who is giving her so much love, affection and care?

  • _husk_ 108w

    An explosive reaction is what all they need as a satisfactory tool, when you're fucked up.
    As if, fake it up and screw them up.

  • nogravity 114w

    Childish Love Like I Used To Have

    Ex-lovers of my past, How dare you you break my heart one to many times. Because when I finally found her I was too fucked up for her, and lets be honest if yall hadn't fucked me up she would still be way too good for me! Love you fragile bitch give me back what once was mine. I want that childish love with that no conditions heart I had back in middle school. so full of life and so full of heart it didnt take me much to fall in love. I want that feeling back more than anything. the feeling of before I knew how fucked up the world is.

  • deependra_bhatt 115w

    Speak, weep and believe not everything gonna be yours...

    @mirakee, @writersnetwork

    #depression, #writersnetwork, #fuckedup

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    Setting sun
    Cold dusk
    And faithless heart
    That's the world I have...

    -Deependra Bhatt