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  • supasesh 13w


    rocket punch pop nose bleed jaw drop
    spin like a fairy tale were just kinda missing the plot,

    so we crash cars in empty parking lots, ridding like where royalty in shopping carts
    when the world is falling apart, self destruction becomes like some fine arts,
    generation of meaningless sex  everyone gives out numbers but its different when it comes to our hearts,

    dearly depart, but were still alive and breathing,
    look at a pig wrong and you could catch a beating,
    we can fly billionaires to space yet we still have children going every night wihtout eating

  • graveface 110w

    Stepped on
    Crushed on
    You acted like I was somethin
    I'm nothing
    Dont you think I know that
    Hit my line then hear
    no chime
    hours go by its
    Leave me in my doubt
    Hanging on a rope
    Lifes a fucking joke
    Hope you fucking choke

  • murderjunkie 145w


    Don't ever trust authority,
    Pigs, Parents,
    And our society,
    You got to play by your own,
    Own set of rules,
    Fuck the law,
    Fuck the law,
    Fuck the law,
    Burn the fuse.
    Mr. Pig Man,
    You are nothing,
    Sealed behind your badge,
    Always snorting out lies,
    And deceits,
    Pawned away,
    Pawned away to your,
    Boring society.
    Fuck authority,
    Fuck authority,
    Kill the president,
    And seniority,
    Fuck authority,
    Fuck authority,
    Lets murder a society.
    Little pig man,
    Behind judge's robe,
    I can't wait to see you die,
    You piece,
    You piece of puppet,
    Property shit,
    You're nothing but a lie,
    So full of shit.
    If you live nothing,
    You are nothing,
    Dissolved by the,
    Stagnating masses,
    I say its time to say,
    Fuck the law,
    Kill, kill, kill,
    Kill their motherfucking arses.
    Fuck authority,
    Fuck authority,
    Kill the president,
    And seniority,
    Fuck authority,
    Fuck authority,
    Lets murder a society.
    Coz when I fall,
    Because when I fall,
    I fall hard,
    Going down with,
    Going down with,
    Everything that I am.
    Fuck Authority.

    ©murderjunkie Mick Eichmann Halcrow

  • scumfuc 146w

    Kill The Police

    Worthless pig man in your phoney blue uniform..
    You try to tell me what to do,
    But I never will conform.
    In my world,
    There are no limits or laws.
    Kill the police,
    Before we're all robots!
    Kill the police!
    Kill the whole force!
    Smash the system!
    Destroy the courts!
    On a power trip with your useless authority,
    Your life is nothin' but your false sense of security,
    I hope you all die on the street today!
    I hope you all die in a deadly way!
    It's all a lie what they try and sell you,
    If they can't make a case,
    They're gonna frame you!
    Wanted or on bail can you ever be free!
    It's time to take action,
    Kill the police!

    Kill. Kill em.

    ©murderjunkie ©scumfuc

  • dandylittle_gandy 149w

    Its the truth..

    I always look in your eyes when you spew your hatred in my face.
    Those words are so strong its hard to get rid of that taste,
    Out of my mouth out of my heart dont wanna embrace it.
    I know its your realease and baby I love you, so I can take it.
    Theres a moment in the maddness, a subtle glitch in your eyes.
    Its like you ask yourself how you could say this & who is this person you despise.
    A man you're unable to recognize,
    I know there is desire
    I know there is drive
    But the responsibility of knowing that is overwhelming so I just sit down and sigh.
    The craving for more out of life engulfs us grabs our throats
    We stand still paralyzed.
    Stuck in a world where the expectations are who we don't want to be. And yeah we may fight but you know no one will ever love you like me.
    I thought we were done the other day I didnt want it to be true.. We met each other at a bad time and from then on we grew.
    For better or worse, I promised you.
    & daddy I know it gets hard but ill never say that im threw.
    Because I love you!
    I don't give a fuck about the money.
    People are ugly.
    Trying to tell you what to do.
    We don't need em.
    You need me and I need you.
    Were together there aint a thing wrong you could do.
    Thats the only thing I've ever wanted from you.

  • justpoethustlin 151w


    They will broadcast your failure and whisper your success