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  • sproutedseeds 12w


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    The arrival of monsoon
    is really very awesome.

    The whole atmosphere turns musical
    with rattling windows and swaying trees
    Winds whirling and whistling breeze
    The whole earth wrapped in anticipation
    of the petrichor brought by the rain.

    Kids busy with making paper boats
    Moms busy in making crispy toasts
    Grandparents put on their velvet coat
    awaiting to see the paper boats float.

    Monsoon season is the best
    fun to see it quench the thirst
    of the earth now looks dressed
    in green which is happily appreciated
    seen in their expression addressed.

    The arrival of monsoon
    is really very awesome.

  • sayuriii 12w

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    ~• Saudade for Spring •~

    You're a room,
    dressed in pink curtains,
    and mauve bed sheets.
    Your cherry blossom candles,
    and rose champagne glasses,
    that dulce aftertaste,
    somehow makes me weep.
    A handful of flowery,
    sweet daydreams,
    too sublime to last long.
    So I suffocate them,
    beneath my throat,
    mistaking them for,
    sober hallucinations,
    sweet enough to succumb
    to oddly bitter pills.

    You're a sky,
    dressed in dawn,
    but why do you lament,
    such a dusky melancholy?
    Magnolias whisper,
    your windy wisps,
    amidst subtle pastel days,
    you bury cataclysmic nights.
    But how long will you hide,
    your tragedy from twilight,
    when the aurelia covers,
    everything wide?

    You're an ocean,
    of dainty seashells,
    hiding meekly,
    beneath the weighing sand.
    I picked you up,
    on my scarred palms,
    but you were too delicate,
    to adorn my scars.
    A world too colossal,
    for your timid strides,
    so you are rather safe,
    in the sandy hide.

    You're the mangata,
    of some selenophile's dream,
    struggling to get through,
    the moon's heavy tides.
    Oh the poets,
    might not see your grief,
    utopian fantasies,
    are all you define.
    And now who am I,
    to not let you go,
    after all you're too fragile,
    to even hold on to.

    But I'll wait eons,
    for your smiling warmth,
    a tragedy so pulchritudinous,
    a season so yearned for,
    yet so not loved.

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    "A smile that hides senile
    a season that cries,
    in swarming solitude"

  • pallavi4 12w


    Far beyond what the eye can see
    Near the dense fog covered horizon
    Are mountains clad with thickets of trees
    And cold that seeps into bones like poison

    Bald eagles glide regally in the grey skies
    Their sharp claws even in the weak sun glisten
    I watch it slowly and gradually rise
    To the mockingbird I peer and listen

    Outside the snow has drenched the countryside
    Readied it like a picture ready to be framed
    The warmth from the fireplace inside
    Leaves ideas and suspicions maimed

    By the fireplace I sit all alone and weary
    While the raven taps lightly at the door
    The day is icy, long drawn and dreary
    Till the cold stiffens the heart some more

    Frozen roses and their unyielding manner
    Nerves rigid and punishingly stringent steel
    In the eye of the snowstorm lies the manor
    Even in the arduous chill it has a strange appeal


    4th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Snow in London” by Ruby and B

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  • lazybongness 12w

    //You are my succeeding winter and preceding summer of new beginnings.
    Waiting for the chance to scribble new poems on the Spring.//

    An innocent attempt ��

    #fseasonc #paradox

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    ~And darling! you are my life that imitates life more than art~

    You are my only certainty wrapped in uncertainty that flows through all the seasons though I know the seasons are constant change but my heart is inevitable.


  • solivagant_soul 12w

    And when I am asked what's my relation
    with my inamorato like. I say it's like
    the one monsoon shares with the earth.

    #paradox #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #fseasonc
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Monsoon sated on daysprings
    with ecstasy gently pecks the
    pluviophile earth on its flushed
    cheeks crammed with crimson
    roses and daffodils and entices
    the legacy of long centuries
    of dessicated Landscape.

    And, Monsoon when drunked
    with a blustery concoction of
    fury and fallacy, drenches the
    Earth's progenies with ferocious
    Storms and terrific thunderclaps.

    ©solivagant_soul~ Labyrinth of Love-hate ~

  • heartsease 12w

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    @woodnote I love the very existence of autumn

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    I'm autumn, and I slumber eternally in graveyard to wake up in eulogies everyday.

    I'm an orange womb and a invisible
    a wrinkled women that fades into
    youthful reveries,
    sack of corpses, breath deeply inside
    my shallow soul,
    I'm a dried-ocean of chaos yet full of
    fathomable shores,
    I beguile sunsets to rise sun in my
    auburn eyes,
    October is my mother but I took birth
    from tangerine elegies,
    to lament upon yellow begonias and
    hazelnut tongues,
    which slits my existence into an extinct
    buried by golden meteors of life and
    blown by hiraeth,
    I sit on bloodstained leaves and black
    coffins to stand in favour of death,
    I'm a woman, a storm, a blank canvas
    stained of scars,
    a red sky etched of morning glories and
    hummed by midnight stars.

  • hanshu 12w


    Which season I am going to write about..,
    Summer, shows us like our hardships..,
    Because It intends the sunlight grows the plant..,
    And the hardships make us grow stronger..,

    My favourite is spring because it shows happiness to me..,
    But it just stays for a while as the happiness in my life.,
    Winter is for another hardship but it is opposite than summer..,
    We must feel every time the different types of challenges opposite to before..,

    What I say about the rains..,
    It's feel good to someone or feel bad to another..,
    It's showing love to everyone experience it in a different way their feeling about it differs..,
    autumn I don't what I can say about it it's like the old chapters fly away from our life as the leaves fly away from the tree and then regrow new and good ones.

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    Today write something about your favorite season or weather.

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    Happy Writing!

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 12w

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    4 Sept 2021 4.50 pm

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    I wear your smile when wintry gale smooches my windowsills
    And suddenly warmth is all my hiraeth feels