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  • darared 3w


    "We turn ourselves inside out and upside down either looking for or avoiding solutions to the wrong problems. We distract and delude and confuse ourselves, not because we are Machiavellian and masochistic, but because we are gloriously, earnestly, incompetent at unlocking ourselves. Because getting perspective on ourselves is one of the hardest things to achieve. We are far too close to ourselves to see who we are which is why the people closest to us become proxy mirrors and it is from them we draw damning conclusions about our status and success. But - there is no guarantee that those mirrors are reliable. We simply see what we want to see. We see what we believe to be true."

    theClearOut.com, February 2018

  • _flow_of_words_ 11w

    Let it be unsaid..

    This time I wanted my secrets to be safe with me forever, but when I realize that someone needs to know, it makes me shake with the fear of being vulnerable again. I try hard to shield myself from all the emotions that are being shot at me, but I manage to block them all and stand bravely, letting the other person assume what they want to, even if it means that they start hating me at the end, but I can't risk my secrets anymore because the moment they know what I am planning, I am pretty sure I will be laughed at by saying that those things don't matter right now. There are so many years to come, but those things matter to me now. So I let myself die with the regret that I won't be able to tell the person I love the most that whatever I am doing is for them. Even if they are angry about my frustration, I just want them to know that I love them even if my anger explodes in the process because I can change by my experiences, but I will never change how I treat my people. I even know that there is no use in explaining to them because they will believe what they want to believe. Thus, I prefer to stay silent because I am afraid of my secrets going away from me and what if those secrets will never be mine again? 

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe 
    Dt. 11 July 2021 @15:15 hrs IST

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    நான் நினைக்கிறேன் நம் இயலாமை தான் நம்மை விரக்திக்கும்; கோபத்துக்கும் நம்மை இழுத்துச்/இட்டுச் செல்கிறது.

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    I think only our inability which leads to anger and frustration.

  • nivethitha_d 12w

    Angry, annoyed, frustrated with whole lotta love.


  • backstorypoetry 14w

    Never stop learning. When you are being put down, you learn new ways to come out through it.
    When you know there is a way out, but you keep trying, that's progress.
    Life can give you moments that's going to frustrate you at times, it's your ability and the skills that you possess which let's you face it.
    Those skills are only achieved when you are not willing to give up on yourself.
    Quote by @believethat_1997
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    See frustration as a sign of progress.
    It is our mind that's telling us that there are skills that we are yet to acquire.
    Yet, there are some who see it as a sign to give up.

  • etherealthoughts 15w

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    Wrote this while thinking of my country

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    Where i live...
    Hardly is there calm
    Or serenity to sooth the soul like a balm
    Joy and happiness are extinct
    Everyone's worries and problems are distinct

    Where i live...
    Justice is a word with no meaning
    Fairness is a myth, an old thinking
    Confusion is a norm
    Disappointment leaves hearts without form

    Where i live...
    Blank faces roam the street
    The fallen ones struggle to get on their feet
    Broken hearts with lost hopes
    The hopeful minds holding firm to the ropes

    Where i live...
    Optimism keeps us alive
    Without pessimism we struggle to strive
    Tentative minds with hopeful minds
    Broken hearts with stronger body parts

    ... We all await better days

  • zuhaib_hassan 18w

    The way I'm

    I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
    Why am I so differently weird? Am I a "martian"?
    What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in
    "Because I don't belong in this world", So I'm non complying at home, at school I'm just shy and awkward
    And no I don't need no goddamn psychologist
    Trynna diagnose why I have all these underlying problems
    Thinking he can try and solve them
    I'm outside chalking up drawings on the sidewalk
    And in the front drive talking to myself
    Either that or inside hiding often to going somewhere quiet
    Trying not to be noticed because I'm crying and sobbing
    I had a bad day at school so I ain't talking
    Some cocksucker shoved me into a fucking locker
    And he said that I eyeballed him.

  • mtaekanon 18w

    What in the world is civilization? Why do grown adults act more like petty children than petty children? #notpoetry #justgarbage #thoughts #frustration #leapfrog

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    I'm honestly tired 
    of getting treated 
    as though every word 
    that comes out of my mouth 
    is a bullet in the chamber. 

    I'm honestly tired 
    of the ignorance  
    that the only bullet 
    inside that gun 
    is one aimed at me.


  • yasasvee_varsha 18w

    Solitary mind

    Hard as ice
    Stone cold inside
    All you see,
    Is an uneasy being

    Cracked hard core
    All I see,
    Is paradise, of isolation...!


  • raziqu 19w

    Still searching for that one person
    Who pours some positive words
    Even when I am in the middle of
    Complete negativity...

  • raziqu 19w

    Loving someone is a sin.
    Doing real sin becomes more
    Peaceful than that..


  • heyoka_warrior 19w

    The mask it keeps you
    From smelling the foul odor of this world;
    The mask it keeps you
    From recognizing the virus of hypocrisy;
    The mask it keeps you
    From contracting and transmitting diseases;
    The mask it keeps you
    From speaking truth, being real, being raw;
    The mask it keeps you
    From freedom of expression and frustration;
    The mask it keeps you
    From breathing fresh air of life;
    The mask it keeps you
    Silenced, fake, shady, but grounded;
    The mask it makes you sane and insane;
    Put it on, take it off—
    Depends on the health of your mind
    And the needs of your soul.


  • b_gotti 20w


    Being crazy in an entire civilization obsessed with misrepresentation is really more of a realization.
    In these times of mass condemnation, there is no redemption. No matter your condition or affiliations, you have still just begun. Even with a perfect presentation and a lengthy duration, you've only succeeded in helping the inflation of our society's ego when what it really needs is starvation.
    With careful application you say your apologies loudly and to their strict specifications. You may have some expectations of something close to admiration but not expecting anything like a grand standing ovation. I mean fuck, you went by their regulations.
    Though, to your surprised mortification, you won't even get a small validation or be able to get any kind of affirmation.
    It's time to give your immediate cancellation of living this lifetime of captivation.
    To them you're just another complication who has a role to play in their games of dark deception. You have just finished your rotation so without hesitation, immediately following your declaration, they've already laid implication of your several violations.
    Using alienation they send you into a dark isolation. Then they still have the nerve to use misquotations to say you're not meeting their expectations.
    A constant continuation until the day you finally scream "fuck you" to their morbid fixation and start to ignore temptation to feed into their exploitations of your minds fascination of trying to see the variations between what is simple frustration or when you actually need sedation. The accumulation of their constant villaination means they have to find some classification able to describe their objection to my own personal obligation of self-preservation by illumination of my destructive dissolation on their manipulation. Then I approve, with great elation and high recommendations. Now sanctioned, you may call me crazy as a character assassination. Meanwhile you as a entire nation remain on your knees in collaboration of self-annihilation with eternal damnation by helping with the universal castration of real communication. So call me crazy. I'll say thank you and salutations. Count me out if this is the new normalization.
    A girl now labeled a flagrant assailant in contradiction and confusion on what was meant by our once meaningful constitution. Now based on your exaggerated evaluation on my mental cognition, I've been evicted, convicted and left vacant, Forsaken, screaming frustration silently choking on medication.


  • zuhaib_hassan 20w


    I'm an emotional person. I feel everything deeply and intensely. I choose peace over power. I seek respect more than attention. I may cry over a romantic movie. I open up to anyone who has a pure heart even if I don't know them. I focus on the smallest situations. I fall in love with the little things and tiniest details. A simple random act of kindness can make my heart melt. A simple bad word can leave a permanent scar. I enjoy making someone's day, with a flower, a bar of chocolate or even a text. I send long paragraphs to cheer someone up, to support them, or to express my love to them. I fill your cup with my own. I care about every single person in my life. I'm sensitive and I overthink all the time, but force myself not to.
    I'm a soft-hearted person and I can't be anything else but that.
    This is who I am. I love myself that way. I accept it all.
    And I will not change this, despite all the pain I've been through, I will not change.

  • its_tom_here 20w

    Ever happened?

    Ever happened... You just want to leave everything and run far very far until you get away from everything.
    But suddenly you remember that you can't leave all your responsibilities so easily and you have to carry things the same way they are going on.

  • prabha_k_baddie 23w

    Hope fills the holes of frustration in our heart.


  • mch_randomthoughts 25w

    I don't know if it's fair
    That I do a lot to make you happy
    While you say just a heartfelt thanks
    For all that effort
    And make me feel fuzzy..

    I mean, what is the deal
    With my heart ?!?
    The threshold too low that
    The lousiest things can pass off
    As sweet gestures?!!

  • mch_randomthoughts 25w

    എന്റെ ജീവിതത്തില്‍ സംഭവിച്ചതെല്ലാം
    എന്റെ മാത്രം തെറ്റാണത്രേ
    എന്റെ വാക്കുകൾ, 'അതിരു' വിട്ട
    എന്റെ മനസ്സ്, എന്റെ സ്നേഹം
    എല്ലാം തെറ്റുകാരാണത്രേ

    ആത്മാര്‍ത്ഥത ഇല്ലാത്ത ഒരു ബന്ധവും
    എനിക്ക് ആരുമായും ഇല്ല
    സ്നേഹം, സൗഹൃദം, വെറുപ്പ്, വിദ്വേഷം
    എല്ലാം പച്ചയായി പ്രകടിപ്പിച്ച ഞാൻ,
    ഈ ഞാൻ, തെറ്റാണോ?!

  • mch_randomthoughts 25w

    'I'm not always available'
    Is understandable
    But it is a hairbreadth away from
    'I'm avoiding you'

  • kittuhopeful 26w

    Craving for love

    I don't know if I am okay or not...but
    Every time i am trying to distracting myself from my inner pain, which is increasing day by day i don't know how long i bear it....but i try to intended myself to suffer out from this pain...but i failed.
    Since very long time I'm waiting only for that moment when i sat free from All worries, frustrations, guilt to be the part of that family, and smiling widely without any worries or burden, just lighten up the burden to be with that family which i don't want to be with them, but now i start losing hope for that happiness which i craving for since along.
    I think get died is the easiest way to free ourselves from this world and their rules or anything which we don't want....

    ©Shruti Yadav