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  • crystac 12w

    The Power of the Mind


    'One needs to overunderstand how powerful their mind is. That's why the people attack it so much.'


    "Can you imagine creating the wild animals with nothing but your mind? No science, no robots, no crazy chemicals that destroy us. Just the mind. Do you realize how massively epic that would be?"

    To the regular human being, that seems sort of impossible.

    "Humanity can be anything they wish to be. They can own the Universe. They can create and recreate a brand new Universe over and over again. If only they deconditioned from the endless lies and sweet nothings imprinted unto their minds by their oppressors and go down their own path. They have no Knowledge of self. And if they have no Knowledge, they'll believe anythliing. They'll fall for anything. When I speak of Knowledge, I speak of the real origin of man. Heaven and Hell. Personally, from the word go, I never believed Heaven was a place. I've always believed that it is a state of mind. How did these people know that Angels have wings and halos? Did they see it with their own two physical eyes? And why are all the Angels white? How come I've never seen a Black Angel? Or an Indian Angel? Or a Japanese one? Or even a Hindu or even an Aboriginal one? Why are they always White? (Not hating. Just stating). Why do they link Black to evil while White to purity and angelic purity? Why? I don't get it. I've never believed that the Devil is a red being with two horns and a tail. It's simply an illusion. Trickery and fuckery of the highest level in order to play with our minds. The school curriculum is worthless - judge me all you want but we both it's true - all one hears, reads, sees and speaks of is made up lies of Christopher Columbus having discovered Americas or something of the sort when the real truth is, he was a leech the whole time! Robbing off the Indigenous folks from their wealth! We sure as hell read about the colonisation of Africa but we don' see a thing, not a god damn thing about the beloved Ankh in our books. All the real and juicy tea was wiped out from history and replaced with a watered down, copycat version of the real deal. People out here saying about Christianity and all them religions (not coming after anyone. Not a personal attack) came from them fuckery. They came in with their Bibles and told you to close ya eyes and pray. When you opened your eyes... You had the Bibles and they had the lands. Some of the peeps became Christians, Catholics, Muslims and all these other religions through being whipped and caned like donkeys or something. When a Black person is seen with blue, green, white, red eyes or even blonde hair and it's natural, when they see an albino, everyone says that they're unwell. That person is not healthy. That we need to see a doctor when in reality, it's our genes. Ain't nothing with our genes. It's called the 'Eve' Gene. We powerful. They don't want us to see the truth. How come nobody notice that the cultures all across the Globe are similar? Investigate the cultures and you'll see, you'll see a ton of similarities. And what's the deal with these terms 'Developed Nation' , 'Developing Nation' 'First World, Second World and Third World Countries'? Why would they call themselves 'Developed' while it's clear and as bright as day that they stole all the precious stuff from Africa and claimed it as their own? Why shoot off the noses of the Egyptians? And what's the deal with the darker characters in movies being described as the villains or the ugly ones? When I was a kid, I wondered why Africa and the Black Race was so far back and this thought appeared: We were advanced. Super advanced. But we went too fast and we had ended up having a burn out. I guess I was wrong. And them children's brains still getting fed with the made up lies of Christopher Columbus. If them leaders got exposed to the Ankh and all the real juicy details, stuff would have been different but no, they're just puppets to higher leaders who also are merely dolls to strings to be controlled by the oppressors."

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    Black Tea Blog


    (Still on hiatus.)

    @BlackTeaBlog on YouTube ❤️

    Thank you very much for speaking out concerning your situation with Cardi B. If you need any help, let me know. I stand with ya hun. Just because your status and general lifestyle is different from hers, it doesn't mean her and her fans should bully you like that.

    (Back to my hiatus)

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    Good Bye.



    "What's up with all the suitcases?"

    "We're leaving."

    "Seriously, Ruby?"

    "Yes, Dexter. We are serious. We're leaving. Going away to relax to the tropical islands. And Miss Christine is coming along with us."

    "Christine is still high from her previous break and you want to take her away again? Don't you think you're spoiling her?"

    "Dearest Dexter. Christine is not yet done with her healing and therapy. We want her to be completely healthy. Not just physically. Mentally and emotionally as well. Sometime away from all of this will do her some good."

    "She's not ill, is she? Is she suffering from a medical condition that I don't know about?"

    "Stop being ridiculous. As a matter of fact she's much better than before. And she's much taller now. And enjoys looking at her reflection now that her scars are gone. She's slowly returning to the lively young lady I used to know. She's falling in love with life again and she wants sometime off."

    "When you say 'sometime off', what does that mean? Because the last time I spoke to her, she said she was utterly bored and wanted to explore and do other stuff. She wanted to run off and live life on her own. How long is 'sometime off'?"

    "Christine hadn't planned on returning. Like forever. The comeback was unscheduled for. At least that's what she said. When we told her that we were returning, she cried."

    "Why doesn't she want to stay?"

    "She said that she's 'served her time'. Something about being in the industry ever since childhood without getting a break. And you and I both know that the Blue Light never dims. That's how you work that she's at work. Just at the Blue Light. It's everywhere. 24/7 365 and it's been that way for a long time."

    "Yeah. If that Light goes off, the whole world is dead."

    "She's trying to figure out a way of ensuring that the Blue Light is forever on without having to sacrifice her health or overwork herself or even strain herself since she's the owner."

    "I can't even begin to imagine. How is she everywhere and nowhere all at the same time? Coz if she's around with artists, you'll see their lights turning blue. With the folks, it's the clothes. Sometimes, I see people dying/braiding their hair heavy shades of blue, purple, indigo or Platinum blonde. That's how I know she's close."

    "She has her ways. But she's getting exhausted lately. All the garbage in the seas and the messy air from the industries really mess her. Each time the environment is destroyed, the girl loses one of her many lives and that results to other lives being lost. Each time a tree is cut, Christine loses a section of her soul and that affects us in return. Each time something bad happens to everyone who's innocent, she loses a piece of herself and which in return affects us. If things go on the way they're are currently are, we'll surely lose her and we'll all die."

    "Ruby, one question: how important is this Light?"

    "Very important. It's through the Light that humanity receives food, clean water, medicines, housing and all that jazz. It's also through the Light that lives are created but as of late, Christine has been backing off because she's noticed the inequality. She's been her part but humanity isn't doing theirs and she's quite concerned. She says the current system has to go down."

    "Wow. That's a lot."

    "Yeah. Anyways, let me take these suitcases. The girls are waiting for me."

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    Please do not ignore the situations that are currently going on Turkey and Uyghur:

    Turkey is currently facing wildfires and apparently China isn't stopping the inhumane torture of the Uyghur Muslims. Someone needs to tell China that being a super power nation doesn't give them the right to mess up innocent people's lives. That's ethnic cleansing at its very finest and what they're doing is extremely inhumane and such should not be tolerated much less allowed. The Uyghurs are people with souls and families just like the rest of Earth and they shouldn't go through such atrocity.

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    I stand in full solidarity with Palestine. Palestine needs all the help right now. From immediate medical relief to the immediate stopping of the bombing that's currently going on. Israel is out of hand!

  • ofsparklesandwords 22w

    I just saw my home turn to dust,
    Saw the stone pillars that I used to play hide and seek behind,
    Come down, broken, as a machine swung at it
    The machine's sounds, my sisters cries,
    Mama's whispered prayers, Baba's loud shouts,
    All combined, as I stood there confused.

    I looked around,
    I heard my friend, Salah, scream as his room shattered into pieces,
    I remembered the time we fought over a board game in that room,
    I won fair and square, but Salah didn't think so,
    I remember Salah and I refused to play for two days.

    A house came down completely,
    It was a tiny house, but I remember at times when we passed by,
    We could smell the freshly baked smell of Knafeh,
    Somedays it would be the smell of sweet Tamriyeh,
    The lady in there would make them for events in the neighbourhood.

    She was always so gentle and so sweet,
    Sometimes she would give some Knafeh and Tamriyeh to us for free,
    When we used to pass her house when walking back from school,
    But today, she was crying angry tears and being forcefully held by those soldiers,
    She kept saying "Let go of me, stop breaking my house!"

    Even my Baba was saying that,
    Many around were shouting that,
    But no matter how loud our voices were, it went unheard,
    It was as if we do not exist,
    For them, us, our land, our heritage- it never existed.

    They pretend we are the settlers,
    They break our homes,
    But little did they know, that my Sidi's Baba was a doctor,
    Part of my house was his clinic,
    And he used to treat 'their' sick children, in that very front room they just demolished.


  • kauthar 26w

    Free Palestine

    Lost humanity and turned to beasts
    Killing peoples in their own homes
    Where should their refuge be then?
    They signed a 'peaceful treaty'
    Trying to silence the whole world
    Then go do it all over again
    Coz a beast was never humankind

  • markus_ 28w

    A poem dedicated to all the those who are suffering in Israel, especially the Palestinians ����❤️

    #stopthehate #freepalestine

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    Rest up Friend

    Our time together has been cut short
    I wish you could have known how many smiles to people's faces you'd brought
    How much fun it was to gaze at the stars
    Look into a telescope to try and spot Mars
    And then geek out about rockets and cars
    While eating cookies straight from one of your jars

    How colorful you made people's lives be
    While suffering inside with the pain we were unable to see
    I hope you find peace wherever you are
    Rest up friend, rest in peace.

  • shaakira_kaja 28w

    The courage
    in the eyes Of
    the Children of Palestine
    will write history.
    Inshaa Allah!

  • the_invisible_man 28w

    These words written by a mother named Imaan in Gaza wrote some days ago, broke me to the core. ��

    #freePalestine #savethechildren #peace

    She said; ��

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    "Tonight, I put the kids to sleep in our bedroom so that when we die, we die together. And no one would live to mourn the loss of another one."

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    Free Palestine


  • samriddhi__ 28w

    There's a rhythmic aberration in my heart.
    How can I be peaceful when countries are at war?

    I hear the birds chirping in my hometown.
    They hear hues and cries and all sounds of bombs and attacks.

    The light of sun and moon is shadowed by the flames.
    The flames that are burning down the lives.

    Peace, coexistence and equality remain confined to the papers.
    War, attack and murder are being inhumanely practical.

    There is a drought of peace.
    And flood of deaths, melancholy and pain.

    Every country, every person, every victim of war deserves peace.
    Your hunger of power and dominance is killing and haunting innocent lives.
    But remember no bomb, no attack can suppress their voice that demands justice.

  • khadijachughtai 28w

    My freedom is
    not yours to keep
    Let me be.
    Or set me free.

    ©Khadija Chughtai

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  • coldhandswarmheart 28w

    Let us learn to identify opression and injustice. Innocent women and children dying, families never waking up from their sleep, people watching their homes turn to rubble is not something to be on the fence about. Shame on the countries that subject humans to such fate and shame on everyone who supports this. Shame on Israel who should understand the pain of being driven away from their home. Shame for spilling innocent blood on the land that is deemed holy in three religions. Shame for spilling innocent blood..period!
    #freepalestine #hatecrime #genocide #palestinianlivesmatter #shame #istandwithpalestine

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    Hate Crime Champion

    Israel's supposed ticket to exoneration
    for their shameful attrocities against Palestine
    has been the horrendous Holocaust and the destruction,
    they suffered being victims of the orginal Hate Crime.

    But I often wonder,
    when you meet Hitler and his army in hell,
    will you sit together and compare your notes
    To see who did it better?

    To be frank, in all reality
    maybe you learnt from the best.
    Oh Israel your modern day genocide call
    has made you a champion with no contest.


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  • arimaa 28w


  • zubeeen 28w

    I am Palestine

    With wounds and wounded, I am Palestine
    My spirits have crossed the sky
    My voice is roaring in the heaven.
    Our heads are high
    Till the death and dry.
    I am Palestine
    Tortured or crippled, I am Palestine
    Emotional or Passionate, I am Palestine
    The great will Fear Shaikh Jarrah
    You are playing with fire, and we have no desire
    Except, the gates of Jannah
    My Tears of Women, will crunch the Valleys
    And Each of my children, whose death you dare
    Will be nourished with flowers.
    And I am Palestine
    I am the Gift, for those who laid in grave
    I am the gift, for those who fought brave

    I am Palestine
    And every scream will be counted,
    As we are neither vulnerable nor bounded.
    The Riot they have caused, for the peace we pursue.
    For whom you have done, If you have no one?.
    Oh Ummah! be patient.
    As patience is the greatest virtue
    Not a trouble, but a Test from him
    For who we bow, and for whom we live
    In this soil, prostration was our pleasure
    Laying forehead is the uttermost treasure
    For the ancestors and till the future
    And for this land, with blood, with soul

    Al-Aqsa is waiting for victory.
    And I am Palestine and I am Palestine


  • kookiie 28w

    Voice of a Syrian girl

    I was doing so fine,
    Not only me,
    But also my mom and dad too,
    Still it was like a dream

    But Terrorism grew faster,
    More than technology would,
    Everyone were brainwashed,
    By the so cold leaders,

    It's been years
    But yet everything is the same,
    Everywhere bombs and grenades
    Everywhere dead bodies.

    It's almost challenging
    To survive even a day,
    Everyday we wokeup
    Wishing that today isn't the end

    We had dreams too,
    But now they are limited to grave,
    Surviving is the hardest,
    Losing everything day by day

    I wonder how the world is doing
    With many new technologies found,
    But we are too unfortunate,
    That we dont enjoy any

    There's no voice for us,
    To show our hardness,
    I guess people are selfish,
    When they get the wanted things

    Hope oneday there would be a light,
    Which can change everything great,
    We are waiting for that day
    To enjoy our rest life
    #FreePalestine #Justice

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