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    Unfortunately I know few of them��

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    Some people pretend so much in their talks with strangers be it on social media Or in real life, they cross the heights of show-off ness between those who don't even know them, who don't know their reality and background, but they forget there are many others who know them personally very well and who knows that how gasconade they are, how stupidly they fake their lives and other things, it's like they don't have rice at home but they show their fake neckties to outside world.

  • babatundelawal 139w

    The Lamentation Of A Patriotic Rebel

    What is right and what is wrong?

    Who is right and who is wrong?

    You condemn cyber boys /question their every intentions,label them criminals, call them lazy, pitiful and pathetic. When you're more or less fraudsters yourselves.

    But would a man steal what he has ?
    You sit up high in your luxury and care not a thing of the masses/ all that matters is what they can offer you

    This nation's problem is not the cyber boys but those 50years and above old men up high in national office. They are the genesis of the malignant state of our nation

    They are the pins to our butt's
    The nail to our feet
    The rash on our skin
    And the lice in our hair
    Most times, I wish they choke on their dinner.

    But the most painful thing is amidst this topsy-turvy,as you are the hammer, we are the anvils!


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