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  • madinah_writes 13w

    Life is a puzzle
    When money is embezzled.
    Fought with every muscle,
    With countries, crumbling without a whistle.
    Friends and enemies, kill to wrestle.
    When love lost its sense of nuzzle.
    When shall earn in this endless hustle?
    When shall this brutality frazzle?
    Till were old and grizzled.

  • truevibes 28w

    Sherlock Holmes in a Dream

    Last night, I dreamt that I was Sherlock Holmes.
    However, I couldn't identify a software designer by his tie or an airline pilot by his left thumb.
    Neither could I tell the size of a kitchen from a piece of sun kissed paper.
    I wasn't a junkie who solved crimes as an alternative to getting high.

    I was a man who looked at the surroundings and felt rage on seeing obsolete education, biased opportunities, childish parents, dispassionate politicians, demotivating teachers, improper roads, nature killers, sky-rocketing prices, weakling lovers, and the list goes on.
    If you ask me why, I cannot give you an exact answer.
    It is like a reflex with me, just like with the detective when it came to observing.
    There's way too much input and I cannot help but feel deep rage in my bones.
    I feel utterly helpless to see how shattered my country has become,
    And how complete it could actually be.

    Then again, everyone always thought that Sherlock Holmes was a fraud disguised as a genius.
    I for one am neither a fraud nor a genius.
    I don't even have a friend like John Watson telling me to take it easy.
    All I am is a guy who has stupid dreams.


  • kjumai 32w

    I am a cuboid evenly not the same.
    My characters are beyond many, I feel like a fraud lately.
    I am a contrasting piece of peace and upset.
    A beautiful harmony that scares even myself.
    I am a glued broken piece.
    A shattered mirror of fire and air.
    Soaked in blood and tears.
    I call my mind to ransom.

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  • undefinedvisionary 52w

    I Gave You My Love On Credit
    But Didn’t Check Your References Now I Know How You Defaulted
    On All Your Payments
    So Now I Must Close Your Account


  • undefinedvisionary 52w





  • crazedblush 53w


    Dance with me my love. 
    Remind me of all our tragedies.
    Entice me with the scent of you. 
    Aggravate my soul.
    Manipulate my mind.
    Calculate how long it'll take for me to say no.
    Applaud silently when I don't. 
    Treat me to nightmares.
    Convince yourself that this is once again my fault.
    Hold on to all of that hate you secretly have for me.
    Enlist the help of your family and friends and
    Relish how you've once again caught and destroyed all of my dreams. 

  • anjali82 53w


    The Heart is the most beautiful fraud in love.

    [Backspace feelings]

  • shiddatquotes 63w


    परेशान करते थे मेरे सवाल तुमको ..!!!!!😭😭😭😭
    तो बताओ पसंद आयी ख़ामोशी मेरी !!!!!!!!!


  • lalitha_l2 69w

    Saying a #lie to one, a #mistake.
    But when to many, a #fraud!!

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    Saying a lie to one, a mistake.
    But when to many, a fraud!!

  • normancrane 72w

    Every poet is a fake

    Every poet is a fake
    eyewitness, peddler of make-believe hearsay,
    A conveyor of love he never knew
    in a city he never saw in a way to make you
    feel the passion as if it were true,
    He is an air-brusher of reality,
    Thus a proselytizer of the Absurd:
    That you can paint pictures with words;
    That you can travel by verbs;
    That you can conjure nouns by saying them;
    That you can lead several lives within your only one.

    Every poet is a fake
    taxidermist, seller of second-hand stuffings
    of souls that were never alive

    Every poet is a fake
    imperialist, would be explorer-cum-colonizer
    of the terra incognita of your mind

    Every poet is a fake

  • nomad_thinks 76w

    Fake people create their impressions by manipulating their appearance in front of us.


  • mysterious_lassie07 81w


    तुम लोगों को केवल धोखा ही दे सकते हो,
    क्यूंकि प्यार के लिए दिल चाहिए और तुम्हारी वैसी औकात नहीं।


  • alxita 82w

    Note: Fraudulent Thou is connected to the storyline "Story 4-4" or Chapter 4 of When The Clouds Cry.

    -- Fraudulent Thou --

    Sticking the snake tongues for the night
    Chewing by portraits of your demeanor
    And targets be surfacing up so bright
    But do beware the clues you'll drop later

    And the soapy baths for your ingenuity
    The little lamb and the wolf's tale says
    Nightingales and a canticle for gratuity
    Ministers now wonder for their roleplays

    Bereaving her, albeit quietly basking
    But basking raises them chiefly asking
    And asking be your echoes wondering
    Wondering as coerced while bereaving

    And all a back scene you'll never know
    Innocence portrays whilst being at a show
    At the back stage, thou take off thy mask
    Behold a devil, for which we've grasped

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    Poem no. 126
    Jun. 23, 2020, 11:06 AM (GMT+8)

    This purely emphasizes about a misunderstanding between a couple.

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    Fraudulent Thou

    "And all a back scene you'll never know
    Innocence portrays whilst being at a show
    At the back stage, thou take off thy mask
    Behold a devil, for which we've grasped"

  • naazish 87w


    Eid aane wali hai
    Yaad tum bhi aaoge ,,

    Han hum tumko kaise yaad ayenge
    Qki humne tumko door Jo kar
    Tumhari mohabbat SE

    Tumne sirf tymepass kiya
    Naam mohabbat ka badnaam kiya ..!!

  • badguy_hr 92w


    Ab fikr na teri hai...na teri baton ki...
    Ab fikr na teri hai...na teri baton ki...
    Kyuki pyar bhi tbtk tha jbtk tum sath thi...
    Arey humne manga hi kya tha wfa wo bhi aj jb tu mili tere nye aashiq k sath wo bhi tere sath na thi... :-!

  • boundless_stories 106w

    Kya Khaas Hai Mujhme Jo Usmein Nahin,
    Tum Bar Bar Laut aate Ho,
    Pahle Mujhe Dhokhe Mai Rakha Aab Usse Dhokhe Diye Ja Rahe Ho.

  • melwyn_castelino 107w

    #mirakee #google #googlePay #fraud .. every time better luck next time .. apna next time kab aayega

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    Tumala Google pay war bharosa nai ka
    Nai nai nai ... Kada chit nai ..... Better luck next time bolat rahto ..

  • svtapallu 108w

    Fraud teaches you great lessons of life.
    Accept the truth and move forward in life.

  • _jainain44 109w


    ना अर्श देख, ना फर्श देख, ज्ञानी का इब मोल नहीं,
    तू किस वहम में होय पागल, धरती रही इब गोल नहीं।
    ना ऋषि पुराने रहे अब,ना गुरु प्राचीन रह रहे हैं ,
    धन और हवस के पुजारी,हर जगह पर गद्दी डह रहे हैं ।
    पाप के सागर बह रहे हैं, बस तैरने का कर यतन ,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    मोड़ मोड़ पर खड़े हैं दुश्मन, मित्रों की पहचान कर,
    अनुभव ही सिखाता प्यारे, बुजुर्गों का मान कर ।
    रुझान कर अच्छाई का, बुराई को त्याग कर ,
    जीवन की गाड़ी है छुटने वाली, पकड़ ले तू भाग कर ।
    मन को जीतना चाहता अगर, इच्छाओं का कर पतन,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    ज़िंदा है तोह क़दर नहीं, मरने पर तू होगा महान,
    आज विरोध जो करते तेरा, कल करेंगे वही सम्मान ।
    है झूठी शान, है झूठा रुतबा, झूठे हैं सब रिश्ते नाते,
    कल वही तेरी प्रशंशा करेंगे, आज तुझे जो गलत बताते ।
    छल कपट से लीन ये कलयुग, आत्मरक्षण का कर प्रयत्न,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    चलचित्र भी हुआ है मैला, मैले हो गए शुद्ध विचार,
    संस्कृति की डूबती नैया, बदल गए हैं नेक व्यवहार ।
    प्यार भी पड़ गया है फ़िका, नफ़रत ने हैं पैर पसारे,
    सूर्य भी अब अलग सा है, बदल गए हैं वो चांद सितारे ।
    धरती मां का दुलार कहां अब, कहां गई वो मीठी पवन,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    गीत-संगीत भी हुआ है कर्कश, ध्वनि कठोर दे सुनाई,
    कोयल भी अब कड़वा गाती, मधुरवाणी न दे सुनाई ।
    पग रखना संभलकर भाई, है चलना तुझे अंगारों में,
    कौशल का अब मोल नहीं, है बिकता हुस्न बाजारों में ।
    वस्त्रों में ना छिपी लाज़ अब, नग्न अवस्था में हैं बदन ,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    अब लगे कान दीवारों के, और फूट पड़ी परिवारों में,
    राष्ट्रचिंतन न अब प्राथमिकता, हुआ शासन मोह सरकारों में ।
    भविष्य पढ़ें अख़बारों में, और वर्तमान पर संकट छाया,
    अचरज से हूं देख रहा मैं, ईश्वर तेरी ये अनोखी माया ।
    सच्चाई को तू कर उजागर,"जय नैन"अब उठा कलम ,
    बचने की कोशिश करना , और प्रस्थिति को करना नमन।।

    ✍️ जय नैन

  • jeitendra_sharma 113w

    Non ducor duco (I am not led; I lead)

    creation, a miracle
    birth of a creature
    a Goddess who bleeds
    lives above the thorns
    with a magical spell from the fairytale
    creates another who breathes
    not the God who destroys
    but a Goddess who sacrifices
    feed her blood to a monster, or, a victim
    unbearable pain, hundreds of breaking bones
    source of this world, verticle orientated ellipse
    patriarchal legends of Gods
    de-jure of this system
    like the statue of liberty, the Motherland Calls
    a symbol of greatness, equality, and power
    a creator who pays the price
    "Non ducor duco"
    a command to walk behind
    born to trace the path laid down by gods
    not to cross the lines drawn by a master
    a slave who has the power of creation
    without which the life would seize to exist
    fierce worrier of the battle
    forced to be caged, inside big wall
    tethered with the old rituals and tradition
    curtailing equal probabilities of success and opportunities
    curbing the growth towards liberation
    stop this hypocrisy, where is the democracy?
    no equality to raise voice
    a goddess, is chained, is a creator
    an imposter sitting on the throne
    dictating lies and fraud
    egalitarian minds are numb
    no one sees the real goddess, the creator of all