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  • rhythmic_beats 54w

    ~| An antique typewriter |~

    My heartbeats halted my motion
    And found a companion
    Who stole my heart at very
    First sight in the fair.
    This antique typewriter
    Sings the retro songs
    When my metaphors feel
    Lonely in the night shades
    Every 3 a.m.
    An antique typewriter, which types poetry
    When my breaths get chocked,
    And my fingers paralyse
    In the whirlpool of modern melancholies.

    ~| Dried withered rose petals shedding pearls |~

    My scarlet gown fell in love
    With those dried withered
    Rose petals, shedding teary pearls
    From a poet's tombstone,
    Whose last wish was to see
    His poetry playing the
    Rhyming syllables to heal
    The moon's scar,
    When I placed them in my book
    I saw blazing rays of sun
    Arising from a tombstone cloud,
    Instantly my heart started
    Bleeding ode biding a peaceful goodbye.

    ~| Fossils smelling petrichor |~

    As I moved inches ahead, my senses
    Started feeling holy eternity,
    When my fingers glided
    Through constellation of fossils
    Smelling petrichor;
    Fossils mirroring ancient love
    And smelling petrichor even today
    When love rains from heaven,
    Which was once murdered for
    Committing the sin of loving
    Someone truly with whole heart,
    When the world was flooding blood
    In the catastrophic world war.

    ~| A half burnt paper and ashes of sonnet |~

    Pious fire still flaming and roaring high
    The screams of rhymes and hope
    Of a paper not to see her love; sonnet
    Turning into ashes,
    Alas, the paper is half burnt,
    But the ashes of sonnet are phoenix
    Embracing a true poet.

    ~| Broken rocks of moon, oozing poetries |~

    My numb canvas of heart
    Finally found an abode of
    Blissful hues when the
    Broken rocks of moon
    Oozed out poetries
    In my moonless life!

    // A fair who rained fair treasure of gems
    To my void black life,
    Even blackness started
    Ornamenting colourful shades
    To again turn the blank pages
    To poetic spring //

    || A fair who taught me
    That the universe which holds
    All magnificent gems is
    Actually blank and transparent
    Like the soul, but what adds
    Colours like a fair
    Is cascade of words
    Fusing to poetries ||

    // Exiting this fair
    After riding through
    Rollercoaster of emotions,
    This sleepless soul slept
    After ages in the melodious
    Lullabies of typewriter //


  • rhythmic_beats 63w

    Nothing is more beautiful than bringing back someone to life from the lost life♥️✨

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    Give me your fossils of scar,
    Lemme blossom your soul
    Once again by the magic of

  • dmalachai 106w


    Remnants of the past,
    What stories might they reveal?
    This is what we ask.


  • thelivingghost 119w


    We spent the afternoon breaking open pieces of slate. Hours spent looking for traces of fern or leaf fossils. You told me you'd always wanted to go fossil hunting, so I said let's go. You had no idea we could find them so close to home, ten minutes away. Silently breaking rocks together, searching for traces of the past.
    Cutting our hands open to hope to see a glimpse of something that once was. That's a good explanation of how my experience of love has been. I hope this one is different.

  • satyakis 164w

    জানি না সবাই তোর মতন কি না...
    অর্থাৎ তোর মতো হৃদয়হীনা

    মাঝে মাঝে দুঃখ হয় ভেবে তুই মানুষ হলি না

    নেশা আর পেশা এক হয়ে গেছে তোর
    কালশিটে চোখে জেগে জেগে রাত ভোর

    তোকে ভেবে আগে কাঁদতাম আজকাল ভাবতে পারি না

  • spitfire_ 212w


    Found in stone carvings
    Story depicted as picture book
    Myth fossils left by ancestors
    Soil hidding secrets
    We kept digging & they keeps revealing
    India: Land of many Myths

  • poetic_catastrophe 224w


    Crushing weight down on me, until every single bone in my body turns into fossil. They say it's not a big deal, but I feel every vein on the brink to burst. I welcome sleep, but I always forget it is a quick temporary fix.


  • bruises_n_scars 230w

    In my heart are the fossils
    of the memories that we've had