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  • _shivoham_ 3d

    Good deeds not only help people, provide food to the poor and protect people from problems and difficulties.

    Good works mean thinking right about everyone.
    Because when we criticize, blame, envy, we take revenge, our energy decreases.

    And we earn the same low energy from them.

    Forgive all for their deeds✨������
    And wish good for all , because your wishes will help them to transform their evilness into goodness.

    Remember always that you are a beautiful, peaceful and powerful soul.
    And you are creating your destiny.
    Your each and every thoughts make your destiny.

    Love All Serve All

    Hare krishna ❤️

    #Spirituality #Forgiveness #God #lifelessons

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    Earn blessings every day.
    Accept each and every person as they are and bless them.
    Make good vibes for everyone.

    Do your work
    People will change with your vibe.


  • anas_husain 3d

    It's Nature's way to teach

    What is mistake?
    Reminder of forgiveness.


  • owura_ben 3d

    An Apology

    We make mistakes
    We step on toes
    We hurt people knowingly or unknowingly
    Let us forgive and move on
    Life becomes much kinder when we forgive each other
    It becomes more habitable when we know our weaknesses and complement each other
    Such is life
    To learn is to live
    To forgive is to love
    To grudge is to hate
    To share is to care
    I am here because you are
    We offend each other because we are
    We live for each other
    Let love lead, I love you.

  • zariie 4d

    Most awaited
    Messiah's favourite, Ramadhan.
    Mercifully The Almighty forgives
    Multiple sins we commit daily.


  • poetrymaterial 5d

    forgive to be free

    is forgiving people
    even if they never apologized

    ©poetrymaterial🌻 #forgiveness
    “hurts like hell but ur the only one who can free urself”🥺

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  • heartchapters 1w

    Ramadan tells us, that it's not Satan always, but us. So try to make your soul pure and sincere. Seek forgiveness from Allah and pray for Ummah.
    Areeka Naveen

  • princess_diary 1w

    Hai chand tera intazaar ke
    Ramzan ke chand pe hoti
    Dil ki dua qubool jo sari
    Na rahe koi tamana adhuri
    ho maaf galtiya sari
    mohobbat ke phool khile har jagah
    Ho Ramzan Mubarak Sabko Is tarah....

  • writes_honey 1w

    Forgive Myself

    I knew I needed to love myself.
    What I didn't know was where to start,
    and that's by forgiving myself

  • ava_cel 2w

    Choosing to forgive is a priceless gift to yourself.


  • dr_amyne 2w

    ( OH MAMA AFRICA ! )

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Where lie the problems and the solutions?

    The educated and the enlightened who keep quiet while silently watching the predicaments like frightened Owls?

    Or the hungry leaders who keep prowling and looting the resources meant for the proles ?

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    On mental health issues and mental toughness

    All they care about are the mortal human bodies

    That will one day decay and get lost in the cosmos

    Neglecting the most important, the immortal human souls

    No one care about your mental health, they just feed you carbohydrates

    Not knowing there is big fire burning inside the minds of the big guys and girls

    You fought all the internal demons that are trying to bring you to your knees

    If one day you let your tears out, and cry ones, twice, or thrice before you continue the unending internal battles

    They say " Come on big guy/girl ! Don't embarrass yourself and the big guys/girls, only the weak minded cries

    They don't know : “People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long", not sometimes but all the times

    So you suppresses your emotions away from them, because those emotions have no values in their eyes

    They have no idea that your emotions and your tears came from strength and from the warrior mentality that you posseses

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Had we known any better

    We would have been greater

    And take care of our brothers and sisters more smarter

    But Mama Africa when I want to move out of town to explore greatness, your sons and daughters say " So you are neglecting your family? Otherwise, stay closer"

    "It's too dangerous outside, better safe in your own little town in that shelter"

    But in the shelter it's size is smaller , and it's raining and leaking, I am catching fever

    And no growth in comfort zone whatsoever

    " Don't go to those gardens,
    we were told by our ancestors their fruits taste bitter "

    Some rules are meant to be broken, so I explore the gardens, I became an explorer

    My God! I found out those bitter fruits taste better

    And other many fruits taste more sweeter

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    I wanted to marry, they said "Yeah but only in our little Town, no any place safer"

    I grew up in that little town, not knowing the greatness of people like Alexander

    The way of life, traditions and mentality of my town were all I ever knew, nothing newer

    Until He came to my rescue, and sent me further

    He say " Travel and see for yourself the nations and civilizations that were former "

    Because traveling widens your horizons and makes you a good observer

    Nothing much can you see if all your life you are an insider

    Get out and tell me what it's like to look at your town from perspective of an outsider

    "Is your judgment the same?", No my judgement is more objective, because now I am more of an observer

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Would you forgive me for not knowing any better?

    I have this autistic sister

    Spending every penny of our earnings out of love for her to get better

    Taken to gazillion of times to traditional healer and Islamic Center

    Bombarding her with herbal remedies lacking medical trials and license whatsoever

    She has been said to be possessed by the evil spirit, Jin, so said the insider

    I began to believe what they said, until when I saw similar situation approached in different accurate ways by outsider

    The outsider said to me " all her activities, symptoms and signs are busy telling you ' Look I am not possessed but Autistic female, so I am your Autistic Sister"

    " That's why you are missing the prevention, diagnosis,and management of such cases, now what you gonna do that you know better?"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Yes my son, now what would you do about your sister's situation? , Answer the damn question"

    I would study the case, and refer her to right medical institution

    And pay more attention in the society for early diagnosis, management of similar or entirely different cases with their prevention

    " Son, Is that all you learnt from the outsider, after all the given information?"

    Mama, the outsider built special schools for people struggling with mental disorders for special intervention

    They built homes for them, and say " Look beautiful come over here it's more safer in this accommodation"

    Protecting them from the society that always attack them due to it's ignorance of clear picture of their condition

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Ok now tell me what about your other brother who couldn't talk fluently like you, didn't you get inpatient waiting, thinking he was taking centuries, for him to express himself and his situation?"

    " Wanting him to think, act and speak like he has no limitation"

    " Tell me what the outsider said about his condition"

    Oh the outsider said " Your brother has what we call 'Apaxia' for decades" , everything has level, stop calling anything you don't understand 'evil spirit'. Mama, you see Apaxia and Autism I never heard about them where I grew up. What a tribulation

    The outsider further said : "Look, these beautiful humans, one has Autism, one has Apaxia, this is how to better their condition to avoid any further complication"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Glad to hear that, but what about woman, her freedom and liberty in this society ?"

    " So many troubles she carries on her shoulders, what a tragedy"

    " For years she has been married, but no sons, and daughters of her own, she is not lucky"

    " The society put the blame on her saying she is infitile, that the husband should marry more women more fertile, that she shouldn't be shown any mercy"

    But the outsider found out that the problem of infertility is not only arising from the woman, man's sperm count in many of the cases is the one faulty

    Mama, I couldn't imagine the sadness and weight on your shoulder, hold on little more we are working to fix the predicament even though slowly. It's so bulky

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " My beloved Amin, my faith is being restored, I am proud of you, now I can rest in peace knowing freedom, justice, liberty, mercy and equality would be served in this society"

  • mariateresa 2w

    I am me

    Years spent shackled to shame
    Unveiling my shadow speaks light revealing the truth in my name
    Self destructive ways, starvation of spirit
    Denying and withholding self love as a secret
    Seeing through pain as rain pours down cleansing moments existing in darkness
    Understanding it's me who was deprived of truth's wondrous beauty
    Shining light upon all aspects of myself allows soul's wholeness to fulfill a duty
    Giving a voice to a message that is close to my heart is a mission I live out everyday
    Dedicated to triumphing over these traumas, some self inflicted, others life's experiences shared wisdom

    Never ever forget who you are
    Love yourself like your own best friend, be gentle, caring and generous with grace
    Believing in oneself is a powerful magic
    Dispelling hate, destroying any chance of becoming tragic
    We are all worthy of love
    We are all here to share unique gifts
    We are all beautiful
    We rise together in love
    We rise in this love by giving
    Receiving our own love is just the beginning

    I am me, this is my story, rising in truth and glory
    Express your original self, be bold and fearless
    Our world needs this now, healing comes from forgiveness

  • hoorbanu98 2w

    Be Sensitive♥

    Kabhi kabhi Galtiya ko Maaf bhi karna chaiye,
    Aisa karna bhut zaroori hai, jeene ke liye.

  • testheinnie 2w

    The real prison is not behind iron bars but rather

  • miakhatri 3w

    #forgiveness....@im_ k.h.u.s.h.i

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    If you forgive someone, it is like a gift for you because forgiving only comes to the big hearted ones. ❤


  • devilfish 3w

    Game of Guilt, Loss, Blame, Shame, And Derailed Trains

    The detail of our conversation
    Have been burdened with excess details
    Vain it leaves stains on my day that will not wash away not bleach
    Nevermore will the rain
    Just the same drain
    That eats my voice away
    With dark disdain angst and leaves me deranged
    I have rearranged different parts of my brain
    Not in one scenario do I remain in your clouded space
    This crowded place
    I trace my love with your hate
    I bite the plate and hold my weight
    While you tip the scales your way
    With no wait just haste cut copy and paste
    What I have before it ever reaches my tongue
    Before you even get to taste
    My heart I gave that I self made
    Formed from fiddling fingers
    And you just lay waste to my tender traits
    With a glass plate of freshly made food you have made
    I don't trust it
    The hidden blades in between upbeat charades
    And gaslit fog and deceptive haze
    A maze meant to grate through my empathy
    My dead attempts to relate but you won't initiate a full change
    3 quarters of the way
    While you watch it eat me away
    Pain that is so strange
    Yet familiar
    It lacks a name
    I will it to go away
    It cannot stay
    My hair will turn like ashes to grey
    My hesitancy and mistrust to dashes
    This ego it cuts and it slashes away
    As all we built crashes
    What happened?
    Our interactions lack weight they're strained
    By restraint
    Complaint and a vertigo that I feel faint
    My heart it clenches it's thirst is not quenched
    I put out my hands in humble humility
    But you leave nothing to be drank
    Please just let us break
    Please don't fake it
    Because the time it will take fate to drape it's cape over my eyes I can't continue to wade
    I'm made of water and yet even this consistency I can no longer wade
    I'll fall to the sea floor as all my feeling will fade
    My flaws are the one's outside of myself I forgave
    But cannot bear to treat others the same way
    Because I feel their pain
    I bleed too
    I need to explain
    My knees ache
    And my soul it needs to be alive
    To revive not relive and relay through war
    And all that ruins the day
    In a tone that crescendos then to a crescent
    It wanes waxes and pulls my being
    Into waves
    I won't participate in a dark crate
    I need your promise that you gave

  • shaawesome 3w

    Aagar niyat acchi ho toh naseeb bhi accha hi hota hai...❤️



  • sync_consciously 4w


  • shubhamjoshi 4w

    शुगर कैंडी

    कोई हो जो तुम्हें साथ ना खाने पर डाटें..
    जो अपनी शुगर कैंडी को तुम्हारे सिवा किसी के साथ ना बाटें..
    जिसके पास पूछने के लिए सवाल भले ढेर सारे हो,या थोड़े से..
    पर हमेशा तुमसे ही सुनना चाहे अपने उत्तरों की सारी बातें !!

    मिले चाहे रोज़ ही या मिले काफ़ी रोज़ से हो
    बहाने उसके पास भी बहुत से हो..
    पर वो बहाने तुमसे दूर जाने के नहीं,
    बल्कि तुम्हारे साथ वक्त बिताने के हो !!

    वो जब तुमसे मैसेज में बात करे..
    सुबह सवेरे करे या देर रात करे,
    उसकी रिप्लाई लिस्ट में भले तुम अकेले ना हो
    पर तुम्हारी बात खत्म होने से पहले उसे जाने की ज़िद भी ना हो

    अपने परिवार, दोस्तों की फोटो उसके फोन में ढेरों होंगी..
    शायद उनके बीच तुम्हारी फ़ोटो सेव भी ना होगी,
    पर जब भी साथ कैमरा चालू करने का मौका पड़े,
    पर तुम्हे अपनी तस्वीर लेने के लिए उसे कहना ना पड़े !!

    एक दूसरे को देखने की खातिर...
    लोग अक्सर प्रेम में करवटे बदलतें हैं,
    ज़िंदगी के ना सही, कुछ किलोमीटर के सफर में
    वो तुम्हें देखने के लिए कम से कम गाड़ी की सीट ही बदल लें !!

    पहचानने के लाखों तरीके है, ये कोई परमाणु विज्ञान नहीं..
    कौन तुमसे प्रेम करता है, किसे भावनाओं का ज्ञान नहीं,
    देखते रहना, सुनते रहना मगर ना कहना कुछ भी
    अनमोल है प्रेम ह्रदय लेकिन, क्षमा से बड़ा कोई दान नहीं !!

  • sync_consciously 4w

    ��That's why people say "be aware of the situation "��
    #sync_consciously Thank you for background image https://unsplash.com/@tjump @nik.shuliahin

    #limitless #unlock #intuition #blueprint #intensions #acceptance #currentaffairs #teachings #faithful #god #grace #believe #coexist #trust #peace #calm #mind #soul #hope #destiny #wisdom #compassion #forgiveness #thankful #knowledge #guidance

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  • that_lostgirl 51w

    "Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it."

    "I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."