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    #love #brokenheart #loveyourself #loveme #past #forgiveforgef heyy as promised a song with the quote from a day ago I hope you all like it remember to love yourself �� stay happy and stay positive ����

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    Did you really love me

    You told me the other day
    It takes 3 seconds to say that you love me
    3 hours to explain how you feel
    And a lifetime to prove
    You said you were ready for it all
    But tell me now how did our love fall

    We fell apart like glass as it hits the ground
    We were over before we had a chance to begin
    So did really mean it when you said you loved me
    Cuz now I ask myself everyday
    Did you really love me

    Was I just another pretty face
    Was I something you could use and throw away
    You told me I was kind beautiful and sweet
    Now I wonder boy was I just your toy

    I can barely sleep at night
    Cause I'm dreaming of you
    Why can't I forget all the things that we used to do
    Why is this so hard I keep wondering did you like me from the start
    I wish we could go back to being each other's everything

    But we can't and I still wonder
    Did you really love me
    When you said
    It takes 3 seconds to say I love you
    3 hours to explain why
    And a lifetime to prove it....