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  • magical_words24 19w

    Foreverness ♾️✨

    When things gone wrong
    you just hold my hand &
    smile n smile .... :-)
    say nothing to me
    just looking in my eyes️
    and makes me understood
    that I am not alone.
    You give me a
    a hope , yes a hope
    which somewhere I just lost.

    You are the sunshine of my day,️
    the wind of my windy day️
    which makes me realise that
    I am not alone....

    You are the shining star☄️
    of my sky night,
    which twinkles bright n bright
    and remove the darkness from my life.
    And makes me realise that
    I am not alone...

    You are here , you are there,
    You are every every where....
    which makes me realise
    I am not alone ....

    If i am rain which always be stormy ️⛈️
    then you are my colourful rainbow
    which covers the sky with colours
    and bring happiness on faces
    & realise me that –
    "I am not alone" & never will be....♾️