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  • _winterbear 12h

    (I Love You)

    When our eyes met for the first time the sun was shining brightly on the winter day
    That smile of yours felt like a hot chocolate on a cold day
    The warmth of your eyes was alone powerful to melt my heart
    That was the brightest day of my life
    From that day you filled my life with sweetness and harmony
    You made me feel special again
    The fear of loneliness now feels like a bad dream
    You came into my life like a first snow
    The word love is not just a "word" anymore it has become an emotion to me.
    The thought of having you beside me makes me believe that I am important, you made me realize I can be loved, I can be understood and I can be happy.
    You made me believe in "forever" and now you are my forever,
    Sarang (Love) and Saranghae (I Love You) are now the words that have meaning in my life.
    Thank you for making my changing my life into a beautiful winter.


  • rshashankk 1d



    संभाल लेने दो मुझे, मैं जीवन में उसे खोना नहीं चाहता
    एक वो ही तोह है, जिसने मुझे मुझसे मिलाया है।



  • mariswritings 5d

    So this was inspired by Emily Dickinson & something one of my friends told me. It kept me wondering. Forever seems beautiful only until we have to confront ugly truths with it.

    #forever #poetry

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    Forever is composed of now's,
    or is it only of lies?
    Forever seems to be so real,
    or does it exist only in one's imagination?

    Forever sounds,
    Like an undying love,
    Like that of the Sun and the Moon,
    Like that of the Sea and it's Beaches,
    Like that of the Peaches and Blossoms,
    Like that if Life and Death;
    But does forever never change?

    Love fades with time,
    Stains are washed away,
    Leaves fall with seasons,
    And everything is new with Spring;
    So what remains for ever?

    Maybe the myth,
    Of forever,
    Remains FOREVER.


  • samridhi_sometimes 1w

    I want to fall in love,
    I want to experience love,
    I want to create an alluring lovestory,
    Not with someone but myself.
    Not Because I don't want to prioritise someone more than me but because I want to know myself a little better. So that no one can ask for better.
    I want to fall in love,
    I want to experience love, I want to create an alluring lovestory.
    Not with someone but myself.
    Everyone experiences love with someone and I shall too with my someone
    But for now I wanna experience sweet,and delightful love not from someone but myself.


  • snowflakey 1w

    Your thoughts always following me..
    like my shadow in the dusk...
    You've printed some memories...
    and are on me forever...
    You showed me a good life...
    were all I saw was stars.
    I wasn't the damaged girl...
    when you were here.
    Our life together was a fairy tale.
    You made me more alive
    when you were here...
    It felt so good and it felt so real...
    but deep down it felt like a dream...
    it felt too good to be true...
    it was something someone could
    only imagine...
    but I had it with you...
    though it felt like a lifetime...
    I lost you within the glimpse of an eye.
    I have heard of soulmates for long...
    I thought you were the one...
    but you were there to make me believe that people experience good things.
    It was like a taste of cotton candy...
    I took a huge bite...
    was enjoying the whole time...
    and I didn't know when it melted away...
    and just like the faint sweetness left...
    your traces are all over my soul...

  • iqujiger 1w

    #Wod....#life....@... writerswork..
    Isn't it the #wait for The #forever sleep

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    IS it the fluctuating count of
    OR, The impatient
    wait for the sighful deaths
    OR, IS it the corpse labelled
    with the Random names
    OR, The quest for the
    Temporarily fames
    The handful of timely promises
    OR, The fragile string of
    perishing hopes.
    Few drops of THE specific fragrance
    OR, isn't it the mirage on a road
    Which deceives us all at the end .

  • _flow_of_words_ 1w


    As I was sitting near the door in the darkness, waiting for you to come back to me, I realized how afraid I am of the dark, which isn't so scary when you are around me. But today, I am hoping for you to be at our home, maybe just to let me see you as long as I want to and to stay forever with me, but perhaps you like going away from me because whenever you go away, you are late to be back at home. And the darkness seems never-ending, letting me hear the silence of my own words when you are not around me.

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 11 Sep, 2021 @20:13 hrs IST

  • wordsofahkin 1w

    हम तरसते रहे तेरे जाम-ए- मोहोब्बत के लिए....
    और तूने किसी और का प्याला भर दिया।
    इबादत्तों में रख तुझे खुदा क्या बनाया....
    तूने किसी और के दर सजदे सर झुका लिया।

  • boundless_bound_ 1w


    We started out as strangers
    But very soon we got closer.
    The feelings were same and so was the warmth
    But differences and delusions overshadowed our bond.

    We shielded each other,
    Held tight during highs and lows.
    Compromised, pushing our limits, we tried our best.
    But destiny wanted something else.
    Though connected spiritually, we are
    Still separated physically and emotionally.

    Our bond, those secrets,
    We shared everything but pity, we
    Couldn't share self respect and tolerance.
    We walked together but on different sides,
    You were on the left, I was on the right.
    We were similar,yet so different and
    That's why it didn't work out well.

    Our bond was unique and sacred,
    But still lacked something.
    We complemented each other,
    But couldn't seal those cracks
    And so our red hearts
    Became black as hell at last.

    All those deep conversations made us feel so special,
    All those lame jokes, funny snaps made us feel high.
    Who knew that it would take this turn?
    Our talks turned into arguments
    And memories which used to be happy,
    Now make us feel sad and caged.

    Life wanted us to meet,
    But didn't want us together.
    We spent a grand time,
    But it didn't last forever.
    Our lives were just parallel, we
    Mistook them to be intersecting.

    We don't know what went wrong.
    I want you back but life has
    Something else in store for us.
    We would have made it perfect,
    We would have sorted it out,
    But we had to part ways,
    And that becomes
    the final truth.

  • sakkshi 1w


    I don't want to be lot more of what I can't be
    But a little more of what I can be


  • sophrosyne 2w

    Human minds are mirrors

    I wonder if we're like two mirrors staring at each other and reflecting each other endlessly, and through an infinite array of images, seeing beauty in seeking a greater understanding of each other but never succeeding in doing so and being forever destined to have mere mirror images of each other's minds no matter how hard we try or how deeply we peer into each other. Our understanding will forever be imperfect, like a mirror image showing the wrong directions no matter how clear the image might be, how polished the glass or how brightly the light shines. For nothing, and no one can change that.

  • preranarathi 2w

    मौत का बहाना

    तू तो चला गया इस दुनिया से मुँह मोड कर,
    मुझे अकेला ही यहाँ छोड़ कर।
    जाते-जाते ये तो बता जाता,
    नहीं आएगा तू फिर कभी इस जहां में लौटकर।
    बहोत मनहूस था वो सवेरा, जब तू जागा ही नहीं,
    ऐसा लगा जिंदगी का सूरज निकला ही नहीं।
    तुम तो बड़े बेवफा निकले जनाब,
    वादे किए उम्र भर के,
    और आज अधूरा ही छोड़ गए हमें आप।
    तुझसे मोहब्बत की है, तो तेरी जुदाई भी सह लेंगे,
    काटँ लेंगे तेरे बिना जिंदगी, पर बस काटँ ही लेंगे।
    और कोई उम्मीद तू हमसे मत रखना,
    मेरे मुसकुराने कि न कोई दुआ करना।
    न निकले मेरी आँखों से दरिया,
    ऐसी न ही तू कोई फ़रियाद करना।
    तेरी यादो से जुदा हम हो नहीं पाएँगे,
    वो क्या है न की,
    तेरे वाला ईश्क हम किसी और से कर नहीं पाएँगे।
    पता है, मुमकिन नहीं है तेरा लौटकर आना,
    पर उतना ही मुश्किल है, सिड का नाज से अलग हो पाना।
    रोज याद करेंगे तुझे सौ दफा अपनी दुआओ में,
    तू भले ही भूल जाना,
    पर हम पास होंगे अपने मोहब्बत के सारे इमतीहानो में।
    तुझसे बहोत कुछ सीखा हैं हमने,
    जिंदगी का हर पाठ पढ़ा है हमने तुमसे।
    तुमने हमें हमारे पैरों पर खड़ा होना सिखाया,
    पर परीक्षा लोगे हमारी, ये तो कभी न बताया।
    तुझे लगता हैं अब हमें तुम्हारी जरूरत ही नहीं,
    आकर देख तो एक दफा,
    तेरे बिना जिंदगी का कोई मतलब ही नहीं।
    कोई आहट हुई तो लगा के तू आ गया,
    मगर ख्वाब था मेरा,
    जो फिर एक बार तेरी याद दिला गया ।
    मेरी गोद में ली हुई वो तुम्हारी आखरी साँसे,
    आज भी याद हैं मुझे,
    जब तुम मेरे पुकारने पर भी नहीं जागे।
    जिंदगी मेरी पूरी पलट ही गई,
    जब तेरे दिल की धडकने रूक ही गई।
    तेरे हाथों ने फिर हाथ मेरा कभी ना थामा,
    और फिर चला गया तू, करके मौत का बहाना।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • puzzled_thoughts 2w


    Today, I am allowing myself to be a little hurt,
    I am allowing myself to be able to mourn for you,
    Because you aren't there anymore.

    Days, months and now years have passed by,
    But I remember your last laugh, your last voice, your last heartbeat and never heard a goodbye.
    You gave me strength , you gave me hope,
    But then you left, and I yearned for more.

    Some relationships are weird, yours and I were like one,
    You taught me all, and smiled through whatever little time you had, and went alone.

    Everyday day I think about you, your face, your voice and every memory where I could find and meet you again in past,
    For there is nothing left at last.


  • maryxavier 2w

    Your Ignorance makes me stronger than i was from the day i know you till now.

  • hiral_here_14 2w


    The shadows of sorrows ,
    Growing back,
    Completing me to dark,
    Will I find myself again,
    Or just disappear to it again,
    I need a hand to crawl,
    To move out darkness for me again,
    Or it's just me,
    Maybe I'll have darkness telling my all sorrows,
    Coz it's been there since you left,
    The pain in body is inevitable,
    I'd rather stay to dark,
    Coz it's inevitable to me!

  • sophrosyne 2w

    What would you do with a time machine?

    Many would travel in time, for they seek excitement, in the past or future, anywhere is far better, anything is fine, as long as they're distracted

    Others wish to leave time, so they could cease to exist, for they wish no future and their past is too cold. Going behind is not an escape and jumping ahead, even to warmth, can't melt them, for nothing can

    and then there are the lucky few...

    who wish to freeze time forever, for they found something so remarkable, right here in the present...


  • andthen 2w

    winter immortality

    But it's not June
    Before evening I'm old
    And it's quiet outside the serniors' yard
    Dust and brittleness flaking off of nothing
    I don't want to keep it from them that it's wrong
    That day is just another
    cradle we fall back into

    Bassed off the opposite of "because its summer"


  • miss__jyoti 2w

    जो चाँद से प्यार करते हैं
    वो सितारों से settle नहीं होते


  • vasu_maddy 2w

    I'm not jealous.
    I'm territorial.
    Jealous is when you want something
    That's not yours,
    Territorial is protecting what's already yours..!

  • vasu_maddy 2w

    My I know it's too late...!

    I can't even begin to tell you,
    How much love I feel for you.
    It is difficult to measure something that is immeasurable,
    For I can only tell you that you are the most precious thing that life has given to me.
    I want you to be mine and stay with me forever, for only you can make me feel complete. Without your love I would feel lost and confused and I know now for sure that no one else can mean to me as much as you do.
    I love you with all my heart.