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    Most of the time, it’s just too difficult or too scary to move on, especially when we totally became too convinced in our hearts that this person is not going to leave us, it’s hard to move on when you convinced yourself to trust someone again and got played again. It hurts like hell, it is disturbing. It makes you feel alone and vulnerable. You are left with shock and disbelief that how can someone who said so many sweet things to us can betray us just like that. That hurt, that shock, doesn't just leave you, especially in your moments of silence and solitude. We are not able to accept the fact that someone who cared about us so much once, just don’t give a fuck anymore. And even if you try to, there is a throbbing ache in your heart that never let us forget the fact that that person used you and played you. You read your old chats, remember those conversations, those moments in which you were promised that FOREVER and never-ending LOVE you were searching for whole life. It makes your blood boil, looking back at everything as just lies and deceit. You start to doubt every single thing that was said to you. It is just disturbing and depressing and it kills you a little day by day. You feel helpless after all you thought of FOREVER with them but little did you know what they had in their mind. You know this weight is dragging you down but still you can’t do anything about it. You think about moving on all the time but that’s the funny thing about moving on, it never happens when you want it to. You are not wrong thinking “why I am like this”, “how come others are so good at it” in-fact you’re are just as good as others. You have tortured yourself for their fault for so long that you have spent my days and nights wondering what exactly went wrong. You may feel that this is a dead end but believe me it’s not, it is a tunnel and there’s light at the end of tunnel, your stronger self is waiting for you there. You just need some time and some closure to see your better life ahead without that person who never deserved a pure soul like you. And even though if it doesn’t happen right away, you will get some closure. Just remember sometimes when people grow, they grow apart and you are not wrong for growing into a better version of yourself. This whole moving on hurts like hell I know but that doesn’t mean you become someone you're not. Don’t make you heart fort Knox. Don’t stop being the person you are, trust the people who have earned your trust but don’t trust blindly. Always keep that emotional space where you keep yourself ready for a heart break. Don’t be so convinced about that FOREVER that when the mirror breaks, you are left with your own broken pieces. People live a lie because most of the time it’s just too difficult or too scary to see the naked truth or to hear the screaming hints. Don’t be that person

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    Keep on running; keep on running.
    Ends up nothing; ends up nothing.
    Thats your destiny, makes you enemy.
    Lust of money; lust of power.
    Lets you keep busy; keep you busy.

    Look around and see what you found.
    Ends up nothing; ends up nothing.
    Be cheerful; you are hearful.
    Let me make you destinyfull.

    Sorry baby i missed you.
    Just because i cant see you.

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    I want to...

    I want to dissolve into your liquids
    I want to evolve into your arms
    I want to revolve around your mind

    I want to request time with you
    I want to digest all your thoughts
    I want to impress your eyes too

    I want to forget everyone but you
    I want to ingest all of your ideas
    I want to protect you from evil

    I want to surprise you with gifts
    I want to arrive to you a bit early
    I want to survive on nothing but you

    I would like to do all of this and more
    I would like to show you another door
    I would like to swim right to your shore
    I would like it to last forevermore

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    Best friends❤️

    Friendship is like a flower ready to bloom every hour.It may stop growing or keep on flowering.But you'll still have it forever❤️

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    My secret fantasy

    Every night I stare at my glass window

    And wait for an owl to bump into it,

    Carrying my Hogwarts admission letter

    Marking this muggle world’s grand exit.

    Can’t wait to meet Mr. Harry Potter

    Brave eyes behind those round gold rim,

    Can’t wait to learn all mind-blowing spells

    With Hermione and Ron we’ll make a lovely team.

    Can’t wait to be welcomed by professor Dumbledore,

    Eagerly waiting to wear that house sorting hat,

    Will attend Snape’s defense against dark arts class

    I’m sure I’ll learn to make my Patronus, a cat.

    We’ll take our night strolls in the nearby woods

    With Hagrid in charge of our food and drive,

    We will fight the monsters and trolls on our way

    To stop “you-know-who” from coming back alive.

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    That Day

    And if I'd known how I could love you so, I would have loved you longer, I would never let you go. I'd sit with you forever and sing to you all night, I'd lay underneath the stars with you until the morning light.
    If I had known how much my love could mean I would have started out more young to spend more days and nights with you, I'd cherish every smile and each time your golden eyes gleam. If I had only known what it did to my heart to listen to you laugh and if I only knew the corner of your eyes turn up like that when you smile at me I would've melted that very moment, you set my spirit free. I would go back in time to know you just a little longer, to spend forever just a bit more...I go back into my memories, to remember the day you walked through that door.

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    My saviour

    He is like a light boat in the dark
    Saving me from the sharks

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    Me and her, standing still and gazing eyes of each other,
    Under those umbrellas of monsoon and gloomy weather.
    I was drowning in her, she was settling inside me,
    With eyes promising to stay there forever rent free.

    Now I'm looking these photographs and remembering you,
    Finding myself whom I lost with you with nothing else I could do.
    I'm sitting here waiting for these photographs to be clicked again.
    I'm still sitting here, looking at these pictures and waiting for you.


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    It's our big day @bhagyad my ranikuttyyyyy ❤

    #love #mine #life #forever #iloveyou

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    എനിക്ക് ഒരു പ്രാണൻ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ അത് അവളാണ്.. എന്റെ റാണിക്കുട്ടി ❤

    In search of Gold, I found Diamond.

    എന്റെ ഭാഗ്യ. My lucky charm. ❤


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    Kuch alag he karna hai
    Toh wafaa karo doston,
    Warna majboori ka naam lekr
    Bewafaai toh sabhi karte hai.

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    On this day,
    Darkness was engulfed by the light,
    Doubts were striked by the rays of hope,
    Chaos was calmed by the beautiful peace,
    Sorrows were dismissed by the cheerful joys,
    Lives were renewed with the eternal resurrection.
    May This Festival
    Fill You With Hope & Prosperity.
    Stay Indoors & Stay Safe.
    When the Entire World is Gripped
    Under the Darkness of Coronavirus
    May the Light of Jesus Brighten the World.
    Happy Easter...............


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    Three years since you've been gone. I miss your cute wrinkly face and soft hands. I miss you asking for sweets and craving for delicious food all the time and how curiously you wanted to hear songs on my phone. I miss when you used to keep little treats for us when we were young..The way you used to ask me “kaha jaari hai?" standing at our front gate. I miss your stubbornness, miss your amnesia and your stories.. Sometimes I just want to ask you so many things about our family's history again just to hear your voice but I can't.. I miss your soul touching voice. I am grateful to you, because of you our family is so talented.. I am your legacy and that's what makes me so proud. You visit in my dreams every now and then, not a lot people know that and I don't have the courage to visit you even when I want to desperately. I really don't want to remember you laying in the coffin where we said our last goodbyes. I just remember your smile and i always remember you like that. I hope it blooms wherever you are...hope you are happy with her now..I love you forever...I feel graveyards are the most peaceful places I have ever been to after an empty church. Sitting there thinking about your loved ones, about death and life...like how the dead is on a new journey. A journey we have no idea of yet it's peaceful knowing and hoping they are at some place better with god now.

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    No matter what would happen or what situation will brings
    If there's a cloud of tears,
    yet I will found myself better than before...


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    Tere rang mein rang jaau
    Zindagi ka har pal tere sath guzaru
    Nazare karam kar mujhe pe
    Dil kurbaan teri khushiyon in pe

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    When nothing goes in a flow,
    remember how it all started,
    those long talks,
    those morning texts,
    that fear of holding hands,
    that fear of losing that one
    person when everything feels

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    Sun le sada o mere sanam
    Keheta hai dil khake ye kasam

    Dekha zameen dekha wo falak
    Tum sa nehi dekha

    Teri yaado ke jhalak dekhe
    Ik zamana hua

    Tere deedar ka faryadi
    Ye dewana huaa❣️


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    It takes eternities to build it,
    Patience to retain it.
    Creativity to embrace it,
    And courage to afford it ...

    #me #attitude #thoughts
    #respect #loyal #loyalty
    #forever #expensive #lifestyles
    #efforts #determinations.


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    Yes I've got some expensive lifestyles,



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    I can't accept the fact of coming and going everytime. When I want them, they leave giving absurd reasons.
    But I can't wait for someone to come and go everytime. It hurts. I become happy for a little time and then I am left forever sad. Instead of the on and off game. Let's off it forever. ��
    A piece of my soul died forever with your love..��

    #mirakee #live #love #lost #pain #gone #forever #hurt #keepmoving

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    Loving someone is not easy,
    As I get closer to them
    They leave
    And when I leave
    I am blamed.

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    तू चाँद मैं सितारा होता,
    आसमान में एक आशिया हमारा होता।
    लोग तुझे दूर से देखा करते और
    सिर्फ पास रहने का हक हमारा होता।