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  • shantanoo_ 3w



    Such a intimate thing to share with someone,

    And yet people share their voices without any care,

    But you are one of the few who understand preciousness of it,

    And when you chose me to listen to your voice,

    I decided to let go of my love for quiet,

    But now that you have gone silent once again,

    All I do is long for your voice or my love for quiet to return,

    But neither would come,

    And I'm lost,

    Like traveler who have forgotten his way home....


  • shantanoo_ 8w


    We were alone in the room, laughing without a care,
    Sitting across each other, like some veteran chess players,
    We knew the games we were about to play were forbidden and rare,
    But we still played them, creating anarchy without a fear..

    I became your puppet, you were holding me with invisible strings,
    still remember softness of your skin, felt like I tasted warmth of early spring,
    Our lips met, binded to each other like pages of old book,
    My hands still have memory of your curves, every cranny, every nook..

    I had known you my whole life, but that day I found you a new,
    Your body a tantalising sensation, passion filled in every sinew,
    Becoming one with you was like drowning in erratic currents, an ocean so deep,
    Your eyes shining with desire, a memory I shall always keep..

    Our beings collided with each other like dark rainy clouds,
    Every clash a moan from your throat, music of love without a doubt,
    You became my other half, let my life flow into you,
    You became earth, a nurturing place where my seeds  grew..

    Some say we became what we were never meant to be,
    Performed an act so abominal,
    For us we became lovers,
    For them we became criminal....


  • itsssiya 10w

    Hey yall rudra here with another set of lyrics I hope you really like this one I've been working on it for sometime now and it would mean so much if you guys appreciate it stay happy stay positive ������

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    The strongest love stories are made when they are forbidden

    This boy
    Smart handsome a little older
    Very cool with a little smolder
    An awesome smile a charming personality
    Oh can you believe he is real

    He is the reason I believe

    The heart keeps secrets
    So many lie hidden
    Who knows what lies within
    Sometimes we don't get what we want
    And thats not our fault
    Don't be scared
    For The strongest love stories are made when they are forbidden

    This boy makes my heart flutter
    When he talks I get butterflies
    But he doenst know
    Cause I'm scared to let it show
    He has a girl who loves him
    So I keep it hidden

    People can wait forever and ever for their soulmates
    But is he mine is he just a passerby
    Oh why can't I let him go
    This just goes to show
    I love him
    But now I don't know If I can still belive

    Are the strongest love stories made when they are forbidden...

    I wonder

  • autonomous_anonymous 14w

    Suspended in Motion

    "Hope you don't mind a little lipstick on your blunt,"
    She says.
    He nods.
    "Not at all,"
    Blowing out emotions into smoke; becoming cloudy.
    Locking eyes and with a long exhale,
    They turn away.
    Its forbidden.

    Suspended in motion.

  • brit__ 19w

    lake days

    warm july day
    smells of summer and salt
    sunshine dripping from the corners of your smile
    you are free

    waves crashing
    your hand in mine
    let's never leave

  • royalqueen 21w

    #tale #forbiddenlove #soulmate #love #fairytale #wod #pod
    Dame in the shining armor

    Childless royal couple of the Glorious kingdom
    Was honored with a miraculous boon.
    She wore the light of the Solar deity,
    And bore the vigor of a solitaire.
    None got qualified as her suitor,
    To find him, she set out on a pilgrimage
    She met a young man in a dense jungle,
    He was the son of a former king,
    Known as the prince of a jinxed kingdom.
    His teary tale melted her soul
    Princess wanted him as her mate,
    But was unaware of his ill fate.
    A prophecy spoke with a warning,
    "Your suitor is going to die within a year,
    This tale of love is not going to last forever."
    Her father denied and her mother cried
    None could tame her stubborn heart,
    Both took vows of till death do us apart.

    Happily leaving her glorious kingdom,
    Delicate princess became a forest dweller.
    Their marriage seemed like a fairy tale,
    The end of the year woke up the reality.
    On that fateful day, his mind was drifting.
    She saw the god of death throwing noose,
    Her husband dropped on the ground.
    Seeing his soul going away,
    Followed the god of death all the way.
    Death god ordered her to leave
    Her stubbornness knew no end.
    Impressed by the dedication of the princess
    God of death agreed to her wishes.
    "Ask anything but your husband's life."
    After a while, princess uttered,
    "Lord! Bestow me a hundred kids"
    He blessed her as you wish.
    When God of death approached hell,
    She said: My only husband is no more
    If not him, who will be the father?
    Princess outwitted the God of death
    And rescued him from the ill fate.

    Dame in the shining armor
    Wrote her tale of happily ever after.
    All glory to her stubborn heart
    Even death couldn't pull them apart.

    This is a story of Savitri who saved her husband Satyavan from the Lord Yama(god of death)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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  • honeydewhymns 23w

    Dream Killer

    I once met a man,

    who inspired me to live

    with my eyes wide open.

    Never once foreseeing

    when light would come,

    blind my mind

    in its stead, cindering

    dreams, scorched in red.

    I have grown accustomed

    to sewing my eyes shut,

    just to know what it is

    to feel his shadow.

    Sorrow and rage, and

    their delighted hypocrisy,

    were never strangers to me.

    Sometimes I think

    I am like my father.

    Such acute obsession

    with mending things

    once they are torn

    beyond recognition.

    The foolish man

    will entangle himself,

    weaving a dead heart together

    because he can not bear

    the sight of the bloodless one.

    My skin is pallid now, 

    with limp arms that

    only ever wanted to hold you.

    Don’t come back for me.

    Don’t hunt me down

    in the black of night.

    The moon has no color,

    and she is a friend to me.

    But you, the sun, have created

    a kaleidoscopic wilderness.

    One I can no longer fathom,

    or navigate, without

    the warmth of your embrace.


  • brit__ 27w


    upon her lips
    like honey dripping

    upon her thighs
    like soft petals


    a secret taste

  • bleeding__words 27w


    Things are going in a loop
    My insecurities are eating me up
    Instincts are screaming for it to get worse
    Heart knows the truth yet mind won't stop thinking
    Before it ruins me further I need help
    I tried to put my face straight and hold the smile but
    nothing seems to help
    The more I plan to make it better the more everything gets worser

  • amodee 43w

    Forbidden love

    You and I both know
    We ain't for the keeps
    But yet like any other addict
    We call for another shot
    Another sniff, another puff
    Give me more
    Make my heart race
    Silently whispering
    Destroy me
    If I can't have you forever
    Leaving you will kill me anyway

  • virahela 38w


    If loving you
    Seems wrong
    By observance
    And sanctimony
    I don't desire
    To be right

  • overly_thinking 45w

    June 23, 2019
    Gosh this sounds so possessive but trust me it's not.

    #love #poems #poetry #lostlove #forbiddenlove

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    Never Mine

    You were never mine to have
    But I can still feel the warmth of your leg, after seven years through our clothes as they touched under the table.

    You were never mine to have
    But everytime I see you
    my tongue gets tied and
    I don't know what to say.

    You were never mine to have
    But I can't stop dreaming about you and
    thinking about you and
    wishing each day that you were holding me
    in your arms where I'd feel safe.

    You were never mine to have
    Never mine but
    each time I think of you and
    each time I pray I see you and I do
    my heart crys because I want you to be mine
    but I don't know if you want me.

    You were never mine to have
    But I need you so badly
    that even my heart crys
    but you were never mine to have
    though you stare at me so deeply
    as if you're searching into the depths of my soul
    but, but I think you were never mine to have.
    But I pray you are mine to have.


  • bloodrose 55w


    Wild thirst of Blood,
    That moment,strange feelings flood.
    The two fiery red coals of fire,
    Sinking right into me;
    The outrageous Desire,
    To have the bloody sea.
    Gleaming white as a moon,
    Are his sharp long fangs;
    A thought erupted, here comes my doom.
    As he ran his long beautiful fingers,
    my neck flared up;
    A feeling immense red and hot.
    His eyes moving up to my neck,
    Ready to sink in and what not;
    Sigh! I, prepared for God sake
    Listening to the Death God's whispers;
    Front of me, his eyes bloodshot crystal.
    Nearing me, I could feel his breath,
    Right on my neck..
    Dead cold shiver ran through my spine,
    Felt , it was my time.
    But,rather,he lifted my chin up,
    Brushing his fingers on my lips;
    All grinning and being loving,
    Leaning closer, near my ears, he said,
    "You are my only Desire,
    Can't think about even hurting you
    But then I rather turn you into my
    Queen Vampire"......

  • bluemoonlight44 57w

    Forbidden Love

    Lost in this moment
    I keep on looking for you
    people say it's
    forbidden love
    I'm holding on to you
    My soul, my heart, my time,
    my everything belongs to you
    I can't let go
    I'm losing control
    I'm melting inside
    I'm flying high
    I can't stop thinking about me and you
    No demons can stop us now
    Forbidden Love won't come between us
    All my gold and diamonds are yours
    Forbidden Love is like fantasy I'm gonna
    hold your heart close to mine
    People say forbidden love will go on until death
    Forbidden Love won't stop us now
    Forbidden Love won't come in between us

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • soulfullyps 57w

    Forbidden love #3

    It sees the boundaries yet doesn't accept it ❤️


  • soulfullyps 58w

    Forbidden Love #2

    High on intimacy , Low on commitment ❤️


  • jenny_kink 78w

    You Are the Magic

    From the tombs in India,
    To the auroras that paint
    The Alaskan skies
    I cherish you more than
    My golden sun
    Or the saddest moon
    On the most desolate night
    My forbidden adoration
    For you
    Grows stronger yet
    You induce
    A feeling of benevolence
    That I will never understand
    You provoke my lust
    On an infinite level
    Such an intimate Devil
    To be with you
    Feels Grand
    That is why
    I dim my light for you
    welcome you in
    You are the magic I have
    Been waiting for

    Jenny Kink

  • paulwrites 83w

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    It's season's end
    Snowflakes but a memory
    Watching our breaths
    In the frozen morning chill;
    The warmth of your hand
    The scent from the cafe
    Where we skipped school
    To defy our families
    And love like winter
    Til season's end.

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    It's season's end
    Snowflakes but a memory
    Watching our breaths
    In the frozen morning chill;
    The warmth of your hand
    The scent from the cafe
    Where we skipped school
    To defy our families
    And love like winter
    Til season's end.


  • rushdan 145w

    Even thinking about staying away
    From each other was unimaginable.
    So intense was love, that staying together too,
    Somehow felt stifling.

  • pulanechoane 67w

    Inhale and exhale

    You very presence makes me wish I was absent
    Not because of anything bad but because having you near me feels so good
    You're a bundle of contradictions
    Young but tired
    You are with her but you belong to me
    Pure yet scarred
    Fragile yet tough
    A melting pot of inhibitions
    Available but forbidden
    Meant for heaven but humbled by earth
    Good but sinful