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  • rituparnadarolia_ 1d

    Moving On....

    You're back but you aren't mine any longer
    You've grown but you've outgrown your feelings for me
    You look happy while I'm dying of heartache
    You don't care about me but still you're my life 
    You've moved on but I'm still holding on to you
    You've never loved me but you're the only one I've ever loved

    Why can't I move on from you?
    Why can't I be like you?
    Why can't I stop caring?
    Why can't I stop hoping?
    Why can't I stop loving?
    - Rituparna Darolia

  • pallavi4 2w


    7 stages of wanting someone you cannot have

    1. Realisation

    Like a lightening bolt it hit me one day
    The mere thought of you makes me smile
    For you I am willing to travel through space and time
    To walk through the desert for miles
    Like a ghost your thoughts haunt me
    Chase me around from morn to eve
    I play our meetings again and again in my brain
    Trying to find deeper meaning and some relief

    2. Possibilities

    I think of every possible scenario in my head
    How can I possibly ever let you know...
    I’ve always been the introvert, the silent one
    How can I let my inner feelings show ?
    Maybe this way or maybe another
    Which way is the best to make you see ?
    I chicken out the minute there is a chance
    And you never get to know what you mean to me

    3. Obsession

    This constant stalking turns into an obsession
    Where can I readily hunt you down ?
    You’re the innocent prey, me the desperate lion
    I chase you quietly all over town
    Perhaps you are the forbidden fruit
    One I cannot take a bite of and live
    The more I cannot have you, the more I want you
    To give you what I can never ever give

    4. Denial

    So the endless debate goes on in my mind
    Never for a minute letting me rest
    Why would I want a bite out of a fruit that would
    Put me in harm’s way and my life to a test ?
    The more I try and push you out and deny it
    The more I obsess over you
    And because I feel infatuated with you so much
    I know my feelings for you have to be true

    5. Simmering

    So it turns out I do have real feelings for you
    And yet there’s nothing about it I can do
    It’s a muscle ache that won’t go away
    I simply come to accept I can never have you
    There is a voice in the back of my head that says
    I’m in love with you madly, truly, deeply
    I shut out that voice and drown it with noise
    And go about my day meekly

    6. Defeat

    I feel you slipping from my grip gradually
    I let you go since there is nothing to hold me there
    I don’t want to but I have to accept defeat
    And learn to keep realities near
    And so you slide away from me and now
    I don’t spend every moment thinking of you
    I forget you like a vivid but bad dream
    Forget that my love for you was ever true

    7. Remembrance

    A touch, a song, a smile, a laugh, a moment
    Sometimes take me back to you somehow
    It doesn’t feel unpleasant but like nostalgia
    It’s like a dull ache in my bones now
    It hurts to remember what I once felt for you
    It’s pains me that I don’t recall you well anymore
    No longer do I wish you would set out on a course
    And someday sail towards my shore

    That savage wanting does not exist anymore
    I don’t need you now like I need air
    That need to be possessed by you has simpered
    And I’ve come to accept you’ll never be there
    Loving someone you cannot have is a pain
    A tiny tear that slowly rips you apart
    The boiling obsession simmers down to a bubble
    Leaving you with a torn and broken heart

    “My savageness wasn’t troublesome before meeting you “


    3rd of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Based on article by Charlotte Green

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  • gingrey_ 3w

    It's a love affair between you and me
    The love which you can't compare to everybody
    I gave it to you unconditionally
    Though I'm always be a third wheel
    But you choose me and love me the way I feel

    We made love here and there
    Missing both when we're not in each other
    Our life goes well without even asking about our partners
    Then made our life privately
    That only you and me knows it definitely.

    How can you tell her about me?
    Especially the love that you gave me
    Without feeling some insecurities
    It's the secrets between you and me
    Only God knows, only God knows

    How deeply purely I'm in love with you.

    #mirakee #love #secrets #pain

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    The Secrets

    How can you tell her about me?

  • shammamehjibin_ 6w

    We all want to be customary.
    But sometimes debarred objects have a whole another fanbase surpassing every legitimate bars.

    Life is all about trying out new experiences right?
    But it takes a darker turn when you know you have crossed an unspoken line .

    I know I was wrong when I looked at him.
    I knew I was wrong when I dreamt of him.
    I knew I was wrong when I missed him.

    For somethings look better when portrayed on a pedestal .
    One closer look and you know you will be hooked forever.
    Afterall, Forbidden fruits do taste better!


  • amatullahsabir 8w

    A love story between the sea and the moon is sung rarely, but is of the utmost beauty.
    #sea #ocean #moon #love #sun #snow #mountains #forbidden #selenophile

    Instagram: @amatullahsabir

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    Yes I'm a selenophile,
    With no bounds.
    And I have been one for a while,
    All my senses, your love surrounds.

    Day seems to never end,
    A barrier between us forever,
    All my strength and I, on you we depend,
    Nights I don't see you, are nights filled with terror.

    I rise so high,
    That people kneel,
    When in the black of the night,
    Thyself, thou reveal.

    Only so much I can raise though,
    For I'm tied by earthly restraints,
    Him so high in the sky, me so below,
    Staying so far away, a beautiful story we still maintain.

    I ask the passing clouds,
    The ships that sail past,
    The birds that fly in crowds
    To take my messages to him fast.

    I see many others,
    Writing poems in his praise,
    Singing songs of his many wonders,
    Beauty so much, one can enumerate for days.

    However they don't know,
    Our love is higher than mountains,
    More picturesque that terrain covered in sheets of snow,
    More refreshing than hot springs and fountains.

    For I am the sea,
    And he is my moon,
    He makes me feel all, anger sadness and glee,
    And we'll be each other's till world meets it's doom.

  • amatullahsabir 9w

    Une Affaire Interdite

    I rise again,
    Willingly or hesitantly I don't know.
    I see him shining right there,
    Mixed with the clouds.
    All they do is whisper,
    C'est une affaire interdite.*

    Love is meant to raise you,
    But all I see is him setting down.
    He is right there let me touch him,
    A thousand things come in between,
    They push my hands back, yes I know.
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    Dusk till dawn,
    Dawn till dusk,
    I await the tiny moment,
    To see him again, show people us.
    Our love still sustains, even if,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    They love me and him individually,
    Yet shudder with the thought of us together.
    Squeals when me and him are in the sky at once,
    But only on the opposite ends,
    We try to approach a little, they scream,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    I sacrificed myself today,
    So will I always.
    You hate us together,
    It's because of him I shine.
    I wouldn't be here if,
    C'était une affaire interdite.**

    They call it a bad omen,
    When once in a long time we come close.
    Their world turns darker,
    Yet it is a spectacular phenomenon they are aware.
    They capture us close, make sure we know,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    I'm moon,
    This is my story,
    Of how I'm kept away
    From the light of my life.
    And all that people see is,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    *This is a forbidden affair
    **This was a forbidden affair

  • yours_fortune 11w

    He promised that he won't let me cry alone.
    And he left me in tears not just for a while or a day but for forever.


  • king_sy 19w

    Forbidden fruit

    Forbidden fruit
    How could something delicious hide the truth
    I'm lost, tryna find the root of all evil
    Digging for the truth
    But they use all these false images to mislead you
    Comfortable lies you believe will free you
    Spiritually drained.. when you look in the mirror you don't even see you
    Forbidden fruit
    It was delicious but was it worth it
    Look deep into it.. don't be fooled by it's surface.

  • lunatic_pen 21w

    Filipino translation is available in Google
    If you do care to translate ✌️
    But I don't think so
    if the thoughts
    are just the same��
    Long distance Relationship matters��
    Different time zone matters��
    Your night is my day��
    Your day is my night��
    will I guess this is our destiny��

    #mirakee #filipino #fate #poem #fireflies #night
    #love #forbidden

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    Ako'y isang munting alitaptap
    Sa gabi'y kumikislap
    Kung ako'y pagmasdan
    Wari'y na pakaganda titignan.

    Sa munti mong ngiti
    Alam mong ako'y naluluwalhati
    At sa gabing ito ikaw ang aking pinipili
    Sa dahilan ng napakaganda mong ngiti.

    Ako'y nagdadala ng kislap
    Sayo'ng mga mata na hirap na hirap
    At ako'y nalulumbay kong sa araw
    Tayo'y magkahiwalay.

    Alam mong wala ako
    Sa araw na gulong-gulo
    Huwag mag-alala
    Tayo'y magkikita sa gabi aking sinta.

    Tignan mo ang buhay na ito
    Sa gabi lang tayo magkatagpo
    Tadhana sadyang kay lupit
    Magmamahalan natin pinagkait.

    Oh Aking sinta ako'y buhay
    Sa madilim mong buhay
    Oh Aking sinta ako'y mamatay
    Sa liwanag ng iyong tagumpay.

    Dama ko ang pagmamahal mo
    Peru ako'y nalilito
    Bakit sa tuwing sisikat ang araw ako'y nalalaho
    At ang tanging kislap ko'y gumo-guho.

    Sadya bang hindi tayo pinagtagpo
    Sa tandahang ito, At sa lupit ng mundo
    Sapagkat ako'y munting alitaptap lang
    Nasa gabi'y kumikislap lamang.


  • lunatic_pen 21w

    let's continue tomorrow or next next days☺️
    part 1.0

    note: it's your risk if you read this.

    #mirakee #story #faith #against #religion #untold #secrets #love #forbidden

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    The Untold Story of Us


    I meet this guy yesterday
    He's standing in front of me
    He's wearing a white long gown
    Dress like an Angel without a crown
    And spreading the aura of a saint
    Of his magical words he paint
    Preaches the words of God
    About good and evil
    But I'm sad
    I heard it loud and clear
    When the book of life
    Told us not to fear
    As we face trials
    that nobody wants to care
    I remember mom and dad
    Tears fell down in my cheeks
    I feel the burden weep
    And feel the heavy heart
    But I try to hide it and keep

    I saw him glancing at me
    When our eyes meet
    I see the burning heat
    He's a preacher but why I feel
    He's like a sinner
    I ask myself, is he too a sinner?
    How can he spread the good words?
    He is HUMAN, a flesh full of mess.
    He is HUMAN, a sinner from the east.
    He is HUMAN, a soul with a beast.
    How can he say "spread love and love one another"
    If he, him self don't have the experience of getting married or any commitments or relationship in his life.
    How can he defeat the crave of his desires?
    He is also HUMAN. Who wants the true love.
    The love that involves human touch and human caressing soul and lusty human nature.

    After hearing the words of God
    I'm about to leave
    But I heard someone
    Calling my name
    I turn around
    I found him
    I look into his eyes while
    He took my hand
    And hold it, saying "God is with you"
    As I responded "and also I am with you"
    His eyes open wide
    As he heard me what's inside
    I feel his nerves shaking
    And he begin sweating
    But still my hands, he's holding

    He try to back off
    But ....


  • kaitoxen 22w

    Beyond the Boundary

    The embrace of fire and water,
    Without losing each other.
    Can they meet together--
    without losing one another?

    Forming a formidable unison,
    when the lead is lightness--
    touching its beloved darkness
    is it a forbidden collision?

    Covering myself in a hood,
    royalty was concealed in my blood.
    Depths of thy heart inside the wood,
    In agony and distress, I was allured.

    How could it be possible?
    the same beating of the heart,
    Wishing thy fate to restart,
    is meeting again impossible?

    If my heart will cause him death,
    Then I shall not be enchanted.
    It was an alluring memory--
    Our tale is beyond the boundary.

  • chizzycole 23w

    Forbidden fantasy

    Behind lurking shadows you hid
    Your sword clearly sheathed
    Immaculate were your robes
    Draped over your alluring smiles.

    Our paths shouldn't have crossed
    Your world being different from mine
    But how do I say no
    To the silent screams in my heart

    Words on your lips were like chocolate
    I could have sworn I'd have a taste
    And a flash of your wedding band
    Sent my world into a tumultuous crash


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    एक ही दिन तो है जिसने हम पर ज़ुल्म - ओ - सितम किये है ।

    वही दिन है आज जो हमे सबसे ज्यादा रुलाता है ।।


  • skylarblue 24w

    I Understand

    All I can think about is his lips on mine. The way we moved, the way he whispered in my ear and made me moan his name like it was the last word that I new. The way he moaned from touching me and how cramped the back seat was and how hot the car got with us moving together. He ran his fingers though my hair after and never have I wanted to purr more in my life.
    My fantasies are running wild, thinking of how his touches are both rough and soft and how he fit so well. My mind is filled with images of him and how I can barely look at him straight around people but when we are alone I look at him with everything I am. All I can think of secret rendezvous and passion.
    I understand why Eve ate the apple; I want to taste something sweet and forbidden too, and he taste like apples and sin and everything in pretend I dont want. I understand why persephone ran to the underworld with the king of the dead; a king of death makes you feel alive and you stop suffocating in a place where the only things that really exist is the way you move with him. I understand why people want things they can't have; it makes getting it so much sweeter, even if it ends up killing you.

  • mystiqueinpoet 27w

    You are Love inflicted with Hatred...
    Your love is Pleasure in Shadow of pain
    Your desire is Dangerous with a thrill of Adventure
    You are an Infectious habit with a statutory Warning
    You are Trouble I find myself Amused to
    You are Love inflicted with Hatred...


  • chongtie 32w

    Forbidden love

    It was a sunlit day
    Dressed in uniform,
    On the streets of hundreds entrepreneurs
    And thousands of faces on a glance.

    A glimpse of waving hand
    On the right road corner.
    Ohhh...so bright and jolly.!
    Perhaps I notice her 5 foot away from him.

    Reluctant a little
    To recollect the trio I left long back.
    And not long ago they lost their trace too.
    Our triad souls on our own journey
    Now we swallow our own fate.
    No more triangle,
    Forbidden lovers.

  • vakilankita 32w

    The White House

    Why cannot Trump enter the White House now?
    Because, the White House is for-Biden!

  • darksoulz 33w

    In the chaos of dark
    Taking so much time to breath
    Laid awake for hours
    As the thoughts gets deep
    Felt and overwhelming desire to lost...
    Leaving everything behind;
    By silent sympathy,
    I became convinced of mute insensate with eyes closed
    Submerged deep in dark with holding own dreadful irregular heartbeats with a whisper of lone: IN COUNT OF DAYS I HAVE LIVED...

  • serahfannycrosby 34w

    " A Love I can't Love "

    I see you from afar,
    Your pics every hour,
    I long for your smile,
    Coz it's worthwhile...

    Wanna see you face to face,
    But it's kinda a situ I can't stay,
    Why are you so so far away?!,
    Oh, how much I wish you could be in my way ... 

    You are the love I see,
    It's only your heart I need,
    You are the only one I want,
    To whom I wanna belong... 

    The thing is you have your own life,
    Thus me trying, gonna kill me alive,
    But I know this is not what it seems,
    How much I wish this ain't a dream... 

  • laconicmiraki 34w

    No Turn Around

    Absentmindedly wandering into the unknown..
    Unseen for the path of destruction is well hidden.
    Left with no choice but to forget everything they'd ever known.
    Turning back was forbidden.