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  • teenayeggidi 3w

    Had enough fun of me, right?
    #fanGirl #error #fooled

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    I'm screaming.. the everytime I imagine you making fool of me, I scream.. oh man, I'm getting nuts for real..

  • brokenballad 11w


    Sometimes heart wins battle against mind and that's when the people who forgive are ones that suffer

  • taytay_nicole424 16w

    Release, relief
    That's all I seek
    A way to break these anchors placed above my feet
    A way to escape these taunting waves threatening to undertake me

    You made me believe that you were that life raft
    You tricked me into thinking I've been at last freed
    Guess the joke's on me

    You played me like a fiddle, like a fool
    You used me like a disc, like a tune
    Now my heart rest here
    At the bottom of this lonely abyss
    Where you have incased me
    Never to feel the sun rays again
    Forever lost at sea

    #lostatsea #2amthoughts #fooled #betrayed #hurting #lost #depression #ptsd #trauma #dark #deep #poetry #poet #poem #writer

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    Lost at Sea

    You made me believe that you were that life raft
    You tricked me into thinking I've been at last freed
    Guess the joke's on me

  • slaughtered_heart 30w

    Ofcourse you know me better,
    How else would you have fooled me.?


  • jaeseonlynn 57w

    From this day on,
    I'll build my kingdom through ice.
    To freeze all the intruders
    And to shun them from their lies.

    My kingdom was already damaged
    From the wars in the past.
    Should have known sooner
    That a prince's love doesn't last.

    He said to me he'll prove his loyalty
    From the kingdom I once ruled.
    But little did I know,
    That I had been fooled.

    He never desired to take my hand,
    He was more engrossed to my throne.
    And after he obtained what he wanted,
    He then left me all alone.

    So today I'll construct a barricade,
    To this new kingdom I have created.
    May you be a genuine prince or not,
    I will no longer be captivated.

    And now I declare as the new Ice Queen,
    That no prince will set foot in this kingdom.
    For the queen you once loved....
    Turned into something fearsome.

    #icequeen #lies #prince #noprincecharming #loyalty #damaged #fooled #alone #kingdom #heartbroken #poem

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    Ice Queen


  • _spillingitall_ 59w

    Expecting was my biggest mistake ♤

  • sarahrachelea 63w

    Don't be fooled, human
    Time is life, time is money
    Let's appreciate more
    And spend it cool, wit and wisely

    ~ time, precious time

  • ronaldjr 72w


    I somehow manage to fly
    but I really wonder why
    when I already to reach up the sky
    I feel like I'm going to cry

    Yet I realized, I was under a claw
    Thrusting my stomach, knocking down my jaw
    I am burning in pit of hell that once I saw
    Crawling endlessly along the vicious law

    Yeah I finally escaped,
    I flew to the sky with someone wearing cape,
    She saved me from suffering that everyday I take
    She threw everything for my sake

    I am grateful, but I'm dull
    I didn't realize I was a fool
    She just used me as a tool
    Then dispose me like a stool

    I thought she's the one I need
    but she's just the claw that made me bleed
    Everyone's telling me but I didn't heed
    she's the devil that won't let me be freed


    @writersnetwork #randompoem #breakfree #fooled #mirakee

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  • alxita 72w

    -- The Boat Is Sinking --
    (Story by alxita)

    After a long period of lectures, seatworks, and tests, of course, the minds of the students would love to take a bit of rest and relax for the foreseeable moment. Though, in this case, the last teacher for this day will instead be doing a little game for them to be amused. It can be a fun game to play, right? Right..

    "All right kids. Today, as the last subject for the day, we'll be doing a little game to spend some time with you all. But, I may tell some serious questions here," said the female teacher.
    But the students did not heed the clandestine warning of the teacher, since what their minds were looking for was amusement. But, did they ever know, that the amusement they'll soon receive is actually an questionnaire; a questionnaire they never knew, were coming.

    "Okay, the game is called The Boat Is Sinking. The rules are simple. There will always be a statement at the start, prompting you all to say "What shall we do?" and I will give another statement, telling how you will be grouped, by number, or by rule," the teacher explained.

    The teacher then added, "If one of you does not follow the rule of mine by grouping to others or merely following, you will be eliminated."

    "That seems interesting!" said one student.
    "That's quite fun!" said another.
    "At least it's not some dang homework to do and then they'll not give out decent grades," said a tired, lethargic student.

    "Let's start," the teacher gave a signal. A class of 25 students will be participating for the game.
    "The boat is sinking!" the teacher warned.
    "What shall we do?" the students chanted in unison.

    "Group yourselves into 4"
    The students raced as they try to find people to cling with. Now, ending up with six groups of 4, one student was left with himself. "Dang! I always lose when it comes to games," the unhappy student commented.

    "Shall we continue?" the teacher queried as she started her first call again.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What shall we do?"
    "Group yourselves depending on who was mistreated" said the teacher.

    The entirety of the students was questionable as to what she was talking about, or if they'll take it literally, but they decided to follow upon her order. About 18 people grouped so into one, the six students were left.
    "Out of the game" replied the teacher.

    The six students were mystified, one wondering if it was not a game, but an assessment of our attitudes. Clearly, such a game would not have an order like that. The game continued more or less.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What.. shall we do?"
    "Group yourselves depending on who was physically abused once."

    Again, the students were bamboozled, but in a more surreal manner, as they don't know why she is ordering such a sensitive rule. Again, they made themselves the puppets of her show.
    Nine people grouped themselves as one, the other half did not. They were eliminated.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What.... s-shall we.. do?"
    "Group yourselves depending who has been betrayed, and left you thinking for self-mutilation," said the teacher bluntly with the same, but more mystifying and dark atmosphere lurking upon her sentences.

    One started crying, as she doesn't know what the teacher was even saying, and started unsettling and scaring her down her spine, sending the chills to the innocents being lured into her trap.

    Two students grouped, the other seven did not meet the teacher's order. They were eliminated.

    "Congratulations! Now you two decide who gets to be killed first," said the teacher. The two were absolutely horrified, as they were unknowingly best friends who've went through dark pasts, and then they'd be prompted to decide who to be killed as if it is a casual thing to say.

    But, since manipulation has gotten the better of one, she claimed the life of the other, for the sake of winning the game, and escaping from the teacher's abnormality.

    "You are the winner. Congratulations. You proved yourself to be a sickening person easily manipulated by words, and has gotten you into state of fragility just like the broken fragments of your past." said the teacher.

    The girl can't stand it. She eventually, claimed her own life from too much pressure and mental pain rushing through her nerves, through her brain that is trying to comprehend the situation they're in. The other students who're eliminated went out a while ago, panicking, crying from what was a death trap; a death trap they were lured upon as prey. We were the prey; the prey of an abysmal lair of surreality and darkness that the teacher instilled upon an innocent game.

    The boat sank, but their minds and hearts sank down to the tenebrific abyss. We fleed, but the stains left upon us will never be washed away, as it is imprinted into our brains for an eternity to come.

    #poetry #ship #boat #darkness #badinfluence #manipulation #innocence #trap #fooled #sinking #heart #terrible #nightmare #night #school #game #internet #malicious #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #alxita_stories #ceesreposts

    Jun. 1, 2020, 10:12 AM (GMT+8)

    Was it a very dark story? Don't worry. Everything here, from their deaths to the whole thing is a metaphor, holding a hidden message to society. ��

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    Story 3

    "The Boat Is Sinking"

  • alxita 74w

    -- Fooled --

    The vehicle will follow upon the passenger's order
    If not, it's a waste for what's done earlier
    Leading you among the paths to the destined place
    The paths guiding properly, unless traces were effaced

    Now, where am I in this piece of wasteland?
    The paths are still there, but the scenery's not grand
    Was I expecting to be in such a vile environment?
    It's as if it's gonna release its appalling predicaments

    Soon will I ever be unveiled the pitiless reality
    I was fooled, as I was destined to the wrong locality
    Spuriously deeming its rather legitimate character
    While I stepped upon its land mine, fooling me better

    #poetry #fooled #life #deceive #trick #vehicle #path #wrong #mislead #nowhere #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 88
    May 17, 2020, 5:34 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: I will post another poem later. ����
    The anime character here is Ririka Momobami from Kakegurui

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    "Spuriously deeming its rather legitimate character, while I stepped upon its land mine, fooling me better"

  • dreamyc 75w

    Losing sleep and breaking feet; still wondering when you'd text me back.

    tags / #poem #poetry #mirakeewrites #readwriteunite #fool #text #midnight #sleep #awake #waiting #love #fooled #sad

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    maybe I'm a fool
    your fool
    the one that waits
    for your replies
    for you to say something
    for you to like me back
    I stay awake until 3 at night
    hoping you'd want to talk
    but you don't even bother
    to tell me goodnight
    before you go to sleep
    and you let me wait
    and wait
    and wait
    like a fool.

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • alxita 76w

    -- Indoctrination --

    Society is unwavered, as they fool themselves
    With erroneous ideas they'd gratefully yelp
    At the sensitive ears enunciating its deemed will
    When it fact, it can put everyone at a standstill

    Lacking clear convexity as it won't reveal the truth
    Like the winds passing through the gaps of the tooth
    Like the demagogues in their lawlessly famed suits
    When the backbone of the truth doesn't even have its roots

    Effacing traces of the solely weeping facticities
    Only to be seeing vestiges of its veracity
    Lame, as the deemed "truths" run with blind certainty
    Leading them nowhere, only to be casually fooling

    Lava seemed just like the rutilant water
    Spring is often twisted with the crystal winter
    Anguished cries seemed to be one's fake roleplays
    Afterlife just seemed like some visions of grey

    Vacillating slightly as they continue their indoctrination
    Unworthy visages marked by the soulless susurrations
    Injecting chemicals into the minds of the innocent
    To their divine Gods, they will blindly condescend

    #poetry #society #indoctrination #blind #manipulate #life #false #nowhere #fooled #truth #mirakee #pod #factual #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 65
    May 3, 2020, 1:19 PM (GMT+8)

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    "Like the winds passing through the gaps of the tooth, like the demagogues in their lawlessly famed suits, when the backbone of the truth doesn't even have its roots"

  • alxita 77w

    -- Plateau --

    When it used to be a straight-forward lane
    To the top, now the true success has waned
    Into a sudden stop of inhospitable lands
    That wasn't a worthy deed so grand

    It's inculcated that sense of utter failure
    It's such a shame that I won't be allured
    Such a wasteful dollar of my happiness
    Was debarred from success I wanted to witness

    It has fabricated itself, into a shameful nothing
    That brings its matter to my maltreated icings
    That once was so happy to feel the exact opposite
    But again, has turned into particles soon to deficit

    Dear plateau, you are one of the unexpected
    I witnessed today, but never really wanted
    An inarticulate truth not to be solely ignored
    Treasures turned into tin cans I don't adore

    #poetry #plateau #sudden #stops #failure #sad #unhappy #life #maltreatment #fooled #deficit #mirakee #thoughts

    Poem no. 47
    Apr. 26, 2020, 2:23 PM (GMT+8)

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    "Such a wasteful dollar of my happiness, was debarred from success I wanted to witness"

  • aayush__joshi 85w


    Don't ever get fooled by the words,you never know what's behind those."

  • nymphaea 93w

    Unko nadan samajh ham unhe duniyadari samjha rhe the
    Vo to khud hi samajhdar nikle
    Hamari samajh hami p azma rhe the..

  • cataclysmic 97w

    Craved for death and deliverance,
    Goodness! You really gave.
    Thought you a geezer of benevolence
    but you proved to be brave.

    Longed for a tryst and confession
    Undoubtedly, you did.
    But out of love and affection
    As if you were in some love morbid!

    You were a double-faced snake
    And I never really had any idea.
    You and your affinity both were fake.
    Spurious were your panacea(s)!

  • anthonyhanible 101w

    Set The Record Straight

    You have me fooled
    You're saying alot of things
    That aren't true
    So stop
    I'm going to
    Set The Record Straight
    Is The Only Things
    That I'm about
    All day

  • i_leviathan218 103w

    September Dew

    In the morning you'll be gone and all that was good to me will then wither.
    This bloody box of flesh that I hold so tight is my heart to you I deliver. 
    This world full of doubts can be utterly deceiving.
    But I'll be waiting for you in Hell, I must depart there this evening. 
    Moving so fluently as if one with the air and the dark brown tresses  upon her shoulders flowing so swiftly with not a care in sight. 
    And when you smile I hope you think of me,
    A servant of your love is all I'll ever be. 

  • anthonyhanible 104w

    Lesson Learned

    Look i won't
    Play myself again
    I won't
    Fall in that hole again
    You fooled me once
    I had to learn it the
    Hard way
    Yes it hurted
    Never again
    Lesson Learned

  • chandh 106w


    You know it's gonna hurt him, yet you do it more!