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  • bubbly_bluebells 9w

    Let the first foot wave as big ben outside the door,
    Pat the left one to start not the right one to change the cottage pattern of cheesing sigmas & alter stigmas.
    Flipping sound of Legs are the pendulum of infinite!
    At morning walk with dragon and melt mint chocolate ice-cream tonight;
    Under the wafer constellations canopy, blues are mapping nightcore geometry vibes.

  • kingdomdelight 9w

    #song "How much is that doggy in the window"

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    How Much

    How much does that chocolate, brown eyes
    melt the marshmallows in Dad's heart?
    Those chocolate brown eyes with hazel nut delightful "light" speckles
    How much does Dad's strawberry heart whipped in cream around?
    Those childlike dimples, looks like two lil grape clusters
    How can Dad says "No"?
    Even if that "silly pavement special dog",
    looks like an "unwanted broccoli"
    on Dad's grown up dinner plate?
    How could Dad say "No"?
    When her lil "puppy eyes" ask "pretty please"?
    Dad can't be "SPINACH" strong, all the time?
    All "Dad's" know, red eye "tamatoes" will follow an "unwanted NO!"
    But, his heart, does melt like vanilla icecream!
    All because love grows carrot deep,
    with yellow hope in child like eyes
    Dad truly hates to be the bad guy,
    who let onions kill the air!
    That ain't fair
    But mine little pumpkin,
    the apple of mine eyes
    She wants a puppy ...
    Dad thought,
    she was an elephant,
    who would forget ...
    But her eyes, let Dad feel cucumber light!
    "Darn, that puppy in the window
    the one with the waggly tail,
    Oh, how did Dad hope for,
    that doggy ... NOT to be for sale?
    The wallet cough up, a nickle and a lil dime ...
    In no time,
    love bubbles UP like red wine!
    Made Dad, drunken forget, all about dogs and why he used to say "No"!
    How much does that chocolate, brown eyes
    melt the marshmallows in Dad's eyes?
    Those chocolate brown eyes with hazel nut delightful "light" speckles!
    How much does Dad's strawberry heart whipped in cream around?
    Those childlike dimples, looks like two lil grape clusters
    How can Dad says "No"?
    If he can prevent, the sour, in the lemon meringue pie!
    How a big watermelon smile,
    from her cherry blossom lips,
    let Dad feels,
    the watery juice,
    in his blueberry eyes, feast!


  • bclark2681 9w


    Blueberry fields
    Peanut butter forests
    Watermelon illusions
    Devil’s lettuce harvest

  • bclark2681 9w


    Her cherry wine moans exhale
    From between her strawberry lips,
    Overwhelming my gushing mind as
    We float within our caramel pool

  • zhayden 9w

    Like white chocolates
    Sweet with little taste of milk
    Bringing the taste of bliss
    Like life at its high

    Yet there are moments
    That things in life are hard
    Like the bitter taste
    Of dark chocolates
    With no ounce of sugar

    Yet that is when
    Things come to balance
    With right amount
    Like milk chocolates
    Melted and warmth up

    Hot chocolates
    That chases away
    Any traces of
    the dark bitterness
    And with the right amount
    Of sweetness


  • preetkanwal 9w

    #journal #foodc #writersbay #writersnetwork
    Thanks for the ❤️@writersnetwork
    Thank you for Editor’s choice @miraquill
    I don’t know what I’ve written
    just venting out

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    My tongue keeps burning after being offered tart words,writhing in pain ,wrapped in silver foil
    from time to time.They are becoming hard to digest in the twilight years of life.The more I try to swallow their bitter taste,the more I’ve to chew.Their juices flow in my veins turning my tears into cherries on the /cakes/I’ve been baking all my life in the oven of hopes.Journals of delicious recipes I’ve been hiding in the attic of my heart have become like coal fire
    of hearth ; when their heat is about to die life puts fresh coal on the dying chambers of my heart.My throat gets parch dry with chilli flakes flying out of soot of my mistakes.My first mistake was that I let go the mistakes of others to make peace in life ,second mistake was that I kept forgiving them,third I remained unable to control the birth of their mistakes.

    ©preetkanwal 19.11.2021

  • wordsnippet_girl 9w

    Writersbay Challenge of the Day #foodc #writersbay

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    Confessions of Love Between a Candy Lip and a Bubble Gum Tongue

    I hope that my candy lips
    won't fail me as I aim to
    declare my love for you,
    out from my chocolate fountain heart,
    As it overflows, I hope you feel
    the same way too!

    Don't fret and be afraid my love,
    Just say what you want to say,
    My bubble gum tongue can't
    wait to savor and feel the
    sweetness of your words,
    'cause deep down in my lollipop heart,
    your love is kept for eternity,
    even if we melt shortly,
    thereafter in time!

  • nocturnal_enigma 9w

    * 19.11.2021; 8.40 P.M (Malaysia)
    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * P.s: If you are curious, just search P Pirl on Youtube and you will see his 8 videos about it. (His YouTube channel: Hadi StudyTv)


    #foodc #food #challenge @writersbay

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    Untitle 90 ~

    I watched a bit your video, without sound. You held chocolates, which make me want to eat the chocolates, that kept in the refrigerstors. I also wonder, do you have brown colored irises like mine? If yes, I want to look at your chocolate eyes. Will you look at mine too? Then, we'll stare at each other.

    I'm craving for the sweet taste of chocolates. BTW, what flavours of chocolates that you ate? Let's eat chocolates until we run out of them. I'm going there soon. Let's us buy chocolates & eat them together.
    Then, look at me,
    when I'll lick my cherry lips.

    I'm going to watch your 2 latest videos. With sound, this time. It's been loong since I really watch your videos. I want to hear your voice. While watching, I will imagine, I am in the videos, with you.
    We talk about 'P Pirl',
    instead of people.
    Oh, our hazelnut voices!
    There are no awkwardness of silences!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • fayello 9w

    Savor Of Love

    Fruits of love
    Sweetest of passion
    Taste of compassion
    Savour of emotion
    Flavor of dour heart

    Like mango I call you eglonian
    Meaning to my heart
    King of emotions
    God of love
    Love of purity

    As fruits bring nutrients
    Love brings life
    As fruits provide health
    Love provides protection
    Eminence of beauty 

  • daunting_phoenix 9w


    The nuttiness of pain is still carved,
    Deep in my heart,
    Like leaves falling
    Off a dry branch. 

    The burnt ashy flavour,
    Still lingers,
    Like heavy fogs
    In winters.

    The heartbreak tastes cheesy,
    The tears spicy,
    There's no sweetness left,
    To quench the thirst I have.

    I jinxed that overrated chocolate flavour,
    And all I taste now is liquor;
    Dizzy with addiction,
    I numbed everything with watery diction…


  • cutie_hedgehog 9w

    and our vanilla flavored kiss on that rainy day
    still lingers on my lips


  • nirvanabharga0 9w

    Happy reading❤

    // Caffeinated Afflatus

    On a rainy day,
    Over a sip of a long black
    I perceived its my mistake,
    to trust everyone/everything,
    whoever/whatever that comes to me,
    either the pain or the love,
    either the smile or the tear.
    Coz, somewhere in my core I believed
    that everyone might not 've raised like me.

    Over another sip
    I perceived its my mistake,
    to love everyone every time unrequitedly,
    yet envisaging empathy,
    despite the void filled by abysmal brokenness.
    Coz, somewhere in my core I believed
    that everyone might not 've raised like me.

    Over few more sips
    I perceived its my mistake,
    to dwell in this surfeit of melancholia
    as if i'm nobly devoted to the habitual dolour.
    Coz, somewhere in my core I believed
    that everyone might not 've raised like me.


    #journal (¿) #foodc #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay #shewrites #poetry #life #truth

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  • mahtobpensdown 9w

    Ps - Happy International Men's Day 2021 ��������


    As I happened to visit a snacks centre on a lazy weekends, a softy lady with golden skin caught my eye. My heart juice melted like sugar .... Ahem said the waiter serving me a hot Chocolate cuppa of mine just as the Hot gal in front of me �� What more do I want now �� As my dancing sizzlers arrived with a starters of scrumptious Soya chhap, the lady who made my heart skip a beat begin to leave ... Oh please don't go Goddess ..let me adore you a bit more ... The waiter who asked for water understood my conditions ..and gave a pat on the table ...
    My dear sir, please concentrate on your Delicacies ... your food first. The lady is an often visitor here ..she is partially special child and daughter of one of the greatest persons of Member of Parliament. If her bodyguards notice you ... I am sure your life will not be spared.
    That day I Learned my 3 mistakes and 3 most vital lessons in my pocket journal -

    1. Appreciate what you have. Don't ogle others
    2. Mind is distracting fellow ... Concentrate on your on the NOW moments ... Food here
    3. Be in your senses at all places - a single fun could become a mistake that you will repent later


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    @miraquill @writersnetwork @black_pearl_ @penkin @unspokenpen1927 @odysseus @roel_gonz @i_am_an_unprofessional_writer

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    My heart juice melted like sugar .... Ahem said the waiter serving me a hot Chocolate cuppa of mine just as the Hot gal in front of me What more do I want now

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  • lunarwolf 9w

    A Sweet Memory

    As I lay upon these regrets as a bed
    I smell of her vanilla scented existence
    it dances upon my nose like a ballerina
    craving for her touch like a starving man craves for food
    nonetheless her warmth reminds me of a bakery
    smells of cookies being baked to perfection
    just like her form was a work of perfection
    oh how I miss her in my arms
    while I savor the remnants of our last kiss
    it fades from my lips like a setting sun
    her cognac colored eyes haunts me in the dark
    intoxicating me with their alluring beauty
    may I forever taste her exquisite flavor
    as I lay here savoring her existence like vanilla

    #writersbay #foodc

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    A Sweet Memory

    Her memory dances upon my senses as I realized her memory is what I'm tasting

  • thelonesurvivor 9w

    That night
    He tasted her strawberry lips
    Her cheeks turned cherry red
    They opened their eyes to see each other.
    And she found his chocolate coloured eyes twinkling with the love.
    The love that they both wanted to last forever.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 9w

    strawberry lights, coffee irises.
    here is the world, let's make it right.

    She broke every string , and now nothing is left but peace. It prevails within her shadow. It is all hers, her mirror tells her so.

    Her easygoing way of naturally going with the flow made it easier for others to manipulate her into doing what they wanted. She was naive, but still she rose amongst the odds for she was brave.

    Distancing herself from people that affected her peace, she began dealing with this dimwitted phase. She made a flower bed, nurtured and nourished them with care. And this was the only time when flowers bloomed, for she had distanced herself from the weeds.

    She caged the sunshines that would not decipher her shadows. Yet she loved the sunset glow that reddens her horizons.

    She lost you and at the same time, She found herself. She learnt that she was away, just a mile away from what she could do be.
    And you know who won.


  • nandini_5 9w

    #foodc @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Pc:- wish this could happened with me ��.... But in reality my life is boring .. don't think that much ... It's a fictional story : )

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    Your blue berry eyes
    Stare at mine .
    I always forgot the words I want to tell you .
    We just two hanging in cafe .
    Cappuccino or latte .
    You are kind like chocolate .
    Flower blooms in my heart .

    Last night , I dream of you .
    How we'll be in our 80s .
    Coffee reminds me of you ,
    how you hold my hand .
    Play the music we like to listen .
    Shall we dance or
    shall we float in our own dreams.

    Moonlight ,
    You are the moon .
    Let's talk about our favourite icecream .
    Until the sun comes up .
    Wish I could stay by your side .
    I'll keep you awake .
    Cause I don't want to miss you .

    Our small talk over coffee
    In our summer weekend .
    Best part of our story
    When we saw the sapphire sky.
    I just want to say , you look better with me .
    I get goosebumps , thinking of losing you .

    We better to be together .
    I want to spent half of my life with you .
    Just the two of us .
    Holding tight , emotionally attached .
    I saw the rainbow of happiness in your eyes .
    Just the two of us
    Blooming and loving eachother .


  • _yaish 13w

    And darling just once, stir me in your bitter poetries
    and I will make you taste saccharine
    sonants of eclogues.


  • _yaish 13w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Idk if it makes sense ;) maybe this is lame����

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    A therapy(ist)

    P l u c k i n g
    the old poisonous
    planted on the dusted
    pages of heart.

    B l e n d i n g
    the metaphoric
    petals of dead treachery
    with fine powder of
    sweet euphoria.

    A d d i n g
    flavours of vanilla cake
    on the unbaked soul of lost sinner.

    W a t e r i n g
    the wither poet in you
    to make it bloom in a poetry.

    P o e t r y
    that knows how
    to cook a perfect metrical
    composition of cold heartbreaks
    and warm buoyant of happiness.

    that understands
    pain hidden beneath the
    commas and full stop.

    that embellishes a poet
    /to become a divine therapist of poetry/
    Then only
    //EVERYONE (can) become a poet//


  • thorvi_mule 20w

    Only hunger teaches importance of food.
    Only thirst teaches importance of water.
    Only hate teaches importance of love.
    Only regret teaches importance of time.