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  • nitikaparashar 28w

    I feel useless, when I am capable of doing everything but I can't do.
    I felt depressed so I tried to communicate.
    But no one seems to believe that I am suffering from depression,
    I am flustered and can't understand what shall I do.
    They do believe it's existence.
    But they refuse to see it when they should.
    They tell me to act normal and be focused for everyone's good.
    My own soul is scaring me,
    It feels like two individuals are living inside.
    One will kill me, if emotions are being kept on hide.
    People tell me to be strong & to do my work everytime I seek for support.
    They say nothing happens like that, it feels like they are saying f**k off in short.


  • dinner 29w


    Days are not at all the same
    Sometimes they are dull and lame
    Sometimes they are really rough
    Sometimes they make you tough

    If you are weak
    Your eyes will leak

    Some days are flustered in agony
    Let’s cluster some peaceful harmony

    To forget the pain and agony .


  • johnbenson 29w


    Every curve of her
    Rear end

  • himanshi_sharma 29w

    #wod #mirakee @writersnetwork #imppersonc #pod #horcrux #fluster

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    Life is about having hopes yet
    despair is everywhere.
    Funny how pain always sweeps through our hearts
    But ������,
    You Add life to me
    And when I witness it pulling away
    I lose my breath in the most spacious of places;
    surrounding your heart.

    Poetry never dies, nor does the love
    It becomes one and beats inside the poet's heart.
    ~ Love becomes You
    Like that hymn ~
    The melody of the song ringing in my ears -

    ❝ Afsos hota hai, Dil bhi ye rota hai
    Sapne sanjota hai, pagla Hua. ❞

    I see promises failing
    dreams shattering and
    the ache of our shattered heart is loud enough to be
    perceived through the ears.
    ~ And when all of our senses stop
    Love becomes our coffin.~

    I think my skies might just implode into
    fiery fluster
    looking through your eyes.
    A brightness in you where the sun takes
    my eternal sunrise.

    ❝ Meelon ke hain faasle tumse na jane kyu
    Anjane hai silsile Tumse na jane kyu. ❞

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    I believe there is a reason why I
    feel the skies talk to me every night.
    I believe your message is reaching me through the beams of the moon.
    What if,
    We are born here on earth and after we die,
    Our souls travel to another universe
    and relive the same story?

    ©���������������� ������������

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    I believe there is a reason why I
    feel the skies talk to me every night


  • irene_belida 29w


    I was mesmerized of how you played every note
    How you cradle each note and speaks a lullaby
    How you dance with the strings and gently spin 'em
    How your vocal chords artistically paints notes

    But I was confused of how those eyes gaze at me
    It flusters me enough to hide and disappear
    To my whirlpool and whirlwind of serene thoughts
    Yet I'll always remember those endearing gazes.

  • socialverse 29w

    to: youth's of my age

    youth spent in an
    agonizing task
    of fixing your way
    to worldly success
    is but the fluster
    one experiences
    in the morning's haze

    go out and spend
    the day without
    material productiveness
    but of mental and emotional


  • _palakjain 29w

    My this writing is kind of negative so don't read it if you don't feel comfortable with it.
    I wrote this to understand my own thoughts and feelings.....
    It's like I have to write everything down what I'm thinking or feeling before it's starts to getting too much.
    #mywritingpen #myvisionmystory #fluster #wod

    If you ask me how I'm feeling
    I'll say I'm fine
    what is this feeling
    it's all flustering
    I don't know anything anymore
    I don't know how to define
    am I feeling too much
    or just empty
    am I thinking too much
    or nothing
    All of this is so
    what is this feeling
    my head feels heavy
    chest feels knotted
    feels like even breathing
    for me is getting
    what is this even feeling
    I don't know anything anymore
    Every day feels like a loop
    repeating itself eveyday
    feels like I'm stuck in a dark room
    for past few years
    with no ray of hope
    trying to break the doors
    just anyhow want to escape
    every compliment seems fake
    I don't have confidence in myself
    A voice in my head saying
    what is this feeling anyway
    my body is numbed
    my mind is empty
    my heart is heavy
    what is this feeling
    I don't know how to describe
    I want to do so much
    but can't make my self
    getting out of bed
    I'm doing nothing
    but I'm tired as hell
    doubting every piece of my self
    is this what people called
    existential crisis?
    what is this feeling
    it's all so flustering
    I can't define
    my brain is talking too much
    then why heart is so quiet
    everything seems OK
    but why doesn't it feels right?
    And you asked
    How I'm doing
    and I just said
    Oh! I'm fine.

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    Hey, how are you feeling?
    Oh! I'm feeling fine.

  • dumbpoet 29w

    Is it okay to cry every night?
    So hard that my eyes hurt?
    Often sleepless lying on the bed
    Looking at the stars above my head

    And thinking that the most bright one
    Is you, waving at me. Smiling at me,
    Sending me kisses, wishing sweet dreams
    Wish you were here right beside me

    Flustered by the memory, I close my eyes
    Flashbacks of his face roaming in my mind
    All the black patches, all the red spots
    The way his eyes were swollen, the way they stared

    Prayed to GOD to take them away
    Let me forget them and move on my way
    But what I thought were bad memories,
    Became the strongest point of my poetry

    So, I buried my sadness, hide the hurt
    Waved him back, blew him a kiss
    Smiled through my bloody tears
    And just hoped that all I did make sense!


  • tuiethetweety 29w


    you probably fluster whether to even
    recall my existence in your life for once,
    on the other hand,my fluster is whether
    to forget your existence in my mind or not.

  • the_girl_with_specs 29w


    Me or your ego?
    He seemed a little flustered.
    Little did she know. . .
    Ego wins.

  • pineapple_in_ocean 29w

    I shall not think love, write love, adore love, explain love, argue love again.


  • kamikazemind 29w

    Making love is a sweet reward.
    (Random.made in 5mins to be honest)!!!!!!

    Can you guess to whom did I refer the word "banshee" here????

    Would like to know in my comment. ❤✨


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    I am Flustered.
    That's when I get the urge to bring HER out.
    All I have to do is play with my brain.
    And to touch those velvety lips,
    roses between my thighs.
    Soft and slow, like a a smooth jazz.
    Passionate and pure, like an orchestra.
    I'm aroused, ready for the thrill.
    Ready to bring my banshee out.

  • pineapple_in_ocean 29w

    Why do I act strange sometimes?

    Because death is simple, life is strange.

  • desert_confession 29w

    My heart had gone rogue,
    Untamed, unbridled,
    Flustered, erratic.
    It beats for only you.


  • bloomy 29w

    'To love or not to love',
    I fluster.
    What if it crumbles me,
    into a million pieces?
    What if those pieces
    hurt you?
    At the thought of it,
    I fluster.

  • sush_s_anand 29w

    Zigzag runs my gaze
    across the corners of the walls
    of the room where I sit
    with a notebook and a pen,
    possibly for an answer, but it's a circle.

    Two steps I take ahead,
    Third one brings me back to square one,
    No progress you see,
    So, can I count on you ?

    Tell me, if love weren't so important,
    Why do we get hurt after losing it?
    And, if it were so important,
    Why do we lose it?
    And then why it's needed again to heal back
    And why this vicious cycle repeats ?

    All I hear is the ticks of the clock
    All I feel is cold, all I do is shiver
    And all I know is I don't want a heart
    that longs to be loved.

    I'm okay with losing it once
    But it doesn't work as per my will
    It gets to push me into pitfalls that grow deeper and deeper
    darker and darker with each time
    I'm flustered and I hope you are not.
    I need you to be not.

  • pineapple_in_ocean 29w

    Days fly by
    Nights calculate but crash without reasons
    Afternoon is lazy
    Midnight is dizzy
    What's going on?

  • iqujiger 29w

    It makes me Flustered
    If loving someone is
    Then how could the
    rational methods help
    Us to unlove them.

  • poetrycity 29w

    Roses bloom and wither
    but a poet remains flustered by its roots dwelling in his heart.

    Lovers unlove, love and die
    but the mirage of their eyes remains flustered.


  • sparrowsofsorows 29w


    Taken is the words I can't say , silenced by a secret ,only told in the hushed briefings of flashbacks I only can see myself, captive by unspoken words do and die as my silence kills me the same... Forced to briddle the fluster of truths, discombobulated by stolen innocence, derailed life a hope that's fading for a future that's uncertain ,. My words can heal me while setting me free.... Yet my silence kills as my words would do the same...