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  • akhila_ashru 123w

    A river reflects how to adjust , how to go with the flow without losing our identity.@writersnetwork #mirakee #flowofthoughts #river #keepmoving

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    Flowing water

    I started my journey
    from a hill station,
    with new hope and dreams
    and then, people called me a stream.

    I adjusted my flow
    to the narrow path, plain and plateau
    Some people called me a river
    Some people offered a prayer.

    I have to jump off the cliff,
    Just to keep myself moving.
    People may call it a waterfall
    Determination is my strength after all!

    I’m not bothered about name,
    I don’t seek fame.
    My thoughts are crystal clear.
    Yet I can modify myself, flow like water.

  • writtenbyme522 128w


    They stand tall,
    Hard for them to fall,
    Purposed to divide creatures all.

    Homes have them
    So do prisons;
    For some a place to return,
    For some an unwanted lesson to learn.

    Ears they have, many say,
    Eyes they have copious, in fear many abide;
    But feel a thing do they
    Of behind all the miseries they hide?

    Such a plight is of the creatures trapped;
    Who search around for glimmering hope
    And embark on millions a stride
    To elope with the serenity they deserve.
    Unwilling escapers, these prisoners
    Will only for the other side...

    Getting there has its bearings many;
    Some choose to scale the fence high,
    Some choose to dig passes from below,
    Some yet choose to stay; although
    Emancipation is awarded unvarnished
    Collectively to all creatures alike,
    Only when there's someone
    Determined enough to break through...

    -Written by me

    A small poem, as a view I perceived of what it is like of those who build walls in the way of those fleeing oppression and wishing a better life. I hope someday we break down all of these 'walls' and welcome and trust one another truly!
    This one was more inspired by the hashtag #walls and partly by the image prompt posted by @mirakee today.
    Give it a read and voice your opinions in the comments below
    (Image credit to rightful owner)

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #imageprompt #walls #oppression #creativity #flowofthoughts #freedom #serenity #happiness #life #refugeecrisis #inkflow #poetry #poem #ceesnewbies #ceesreposts

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    Emancipation is awarded unvarnished
    Collectively to all creatures alike,
    Only when there's someone
    Determined enough to break through...


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  • manalivalia 151w

    Just a Look

    Hey there!
    Just a question!!
    Did you have a look at yourself, the most beautiful person today, once you wake up from your bed?
    It's early morning...
    You woke up with a droll or not...
    Doesn't matter!!!
    You woke up with a messy hair....
    Doesn't matter!!!

    The way how you adore yourself...
    Looking into the mirror!!
    The way you smile....
    Looking at yourself....
    The way you start your day....
    The way you just get ready....
    For yet an amazing day ahead....
    The way you dance in the shower...
    Or the way you sing in the shower...
    Without being judgemental....
    The way you respect yourself....
    Is all that matters!!!
    Love yourself...
    Just for what you are....!!!

  • manalivalia 151w

    The start

    The Day started....
    A beautiful.... Yet adventurous...
    Simple.... Yet complicated...
    Life is just as awesome as every moment in this day....
    Let's record this day... In our memories...
    And cherish them for the moments to come....

    I write....
    I learn....
    I read....
    I live....
    I love....
    My life....
    In the most unique way each day....

    The flow of thoughts that need to be channelized...
    And so I am here...
    To just write down the thoughts of mine....


  • nivsrnz 181w


    Some extra force is coming within me to write down something. I can't even stop myself writing something or anything whatever flowing out from my mind..... Some kind of burning sensation and rapid beating of heart beat ♥ giving some message to me to do something great in life without wasting time.. It's high time to pull up my socks to move towards my goal.. I always think to burn the mid-night oil but always failed to do it..No matter it's never too late to do what we can do. I always feel some kind of incompleteness in life.. I always reflected Why is it so?? And then I realized..I never tried to complete any work and left it incomplete and went on in my life..There are many psychological reason behind it..One of the biggest enemy in my life which doesn't let me to excel is my own Hestitation from which I really wanna get rid of it.. Bcoz of this I lost many opportunities for coming up.. Any way I learned a lot no matter what the subject was but I'm happy it made me strong enough to face the challenges of life.. living a life simply is wastage so wanna do something inspiring.."Aspire to inspire before I get expire"
    The burning zeal inside me wants me to rise high and Shine... Hope Oneday I will soar like an Eagle....


  • pratibha_shet 220w

    Milo toh sahi kabhi khwaab mein
    badi phursat se guftagu karenge
    Jo adhuri reh gayi thi baat wo
    aaj puri karenge
    ©Pratibha shet