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  • wifey_suicide 2d

    Spring Is Here

    Spring is here as life begins,
    A new cycle of change is about to take place,
    A brand new name to the baby boom,
    To the flowers that bloom,
    Bees buzzing as they race to collect back to the hive,
    As birds take a dive into the pond,
    I wonder who won,
    The fish or the bird.

    Incoming rain clouds,
    Listen to the rain clouds,
    More it rains and the thunder cracks,
    The more babies will laugh.

    As light skin turns a little brown,
    We'll cozy up next to a fire,
    Away from township,
    As the sound of crickets surround the crackling of the firewood,
    Roasting marshmallows until their golden,
    As we travel, the wheels keep rolling.

  • akatoch61 2d


    I wonder, if i can bring thunder.
    Lights up the sky, rains up the grounds.

    People stuck inside, silence is around.
    Water in ground, leafs floating on the streets.

    Lets create a treat, with fritters on table.
    Group of three friends, cans of whisky.

    Chatting all around, those old memories.
    Those sudden silence in the between.
    Beeps in the ear. Makes you forget everything you did.

    I wonder, there is a thunder.

  • thepastelink 4d

    I see graves
    Of once beautiful flowers
    I say flowers
    I mean people.

    They touched my soul
    Selfless service
    Was all they gave
    I drew their faces.

    When I say faces
    I mean memories.


  • inkandfable670 1w

    As I love flowers......

    An Ode To My Flowers......

    O darlings of summer
    O mates of spring
    O friends of winter
    Don't get jealous, when
    I bring, some new comers ,
    I'm lucky to have you all
    Enjoy your delightful company,
    Amidst you, some are cared more by me
    Hope you don't get angry, live with harmony,

    You are really brave and adventurous
    Surrounded with thorns, but never gets hurts,
    Teach me how to bloom beautifully
    Even in millions of obstacles ,

    You are pure, simple and virtuous
    Teach me how to keep goodness in me
    As you hide fragrance in your petals
    Which can be feel, but not visible ,

    The beloved of chilly winter
    No doubt, you are stronger than I think
    That's why you befriended with dead human beings
    Teach me how to embrace death with no fears,

    O Flowers ,
    Which are hanging on a feeble vine
    How do you count on stems so weak
    Teach me how to climb on highest peak
    Even with my fully broken feet,

    O my lovely flowers,
    You all are dearer to my heart,
    Pardon me, if I forget to water
    When the cruel sunny rays fall,
    Skips the care , that you need
    When I'm indulged in regular deed,

    I know, you all are so humble
    Love me as I love you,
    My balcony looks like a little garden
    All thanks to you.


    #wod #pod
    #flowers #learn
    #ode #mirakee

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    Thank you so much ���� @writersnetwork

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    An Ode to
    my Flowers


  • yoyowrites_ 1w


    Fallen flowers still flourish
    From stems being cut, petals clipped
    Like a sweet scented perfume,
    Carries the charm of its own.
    The florist's hands,
    Where creation of beauty lands,
    A bouquet like never before seen
    exchanges vows with the little girl's dream.

    Fallen indeed it was
    For two birds did fall in love
    A sacrifice should I call?
    For we made them expire before it's due?
    Fallen are the flowers
    Yet dewdrops settle nevertheless
    This captivating subtleties
    Embedded in nature's bounty
    Conceal secrets of unwritten fate,
    Of you and me

    It was never meant to bloom fully
    It was never meant to die early
    It just lie there beautifully designed
    Like some flowers are meant to be.

  • pur_ple 1w

    ~ �� ���������������� ��������

    I remember meeting her
    On a velvety summer afternoon.
    When the scorching sun left
    no stone unturned to make
    my skin burn;
    I saw her swaying her feet in
    the field full of roses.

    She was dressed in rich
    coloured petals.
    The frills of her frock,
    when swayed,
    sprinkled stardust of hope
    over the dried and hopeless
    petals of roses.

    Her irises are the ocean of nebulae
    Oh-so-dreamy !
    Yet the corners of her eyes,
    aren't oblivious to the harsh realities
    of the despotic world.
    She is a beauty with brains,
    With a heart that can contain the
    entire colossal universe.
    A rare combination, I must say!

    The locks of her glossy raven hair
    carry wools of the most meticulous metaphors,
    which she weaves into a comforting cardigan
    of poetry when the broken hearts of some
    can't sustain the sullen wintry chills.

    She is a rebellious queen.
    At the times of adversity,
    She lifts the hem of her
    lazuline flowy dress;
    Oh-so-gracefully yet fiercely,
    Defying the atrocities of season and time.

    At the time when the night arrives,
    Knocking at my door step,
    Boasting to me about her moon,
    I smile,
    And recite to her the poesies of
    my Margeurite's heart;
    Which shines like the starry diamonds
    in the sky, even on the eve of new moon's.

    /she is a blue marguerite daisy
    in the field full of red roses/

    ©purple | 7 April '21

    PS :Margeurite is a girl's name which means 'pearl'. Also, blue margeurite daisies are the daisies which are blue in hue, as the name suggests. Daisies are the April's birth flower.

    Happiest 19th to my dost who is no more my nayi nayi dost @arya_abhipsa ! Thank you for being my dear bestie, the chimmie to my hobi and the ary to my darshie! ��
    Me lobes you okay! ��
    I can't believe its already a year since I made an acquaintance with this beautiful hooman. Time really passes fast, huh ಥ‿ಥ

    #chimchimbday #aryabirthday #flowers

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  • the_alaasisters 1w

    Image courtesy: wallpaperscraft
    #flowers #optimistic #pod

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    Sunflowers are a sign of optimism. Just like how they turn towards the Sun, we too need to turn and look at the brighter side of life.

  • nevz23 1w


    Myriads of colours as far as eyes could go,
    And intoxicating fragrance filled the air ,
    Couldn't help but utter in delight,
    'If there is heaven on the Earth ,then it must be it!!!'
    Went to rose first,asked if I could wear it's colour red?
    And dab a little of it's lingering fragrance,
    As I want to spread love as she!!
    Just then the corner of my eyes caught ,
    Colour purple of lavender,
    Without which the summer fields incomplete,
    And it's aroma and oils heals,
    Plethora of human ills!!
    Far from one end ,the Bougenvillia,
    Winked at me,
    'Hey! Why ignore me ?,'It said
    The most sturdy and perennial,
    Embellish the roads and fences !!
    Then how could I leave the Hibiscus,
    The flowers of all purpose,
    When on maidens, it's 'Manmohini'
    Why not for it's favourite of 'Shakti'!!
    These and more ,painted the fields ,
    Far beyond the eyes could behold!!!
    But before I bid them bye ,
    All said in their sweet voice ,
    As sweet as honey,
    ' All we want is fill your day,
    With bliss !!
    As you have forgotten,
    In your meaningless pursuit of
    What you don't know is -
    This is the real treasure!!!
    I returned home ,with my eyes and heart ,
    Filled with happiness unknown before!!
    This is the source ultimate,
    Of what is called 'fulfillment'!!!!!!!

  • queeniedoll1924 1w

    Sweet Scents

    I woke up to a day filled with color, a
    gorgeous array of velvety petaled lovers,
    Softly swaying and wafting sweet scents,
    Freesias, and daises, and lilies were sent.
    Roses and tulips in every tone, Carnations
    And Dahlias through the window shone. Chrysanthemums and sunflowers so yellow and bright, brought in the sunshine with all of their light. A day filled with flowers in springtime is best. I lean to breathe in this lovely bouquet at my chest. I'm grateful for each and every sweet color today and the sweet flowers that will come this May.

  • yayshi 1w

    Look at me
    I look for the Sun
    If I don’t get it,
    Worries, none.
    Simply I turn
    To go after my desire
    Making my own way
    To follow my Sun
    I am the Sunflower:
    I live for none.

  • passionbookworm 1w

    With a nosegay of white chrysanthemum and a four-leafed clover,
    I ask you darling, will you be mine?
    I give you a corsage of black bryony with red dahlias all over,
    To let you know I'm forever thine!

  • sonu99 1w

    #flowers, #flower, #wod, #pod, #valley, #beautiful, @writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld

    There lies a beautiful dreamland,
    In the far hills of Uttarakhand.
    The place is called "The Valley of Flowers",
    With all its pretty magical bowers.
    The brightest yellow flowers has carpeted the ground,
    With blue ones like tiny stars twinkling between grasses all around.
    Red flowers blooming in bushes,
    And the white ones peeping out of stone spaces.
    Each flower is nature's wonderful creation,
    And is a soul blossoming as God's incarnation.

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    The Valley of Flowers

    There lies a beautiful dreamland,
    In the far hills of Uttarakhand.
    The place is called "The Valley of Flowers",
    With all its pretty magical bowers.
    The brightest yellow flowers has carpeted the ground,
    With blue ones like tiny stars twinkling between grasses all around.
    Red flowers blooming in bushes,
    And the white ones peeping out of stone spaces.
    Each flower is nature's wonderful creation,
    And is a soul blossoming as God's incarnation.

  • hansika_bansal 1w

    She is a flower

    She grows in the mud of misbeliefs and impurity,
    and miraculously re-blooms in the morning,
    just like a lotus, she is a queen in herself .
    She is symbolic of pride and prosperity
    of mind's and soul's clarity,
    She's no less than a lily, full of undescribable beauty.
    She loves nature, just like magnolia
    She stands for her dignity, as that of dahlia
    She herself is a compliment, like the bouquet of irises
    She is synonymous to love, like that of red roses.
    She is jasmine to your perfume,
    She's cornflower to your wealth,
    She's poppy to your memories,
    She's chamomile to your restlessness.
    In anger, she's the peony!
    In innocence, she's the lily of the valley,
    In passion, she's the lilac;
    Once you respect her, you will always have her back!
    Among wildflowers, she's the valerian,
    Among blossoms, she's the forget me not,
    Among desserts, she is the hibiscus,
    And among bouquets ,she's that of tulips!
    She is not just a flower,
    She carries a garden of attributes with herself.
    Delicate enough to handle
    and strong enough to be wild and weird.
    She is a charm, as adorable as flora,
    She is lovable, one of a kind.
    She is the finest flower on the earth.

  • aditya_paul 1w

    Lotus vs Periwinkle

    Today I selected two flowers from the flower show of opposite characters. One wants to grow with purity to reach enlightenment, the other towards cheap popularity. one gets place in the temple and the other to the ground of burial. Both survive in harsh conditions, one emerge from dirt with dignity, untainted. The other invade fast and makes itself a poisonous weed trailing and overtaking other plants, choking them to death.

    Flower of Wisdom

    From darkness to light
    My journey is a plight
    Murky water around
    All gloomy surround
    Extending myself to grow
    To meet the spiritual glow
    Budding flowers will bloom there
    Opening my hidden purity in layer
    Untainted leaves of mine
    Where dew drops will shine
    Awakening beauty will arise
    Untouched elegant and wise
    I will bloom as a lotus divine
    Uprooted from dirt
    To enshrine

    Poor Periwinkle

    Pink, white and lavender
    Bloom throughout the year
    Grow without much care
    Found everywhere
    Spread fast to occupy all space
    Dry soil, fervent sun, nothing stops its pace
    Shiny, oily leaves it maintains
    To beat all plants, odd it sustains
    To accentuate and to be ornate
    Forgot to develop its floral scent
    No one takes pain to plant it
    Nurture with joy
    It's blossoms delicate
    No one pluck it to worship deity
    Is it popularity? I feel pity!



  • jubilaria 1w

    Like the red rose,we need to represent love and be pure just like the white rose.
    There's no harm in accepting one's own beauty, being strong and appreciating wealth like the orchid. A new beginning or rebirth doesn't kill just like the daffodil or tulips. And like the hibiscus let's use our strength as healing properties to help those around us.
    A bouquet of these flowers would always keep us going

  • kashaf_gill 1w

    Life is too short for having battles so just live like a flower
    It enchanters the hands of its murderer

  • sans_bornes 1w

    Will delete this.

    My pen forgot to write ;_;;;

    @thelostmetaphor @turquoise_stars for you two <333

    @writersnetwork thanks��

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    Those flowers

    During the fading days,
    Bring a smile on my lips.

    On the sunny days,
    Tanning my face.

    On the showering days,
    Touches my soul.

    During chilly days,
    Giving me a bliss.

    Finally the spring comes,
    And blooms all,
    Let it be me or flowers.

  • miss_silentlyweird 1w

    She take him into flower show,
    While hands entwined his feelings overflow,

    Excitedly she look around into flowers around them,
    She explain what kinds are those with dynamism,

    She start with a cheerful yellow bulb flower as it bloom in the spring,
    Called “Aconite" where sweet honey fragrance cling,

    Then, secondly is “ Floss flower" also known as “Ageratums,"
    Comes in different shade of colors blue, pink and white blooms,

    Last is “Angelonia" that keep blooming all summer even if removed,
    She said take a look, you'll notice light scent that reminiscent of apple unmoved,

    She take a second and question him “So what is your judgement after all?"
    “Which flower will you choose that makes you enthralled?"

    He smile and look at her eyes saying “To all the flower present here—"
    "You are the one who enthralled me the most like a sightseer"


    #flowers #wod @mirakee
    Source��: Pinterest

    Kinda late and lame ;)(

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    You're the flower I will choose forever to keep within the books of my poems and my heart even when time's comes your love withers.


  • amsterdam 1w

    #flowers for you. And you.

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    Do You Love Me?

    Do you love me?
    Or do you love me not?
    I'm sorry if I act like a porcelain vase in a sad corner,
    stagnant with things that stink.
    I just want to know.
    So, I'm sorry for being a Rose
    even if I know you like Lilies the most.

    Do you love me?
    Or do you love me not?
    I'm sorry if I live my life in Sunflowers yet
    My lips are growing weeds out of anxiety and panic attacks.
    I guess I'm too fragile
    for this flower bed of life,
    Too delicate for a little extra rain.

    Do you love me?
    Or do you love me not?
    I'm sorry I'm a Dandelion lost in a bed of Daisies,
    But I want you to know
    that every time the wind blows
    and carry me here and there,
    I run with fire in my mouth
    just to be where you are.

    Do you love me?
    Or do you love me not?
    I'm sorry I'm a wreath of catastrophes
    since birth
    Longing to be accepted
    like a lovely bouquet of Daffodils.
    I'm sorry.
    I just want to belong somewhere
    I fit perfectly,
    where my fingers intertwine
    with the skies,
    where Marigolds giggle with the wind
    in July,
    somewhere the sun never dies.


  • being_hustler 1w

    @odysseus @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Every flower that blossom the bush with the affection and serenity is the way of nature hinting us to give love, compassion and serenity to the world,
    Different flowers just describes the emotions that the nature is trying to convey through us..

    Red rose = A compassion of true love and moments of inclination towards someone who is meant or beloved to you not just a girlfriend or boyfriend but also to your loved ones who are there with you at every step of your life.

    Lilies = A true blue emotion for devotion and purity that describes selflessness of a human being in each form many countries have been using it as a form of greetings in weddings to encourage the next 100 years of love and togetherness.

    Carnations = A symbol of true good luck and pure love while the striped carnation is the form of regret in loss of loved once. The nature is trying to blossom in us with the vigilance of carnations which derives the vice versa emotions stitched in just one string.

    Hydrangea = A symbol of deep understanding someone in every situation. The bond of true friendship is created within us to cherish the human connections that we have in our surrounding.

    Flowers are thoroughly a gift of nature that emblematize the feelings that captivates every human emotions connects deep within the soul and conveys the gift of art by our mother nature..

    - Juhi Desai

    #wod #flowers #mirakee

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