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  • shrihari_nandini 2d

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    Blue Daffodils
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Softly tracing the steps of love
    He traced the terrace of my heart
    He of long arms enchanted
    My lowly life and its every part!
    He gave it purpose, I felt it now
    Waving off my endless sins
    He painted my life in such tints
    Extracted as if from blue daffodils

    Carving off the ugly manifestation
    Of my thoughts, my misfortunes
    He hid every pain under the veil of love
    And resounded my life with lovely tunes
    Until now, with stars and moon
    The empty void, I knew he fills
    But he proved the veracity of mercy
    He, with hue of blue daffodils

    In the bitter nights of November
    He brought forth for me a renewing spring
    With his glow, illuminating my self,
    About his glories, he let me sing
    What's the purpose of bragging my pleasure
    He who felt, would know the thrills
    About the blessings of the one with Feet
    Softer than blue daffodils!

    I received ShriHari first in November, 2017 ��

    Jay ShriHari! Jay ShrimanNarayana!

    ShriHari bless all!

    Pic credit: To the original owner

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    Blue Daffodils

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • sarahrachelea 3d

    Go on throw me a rock
    And let me throw you a flower
    With its vase
    That ten times bigger
    Than the rock you throwed me first

    I'm a real good person
    You give me something
    I'll give you more

    With love,

  • sahil_sankhe_1796 1w


    If you have the power to make someone happy, do it.
    The world needs more of that!


  • adhurikhwahish 1w

    If I blossom as a flower again in the garden of your heart ,I would love to be the sweetest nectar to you!

  • silvern_art 2w

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    She stopped by the garden doorway
    Her gaze stuck on the scene before her
    Peeking behind the veil of their petals
    Are flowers, beautiful and amazing in their own way each
    An ethereal view they morph into
    As the sun cast upon them its golden ray

    A difficult decision to make
    To whom will the beatific crown belong

    LOTUS; who rises up every morning in her
    spreading open her petals like wings
    after a night spent in the mud

    LILY; with her brightly coloured dresses
    she dances alongside the breeze
    standing out as the cheeriest of all

    DAISY; she moves with pure innocence
    the rays lightening her little cheery
    the first view that catches the eye

    IRIS; a perfect symbol of royalty
    she moves with perfect regality
    her opulent looking petals in tow

    LAVENDER; with her petals like letters of
    she spreads an aura of relaxation
    alongside her wonderful scent

    HIBISCUS; her lively petals echo her vibrant
    a wonderful tea and dessert she
    as she spreads her delicious scent

    SUNFLOWER; showing off her vibrant yellow
    she glows with so much
    could be mistaken for gold

    DAFFODIL; she whispers congratulatory
    as she grows out her cheery yellow
    toast to a new beginning

    EDELWEISS; born with a will to live
    she withstands the harsh
    a symbol of courage to all

    ROSE; dressed in the glory of her red sultry
    she sway delicately to the tune of the
    as she radiates out in waves passion
    and love

    All unique and vibrant
    She stands still in awe

    All flowers held in their breath
    The sun interested drew closer
    Its golden rays focusing on the divine nature of each flower
    A painting of Paradise on earth

    She sucked in a breath
    And whispered loud enough for the kind breeze to echo

    The winner of the flower show is...

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    To whom shall the crown belong

    Lotus: the purest of all
    Lily: the cheeriest of all
    Daisy: the most Innocent of all
    Irish; the royal of all
    Lavender: the most devoted of all
    Hibiscus: the most delicate of all
    Sunflower: the vibrant of all
    Daffodil: the encouraging of all
    Edelweiss: the courageous of all
    Rose: the passionate of all

  • shabz_felix 2w

    The Flower Competition

    Elegant beautiful roses
    Showcasing sweet spirited poses
    Exotic fragrance
    Nicely arranged in various colours
    Red, white ,pink, orange
    Just to name a few
    Radiant reflection rarest purity
    Freshly decorated earthly pleasure
    A friendly honeydew personality
    One of the top competitors

    Unique display of folk dancing
    Dramatic creative acting
    Portray by two beautiful colours
    Of purple , blue and white daises
    Delightful pleasing the audience
    With a magnificent attire
    A look to die for
    Natural beauty freshly cut design
    The LA Marguerite daises
    Making it to the top in the
    National flower festival competition

    This year flower competition
    The lily of the valley brightly nourished
    Representing majestic beauty
    Happiness, joy and I am bloom and wild
    I am here for business
    Look out for me
    In the colours of white, pink ,red and yellow
    I am a beauty to die for
    And I sometimes represent grief
    So wish me luck
    I always dreamt of winning
    I want to be in the year book
    Every year LA Rose emerging the winner
    Follower by LA Marguerite

  • sonu99 2w

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    There lies a beautiful dreamland,
    In the far hills of Uttarakhand.
    The place is called "The Valley of Flowers",
    With all its pretty magical bowers.
    The brightest yellow flowers has carpeted the ground,
    With blue ones like tiny stars twinkling between grasses all around.
    Red flowers blooming in bushes,
    And the white ones peeping out of stone spaces.
    Each flower is nature's wonderful creation,
    And is a soul blossoming as God's incarnation.

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    The Valley of Flowers

    There lies a beautiful dreamland,
    In the far hills of Uttarakhand.
    The place is called "The Valley of Flowers",
    With all its pretty magical bowers.
    The brightest yellow flowers has carpeted the ground,
    With blue ones like tiny stars twinkling between grasses all around.
    Red flowers blooming in bushes,
    And the white ones peeping out of stone spaces.
    Each flower is nature's wonderful creation,
    And is a soul blossoming as God's incarnation.

  • shivtado 2w

    Gift me a flower named rose,
    Let it's colour be red,
    Tell me the secrets of love,
    better put it on my lips,
    rather said.

  • artemiswrites 2w

    I think
    Jasmine flowers are but Roses of love
    that the Earth gifts an ever giving
    Monsoon bearing Sky,
    and Roses are drops of the Sun put on
    display by the plant, to thank the Light
    for the banquet it offers, every day;
    One, fragments of the Moon,
    Another, mirrors of the Sun,
    they are both words of gratitude that
    the plants utters every Blooming Season.

    I've always thought of
    Apple Blossoms and Cherry Blossoms as Sisters,
    They both blush in the same
    cotton candy pink way,
    both of them are perfumeries and both
    of them become
    baubles of red fruit.

    The flowers that perch on cacti,
    I think of as islands of delicacy
    surrounded by thorny seas,
    though not praised as much as other
    blooms, they are
    chrysanthemums and sunflowers,
    if chrysanthemums and sunflowers
    dared to bloom even when stifled
    by prickly thorns,
    Cactus flowers are the strongest
    for it takes strength to be delicate,
    even when surrounded by
    things that cause pain,

    It takes strength to remain Flower
    when you could easily resign and become Thorn

  • halonadreamer 2w

    Flower to my dear

    There are many people who are having a instabilities in their mental health. And some people out there are giving up on their lives and choosing to leave our world. I admit that living on this earth where people are being judged by others is difficult and tiresome.But my dear friend, look around ,we see birds flying , clouds just passing upon us , and flowers blooming. We may have many feelings in us and can be mad at someone because you care for them. But it doesn't mean that they have to care about you.Most of the flowers live barely a day and if it's plucked it would wither easily and live less than normal flower would live. But for the flower , it doesn't matter if it will be plucked or will die. It will bloom under the sun till the night making our earth colourful and lovely. Many people use it to symbolise love,hope,trust,pride,sadness,happiness..What i am saying is this tiny cute flower is symbolising many feelings of us and making some lives little bit easier even though it's life is less when compared to mundanes. We have more than a day to live and we don't know when we are going to leave our world.So friend, Don't you want to try all the things which you love in this life??? Yes i agree that we have some up and downs in our lives and also we may fall so deep that it may be so difficult to come back and start over.let's take inspiration from flowers and let's try to bloom not for others but just for you atleast for now.

    But you can say some flowers don't bloom till the end.Yes,I agree.But we are humans and it is upto us how we want to live our life. so my dear friend say bloom or not bloom? Choice is yours

  • kauthar 2w

    Be you

    You are a flower
    The scent, the color you own
    The shape, the size you are
    Others may keep you safe in your tree
    Others may pluck you for deco
    Others may pluck and play the love me love me not
    But in the end you grow on your own

  • artistichunter 2w

    Shall I Compare thee to Flower Show.

    You're so lovely like a gardenia,
    And like a sweet Stephanotis,
    You fill my whole life with bliss.
    In fact, your orange Carnation lips engrave every kiss.

    Shall I compare thee to Flower Show.
    Like a Calla Lilly,
    You possess nothing but pure beauty.
    To always love you like a Daisy
    Is my loyal passion and duty.

    If I was an artist,
    And you were my rose,
    I could paint you with a blindfold,
    And recall every pose.

    Shall I Compare thee to Flower Show.
    For my love for you
    Lives like a rose,
    Vibrant and beautiful.
    And passion is all it shows.

    My love,
    You're my delicate orchid,
    That I'll love, cherish and care for.
    And like a blue violet,
    I shall be faithful and true.
    For you are my garden of beauty.

    Shall I compare thee to Flower show.
    Finally, my love for you,
    Lives like a rose.
    Our heart like the petals,
    Each other they chose.
    You are my Rose for Rose always win.

    Cc:@ artistic hunter.

  • sproutedseeds 2w


    The flowers in a garland
    happily get weaved,
    amicable with every other flower
    some from different families
    yet they don't compete with
    each other for their beauty
    but look complete and contended

    Every flower has a story
    No flower easily blooms
    Lotus grows in dirt
    Rose in incomplete with thorns
    Growth is tough but
    worth to be admired.

    Bundled in a bouquet ��
    Admired in a garland
    Adorned on an idol in temples
    Weaved into wreath laid on the departed soul.

    Flowers have their own purpose
    in adding beauty to the nature,
    also a source of food and for
    medicinal uses.

    Let it spread its fragrance
    in every corner of our life.


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    The flowers in a garland
    happily get weaved
    amicable with every other flower
    some from different families
    yet they don't compete with
    each other for their beauty
    but look complete and contended.

    Let it spread its fragrance
    in every corner of our life.


  • dhanak_meena 2w

    Flower show

    Beauty is fragmentary without them
    Though their identity is beyond words
    They never envy others presence
    Besides and ahead many keep growing
    Down at one place for a flower show
    Different appearance they all have
    Some are bright some are light
    They bloom at their own time
    When assembled they happily adjust
    Variations highlight garlands and garden
    Each have their different stories
    Vibrantly they exhibit their fragrances
    Favourites of all age range
    Partial are celebrations without them
    Colourful lanes filled with elegance
    Pretty sure about their life span
    Not a single moment they miss to live
    Unique yet not head strong
    Far from fate closer to life and love
    Conveys the message of harmony


  • myscribbles79 2w

    I would always prefer to grow like a wildflower,free and wild,wherever I wish

    Rather than being a beautiful rose, tamed and raised in some other's garden


  • distilled_thoughts 2w

    In the crystal light of love,
    My heart bloomed like a lily,
    Spreading its fragrance
    Only to wither later,
    Under the flame of distrust.


  • lovinme_aditi 2w

    #flower #beautiful #love

    In the crevices of a rock
    Blossoms an exotic flower
    Secluded from the carefree world
    Beneath the luminous stars

    #stars #naturec #beautiful #flowerc #beauty #lovenature #flower #love

    @beliebet thanks for the inspiration ��

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    The deepest cracks blossoms the most beautiful flowers.

  • shrutiwari299 2w


    We all are like flowers in a flower show ,
    Have different colours,
    Have different qualities,
    Have different fragrances,
    Have different kind of thorns,
    Have different kind of uniqueness,
    So never ever underestimate yourself if dont have once quality because you would definitely have your own identity.

    Always remember
    "Rose can never blossom like jasmine, as it have it's own fragrance."

  • ethereal_soul 2w

    Flower show.
    As you all know after thousands of votes divided between thousands of flowers,but only 3 can win the following titles

    -Bride's bouquet
    -Queen's crown
    -All time favorite

    Now here are our top 5 contestants ---
    So here are our top 5 contestants, who will display their beauty on stage.

    -Wonderful white rose
    -Dancing dicentra
    -Aesthetic asters with purple veil
    -Loving lotus
    -Shimmering Snowdrop

    Now here are the winners

    Bride's bouquet title goes to..... Any guesses?

    It is the flower with peace and love in heart,
    simple as clouds floating afar,
    Let's guess, it's which flower?
    Yes it's our Wonderful roses.

    Queen's crown...... What will be the choosy queen's flower?
    With a captivating smile,
    Fragrance which travel miles.
    Everyone's favorite it's royal purple aster.
    Congratulations Aster for you win.

    Now here is the moment, which will decide flower of the year... Our 3 nominations are-


    Here, at this moment every one's heart is pounding out loud.
    Will it be last year winner Dicentra?
    Or enlightening lotus?
    Or sizzling snow drop?

    The flower which gets the title of 'All time favorite 'is-
    Flower which withstand harsh nature,
    Know how to bow in front of other creatures,
    Mesmerizing are all its features,
    It our one and only Snowdrop......

    (Standing ovation given to the winner)
    Here is the end of our flower show 2021.
    Hope you like it. Do show us your love and views through comment section.
    Thank you.
    Aviral Kaushik
    This is completely my creation
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #flowershow #flower #wod #rose #lotus #flower

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  • sleepingsoul 2w

    Show off

    The giant fountain of flowers was so mesmerizing, standing as an epitome of beauty,
    The huge ball was comprised of lilies, daffodils, roses, hibiscus, orchid, and lavender. The colorful site was so blissful to stare at and comprehend. The show was a success but in the end, I wasn't able to compare the beauty of flowers as they all were thrown in the trash to suffocate and die.