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    "Know Me"

    i have several colours,
    also types and sizes.
    mostly of the people
    throughout the globe,
    claim me as their
    most favourite one.
    some uses my petals
    to count their wish as
    "will it be,or not be" type.
    enormous petals are all
    gathered together in me.
    I am usually,widely red hued.
    my fragrance is out of the world,
    at least those who love me,say so.
    I am the only flower on earth..
    which,there's day for,that day is
    obviously named after me.
    which day comes in the month
    of love celebration,as i am the
    symbol of love forever and ever.
    i can adorn a bride's hair.
    I am made to put around the life
    partner's neck during the wedding.
    I usually am born in the most grand
    look,size and fragrance in Baghdad.
    Do i still have to tell you my name?
    I know that you know my name.
    My name is Rose,yes I'm Rose.

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    As the frost enters in the year and the chills start to wind around, the sunrays struggles to feel the forest land and the cold breezes tend to shiver the greenery.. My bulbs are dug eight inches down the earth's crust and the wait is on..

    As the high noon starts to crawl into the year and my bulbs are ready to bloom, my leaves and stems are now set to glow and have the very first petal of mine..

    The journey begins as I m now sired and ready to blossom in the new life.. The insects crawling and the birds chirping, the sunbeams tickles the holy ride..

    The sprinkles giggles,
    To kiss my lips
    I The TULIP, smile..

    Different shades of me resembles different emotions of you, so I am gifted to different people as the gestures of your feelings up right..

    The RED of me is for the everlasting intense L0VE, the perfect one as a delight..

    The PINK of me symbolizes the happiness of C0NFIDENCE, gifting this to self is pride..

    The PURPLE of me is for the lavished R0YALTY, the heist of the best life..

    The YELL0W of me symbolizes the cheerful TH0UGHTS, making the atmosphere around bright..

    The WHITE of me is for the art of F0RGIVENESS, the craft of setting free the negativity..

    #autobiography #wod #pod #flower #tulip #love #life #lalawrites #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee

    Pic credit to the rightful owner..♥


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    I was B0RN to BL00M

    The sprinkles giggles,
    To kiss my lips
    I The TULIP, smile..


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    Biography of a Flower

    From bud to flower to seed- the cycle of life of a Flower

    #original #seed #flower #pod

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    I bud
    I unfurl
    I bloom
    And spread

    I curl in
    I fade
    I wither
    And fold up
    Loose petals
    Bent low

    I shrivel up
    I dry
    I fall
    And lie
    To rise again


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    Not a new one, but remembered I had this in my books and also wanted to start getting back on here!

    Btw, HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING!? A break again, but couldn't help it. I hope you all are doing great and in good health!

    #autobiogtaphy #wod #flower #petals @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Shadow to light

    I open my petals in the scorching light of sun,
    Attract insects to my world
    I stand for optimism enlightenment and creativity
    Lurking in the dark as if for madness egoism and betrayal

    Making astonished by my nature,
    Is the creative virtue I hold for future
    I grew up in soil, nourished by water
    And solaced by human art..

    Inspire to shine like sun, to be the centre of attraction all the time!!

    That's the beauty of mine..

    Guess what it is??

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    #wov2 #life_of_lovebirds #life_of_sweethearts #wod #pod #flower #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    @writersbay - I tried and enjoyed as well!


    *My Blossom and Fade is brief.

    Will you be my shine?

    Or fresh wine?*

    **Accord with aqua Asepsis.

    In dark melody?

    or burnt bract? **

    *** I Agape under Twilight.

    Around the cursed soul?

    or divine? ***

    ****Unfolding my true tincture.

    Amidst cryptic tune?

    or fair aura? ****

    ***** I splash my perfumed spirit.

    To moaning oomph hearts?

    Or faint cries? *****


    Grooving my induced

    prismatic corolla slice,

    Glossed with Archaic bees

    Gulping crude nectar

    Beneath my hassle.


    // The lines on the Bg could be assumed as the autobiography of the flower and those lines are the first line of every Quinzane//

    Structure inspired by @rani_shri

    ~ Someone who hope this makes sense :/

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    My Blossom and Fade is brief...
    Accord with aqua Asepsis...
    I Agape under Twilight...
    Unfolding my true tincture...
    I splash my perfumed spirit...

  • sadaf_ahad 4d

    He was an angel and was
    told not to touch me
    Because touching me would
    Change him into a man

    He was aloof living his life
    But something was missing,
    Though he knew could
    Be made somewhat better.

    Gazing me all through the day,
    So his door thus closed and windows
    Sealed and his feets were chained.

    Still my smell reached him
    That none could take away

    My smell took his cautious
    And made him faint and
    No one could correct him
    not even a single Saint .

    He became the giant and
    Broke the wall and separated
    Me from my beautiful mates .

    He became the man,
    tamed me , he watered me
    And nurtered me day by day

    I lost my smell, I lost my beauty
    When he became giant again
    And plucked my petals
    Day by day .

    He took my crown
    And made me grey brown
    Still he was searching that beauty
    In my withered gown

    But he was away from the reality
    That my real beauty lies in my
    Grounded roots .
    Those roots which could be
    Watered to rebuilt me .

    He was an angel and was
    told not to touch me
    Because touching me would
    Change him into a man

    But alas he could become
    And turned into a giant forever.

    #autobiography #flower
    #wod #pod
    @fromwitchpen @mirakee @writersnetwork (a read ^_^ )

    Thank u so much @writersnetwork for your read ❤️

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    He was an angel and was
    told not to touch me
    Because touching me would
    Change him into a man.


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    ~~~~~~~Autobiography of LILLY~~~~~



    God gave birth to me Who created me with patience and love. God gifted me land and water. I grow in Europe, North America, and Asia.

    WHO I AM

    Hello, I belongs to a flower family. I'm wonderful, long-lasting cut flower that come in a variety of shades- white, pink, red, orange, and yellow.


    I, Me, and Myself enjoys and share happiness with others. I'm a beauty of pureness and innocence. My aromas bliss humans a fresh life. Girls name me as their names cute Lilly.


    I'm blessed with beautiful, lovely, attractive and loyal friends. They are rose, sunflower, orchid, lavender, lotus, violet, tulips. I'm a Lilly flower with some diseases too. Like U know life is not a bed roses to EVERYONE

    《 15-06-2021 》

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #autobiography #Lilly #flower #pod #wod

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    I'm Lilly innocent flower♥

    《 15-06-2021 》

  • kanungoswati 4d

    Voice of Lily

    Some says I'm proud
    But not I am,
    Singing of true beauty,
    I come forth
    dancing daintily.
    Purity and innocence
    is my virtue,
    And I sing the song
    of loveliness.
    Maidens look
    at me with delight
    for I symbolise
    Chastity, Devotion and Fidelity.

  • ranjimamohan 4d

    A beautiful reborn flower

    I bloomed from blood those warriors shed
    Iam crimson, my fragrance is their valour
    Blossoms in a wrecked land of blood
    Did humans bid farewell to war
    Or are they extinct to fertile red dust
    where I stand deep rooted ,like stardust

    I pried for those souls I saw sneer of wrath
    Iam brave to withstand being trodden
    Iam alert to blasts ,Iam ready for being shreds
    I will bloom again from those crevices
    The soil so fertile and red, Yet deserted
    Every eulogy I sing today, I remember kindness too

    Iam pretty,yet my thorns define your demeanor
    Iam withered,shriveled to embrace slumber
    For sepia sky shedding blood to shatter
    The shrewd mankind who made conquest
    Who dethroned us for they were powerful
    They fetched destruction, they were their foes

  • renukadeshpande_ 4d



    The flower in the crannied wall,

    Um, hey. Yeah, yeah, I know you probably don't really know me. Maybe, we've just been some passerby's, um maybe for some years I guess.

    It's weird, I agree. Actually sometimes I am weird I guess, sorry for spooking you though. I didn't mean to, it's just that this is the only place where I just blabber a lot, this diary will speak more about me than I've ever done I guess.

    But thanks a lot for stopping by, as most often many don't. Well not thier fault, after all when you try hiding all the time; you can't complain when people don't see you. I guess I spent most of my time in the shadows, and as far as away from the light. Since how long I have been doing that? - I don't even remember now. Maybe, forever?

    Partly I was more born this way, and I am sure you've met me. For I am like the one who is standing afar, who is there but not really there? I can find myself amongst them, but I always try to be a little away. And when you're away from the crowd, it's hard to get someone with you. Like the way it is with all of us, sometimes standing alone takes it price.

    Being misunderstood comes easy, when your life is much of a mystery to everyone. As it's often a surprise to many as to how I am just like them, an open book; just not sitting in the center of the room but in the corner. And no wonder it's hard to know me, as in the corners there is barely any light. Sometimes its hard for me to even see my own self; so for others I really can't complain.

    But sometimes, amdist this confusion and mayhem of judgement that everyone holds for me. There are a few like you, who come across the room and sit besides me. And trust me you should try it too, as the view from the corner near the wall changes perspective. I really do have a lot to share, even if I don't say there is much inside me that you'll love to see. And also I am patient enough to be your best listener, come sit with me once, we will together talk about the oceans and the universe. I agree, that this might be hard to believe, that someone like me has so many colours to give. But, just because someone doesn't want to be in the spot light doesn't mean they don't have anything worth to offer. Sometimes they have all the things in the world to show; but they just don't.

    I know this part of the world might be very new to you. A world where there is shyness, social anxiety and shadow. But if you lay down in the darkness where I reside, you'll see the stars more clearly. That's some of the perks being me offers.

    Sure, I don't really wish to romantasize myself or the life that I live. As I am well aware that it's way to hard to live like me, where majority of your life is riddled with judgement and inferiority. But alas, that doesn't really matter to me. For I find peace where I am, shy, misunderstood and alone; I am still happy.

    Honestly I am way too shy to be this outspoken, but with this diary I speak everything; as if it's my autobiography.
    As the reason why I spoke wasn't just for me, but for someone who is out there reading this and is just like me. For I know what it is like to be growing up like this, there is often no hope and no one to look up or see. And that is exactly why I decided to courage up and speak to you'll, so that somewhere I'll be able to tell that person like me that; even a wallflower, is still a flower.

    "Flower in the crannied wall,
    I pluck you out of the crannies,
    I hold you here, root and all, in my hand,
    Little flower—but if I could understand
    What you are, root and all, and all in all,
    I should know what God and man is."

    - Alfred Tennyson

    #autobiography #wod #pod #flower

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @iamjass @odysseus_2 @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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  • unblossomedyet 4d

    From my thinking mind,��
    Hope you all love it ❤️


    The beaming sun and the hushing breeze,
    The garden leaves swaying in glory
    Refusing the moments to freeze!

    The sudden peeping bud dancing with fun,
    The reason for happiness of the leaves had thus begun.

    As days changed to night, the tender bud was protected by greens,
    Everyone was preparing its arrival,
    While the little she was sleeping with her dream...

    The day thus arrived, the littlebud all wrapped up.
    T'was now like a fairy's honey filled cup.
    Each day unfolds, tender petal wakes up from her sleep,
    Trying to inhale the first air of love, a feel so deep.

    With time, each petal woke with a sigh,
    Breathing the morning air,
    Thus enjoying the touch of dew , taking their spirit on a high..

    Yes, the bud bloomed into a beautiful flower,
    Attracting bees , butterflies and birds.
    Also the eyes of happy love couples....
    Passing by hour after hour.

    She was a gift for everyone,
    With her petals as soft as fur,
    She's the dainty symbol of beauty...
    A perfect way to describe her.

    She stood tall looking at beautiful earthly sights,
    No fear and no challenges to fight.
    But how long??

    For ten days and ten nights,
    She was everyone 's dream and sight of delight .
    But on the tenth night, a petal fell pale and dry.
    She looked at herself , asking why why??

    But as days changed to night,
    Each petal bid adieu and surrendered her living right.
    At last she turned into sick and withered rose.
    Lost all beauty as a flower,
    Standing lifeless like an abandoned tower.

    She drooped and fell on the dry soil,
    Her caretaker for life stood mumb, who was loyal..
    Tears trickling down her weakened eyes,
    She starred at the dark October sky.

    She kept asking , why such a fate?
    The night sky replied, born on this planet, we all have been blessed with same state...
    I have seen many come and go..unions and separations,
    A rule of life for generations.

    Oh my rose! the twinkling star said,
    Your days are over, you've withered and is now dead.
    That's the fate....

    Thus, she decayed turning hard and brown,
    She prepared for her eternal slumber wearing her farewell gown...

    Day by day,
    She was trampled by passerbys on their way.
    The butterfly kept asking " whe re is she?"
    To which replied a honey bee, " she was a beauty , from whom I drew honey and the world loved to see",
    Now she has become a hidden past in the realm of history,
    Buried in that dry soil....
    That's life for us.... A journey full of mystery.

    © unblossmedyet

    #autobiography #flower @mirakee @writersnetwork #lifeanddeath #unblossomedyet #pod #wod #mirakeeworld

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    Autobiography...A Bud to Bloom and beyond...

    Yes, the bud bloomed into a beautiful flower,
    Attracting bees , butterflies and birds.
    Also the eyes of happy love couples....
    Passing by hour after hour.

    She was a gift for everyone,
    With her petals as soft as fur,
    She's the dainty symbol of beauty...
    A perfect way to describe her.


  • deep13gk 4d

    Good afternoon everyone ❤️
    Have a nice day

    Every flowers have its
    Own biographies
    Every has it's own world
    Planted by beautiful
    Hands of Nature
    Care by wind
    Watered by rain
    Not every Black
    Thing is bad
    Like rare black flower
    In Sunny days
    Shadow by clouds
    Loved by people
    Every flower give
    A great lesson to
    Like how to smile in
    Difficult condition?
    How to stand in
    Strom without complaints?
    A beautiful creation of
    God is flower
    Which give smile
    To everyone

    #autobiography #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquil @mirakee @writersnetwork #writers #readers #love #flower @childauthor_345 #creesrepost #repost #pod #poetry #community
    Thanks @writersnetwork for ❤️

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    Every flowers have its
    Own biographies
    Every has it's own world
    Planted by beautiful

  • manaswitasen 4d

    Blooming Beautifully

    I was born from just a minute seed when the little boy planted my mom. I saw him growing up along with me. He never left me alone , he never neglected me. I grew up slowly to bloom as a rose . I was very beautiful and my beauty was praised by everyone who saw me. The garden around me was filled with several beautiful flowers but the little boy always loved me the most. He used to touch me gently and asked to grow faster and become more beautiful. With his love and care I grew up to become a beautiful pink rose with several sensitive and moist petals .
    The boy jumped with happiness when he saw me bloomed to the fullest, the pure smile never lied. One day there was a huge storm the boy protected me and my mother plant with all his capabilities. Thus , because of him I could grow up so nicely.
    But there is and end to everything and my life was for a little time. Soon my petals started to dry up and fell down one by one. The boy cried while watching me dying , his eyes were tired from crying so hard his cheeks were red . I cried too, not because I was dying but because I had to leave the little boy . But I had to die to give a place for my brothers and sisters to grow. I said a goodbye to the boy as my last petal fell but he didn't hear it. But I heard him crying aloud ," please don't leave me alone". While going I promised him that soon another bud is going to take my place and give you company.

  • phoenix_in_ashes 4d

    Entwined with earth
    Growing out of envisaging mud
    Root's brevity enriches my life
    Maneuvering winds kissing sighs
    Carrying my tranquil aroma to distant nights
    Dubious skies turning grey sometimes
    Unfeigned raindrops embellish my petals,
    For they trap few droplets like ornaments
    Jewel from enrapturing nature's heart
    Untainted soul and my colourful love
    Honey bee savours all my nectar
    While lovely lady bird observes
    For my pollen they bring together affection
    Stitching together genetics for tomorrow
    Encouraging more flowers like me
    I am fervent lover of sunshine it seems
    Unbridled empathy towards verdant beauties
    I resent all who pluck me out for charity
    Although we in a bunch bring smile to some
    While mostly flowers are brimming emotions
    Dandelions keep flourishing in affinity
    Daisies are genuine replica of beauty
    Roses becomes reason for endearments
    And together we keep decorating consciousness
    Reading not writing, our biographies of nature.

    #autobiography #wod #flower

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    Frivolously fragile yet dancing with zephyr
    Fathoming fervid sensations within
    Flowers for rhythmic melodies of soul
    For they represent innocence and love

  • _mythworld_ 4d

    If rose could write
    It'd say...
    "I symbolise your love
    In my lovely way."

    If lavender could write
    It'd say...
    "I symbolise devotion serenity,
    And your hearty grace."

    If peony could write
    It'd say...
    "I symbolise happy life
    Starting from your wedding day."

    If gardenia could write
    It'd say...
    "Shh...keep it secret
    I'm your love bae!"

    #wod #pod #flower #autobiography

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    //Let's see how each flower
    welcomes you in the garden of love//

  • _broken_mirror_ 4d

    You will listen about me a lot,
    Since my name is clearly FORGET ME NOT,
    I have different colours like pink,purple and blue,
    I represent the love which is true,
    You will often listen about my eternal love,
    For I'm the symbol that you will never
    forget the ones you love.

  • martin245 4d


    I am an ordinary but expensive flower in the garden, having bright petals that come in different colours and with fruits that are a globose with a leathery covering and an ellipsoid to globe shape. 
    My name was derived from the Parsians and I originally was found in a band stretching from Southern Europe to Central Asia, but since the seventeenth century I have become widely cultivated and loved.
    My family is quite large consisting of 75 siblings and related to  Amanna, Erythronium  and Gagea in the tribe Lilieae. 
    I am a symbol of pure Love and a representation of at most beauty in all natural ways.


  • kalam_ 4d

    Autobiography of a flower

    I opened my eyes at the break of dawn. Kissing the dew, swaying in the breeze. I stretched my arms to call my lovers , all those bees whom i have seen make love to ones before me . It was my day. I have been longing to be longed for so long. One by one they came and sucked my seeds till i had nothing more to give. I blossomed at my fullest basking in the sun turning into the purest object on the planet. I was spotted by man who carefully cut me out of the branch and put me in the basket. I met a dozen of my siblings. We all giggled at each other. It was not only the happiest day of our life. It was also the only day of our life. On my way i saw hundred others ready to bloom the next day. 'I see, It is a garden'

    I was separated from my brothers and packed with some who were like me yet different. The humans have given us different names. One for each kind. Collectively they called us flowers and a variety of us packed togather is called bouquet, thats what i was part of now. I was at the center of a bouquet gheraoed by marvellous colourful flowers. We didnt have a name among us. It is silly humans who needs to give words to every object, every emotion. Finally wrapped in a clear plastic we waited for an hour till someone picked us up. It seemed like a lifetime. Finally we sat in the backseat of a car. These neighbours are my family now. We will be togather till we die. We hugged togather.

    I fell asleep and woke up as i was taken out of the car. A beautiful lady in red stood in awe as we looked at him. The man who brought us with him offered us. The beautiful lady turned around and left without a word. The man who has been so kind to us yet turned violent. He held the base of the bouquet and hit us against the wall twice. I saw two of my neighbour's face being shattred before i lost my consiousness.

    I woke up looking at a kid . All my neighbours who survived have been separated. Some street kids jumped at us and snatched the ones they liked. I was the last one to be picked. There was no snatching when it came to me. A part of my face was gone. The kid took me to his home. He turned an old glass with cracked top into a vase that could hold water at the bottom. He placed me there where i rest and waited for the last moments of my life. 'That's it. I had lived my life, i have seen everything this world has to offer. Life is not as good as we are told'. I prepeared myself for my end. My thoughts were broken by a sweet yet untrained singing voice. The boy that took me with him. I barely had a chance to look at him. He seemed half the size of humans i have seen till now. He sang to me, for me, or looking at me. I didn't care. It was the best thing someone has done for me. Later in the evening a woman came to the place. I was getting weak by then. The women seemed to the boy's predecessor. The overjoyed kid showed me to her. She smiled and felt my cheeks with her fingertips. I was strapped to a stick after that and transferred to another vessel. By this time i have started to lose orientation. I don't know where i am. I spent the rest of my life looking at the beautiful smiles and listening to the sweetest songs.
    'I wish i could smile and thank them. My life would have been better if i met these people before in my life?
    But again how many of my other siblings lived and died without experiencing something like this.'