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  • kjumai 9w


    Paint me deep in an inside where feelings float doing their bidding so mindlessly that I have become an intrinsic artwork. Colour my heart. I am tired of the spectrum it possesses. The hues film for free. Inviting species as if it is a theater for opera. I have become achromatic bearing them freely. Masking myself that now my lungs breathe it. Mon peau est chagrine.

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  • himayan_writes 25w


    I wish to float away in the cool afternoon breeze.
    Find my place under the shade of trees,
    In a distant, secluded patch of green
    Far away from where the roads have been.

    I wish to lay there for a while.
    Forget about all my need to reconcile.
    And when no one's to be heard or seen,
    I'll sit up and take a deep breath in,

    And Cry...
    Cry untill I stop hurting!
    Cry... Till I can cry no more!

    Oh how I wish to be healed!
    Oh how I wish to be healed and whole!


  • sayaliparkar 28w

    [aroma ]

    Aroma of flowers/
    Invisible yet so/
    Intense /breaking
    The clusters of/
    Petals open /floating
    Freely wherever the /
    Blithe air carries it.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • _jjaura_ 30w


    Ever tried going to the terrace on a windy day and music buzzing on a loud voice with your earphones plugged in? Magic. I know right?
    You are there but your soul is floating in the air. Pure bliss! ❤️

  • joybirdpoetry 31w


    Our mothers used to warn us
    not to jump from the jetty
    lest the bull sharks decide
    to give us a not so playful nudge
    in case the stingrays that sashayed past
    shoot their poisonous barbs
    in the general direction
    of our nimble young bodies
    but it was here we were drawn to
    these weathered grey boards
    on the most torrid days of summer
    squinting into a knife sharp sun
    taking a running leap of faith
    knees tight to our chests
    as we divebombed like cormorants
    hunting for silver darts
    and hitting the briny water
    with astonishing force
    sinking like barnacled anchors
    into the glassy green depths
    eyes closed tight against the sting
    of the salt and sediment
    long hair dancing like seaweed
    in time with the agitated water
    as we plummeted weightlessly
    through unmeasured fathoms
    to float on the rocky ocean floor.
    On resurfacing we would gasp and sputter
    and spit salty mucous from our lungs
    marvelling at our death defying feats
    equal parts heroic and ridiculously dumb
    dog paddling back to the gritty shore
    quietly relieved to feel the shifting sands
    beneath our feet in the shallows
    stumbling to regain our balance
    only to run with the zest of childhood
    back along the splintered old jetty
    in order to take yet another running leap
    just so that we could once more feel alive
    feel wondrously alive
    and joyously free.


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    just so that we could once more feel alive
    feel wondrously alive
    and joyously free


  • distilled_thoughts 31w


    Floating palaces,
    Gliding elephants,
    Morphing forms,
    Swim the endless blue.


  • piyatresha 31w

    Lady Bug

    Kissing your cheeks as light as a foggy bliss
    Flies a dandelion free through the almost nil
    To journey into the abyss of never ending pink

    Grazing through the cosmos for no one special
    Floats a dandelion beyond peaks and puddle
    In search for its solace till end of timeless past

    At last found the dandelion, a bug dressed in Rose petal fanning round and round only to
    Get lost in the crimson of cute little polka dots.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 32w


    There are times we get to float,
    In the river of sorrow and disappointments.
    There are times we get to float,
    Into the dilemmas between right and wrong and not to forget between the mind and heart as well.
    There are times in life,
    Ofcourse with peaks and troughs,
    And with each ebb and flow,
    We learn to somehow either deal with it or stress over it being stucked.
    There goes the need to have the enlightenment,
    Of not serving yourself myraid of hopelessness' tray.
    Free is our mind to act and respond,
    What you choose is always the matter of your choice,
    Accept this phase.
    Instead of letting yourself to break,
    Choose to stay strong.
    It's your choice to decide whether you'll keep floating in the darkness,
    Or you would choose to set yourself free of such chaos and stress.

  • nm_bloggslove_ 32w

    To all the women out there ...
    Weak and strong ,
    Rich and poor ,
    Beautiful inside out .....

    Conscience never betrays and prayer always sustains.
    Rise and shine like the free floating colours of rainbow
    For there is no other woman woven like you in this universe,

    Eternally precious, most beautiful and an epitome of sacrifice...

    Happy women's Day , now and forever ❤️


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    To all the women out there ...
    Weak and strong ,
    Rich and poor ,
    Beautiful inside out .....


  • gaurangig 32w

    International Women's Day

    Here's to all the women I know,
    I wish that everyday you grow,
    More intense, more powerful
    More complete and more beautiful!
    May you conquer all that you dream,
    Be it alone or be it in a team!
    Here's wishing you a lot of good health,
    A dash of prosperity and a wad of wealth!
    On this beautiful day in the month of March,
    May you find the happiness that you search!!
    To grow in strength, to give some more,
    You will get it all, just be so sure!
    A mother, a daughter, a sister that you are,
    A lover, a wife and a dreamer of the stars!
    A pilot, an astronaut, a dancer you can be,
    A professional, a home maker, always a busy bee!
    Just stay strong and hold your head high,
    There is no limit, but just the sky!
    Fly high, touch the sky, be as free as you want!
    Float amidst the clouds, all colours you can flaunt!
    Dress up, dress down, just go out and slay!
    Here's wishing you a Happy Women's Day!


  • dasu24 32w

    Let the thought of your dreams flow freely.
    Let them swim and take form.
    So when you look at your reflection in the water,
    You can see them float in you
    Becoming strong visuals that you start believing in.

  • gaurangig 32w

    #free #float #internationalwomensday #mirakee #writersnetwork # wod

    Thank you so much for getting me on Editor's choice... I am so thrilled... And that too on Women's Day! Best gift ever!! Thanks everyone for reading, liking and all your wonderful comments!!

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    She wants to be free
    Just for a fleeting moment,
    But she is held captive
    And that's her greatest torment!

    She is guilty of her gender,
    So she keeps her head down,
    Going about her world
    Hiding her frown!

    She is held down by ropes
    Of relationships and expectations
    She goes on silently for days,
    With the strength of patience!

    She is a culprit of
    A world full of dogmas
    She is kept in check
    By all the social stigmas!

    She wants to float,
    To break free of all bondages
    She hides her wounds,
    Under bales of bandages!

    Because she is an epitome
    Of grace and strength,
    She has to carry the world
    On her shoulders' length!

    But she keeps a flame
    Alive in her heart
    That one day she will
    Begin anew from the start!


    On occasion of International Women's Day, this poem is for everyone who was, is, or will be made a victim of patriarchy. For all the other, very few, truly liberated women, it is indeed a Happy Women's Day!!

  • soujji 32w

    Free verse

    Wrapped up in anxiety
    Weighed down by depression
    I long for the day
    When my mind is free
    No more judgment
    No second guessing
    With a brave heart that floats above the sky
    And sail across the sea

  • maanvi_bhagat 32w

    I just want to be free
    Float in the air
    With the slightly cold breeze
    Happily sway along with
    The trees and the meadows
    Just swim along the water
    Without any demons
    No words haunting my head
    And I don't need to be selfless
    Just alone for a while
    Just live at least for sometime
    Not be alive but dead from inside
    That's all that I dream

  • thoughtsprocess 32w

    A free soul
    Floats on the waves of
    wishes and desires
    bearing weightage of
    gender biased prejudices
    Suffocated and suppressed
    Seeking liberty and love

  • thesoletraveller 32w

    A strange day

    Tears of clouds incessantly descending
    Foreshadowing the arrival of doomsday
    I stand under the shelter of a tree branch
    thinking if my long legs could leap through
    the last mile, towards my house

    Alas I decided to continue my journey
    What could I have to loose
    Then I look up and see the clouds floating with me
    Following more diligently than my own shadow

    After few steps I see children covered in rags
    One of them stood at the top of a bin
    and pretended to be the King of Rain while
    others became his loyal subjects and then he
    took out a stick from his back with a crooked smile

    I continue to move against the slaps of this rain
    and see a woman in a balcony sipping hot tea
    In a strange blue colored with yellow dragon tea cup
    I would like a dragon cup, I think to myself
    as I walk towards the crossroad

    If I take left I'll be confornted with Mr. Fuller
    The old man who knows no difference between
    talking and an ear piercing screaming
    Or I could take right and punish myself
    with more rain

    I take the left hoping I could walk fast enough
    to escape the damage to my ears
    But the fate plays a trick and my foot
    gets stuck in a hole just few meters
    before Mr. Fuller's house

    As I fall in slow motion, I can hear
    a sharp noise penetrating the holes of my ears
    I look at my swollen ankle while Mr fuller
    screams something about me
    not having a brain or eyes

    I decided to rescue myself and freed my feet
    from the ridiculous footwear
    Limped towards the front door of my house
    and sat there thinking
    What a day it was

  • miss_silentlyweird 32w

    Sometimes words and I are in zilch. It's makes me float but not free —cause it cage me up to frustrations.So I tried to write about writer's block than to write nothing at all.
    — miss_silentlyweird

    #wod #float #free @mirakee #letter
    °°°°°°°Btw Happy women's day°°°°°°

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  • geraldine_mary 32w

    @mirakee #mirakee @writersparadise
    #free #float

    Her Birth Her Worth

    As a seed she was implanted
    A row of blessings Almighty chanted
    Thence she's a symbol of love
    A gift to the world from Almighty above

    Her arrival but a few appreciate
    More reject and contemplate
    She knows not her self worth
    How could she tell she's come
    to give humanity birth

    Every being needs space in her
    To grow from a seed to a flower
    But yet not all want her as an offspring
    Unknown that she's to humanity an offering

    Goddesses are worshipped in temples and churches
    Vows and offerings are multiple for insearches
    How is it forgotten that she'll give your children birth
    Only in your own family why you recognize her worth

    She is in every nook and corner
    In every place she deserves her honour
    Why is she unsafe outside her home
    Irrespective of colour, age , or form

    She still craves for recognition in society
    Being treated as an object of impiety
    Doesn't she deserve in this world a better place
    All she needs is her secure space

    She holds her entire family in her heart
    Of her you're an integral part
    You've kept her safe in your home
    Why not make the entire society ' a safe zone'

    She gives you space in her body to give birth
    Give her space in this world she's worth
    Her duty of raising humanity she'll continue
    Recognize her worth in various hues

    Man is born as her protector
    Why does she need to beg to protect her
    Your love is all she craves for
    Though she does deserve more

    Let's not only remember her on Women's Day
    She deserves her worth in every way
    Fearlessly let her safely stay
    And celebrate with her A Happy Women's Day


    Thank you Writersnetwork for the appreciation!��

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    A Happy Women's Day

    Let's not only remember her on Women's Day
    She deserves her worth in every way
    Fearlessly let her safely stay
    And celebrate with her
    A Happy Women's Day

  • mishti__ 32w

    Because I'm a woman !

    I'm short heightened and tiny.
    Yet you fall to my feets, when I walk in.
    With that wonderous gaze and a amazed look;
    I get noticed and admired.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I'm a fantasy, a dream.
    Well, I can also be your worst nightmare.
    I can fight with my impactful voice;
    I can keep glowing with my gaze.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I care for people surrounded by me.
    I'm the one who rules around.
    I don't only run my house;
    I run the entire world.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I bleed every month;
    Bearing the pain I feel.
    I don't burry myself in the roofs;
    I go out to let my shine get noticed.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I'm a survivor, a fighter, a struggler.
    Used to float my emotions and tears.
    I face toxic trolls and sexist comments daily;
    I still continue to be free.
    Because , I'm a woman!

    I carry a soul in me for 9 months;
    I feel pain, but baby is worth it,
    I'm happy to feel it.
    I'm not only a mother , but a sister, a daughter, a wife.
    Because , I'm a woman!

    I've a very dirty and fascinating imagination;
    I fall for people easily than I wish.
    I feel every thing which I shouldn't and ;
    I cry over sad movies and daily soap.
    Because I'm a woman.

    I'm adorable, unfathomable, impeccable, incridible.
    I can have men wrapped around my tiny finger.
    I work harder everyday and;
    I can speak my heart out and be bold.
    Because , I'm a woman!


    Happy Woman's Day y'all. And hello beautiful woman across the whole world. Lemme tell you that I'm a proud woman and I feel grateful to be a woman.✨
    #woman #womansday #me #free #float #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #pod #ceesrepost

    Thanks @writersnetwork for ❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay ❤️

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    I'm brown, maybe a little ugly.
    I hide my scars to look perfect sometimes,
    But I have realised that it doesn't matter.
    "I am the most beautiful creature";
    This is the only thing I gotta feel.
    Because, I am a woman!