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  • stankyryfol 4w


    I spent alot of time to myself
    But it's different in there.
    Imagine ur bored in ur room
    and u say man I'm going to just go play games or something.
    But in there your stuck..

    U ever spent time alone thinking to ur self then you do something to keep u occupied.
    So that you won't have to think any more.

    Well in there u can't escape your thoughts
    You live with your thoughts
    And u can't stay occupied.
    U try running from ur pain but ur running in place.
    U have noo where to go.

  • porcupine 10w


    Thinking of you
    Thinking of your hair
    Thinking of your eyes
    How much I cared

    Recalling you
    Recalling your voice
    Recalling your scent
    How I was your choice

    Remembering us
    Remembering us walking
    Remembering us talking
    For you my heart was calling

    Flashbacks now
    Flashbacks now haunt me
    Flashbacks now hunt me
    Those memories taunt me

    Fantasizing now
    Fantasizing now hurts
    Fantasizing now burns
    Since you left I'm just dirt

  • jumbledthoughts 20w

    Selective memory?

    Amidst the chaos that is her mind
    She finds those memories every single time
    Without even really trying

  • jumbledthoughts 22w

    Though forgetting is an art that I excel in,
    remembering you is a punishment that I revel in

  • jumbledthoughts 23w

    A fault in our stars

    I think of you
    More often than not
    Telling myself that it will be the last time
    That I would stop
    But whenever I am reminiscing
    There you are again...
    how could I not.
    what you did was unforgivable
    But it was also unforgettable
    It rendered us on different paths
    I sometimes wonder
    If it was our fate
    Or a fault in our stars

  • jumbledthoughts 23w

    There are no do-overs in life..only flashbacks….and they are hard to live again.. not the painful ones.. but the good ones... as they leave you gasping for breath.... wanting more... leaving you in a world of hurt...

  • lollipop71 23w

    The Dreams

    The dreams have come to me every night.
    Seeing my mother in these dreams appearing
    As her younger self, her high school days.
    She appears to be happy, happier than she
    Was here on earth.
    She's laughing at something I said and I laugh
    With her, all the while confused as to why I
    See her as she was in her younger days,
    Before my time.

    The "dreams" have come to me in the form
    Of nightmares. I feel his presence near me
    In the dark and that sick feeling comes
    Over me once again. He wants to do what
    Makes me uncomfortable and scared.
    These are not dreams, they are truly
    Nightmares, flashbacks coming from my
    younger self.
    The darkness is not my friend, for it brings
    Back moments from the past that are all
    To unsettling.
    My friends, the trolls, in my closet have no
    clue what to do to help me diminish these
    nightmares that haunt me night after night.

  • stevenseidel 46w


    Do I seem wretched and pathetic
    Do I seem overhyped and manic
    All caught up in a panic
    God dammit
    Fucker you didn't just tell me to cram it
    After all you've done
    I've only just begun
    No there isn't something to be won
    Your weight weighs a ton
    Thanks and begone


  • soulshyra 50w

    To the loved one,
    I still hum to the songs you sent me. Maybe you don't think about it the way I do. Maybe you don't even remember the lil things you said about how you felt after you first heard them but, I listened to every word of the lyrics in order to understand you better, I listened to every word you said when you described every emotion of yours.
    I was rather a silent observer and I never told you that I even noticed the crease of your shirt, the way your eyes glisten when you talk about the things you love, the way you want to be loved, the way you want to feel at home and the way you feel scared at night when you can't stop the thoughts in your head and somedays you come to me when you wish to just sleep. I remember it all. Yes it sounds crazy. But you said I was your heart and I said you're my right choice.

    But, Now that you're gone, days feel incomplete and I just wish you'd come by and I would finally say welcome back home honey.

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    To the loved one ✨

    You used to walk on my right, keeping me to your left, signifying me being your heart and you always being my right choice.
    Holding hands, me cringing over something lame you said, or you smirking on something witty I said.
    Coming outside the metro station stepping on the escalator, I keep my head on your shoulder and there's a moment of silence between us.
    While we hear the traffic pass by, the unwanted honking or the crowd noises, I just tighten my grip of the hand which is tangled with yours and then we stop and stare into each other's eyes just for a minute but it feels like home.
    Every noise seems to fade away, I can feel my heart beat so fast and you kiss my forehead and I'm left teary eyed. I fumble before I can say how I really feel.
    You walk me home and I replay it like my favourite song, over and over again.
    It's been month's now, that you're gone. Somedays I gather the courage to walk on that road trying to fit my footsteps synching my memory flashback.
    Just like we used to, I smile but it fades away because I look for that shoulder, those hands, that smile and I never thought I'll say this but I miss those lame jokes.

    So tell me where shall I go
    To the left where nothing's right
    Or to the right where nothing's left.

  • life_captions 51w

    Truth is song

    Not so long ..
    Simple words with melody
    Piercing through your soul ....
    Emotions bursting through your eyes ..
    Like a sudden surprise
    Restless on bed at night ....
    Under the moon's dim light ..
    Feeling your past again
    With a blurry eyesight ....

  • m3l0dic 56w

    Sweetest Love I've Known

    Could only imagine how it's like indulging on herl love in all kinds of ways.
    Not just sex,
    Simply inside of her embrace.
    How sweet it was,
    Still making my heart race till this day.
    It's a race I don't mind losing...

    If it's meant to be?
    It's meant to be.
    I've purged so many tears in her name,
    Breathing is much less difficult since I no longer drown within them.
    A peace,
    So dear to a mangled soul I've tried so hard to put back together...

    Her memory still brings back the same smile from our time,
    Once intertwined.
    How can I hate someone who taught me how to love,
    During all of those lonely nights I spent hoping God would end my life?

    Even if my absence is what she'd prefer,
    I appreciate her from a distance.
    My only relationship,
    Never am I sad or ashamed to admit it.
    Knowing how angelic of a heart she carried,
    I'm honored to say she's been the only one to have had the gift of,
    Her sweet love...


  • samtheowl 57w


    The air is still,
    My soul has a chill.

    All is silent,
    Emotions are abstinent.

    Then I hear the screams,
    In my daydreams.

    From yesteryears nightmares,
    But no... Those aren't nightmares.
    Despite my prayers.

    A trip to the past,
    This cannot last.

  • slwrites_ 71w


    All those memories of you
    All the good days we went through
    I know they can never come back
    Sittin' on the same desk
    Creating the same mess
    We cheered each other when we saw them depressed
    You sleeping with your head on my chest
    I think we were truly blessed

  • heartmint 74w

    It's is not the
    That hurts, but the
    That follow

  • wespadeshere 76w

    The birr of my soul
    Is palpable through dust
    Monotonous, desensitized
    To only those of untrained ears.
    Beige fibers conceal
    The useless half of me
    While mahogany sharpens
    To stencil me out
    So the world could catch a glimpse,
    Where few would ever think to look.
    This place of return is far from respite
    For it relishes the screams
    Through the long hours of the night
    When I've stravaged for answers
    I've chipped at the plaster
    In hopes of whispering
    My secrets to the walls.
    But the bruising of my veins
    Mimicks seeping carpet stains
    Here the night isn't peaceful
    But slowly gone insane.
    As I whisper through drywall
    "Will you remember me when I'm gone?"
    And the absence of the ricochet
    Tells me all I need to know.


  • miss_contendo 77w

    Song begins, so the flashbacks..
    Song ends, bt tears didn't


  • subliminalthoughts0 83w

    Again She shock her head, try to ignore that voice, with passage of time it gets louder, putt off her senses many times , while doing dishes or baking even though making coffee or during writing her journal.she became habitual of shaking her head; she's hearing it again
    "I'm fearing such humans exist",
    "I'M Fearing Such Humans Exist"
    She stopped for a second,
    again shock her head,
    And Back to work!


  • pyro_sagen 84w


    I pull myself underwater
    How long can I hold my breath
    All that water rushing into my lungs
    Sharp pain in my chest

    All I can see is blue
    All I feel is you

    I'm ready to forget it all
    I was afraid of drowning
    But now I fear nothing at all

  • septicnewtato 85w


    I must distance myself from you.

    But why is it that whenever I close my eyes,
    I can see you?
    And even the most pleasant memories
    of us sting. They are ingrained deep inside,
    My head hurts, my soul is aching,
    But I know that we must be away
    from each other for now,
    Or will it be forever?

    My mind is playing tricks with me,
    My body is betraying me,
    But my heart,

    is the culprit.


  • anonguy 89w


    She wore it better than anyone I've ever seen
    The light shining right through her as the corners of her lips parted in opposite directions
    The sight of pure heaven on earth right before my eyes
    The blood in my veins flowed faster to accommodate the increase rhythm of my heart
    She looked right at me with eyes that pierce the soul seeing the inner most part of a being
    Then she spoke with a voice as close to that of audible perfection
    The type of sound that instantly turns darkness into light, black into white, blindness into sight
    My heart knew, and will forever know, you