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  • silver_flakes 4w

    Inspired by Chinese poetry ♥︎


    You once told me our love was the starry night
    And our hearts the vastless milkyway that never died
    In bed of ashes we had laid our love
    In smiles bleeding hope from the darkness we had known
    With curled hands grasping the moon's edge
    Petals of summer drifting towards hearts that were cold to heat
    To rest in scents of bliss carved from barks of breathing trees

    Had our sinking hearts heard the distant sound of the mournful horns
    Would it have clung to the strings of our yearning smiles?
    But cherry blossoms never last the winter's cold grip
    They fall away slowly towards beds of dust that cover the blooming souls with darkness
    Till each last petal is reborn into gloomy horizons
    So we breathed in whispers that graced the air with golden scents of love
    While our end beckoned from the distant whirling wind on edge
    Dancing on precipice of hills that fall towards earth's beckoning hands
    We tempt the fate that rushes towards our entwined hands
    Until the silver moon gave way to the fire of the orange sun
    And we were burnt underneath the now falling blossoms
    Fall slowly, breathe slowly, cry slowly

    Fire works bleed heat into the floating memories in our eyes
    To be free, on wings of an eagle fleeing towards the splashed horizon with fears locked behind bars
    Deaf to the unending tremors in our hearts
    Perhaps the silence will wash the permanent stains of regret
    Tears form hallows of peace on pale cheeks moving towards the shadows
    Will it fall, will it stay
    Forever frozen with regrets locked in its glassy gaze
    Or perhaps our fates were never meant to dance to the same tunes of eternity
    So now go on towards the beckoning hands of blissful rest
    While the blossoms are covered in beds of darkness
    Hands entwined even underneath the roots of the moon
    Eyes close slowly

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    Buried Blossoms

    "In smiles bleeding hope from the darkness we had known
    We tempt the fate that rushes towards our entwined hands
    Or perhaps our fates were never meant to dance to the same tunes of eternity
    Fall slowly, breathe slowly, cry slowly

  • silver_flakes 7w

    Once when I was young mom told me
    That if I could touch the moon's garment
    I would forever be blessed with happiness
    And so night after night
    I climbed the tallest tree in our garden
    Wishing to touch a whisper of the moon
    But it always was so far away
    Its silvery gaze twinkled with mirth at me
    Along with the thousand fireflies mom called stars
    But I never missed a night
    I climbed so much my stable branch grew no more leaves
    Its branch extended barren towards the moon
    Echoing my plea for a touch
    On days I tired to stretch my lanky hands
    I would sit and marvel at the moon's gaze
    Its very form puzzled my young soul
    I asked if it came up every night to tease me
    For my inability to touch its silver garment
    But it never replied
    Only twinkled at me with a smile I always returned
    Mama would find me there at midnight
    Smiling like a foolish girl at a persona that never made funny jokes
    Then time flew with wings so fast it scorched my eyes
    No longer a wee child eager to climb the highest tree
    Life has many issues and nooses that permit that not
    But sometimes on a bright night after a gloomy day
    I do go out to seat in my rocking chair and gaze at my silver friend
    Never did it grow old
    And I'm convinced it was never there to tease me
    It seems to have its own purpose I never discovered
    But it never tires out
    Always with that twinkle in its smile
    Surrounded by stars that never seemed to fade
    On days like that I remember the young me
    And wish that I was able to touch its garment after all
    Maybe I would have gotten true happiness
    But my old mind tells me it was all a fairytale for kids like me who could never sleep peacefully without causing ruckus
    But though age has made me wiser
    I still share a secret smile with the moon once in a while
    And it graces my old heart with pure pleasure as it seems to smile back with the same twinkle

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    Silver smile


  • silver_flakes 7w

    Little pieces of dirt cling to open bleeding wounds
    Removing debris of hurt, shards of glass broken in hearts of flesh

    Festering germs are bound to grow in uncatered hearts
    Though painful, kill invisible hands that threaten to multiply pain

    Protecting broken hearts from roaming flies with hurtful stings
    Covering up hurts with love and musical strings of light

    ♥︎Avoid water
    Exposure to bitter elements reopen mending wounds
    Keeping far away from those with sharp blades in their wake

    ♥︎Change bandage
    Healing wounds fester without care and attention
    So change the ropes that bind your heart and see the tears heal up in parts

    ♥︎Allow time
    Time works its magic hands with slow and painful dexterity
    But it would in time heal the deep wounds in your heart

    //To be patient is to heal
    To heal is to be patient//

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill thank you for ❤ @writersnetwork
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    To be patient is to heal
    To heal is to be patient

  • silver_flakes 9w

    In poetry I lay my bed of metaphors
    In poetry I fluff my pillows of irony
    In poetry I fly with wings of litotes
    In poetry I cry tears of euphemism
    In poetry I feel pains of sarcasm
    In poetry I laugh in onomatopoeias
    In poetry I weave tales of hyperbole
    In poetry I dream sights of oxymoron
    In poetry I dance to tunes of alliteration
    In poetry I live freely in bouts of s(i)miles

  • silver_flakes 9w

    ♥︎It is her alcove and well hidden niche
    Her escape from the storms of memories
    It covers her with the cloak of confidence
    When she twirls and twists to the rhythm
    It sets her brown eyes alit with flames
    And bends her spine to the steady flow
    With her eyes closed, she becomes another
    In the dark, her steps dance on memories
    With it, her heart is lifted from the gallows
    Her smile widens with the rush of ecstasy
    Freed from the cuffs of life's insane battles
    Crescendo, she flies high above galaxies
    Decrescendo, she lands softly on her toes♥︎

    @miraquill thank you for EC����
    @writersnetwork thank you for repost����
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    Dancing shoes

    It hung on a hook far above her head
    Golden and brimming with flair
    With nerdy glasses she stared with longing
    And reached out tentatively then abruptly
    Grasping soles of gold with quivering hands...

  • silver_flakes 7w

    I'm back♥︎

    Sometimes I cry. Could she see my tears? I had once buried my head in my hands, but perhaps she had seen the glistening drops on the white tiles. I wasn't meant to cry, I was the strong heart, the one who pushed through difficulties, though fire be burning my soles. Or so I was meant to be.

    Sometimes I hurt. Did she know? That I brooded and hurt when plans failed, or maybe she thought I sat and found a solution within an hour. But I actually kicked the mahogany table, and pulled my hair in an undignified manner.

    Sometimes I'm sentimental. So did she see me sigh, when the sunset bled orange hues into purple and my heart became a mushy sponge? No, I did not turn my face to focus on more 'important' issues. I delighted in nature's beauty too.

    Sometimes I fear. Did she feel my trembling hands when I faced her father? Nah, my face exuded confidence and assurance. But in reality, my innards had twisted into braid knots.

    Sometimes I become weak. Does she know? That I get tired of carrying on, inside I plead for respite, but my feet keeps moving on. Like I said, I am the strong heart, the one who paved the way, though thorns be tearing into my skin. Has she seen, known and felt that I am only, h u m a n afterall?

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  • silver_flakes 10w

    On a run from the sunlight, lest I be petrified for Eva

  • silver_flakes 10w

    No urge to write these days ( ' _ ')sucks

    My anxiety sits in a corner of my heart
    Caged but pricking like a persistent dart
    I struggle to make it one with my mind
    But it detaches itself as a different kind
    So I'm left to cater to the raging feelings
    Of railing fears, budding doubts and dealings

    Theres a transparent ocean in your eyes
    Though which I behold your depth of lies
    It bleeds through the blue orbs like red blood
    And my heart shatters with each rising sun
    I crave they rather be murky brown waters
    So I could decieve myself of no clutters

    I have never known the address of your heart
    So it could be mine forever with no missing part
    The veins that lead hide and shrink from me
    Like snakes cautious of a predator's machete
    I search each green line with rising despair
    For I know not the key for your heart to repair

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    Grey Embers


  • silver_flakes 10w

    One day, if everything stops, this heart of mine will beat on still
    When I placed my hands on my left chest
    I wondered how such little muscular mass within could store all my fears, pain, love, hate and memories
    How it withstands raging emotions that threaten to burst it
    How it deceives and reassures me at the same time
    It's like a boundless deep, inconspicuous in sight but equipped with disarming depth within

    But now, I see it's the greatest strength of me
    It sews me together when I'm torn apart by life
    It drags me to my feet with renewed determination
    All because it beats still, and as long as this sound never fades...
    I'll be here fighting on in light and darkness both
    Braving the storms and fighting the flames until the last thump

  • silver_flakes 12w

    I cry for justice
    In the streets of hunger
    Where walls of bellies are caved in
    And paints of flesh are sunken holes of death

    Under bridges of tears
    I cry for justice
    Where widows plead with seeking hands
    And orphans stare with lifeless eyes

    Where girls quake with vivid horrors of night
    And women weep in bitterness
    I cry for justice
    In houses of despair

    And men with heads bowed
    Where money speaks its words of excesses
    In jobs of enslavement
    I cry for justice

    In homes of fear
    Where women flinch in fright from their men
    And children blend into the shadows
    To avoid the evil that drunkenly roams
    I cry for justice

  • silver_flakes 11w

    Don't know what this is��... just a free flow of raw emotions
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    I want the ocean to carry my tears on its tide,
    but the wind binds them to my cheeks

    I feel the burning heat against my skin

    If the tides roll away I follow so close, no deep will be too far to dive without fear

    I'll brave the waves that rise high above, in the memories of a greater person I call

    In hope, fear and love I breathe the waters, drowning with eyes open in expectant hope

    Am I a lost fish in the sea?Or perhaps a beating heart of stony thoughts?

    I crave the warmth of the rising sun, in it's full glory I raise my head towards the rays casting shadows of light upon my being

    Calling above the roar of the oceans wrath, I throw my heart towards the waters to float

    It'll come to you wet and battered but whole and for you to keep a part of me, the only sane part

    Now I see the light in your eyes, the answers to my wandering thoughts

    I feel the waves crash down in resolute sureness

    You're the hope that floats above torrents; the cold shock that runs through my blue veins; the drifting waves that sooth and embolden; the tides that rose in unity to challenge the waves of the watery deep

    I'll hide behind your waters while you fight my battles in the depths of Atlanta

    Underneath the sea of insecurities I'll breath the waters into my nostrils; I promise not to choke upon the wet air I draw into my soul

    I'll wait for you at the other side of the ocean, at every sun rise upon the crashing waters.

  • silver_flakes 12w

    Blessed moon of wandering seasons
    Cleanse my heart of sinful yearnings
    Embolden my mind to solid courage
    For thou art calmer than raging seas
    And thy silent gaze art more deeper
    For if thou embrace my weaknesses
    And reforge in fire my many iniquities
    My soul purer than your silvery gaze
    Will forever shine in the bright galaxies

  • silver_flakes 12w

    ♡For the mothers who love with all
    Who care with fervent emotion♡

    She birthed me from her raging pains
    While tears stream but brown eyes smiled
    She held with shaky hands and muscles
    And vowed her soul towards my life
    She cared and worked for my growth
    With things tough she gave her all
    I know now she beams with pride

  • silver_flakes 13w

    ||In the chaotic darkness that engulfs the human soul
    A ray of light seems a precious gem sought for
    Craving to be free from gloom and breathe with ease
    The scents of the earth's produce and beauty||

    ||In this despairing darkness,
    the hands of poetry seem to grasp my collar and pull me out with hands of surety
    I am transported swiftly from the brooding shadows to the blinding lights
    Basking now in bursts of emotions, scents, paradoxes, metaphors, laughter and joy
    Yes, the world of poetry are the stars that twinkle from within my fleshly heart
    Lighting up the dark fluorescence||

    ||So when the darkness threatens to blot out my light
    I run into the expanse of stars{poetry}
    And there my soul is revived||

  • silver_flakes 9w

    She was to be a glorious sunshine of a girl
    With a toothy smile and eager hands
    To bask in the lights of nature
    And love the winds that whispered tales
    She was to become an elegantly refined pottery
    A lady with stars in her golden orbs
    A corner smirk or a heart stopping smile
    Her love and enthusiasm engulfing miles

    She was not, she was I
    A wild rose with pricking thorns
    A wardrobe of skeletons sheltered for years
    I had lived once, in throes of anguish
    Next in sudden peels of laughter.
    I had cried once, with racking sobs
    Next I smiled, admist tears of pain
    I had withered once, under the gloomy skies
    Next I bloomed with the heat of the rising sun

    A strong shield is my favourite possession
    Bravery outside my doors of insecurity
    To be a paragon of strength and cool headedness
    But inside a mess of emotions and fears
    With time I realised the simple truth:

    'She's a woman underneath all the armour
    She's a warrior, she knows all failures
    Her emotions were like the sand
    Endless and forever treaded on'

    I craved to skin my emotions
    But they were my flesh and blood
    White or blue I bleed for two
    I was not a hard warrior
    I wept for a crushed moth
    I saw, it was not a weakness
    It was my strength
    To feel and to care deeply and painfully

    ♥︎To feel is to be alive
    To be alive is to feel♥︎

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    'She's a woman underneath all the armour
    She's a warrior, she knows all failures
    Her emotions were like the sand
    Endless and forever treaded on'


  • silver_flakes 11w

    //Tell me, would you hold the fallen stars in your hands
    And my heart admist the bright orbs?
    I give it to you on a platter of pain and scars
    It might not be as shiny as the silver lights
    But it carries my soul as its burden for you
    A collection of my fears, love, ache and hope
    I give it to you whole without a missing inch
    Tell me, would you hold it dearer than the bright lanterns
    Though it be dull and wet with my essence?//


  • silver_flakes 13w

    �� thank you so much for EC�� and like tooo�� @miraquill
    ��Thank you for like and repost�� @writersnetwork

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    To rise may not be to soar and conquer but to persevere and endure with hope for a better future, seeing beyond the immediate darkness to the ray of light far ahead

  • silver_flakes 13w

    We pour filth into the rivers
    The river laughs
    It pours it back on our very heads

    We continually cut down trees
    The forest laughs
    It reduces our fresh air supply

    We make oil explorations without a care
    The ground laughs
    It bleeds oil into our clean waters

    We forever build polluting factories
    The air laughs
    It chokes our very children to death

  • silver_flakes 13w

    Thank you for ❤ @writersnetwork ��

    A baby is born with smiles and love
    He basks in the warmth of two souls
    Or maybe less
    A clean slate of mind without fears
    To explore the soil and fresh air

    A boy is formed from wobbly steps
    He smiles still at awesome heights
    Or maybe less
    Words are formed on this blank mind
    Dreams are high on euphoric sights

    A young man breeds from curious eyes
    He aspires to explore reality unknown
    Or maybe less
    Futures are bright in these focused eyes
    And strength brims within these hands

    A married man dims his roving eyes
    He loves now with all dreams in motion
    Or maybe not
    Time flies with the stormy winds of may
    And hands are caged in love and care

    A father with orbs of loving worry
    He caters now to his child's dreams
    Or maybe not
    The brimming hopes have slowly died
    Survival becomes the child of expectation

    A man was lowered into the soil
    Having fulfilled all dreams and hopes
    Or maybe not
    Strong hands and heart now decay in bits
    And with the distant cries, another baby is born


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    //Life is a circular wheel
    It moves from birth
    Proceeds to decay
    And to birth again
    It never ends//

  • silver_flakes 94w

    Darling, we were once beautiful
    Once upon when Time was young
    But now its three fingers are gnarled
    And so are we

    Though our backs be bent like birches
    Though our skin be wrinkled and sagging
    And though Time's frame be badly rusted
    And its twelve numbers be sadly faded

    Our hands in love shall forever be entwined
    Our hearts though failing, shall beat stronger
    Our smiles a beautiful secret for one another
    And our love shall beat Time's ticking hands
    Always, Darling, always.

    #miraquill @miraquill @writersnetwork #pod #flakeyy #Time #ceesreposts

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    Always darling, always.