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  • waitedtears 24w

    Don't Be Too Confident

    because no one is strong
    enough to forget what we lost

  • neermathalapoov 50w

    Five feet apart

    "Every second we breath could last" Human touch is one form of communication.
    It taught how much you feel to
    touch the loved one as important
    as the air we breath.
    It taught about the human companionship and
    the value of moments we spend,
    the memories
    and enjoy the life.. it never come back..
    Every second we waste could be our last.

  • fervent_writing 53w

    Open letter to one of my favorite characters, Stella Grant from "Five Feet Apart.."❤️✨

    That longing, " I wish I could touch you..!"❣️



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    Dear Stella,

    Inspite of Cystic fibrosis ,you are organized , meticulous and ambitious girl. Though you wear G-tube and nose cannula ,you are beautiful in and out. I loved your attitude towards life. You kept yourself engaged by being an active social media user to cope up with your illness and tried best to lead a normal life.. Kudos to you Ms.Stella Grant.

    There is a saying " Opposite poles attracts each other..!" and it's been proved in your life. As you are attracted to Will Newman ,who doesn't follow his treatment regimen and always tries to break the rules .And eventually you made him agree to follow his medication.

    When you both fell in love with each other and secretly go on your first date, you made a
    "FIVE FEET APART" policy as you both were CF patients. At the hospital pool side , you both shared your scars.

    You were devastated badly when your best friend Poe died. And you pushed away "WILL". But then you realized , you need to live your life and decided to go out with "WILL" to see the lights. That night remains my favourite scene as it was full of authentic love.

    It was a heart wrenching moment, when "WILL's" drug trail stopped working and he decided to move from your life. When you woke up after your surgery , he urged you to close your eyes and he walks away. And I can feel your emotion at that moment.

    And the most important part I loved was ,
    When you said, "Human touch, we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe. But I never understood the importance of touch , his touch, until I couldn't have it. If you are watching this and you are able. Touch him .Touch her. Life is too short to waste a second.."❣️

    That was literally gratifying. And you made me perceive , how trivial a companionship is ? how vital a human touch is and how it feels to touch someone. And you also taught me how precious is one's life and value of the moments we share with our loved one's.

    An amazing lover, A bossy girl ,A great inspirer and what not..You are the best one.!!
    Thanks for being an iconic character..

    With love - one of your great admirers.!❤️


  • aweirdwriter 63w

    I've been hoping so long for the sun to shine... In a long lost coast where there's no hope for it I've been waiting for you to hold me tight Knowing the fact that you're not even mine It hurts a lot when I see you But I put on a smile yet inside I may cry Cause everytime I see you it hurts like hell, cause you're in front of me and I can't hold you...
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    @no_name_ @poeticgirl @writersnetwork

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  • madhumitalondhe 66w

    Five feet apart

    You tuck my hair
    behind my ear
    And I close my eyes
    with my lips curved
    into a smile
    Your fingertips
    against my skin
    race my heart
    and I feel a
    hundred little
    cells burst
    We've left
    ourselves free
    to love
    but kept
    our hearts
    five feet apart.
    Remember that.

    On a starry night
    I sit near my window
    trying to spot
    a falling star
    All I'd wish
    was you;
    My phone starts
    ringing and flashes
    your name,
    the stars don't tense
    upon sacrificing
    We dive into
    the night but
    keep our hearts
    five feet apart.
    Remember that.

    An afternoon wave
    filled with the
    clinking of
    our coffee mugs,
    I sink into
    your embrace,
    You rest your chin
    on my shoulder.
    I can feel
    our breaths
    close enough
    but our hearts
    five feet apart,
    We've promised each other
    to remember that.

    When you caress
    my face
    with the love
    you deny,
    When I kiss
    your neck
    and bid goodbye,
    When we hold hands
    and lock eyes,
    We can hear
    our hearts screaming
    five feet apart
    is what you've promised.

    We walk away
    strangling the love
    that we decided
    to never let
    hold us back
    And the way
    we chose
    was to keep
    our hearts
    five feet apart.

  • k_unwinds 71w

    "Six feet rule"

    Both Stood silently in pain
    Scared of their last breath
    looking into each other eyes
    yearning to touch each other
    Nothing mattered to him except her
    love, last ray of hope they had
    To heal their broken soul!!


  • spicy_sugar 74w

    Dear Will,
    (Or should I say, Will from "Five feet apart")

    I wish I never read the book, but I did, and I'm glad I did. Sue me, I'm an oxymoron. I don't like novels because they are sappy and cheesy, just like the videos of Stella, but I read them anyway, just like how you binge-watched her videos the WHOLE night!

    Today I'm not here to talk about sappy love or about you and Stella. I'm here to talk about DEATH, about you. From the beginning, you talk about death, like it's inevitable like it's just a step away to knock at your door and you are too prepared for it to knock so you can just open the damn door. But, Will, were you that prepared? Were you okay with it all?
    I mean, death scares the shit outta me.

    "If I’m going to die, I’d like to actually live first.
    And then I’ll die." I pondered on this a little too long. Too longer than necessary. How does it feel to live but not actually LIVE? How does it feel to be living not to die a second after but actually you never lived! You fought so much to not die, to live, but never actually lived. That, Will, broke me.

    But, you'll not make us cry, eh. Cuz your next words are about that "fateful last day." It pained me how you should be prepared for the last day. But, honestly, we all should be prepared. Cuz this life short, isn't it? I wonder where I would love to die. It's horrifying to think about, but I really wondered after you said how you want your last day to be "Somewhere poetic. A beach, maybe. Or a rowboat somewhere in Mississippi. Just no walls."

    Many times in our lives, Will, we may not be bounded by the walls of the hospital like you, but we are bounded by invisible walls. Walls of responsibilities, walls of past, walls of insecurities and fears. They suffocate people, just like how the hospital walls did to you. But you choose to break them immediately after you turn 18, and, Will, I wish people break those walls they are bounded by.

    I'm sorry my letter got so big, Will, but what do I do, I have so much to say to you.
    Until next letter Will,
    See ya.

    A nobody, who unwillingly fell in love with Will

    #fivefeetapart @writersnetwork

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  • myspilledink 77w

    The stars blazed in the night sky

    He looked at me like a blind to Light
    I don't think anybody who was attracted
    As he was to my wilderness and manners impolite
    Yeah I was harsh, very harsh to him
    Still he had the dare to whoosh apart
    All the egos and face me with delight
    They say it is impossible to find a spark
    When the doors are shut and darkness is high
    But then how come I witnessed the stars blazed
    In the darkest of the no moon night.


  • i_am_abhi 82w

    'We need that touch from the
    one we love, almost as much as
    we need air to breathe.
    But I never understood the importance
    of touch. His touch.
    Until I couldn't have it.'
    - Stella (Five Feet Apart)

  • mansee_ 82w

    LIFE ✨ #life #diary #thoughts #fivefeetapart #hope #living #second #time

    Some words I just loved from Five Feet Apart (movie) said by Stella.
    Whole statement was:- If you're watching this and you're able. Touch him.Touch her. Life's too short ro waste a second.

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    Life's too short,
    to waste a

  • samanthawick 88w


    Abandoned streets.
    Relatives, neighbours, friends and family relegating the idea of social gathering.

    Urges to reciprocate the fun experienced in the previous years are downgraded immediately by adrenalin, shielding its landlord at once picturing the unavoidable circumstances its landlord might come across.

    A time where the theory of "five feet apart" summoned by the entire crew of the world.

  • randilyn_31 89w

    By unknown writer

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    Five Feet Apart

    I'm tired of living,
    Without really living.

  • rkpooojari 95w

    Five feet apart

    I'll reach my
    hands out in the
    And wait for
    yours to
    I'll be wait for you
    I'll be wait for you

    'Cause I'm not
    givin ' up
    I'm not givin' up.
    givin' up.
    No. not yet
    Even when I'm down
    to my last breath
    Even when they say
    there's nothin' left
    So don't givin' up on


  • fragments_of_hope 119w


    Closer yet toooo far

  • idyllicpoems 125w

    #universe #fivefeetapart @mirakee

    Every touch was dangerous
    Every kiss could kill me
    Every breath was lethal
    And every foot was death.
    Yet we broke these borders
    We touched
    We stole that foot back
    We took those breaths
    And you kissed me
    With the gift of life.
    I loved you
    And you taught me how to live
    I took us away
    To see the lights of the universe
    And because of that
    I lost you.
    I regret nothing, though
    Because of you
    I'm not just alive
    I'm living
    I only wish
    I could've been alive
    When you kissed me.

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  • sheslamss 125w


    Every time I see a sick couple
    In The hospital
    Trying to stay together
    Even though deep down they know it won't happen
    I remember those three months
    In the oversized gowns
    And the white paper bracelets
    The laugh with the nurses
    As I strolled through the corridors of the wards
    I remember laughing yet deep inside bleeding
    Crying to get a new heart
    And I see them
    And I wish that it was better for them too
    I'm just an insignificant girl
    Why me and not them?

  • hinata_ 129w

    A story which told that love not always mean a "touch".
    You can love someone, feel someone without even touching them.
    An urge of doing everything for them.
    Even keeping distance and walking away just to keep them alive.

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    Time, status, condition and circumstances does not matter when you fall in love.

    How much deep meaning this single word "love" has?


  • __raznish_ 135w

    Hey Stella,

    I know that you are mad at me. And you should be. But Stella, Knowing that I won't be able to provide you the touch that will make me happy, you happy, I had to walk out. Every time, we were together, It felt like hours with you. I was always on top of the world with you, But you know what, That cue stick literally poked me in my heart. It always reminded me that I'm not made for you. Stella, When I heard that you had new lungs waiting for you, I was the happiest man alive. I knew that I haven't got much time left, But you girl, You were a fighter, and seeing your hopes getting fulfilled were my best moments. I always had a carefree attitude towards life. I somewhat knew that I was gonna die someday around. But when I met you, When I fell for you, I gained hope, I wanted to live. I wanted to live for you, Stella. Hey, By the way, Are your new lungs pumping the air fine? Ok! That was a poor joke. Stella, I had to walk away, Not because, You were gonna live and I was gonna die, Because I wanted to see you happy. I knew that being with me, You'll be losing hope in life day by day, seeing me in the miserable condition I was in. Knowing that each of my breath could be my last, It would not have killed me, But It certainly would have made you hate life. You know Stella, My 18th Birthday was far better than my other birthdays, Not because I became an adult, but Because it had you. The most beautiful gift given to me by this life. Stella, You know I never feared death. I always thought of seeing death in eyes and saying "Take me". But when you were drowning in the lake, I feared death, I feared the thought of losing you. Eventually I lost you, But It was my choice. Stella, I stole that cue stick. That reminds me of you. We weren't apart in reality. Those Five feet signified how much we loved each other. Stella Grant, You were the one that gave me hope. You know We were always at "Five feet apart". But even at being "Five feet apart" You were the one Stella. You made me love you. I still love you.
    Well, I will be dead the time you are reading this. But I hope that you forgive me. And I know that you'll never forget me. I always loved you Stella, Even in death.

    Yours and only yours,
    Will Newman.


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    Five Feet Apart

    You know We were always at "Five feet apart". But even at being "Five feet apart" You were the one.


  • ananya_pahwa_ 134w

    She was not just that five feet but five miles away
    till he touched her!!!!

  • niithu 136w

    Human touch
    Our first form of communication
    All in the gentle caress of a finger
    Or at the brush of lips on a soft cheek
    It connects us when we're happy
    Bolsters us in times of fear
    Excites us in times of passion and Love
    We need that touch from the one we love
    Almost as much as we need air to breathe
    But I never understood that importance of touch
    His touch
    Until I couldn't have it
    If u're watching this and you're able
    Touch him
    Touch her
    Life's too short to waste a second

    - Stella


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