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  • chinu_7 1w

    बाते कुछ ऐसी..

    साहिल पर जैसे लहरों का मचलना..
    थंड भरे मौसम मे सूरज का चमकना..

    फुलो पर जैसे खुशबू का बिखरणा..
    नील गगन मे पंच्छियो सा भटकणा..

    जी हां...
    बाते कुछ ऐसी ही हैं...
    आपकी यादों मे रहना..ll

  • asthakur 5w

    first meeting

    Sitting on the back of the scooty, asking you that you know how to walk, will you drop me or not, I still remember

  • saumoshri 7w

    As she lay on the ground staring at the stars, she saw his face in her mind's eyes, "Oh God, he's so perfect", that's what she first thought when she met him that night, and now in her deathbed, she thinks, "my death might bring you happiness, but all I feel is sorrow, but that's not because I'm in pain, it's just because I'll never see you again."

  • minsangtamang 28w


    First time I laid my eyes on you.
    I couldn't take off my eyes !
    I couldnt resist.
    Heart grew fonder with each passing days .
    You Captivated Me .
    Things changed , we two strangers with opposite poles finally spoke .
    Slowly and Steadily we were drawn with a force
    Born only seconds earlier
    We got connected , emotions got connected.
    We sweared as Best friends for each other through sunshine and Storm , never knew the joy of importance, colourful feeling l , self discovering ourselves .
    Friendship was a choice but falling in love was out of choice and out of control.
    Watering the friendship became our daily routine. The silence and the absence made it more stronger. Our first meeting was the beginning of Saga of our Paradox Love !!

  • seraiah_smiles 28w

    Sitting under the gloomy sky, I saw a bright shine; and that's when the heavens poured, except that it rained—overjoyed.

  • shayanaaaaa 28w

    I was lonely when we first met,
    you knew I was a bit broken and a bit aggressive,
    But I had hope that one day I would meet the one who would become the one.

    I wasn’t even sure what that hope meant and why was that in my heart,
    but I knew it would make sense when I saw you for the first time.

    And when I saw you smile for the first time,
    I literally didn’t had words to say how I felt,
    but at the exact moment I knew that it was the feeling,
    I had been waiting for,
    and that my loneliness has a partner now who loves to see my smile and who can do whatever it takes to make me smile,
    in short my loneliness had vanquished,
    by you, who was always meant to be with me.
    I can never forget the first meet because it turned out to be as precious as you are❤️


  • be_like_a_dandelion 28w

    -First Meeting-

    I knew the first time we met,
    You'd be kinda hard to forget,
    From being awkward at the beginning,
    To looking forward to meet you,
    To I don't know what to do without you,

    The silent and timid me,
    Met the chaotic, softhearted and confident you,
    You filled my empty days with laughter, happiness and memories and I want this to continue and
    I couldn't wish for more.


  • sanusan 28w

    That night I was standing alone under the lamp light. I was about to leave the place. The wet roads and sky full shining Stars blinking to each other. Suddenly I saw you you ,wearing a black coat a hat on your head with charming eyes you where catching a bag in your hand I suddenly felt like I know you well. I know you well since the day I not even met you. Some strange wife game under my heart my heart and soul started saying me that I have met you, I have met you, I have met you .

    I know you from the day I was born some destiny was almost there between us but my eyes couldn't recognise you but my heart told me that yes this is a guy who I was in found of .

    Suddenly I realised that it was really you. Whom I met in social media. Just seen your teenage photo which you have sent long before years. We used to share not love it was just a good bonding between US and never expected that it was love a kind bonding which we used to share with each other you are totally different from others totally different but u treated me well and when ever I used get upset for sort of reasons .you used to make me smile in awesome way more then me u used get sad .and suggested me to see the sky which filled with stars and the moon is you .all of frustration and sadness used to fade away with in a minutes .

    I never knew what was between us seriously the everyday your messages used to get a smile on my face is to be happy with your messages finally one day which stop messaging each other you got busy in your life I got busy in my life.

    One day I saw a dream where a guy was standing before the car and taking a selfie with two hands it was strange to see such guy in my dream because I haven't spoken I like that I haven't met anyone anywhere but that made me curious to know why suddenly I dream like that. Then the day you showed your teenage pic I realised that the dream belong to you some of our destiny wanted to meet us somehow we were already written that it's just you and me.

    Finally after realising this many things at it for just you you and you and you and made me fly on the sky the crackers were burning on the sky now rain has stopped. We both recognise each other.we have to each other close.we both were the happiest person on the Earth at the present of time i really cant forget the meeting our first meeting really destiny wanted to meet us we met we are happy now will be happy forever.

    #meeting #sanuh #love #imagination #wod #ceesreposts #1stmeeting #firstmeeting

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  • yamini_sinha 28w

    Empty letters

    Empty letters in the envelope
    Often questioned me,
    For some love, that my pen could brew
    They stayed like starved beings
    awaiting a tiny drop
    Of azure ink, for them it was not less than a Fondue

    Though bathed in the rains,
    A hundred times,
    I have been a pluviophile ,
    selenophilic my soul,
    Some song would, someday, sketch rainbows,
    The blank sheets, I tried to cajole

    That first meeting with
    The seraphic shower of silver words
    They drenched me in adoration,
    Composing phrases of divinity
    Those blank papers are now the rainbows
    And I a caelum of poetries


  • dinakarreddy 28w

    First Meeting

    My innocence meets your cruelty,
    Your abuses hit my generous gesture,
    Let them witness a bully romance.


  • shristi_kumari_312 28w

    First meeting....

    It was around quarter to four I met you on the road which was merely broad, covered with leaves that signified falling hopes as it was the fall...
    In the black tees you looked way too casual than you were supposed to be while I way too dressed for a random walk to the town and well someone said opposites attract I glared at you I smiled while you stumbled over the pile... I got confused I shrugged and moved but the moment remained ever again to remind me of you...

  • love_hurtzz 28w

    When we first met!

    Dear broken heart!

    When I first came to know about you, I was scared! Then I forgot about your existence. It was his betrayal, which forced me to meet you. I had never thought I would ever have to meet you. But alas! There we were, facing each other. I was devastated. You were all bleeding and i was in pain. I was hurt deeply. It was a deep wound which changed my life forever. I didn't know how to help us both. All I knew was that only if u would stop bleeding, it would stop hurting. I want to forget our first meeting. It still brings tears into my eye. It has taught me so many things. We have been together since we first met. You still sometimes bleeding and it still hurts. But now we are more comfortable and acquainted with each other. And u do inspire me to do things in my life that gives you happiness. You inspire me everyday. Thank you.!!

  • notebook_ 28w

    That was the perfect day,
    When we met for the first time in the way.
    We were strangers to eachother,
    But i felt something for you.

    I only saw you in a picture,
    when we met, your pale eyes is magical.
    I couldn't find any conclusions,
    That I have lot of confusions.

    It was a fine evening of a winter,
    Where i found my true lover.
    When i saw you first time,
    My soul murmured you are just mine,

    It was the love at first sight,
    But it was a delight.
    I just melted in the blue eyes,
    And there no limit to the skies.

    My soul wanted to be in your arms,
    And you wanted me to protect you from the storms.
    Your sight affected my heart,
    And I was impressed by that art.

    The secrets started to open,
    We started accepting eachother.
    I could read your mind and heart,
    And I never wanted to be apart.

    I could feel, you're broken inside,
    Where something already died.
    My heart beating so fast,
    And there were, I blast.

    You were like an open book,
    And I was impressed by your inner look,
    That was the memorable twenty minutes,
    Where I felt love beyond the limits.

    #poem #poetry #firstmeeting #meeting #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Perfect day..

    With the sunset in the eyes,
    Over a coffee we met!
    Verses were set free,
    For the souls meeting with the glee!

  • silent_firefly 28w

    The first meeting is the union of two souls that fall in love with each other and in the end they become one soul.

  • a_girl_inkings_her_emotions 34w


    एक बार फिर से
    तुमसे मिलने की चाह है
    एक बार फिर से
    तुम्हें जी भर के देखने की ख्वाहिश है
    एक बार फिर तुम्हारी तबस्सुम से
    अपना दिन बनाने की इच्छा है
    एक बार फिर वो बेचैनी महसूस करनी है
    जो पहली मुलाकात में हुई थी
    हाँ माना वो ख्वाब था
    पर हकीकत से कुछ कम नहीं
    एक बार फिर मुझे उस खुशी को महसूस करना है
    और चहरे से ये मायूसी दूर करना है
    एक बार फिर उस एक पल को जीना है
    जो जिंदगी के हजारों पलों से ज्यादा खूबसूरत लगते हैं
    एक बार फिर तुमसे मिलना है
    कुछ पुरानी मीठी यादें ताजा करनी है
    एक बार फिर ऐसा महसूस करना है
    कि हा! तुम साथ हो तो सब perfect है
    एक बार फिर से मुझे तुमसे मिलकर जीना है..
    तो बोलो कब आ रहे मुलाकात करने?
    तुम्हारी राह तक रहें हैं
    भले ही तुम्हें अधिक समय क्यों न लगे
    हसीन ख़्वाब बनकर नहीं,
    तुम हकीकत में हमसे मिलने आना
    और हमारी रूह से रूबरु हो जाना।

    -रोली रस्तोगी

    #a_girl_inkings_her_emotions #lovequotes #love #lovepoem #mulakat #yqhindi #yqdidi #tabassum #writersnetwork #firstmeeting #lovelife

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  • 13_prerna 50w

    Dear love,

    It's been not so long, that nature has introduced you to me. But it feels like I have known you ever since I know me. Your first "Hi" attracted me so much towards you. Even after I lost my account, I created new one and tried searching for you knowing just your display picture. Thankfully your DP was the same as it was in my memory.
    We connected one more time through internet or destiny (who knows). We exchanged some lines and bond was been created without us knowing about it.. I asked you for your insta account id, and you ignored it gracefully. I was dump to understand that you were ignoring it. My innocence asked me to drop my insta profile id.

    Few days later.....
    I recieved "Hi".

  • sullen_sage 69w

    #bestfriends #firstmeeting #impossible #girl #beautiful #talented @mirakee @writersnetwork

    This poem depicts my first impressions and feelings I had towards a girl who went on to become my best and oldest friend. I met her in the 3rd grade and have been friends with her ever since, so that's 19yrs now! We've both changed a lot, but through it all we remained in touch. I absolutely love her, and am very proud of the woman she's become. Happy birthday Britt!!! ��❤️❤️❤️

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    Impossible Girl

    This girl is impossible,

    Like the mornings recollection of a dream the night before, she haunts my mind in graceful strides and fades before I blink,

    An ally of the sun for sure, and how they do conspire, illuminating curvatures what compliment her face,

    Those golden threads of gosomer, obedient cascade, the locks upon her head agree to bend to artful hands,

    Indecisive magic are the color of her eyes, from ocean blue to meadow green, their dance remains eternal,

    And finally, from God himself, a voice that moves my heart, her songs would lyric stories while her soul would rise to speak.

    This girl is just, impossible...

    And yet I can't resist, friend or foe I'm still unsure, but my heart demands the risk.


  • _mist_ 73w

    The Red Top

    The fabric i never want to wash..
    It has this exceptional scent of beach, sand and especially it smells of US...

    The smell of our first meeting...

  • neerajtripathi 75w

    The secret wish of poetry is
    to stop the moment
    I wish i could have
    Freezed the evening !

  • dip_ki_poetry 82w

    पहली मुलकात

    ट्रेन से उतरते ही जो तेरा मुस्कुराता चेहरा देखा
    कसम से! दिल हार बैठा
    चला जब संग तेरे क़दमों से कदम मिलाके
    सोचा! जिन्दगी यही बिता लूं तेरे संग चलते चलते
    वो पहली बार जब थे हम मिले!

    दिल थोड़ा सा घबरा रहा था तेरे पास आने से हिचकिचा रहा था
    तुम्हे बचाने को धूप से,मै सूरज से टकरा रहा था
    की थी हमने ढेर सारी बातें
    जिसे याद कर ,मै आज मुस्कुरा रहा था
    वो पहली बार, मै जब, तुमसे मिलने आया था

    वो सप्ताह तेरे संग ऐसे बिता जैसे दिन का कोई पेहर सा
    यादें वो अनोखी दे गया
    पलको में बसा कर उन्हें, मैंने संजो कर रख लिया
    जाते जाते आंखों को नम कर गया,मिलन ये जुदाई सा
    ऐसा था कुछ यादगार मिलन हमारा ,पहला पहला सा।।