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  • fervent_writing 10h

    "And, which is your favourite place ever..?"
    Someone asked.

    My Dad's shoulder is loftier than anything.
    She smiled.


  • theleafthatfelloff 4d

    Our Euphoria

    I never realised, how I smiled,
    I see a mirror in your words,
    and a picture of me in your eyes,
    I see myself happy and how,
    lit up eyes and a sunny soul
    I saw myself finally now...

    I never realised, how I blushed,
    You get my face all pink and flushed
    You tell me I mean alot,
    My cheeks go red, like the sky would go
    At that sunset we saw long ago...

    I never realised, how I spoke,
    With you, for words, I am always broke,
    I see you across the corridors,
    You manage to look like my favorite dope,
    I fall tongue tied,
    Like on the night, my heart still holds tight....

    I never realised, how I am,
    You put up words and speak up a bit,
    I search myself in those wordy bits,
    but then I glance up and look into your eyes,
    I fall in love and I lower my eyes,
    I go all red and I stutter the worst ,
    I go in ages, when prevailed some love lorn Victoria,
    I tell you what,
    These days I am lost...... In our euphoria !!!

  • aishwarya_gr 5d

    Unforgettable love and love that is unforgettable.
    One is a feeling and the other one is a person, which one do you think is hard to get over with? While the feelings persist, the person fades away from your life.

  • hope95 5d

    A Northern Star

    He shines like a sun, to my firefly,
    Pleasant wind carrying fragrance of flowers from faraway lands.
    His presence permeates love, be you a friend or a foe.
    He personifies the youthfulness of the young and unconditional love of the old.
    His laugh is merriment, sweet music of a wind chime.
    His smile is radiance personified.
    He is the feeling of abundance, grace and blessings.
    His voice brings the contentment, of having everything.
    He is the sphere of light, illuminating my life.
    A beckon of lighthouse, for a wandering sailor at night.
    A floating log of wood to the drowning,when the shore isn't in sight.
    He is magical mirror, showing all the good possibilities in life.
    He is someone i have come to worship.
    He is beautiful, he is wise, yet innocent like a child.
    He is a shining angel with wings of light.
    If life is a dream, and all beings are one, he is the most beautiful of all those conciousness manifestations & I know I am right.
    For he is who keeps me going, whose presence tides me over the unseen parts of life.
    He is Home, he is love. He is the northern star, he is my guiding light.

  • nivethitha_d 1w

    She knew it when he smiled at her.


  • mrunalome 2w


    Time alone
    Now happy
    As you gave

    Living life
    To tell
    In heaven.


  • mrunalome 3w

    Writing this in brief
    While beholding it's warmth
    I shall have to omit so much
    But not this

    It was not something for a
    Short time, Even though I thought like that
    It lasted. It's lasting
    With not a bit of urge to forget

    She is in me
    A feeling I thought was not permanent
    Has got me in its clutches.

    Not impermanence. It's Immortal.

    #impermanence #ArTh. #love #lostlove #firstlove #faraway #inmemories #mirakee

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Writing this in brief
    While beholding it's warmth
    I shall have to omit so much
    But not this

    It was not something for a
    Short time, Even though I thought like that
    It lasted. It's lasting
    With not a bit of urge to forget

    She is in me
    A feeling I thought was not permanent
    Has got me in its clutches.

    Not impermanence. It's Immortal.


  • thewriterwithin99 3w

    First Love❤

    It's something that may happen in an instant or over a period of time.
    It is not the daily crush that you have which changes over different circumstances, places, people, and situations.
    It stays in you forever till the last breath.
    It is special.
    Enjoy it, cherish it.
    Damn man...!! Just go on and propose.
    It's not like they're gonna kill or something.
    Do not leave any regrets behind.


  • srikarlee 3w

    ~First Love~

    Sometimes I remind myself of all the things we did together sometimes I wonder if there is anything left for me where I don't find her mark and I realised there isn't anything left for me like that , yeah from morning to night every activity I did with her. Damn this first love . Why is it so hard to make it successful. Why does it most of the time becomes a Lesson for us to Remember rather than a Life to cherish.

    Damn you First Love!


  • abhideysarkar 3w

    Chalne ki aahaton se lagti hai ki hawa aake chuke chali gai;
    Aur payelon ki awaaz se lagti hai ki badal garaj gaye aur barish aake galon pe chhum ke chali gai;


  • officiallyallok 4w

    Chlo pyaar krte hai

    Chalo uthao kadam nayi suruat krte hai
    Chalo pyaar krte hai,
    Zindagi ki mushkilo ka safar dono sath krte hai
    Chalo pyaar krte hai ,
    Har mandir, masjid, gurudware pe sajda ek sath krte hai
    Chlo pyaar krte hai ,
    Ek dusre ke dukh aadhe aadhe baant lete hai
    Chlo pyaar krte hai,
    Ek dusre ki jindagi ke karjdaar bnte hai
    Chlo pyaar krte hai,

  • angelssymphony 4w

    Forbidden Fruit

    Our love was like no other.
    No ordinary love.
    Our hearts connected, and so did our minds.
    We could speak without speaking.
    I can only begin to describe all of the things I could see in his eyes.
    It was like he knew what I was thinking,and dreaming and brought  it to life.
    Every day that passed our love for eachother continued to grow.
    But our love was like a forbidden fruit.
    I knew our love was true, but I didn't know it could be.
    Only time would tell.. I knew.. And I was as patient as he.. But not as patient as I should have been.
    He knew I was shy. But he also saw so much more inside of me.
    This I knew.
    If only I told him all of the things that I yearned to say.
    He was to me the most beautiful man in the world.
    And I knew there could be love after love..but none would be like this one.
    But even then I knew that he was the one..
    The one I awaited my whole life to find. Overtime I was able to read all of the signs.
    The unseen signs.
    We were both so cool on the surface, so discreet.
    Yet open.
    Our hearts were linked.
    He was the man I had always dreamed of.
    The one who connected with me Spiritually.
    But then change came.. And I was going to have to go away..
    I still would have had a little while to stay..but instead I chose to run away.
    Because our time together was going to be taken away.
    So I thought impulsively.
    And I knew I had made the wrong decision, and that by then it was too late..
    Even if I could have went back I would have been too ashamed for leaving in the first place. But I did say goodbye..You told me you loved me for the very first time.
    Even with other people standing around. Because when I came to you to tell you goodbye..and we stood directly in front of eachother looking into each others eyes I felt the love burn sadly, and saw the love we both felt at that moment shine in the background of the color of your eyes.
    I am sure you could see it in mine too. And then it struck me that this was the last time I would see him, and the fault was all mine.
    I had no doubts of his love that day. He spoke it and I was too shy.. He knew but I didn't get to say.
    We stood so close we should have kissed.
    But we didn't.
    If I wouldn't have been so foolish I would have made the right choice and stayed..and our love would have finally bloomed enough to consemate.
    And it would have been the most godliest love that could have been made between two soul mates.
    I saw him again once, but we couldn't talk.
    If only then I could have said all of what I had thought.
    It had been a year since I had seen him and it was my only chance.
    But I couldn't.
    We were at an event.
    This love was that of a teacher, And the love of a student

  • a_confused_soul 4w


    It is nearing end,
    My affection for you.
    It has suffered long,
    Trampled under your whims,
    Like a night jasmine
    That has seldom seen the bright sunlight.

    The chills in the air,
    biting my skin.
    The vague memory of yours,
    pinching akin.
    I walk past that lightpole
    that has stood indifferent to the test of time
    Unlike my  tattered heart
    That has diffused into thin air forever.
    The air has some scents
    Of the blooming flowers
    Of the cigarette i smoked
    Creating a beautiful concoction of flavours,
    Making me hazy,
    Or is it my drunken stupour?
    The night is still young
    It's my heart that has gone feeble.

    It's the last night of december
    And i reminisce of the year that went by.
    It is the night i will remember
    As the one where i morphed into a butterfly.

    Ipsita Biswal

  • abhishekit29 4w

    कुदरत का कर्ज

    इस बात का इल्म न था कि तुम्हे पाने के बाद कुदरत के कर्ज तले इतना दब जाऊंगा कि,
    सौ बार सोचना पड़ेगा एक नई फ़रियाद से पहले ।


  • mehengawriter 4w

    The first eye contact

    I don't know how much detailed I would be but the day I had my first eye contact with you ❤️ that feeling (emoji because I can't explain the feelings in words).

    Your eyes were as deep like as if they were giving an open challenge to this universe and galaxy.

    I tried to pull myself but I know neither of us wanted to look away.
    That sight was more than enough for a person like me to fell, die ,do anything for you.

    I really wanted to propose you,or just wanted to confirm that do you also have the same feelings for me but could never gain enough courage to again make an eye contact.

    Somewhere deep I always had the feeling of rejection or the fear of losing you.
    But why didn't I confronted my love , whenever I ask myself this question ⁉️ I get the same answer and that was I never wanted to disturb you .
    I wanted my love to be as pure as nothing

    It has been 2 long years no news about you missing that innocence very much.

    Hope someday this would reach to you anyhow and you don't get disturbed.
    That feeling would never be for anyone else

    Make this reach her guys but in a gentle way .

  • abhishekit29 4w

    Degree of love

    Degree of love and affection shouldn't be decided by the time we spend on the path of knowing each other but rather total distance travelled.

    Because with some you will prefer walking but with one you will prefer going for a marathon.


  • wild_babe 5w

    Can't miss you #firstlove

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    First love III

    I imagine you as a SUN not a MOON
    I don't want to miss you
    Even one day


  • wild_babe 5w

    You are in it #firstlove

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    First love II

    You are the lyrics
    Of my favourite songs
    You are the music too


  • frankly_moloch 5w


    Stereo to my sorry soul,
    this utopian heartache,
    the records, melancholy,
    of kisses, blessings be,
    we parted on pinnacle,
    my lover of tormenting,
    the purple impressions,
    smiling above seclusion,
    the chocolate hair locks,
    your fragrance of solace,
    although, i would never,
    nor would you let mine,
    these merry fables of,
    us and ourselves, loving,
    what's never been so,
    ciao, my charmed one.


    #damned #bellaciao #goodbyemylover #firstlove #awalkinclouds #stereohearts #holdmyhand #madelyn #pasttales #mirakeewrites #writersnetwork #atlastpeace #youandme

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  • anuraghsaiadluri 5w

    Love triggers you into magic
    When magic starts in you,
    You are not anymore a magician of your feelings