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  • itsssiya 7h

    #love #euphoria #tonight #sweetdreams #firefly
    #friendship #somethingmore heyy yall I hope your having a great day My friend wrote this poem and I really loved it so I wanted to post it show her some love @manasa_taetae ��

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    Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
    To your window
    That means that I love you

    I remember our first kiss
    Every time, I close my eyes
    And it takes me away to the farthest place

    Like the words written in the sand
    Where the waves are
    I’m afraid you’ll disappear
    So I always miss you
    I can’t take out
    All these words in my heart
    But this means that I love you

    How did someone like you come to me?
    If only we could be together right now
    How nice would it be

    Like the words written in the sand
    Where the waves are
    I’m afraid you’ll disappear
    So I always miss you
    I can’t take out
    All the things written in my diary
    But this means that I love you

    Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
    To your window
    I hope you have sweet dreams

  • akshay_vasu 2w

    They caught fireflies and filled them inside a jar every night so they could survive the darkness. And every morning, they would bury those dead fireflies with gratitude, prayers, and tears. One day, they arrived at the same place with another jar of fireflies and saw a tree at every place where they had buried those fireflies before. Those trees shined in the night with the kind of light that this creation had never witnessed before. And from that day, they never went in search of the fireflies again.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    Amidst utter darkness, even a tiny firefly is a symbol of hope.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • czarcasm 7w


    Of a branch
    Someone sneaking in the forest

    The moonlight
    Guardian over even the poorest

    The figure
    As they brush a spiderweb away

    The child
    Catching fireflies trying to stay


  • i_shukriya 8w

    #gogyohka #wod
    Thankyou #miraquill for this challenge

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    Wanna live like a firefly.
    Cherish my own light.
    Sow my wings.
    Hover with my own sweet self.
    Wish to ekes out lone hearth...


  • fireflynarratives 11w

    Love and above.

    When you wake up one day and realise,
    The hand that held people and relations together,
    disappear into thin air,
    The way you love will never be the same.
    The heart will be scared to love the way it did.
    Words will fall short,
    You tremble to make any honest small talks
    with the ones, you once did.
    Relationships become a burden and you let go off them for your sanity, very easily.
    Silences fill you up, so much so that you hear your heart beat racing.
    Somehow they seem to be your safe haven.
    The heart that was once ready to see an ocean full of love, will be scared to give even a fist full of it.
    May be then,
    May be then you realise how hard it is to love, than to be loved.
    And then you become the hook that holds all of'em together too.
    Slowly, but surely.


  • divya_dd2 16w

    Light towards life

    sitting on the corner
    of the blocked room
    she was waiting and
    searching for a way
    towards the lights
    and then she saw a firefly
    came in from somewhere
    and brightened up the dark
    blocked room with its
    yellowish-green light's
    her eyes started glittering
    with the light of puny star
    though it was a mini creature
    less power less life
    carried within it but
    still it can live to the fullest
    and can glow in every night
    she was merry when she found
    her way back to her life
    to the light towards
    the world of jocund souls.

  • pallavi4 18w

    World of fireflies

    Why does a firefly get attracted to light
    Willingly choosing not to live but to die ?
    Why do we choose to stay with people
    Who weave a complex web of lies ?
    Why do we get attached to people who
    When loved only hurt us in return ?
    Why inspite of their spiteful words for their affection
    Wordlessly, vehemently we yearn ?
    Why do we voluntarily burn our
    Wings for people we like and adore ?
    Why does their misdemeanour make us
    Withhold nothing back, instead love them even more ?
    When affection takes the form of chains
    Withholding our ability to fly away
    Why do we find it difficult to leave instead
    We choose to with them indefinitely stay ?


    12th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Christopher Denise

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  • snigdhac92 19w

    Thoughts #6

    There is a firefly's nest glimmering with words in my heart. Each word carry a light and I place it hopefully on dark parchment at midnight. There they become stars which radiate the hope I filled in them.
    Somewhere a whisper of hope falls from a pair of lips while they look at a twinkling star.


  • _minnaa_ 20w

    I was loitering around the garden and surroundings of my house. Despite getting embraced by the cold breeze, ideas refused to come to me. That's when a firefly came out of nowhere and resolved my crisis. And I am penning down my heartfelt gratitude to that sublime insect.

    It reminded me of childhood days when I used to eagerly run behind fireflies, just to see it's light. It is always a fascination to hold it inside my fingers (never successful with that). I always used to wonder why it never shined in daytime. I used to think that it sleeps during the day and is awake when its dark outside. As I grew up, I learned that it flies during the day as well. But we fail to perceive it or it's light. Or maybe because it doesn't look that great in the daytime. We, writers are also like fireflies.We are empowered to illuminate the world with our words, ideas, thoughts, philosophies etc. We can shine even in the darkest phases. Like fireflies, writers are found everywhere (adorning various hats). There is no good or bad writer, a writer is a writer after all, unless he/she decides otherwise. Like how a firefly doesn't really shine during a day, often a writer may not be able to shine as well. There are days when you need to relax and let go of things. There are days when ideas shower down like rain.
    The thing worth remembering is that, as a writer - you are that light, you get to illuminate when you want to. And there would be so many who would resonate with you or deaden with you. Like how so some people fancy fireflies or so many hating them. As writers, we should be open to ideas and criticism, for it moulds our craft and development. One thing that I learned or rather realized from this incident is that it taught me to trust my inner light. Lately, I have been running away from it. I have always had that glow which I had been seeking all this while.

    PS - I would like to dedicate this post to all my fellow writers. May you all have the strength to trust your inner light.❣️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • anonymousquill 22w


    The firefly in the jar beside my bed
    Is but a dream of your smile
    To warm myself tonight;
    An afterglow of things left unsaid.

    A spectacle to behold
    Of freeform flow;
    Tell me how you like them,
    The songs we sang of old.

    I do not seek in my solilouqy
    To be too deep,
    And sink beneath melancholy;
    The despair of antiquity.

    The firefly beside my bed
    Flutters and hums;
    Its light turned low.
    Our silent songs must already be dead.


  • firefly93 23w


    Take my love
    Take my land
    Take me where
    I cannot stand
    I don't care
    I'm still free
    You can't take
    The sky from me

    Take me out
    To the black
    Tell 'em I
    Ain't comin' back
    Burn the land
    Boil the sea
    You can't take
    The sky from me

  • theoneinaminion 23w

    This amateur piece of writing is about a Firefly. I was reading about the movie Grave Of Fireflies and there I chanced across the phrase "Why do fireflies die so soon?" There is a rather simple explanation to it when you think about it scientifically but the phrase piqued my interest. I wondered if fireflies could signify something in our human lives. That is when it struck me that they could be our little sparks of joy which come and fade away after giving us a taste of happiness for a small time. I personally had those moments in my life. A very small thing which lights up my passion and makes me very happy while doing that thing but it doesn't last longer. It just...fades away. This is an extremely personal account of one such case. Even if one of those things happened to me, I'd just sit and think about what it is rather than participating it. I think that's evident in one of the stanzas where all I do is just think about what the firefly is rather than living in the present and being with it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let me know about your feedback in the comments. I'd be thrilled to read it.

    #passion #firefly #happiness

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    I once saw a shooting star,
    Streaking across a clear night sky,
    I closed my eyes and wished,
    And there you were, my firefly.
    I sat there bewildered,
    My wish was impossible by far,
    How could it come to fruition,
    For I wished to play with a star.
    Were you the fallen star reborn,
    Were you my wish come true,
    I wonder if you were the light that I needed,
    Were you my lost passion too?
    I was lost in my thoughts,
    When you bumped into my face,
    You flew across my eyes,
    And danced in your fiery grace.
    I chased you following your symphony,
    I was the song, you were the writer,
    My smile grew with each passing second,
    As did your flames which kept growing brighter.
    Maybe I was hidden in the shadows,
    Of this world so devoid of glee,
    Your fire made me one with the light,
    And rekindled my passion for the world to see.
    A light once bright tends to fade away,
    As in the stars, as in the moon,
    Upon your loss I couldn't help but wonder,
    Why do fireflies die so soon?


  • sonu99 23w

    My Lighthouse,My Father

    In the storm of life,
    Amidst the dark abyss
    My guiding light;
    My pole star;
    My firefly;
    My lighthouse;
    Is my father.
    The torchbearer in my life,
    The source of power and strength,
    The glimmering silver lining,
    The beacon of hope,
    To guide me to the shore of safety by letting me to rise above up of all difficulties;
    Is my father.

  • dimic007 26w


    The puck sound of the beer.
    Took me to the first gear.

    The essence makes loose my senses.
    Oh my baby..! I couldnt wonder anything without you.
    You stood by me in hardest of times.

    Though your names are many, but your soul is one.
    Sometimes you are harsh, but that doesn't matter.
    I will always care for you.

  • sonu99 36w

    In search of a firefly's sparkle of hope amidst the twinkling ambience of fairy lights.

  • cabbah 43w


    Ikk khuwab hoon
    Kisi aankh main,
    Ikk Halchal hoon
    Kisi dil main,
    Kabhi jul gia,
    Kabhi bujh gia,
    Ikk jugno hoon,
    Is raat main.

  • mazidsagir 48w


    In the darkness of hatred,
    a little light of firefly is enough.
    Just like, a little drop water in desert.

  • _firefly 49w


    Who says only the hells burn?
    Who says only the heavens spark?
    No it is just the half baked truth
    Just like elephants having false tooth.
    Hell like stars, sun without no life
    Always shine, even if you see it or not
    This heavenly beautiful earth is burning
    Slow and fast towards doom it's turning.
    This is a world filled with plenty of irony
    Where you and me survive and barely live
    Because the most happy faces inside cry
    There's a world beyond what meets your eye.


  • _firefly 51w

    My love for you is something inexpressible. I think I've been to you a million times in a million lifetimes before. It seems I've seen all you bits and corners and you've helped me grow in all these seasons.
    P.S. I still miss you.

    #love #paris #firefly

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    Give me paris
    with some rain,
    Hold me close-
    take away my pain,
    And I'll write
    for you again,
    All the poetry that
    tickles my brain!