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  • blackdot 2d

    Burn like the sun #sunshine #fire #patience

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    Light up the fire
    The desire to achieve
    Now Burn it out and   burn it deep
    Keep up the flames  even in sleep
    Fueling your soul ,with all your dreams
    I'll keep on  climbing mountain steep
    Into the blizzard , I won't freeze
    Even If people disagree
    I'll always know ,thats destiny
    I've put too much to now backdown
    They call me fool ,they call me clown
    But I won't ever turn around
    I made this path, it was not found
    I know ,day will come when I glow
    This frozen path will someday thaw
    My  own conviction will then blow
    Me to the pinnacle for sure
    So I keep grinding for that  time
    Breaking my bone for every dime
    Waiting  patiently for my prime
    On that  day solaris will shine

  • roel_gonz 5d

    Behave my nightmare little monster
    She's coming under fire
    Blazing red attire
    With lustful

  • abhivk 1w

    Light a fire

    -In an empty island,

    I'll plant an empty tree, too deep into the lands,
    I'll water it everyday with my love and sowing hands.

    Just to remind me of you.
    Just to recall memories with few.

    I'll built an empty boat, to ship into the flood.
    I'll sail it everyday with my love and draining blood.

    Just to keep you close.
    Just to save you from those.

    I'll stare my empty scars, to hold them in high regards.
    I'll wander with my wings,
    & shelter the pain that sings.

    Just to see you again.
    Just to feel my tears in the rain.

    I'll fill my empty island, with
    all my love aspire.
    You can either grow with the wild or you can just 'Light a Fire'.

    - Burn it down, o dear
    Along with it's emptiness -


  • madinah_writes 2w

    Catching glimpse of this echoing city, burning into flames of ashes.
    Carrying it's guilt in me, like a miserable pregnant girl.
    Pressing my falling head against hers, like that of a baby's.
    Saying her name like a protection prayer.
    "God Save Nigeria"

  • k_kshitij 3w

    #free #September #Fire

    Sept - Embers

    Is it still burning,
    The fire we ignited?
    Or are these just singed
    Which we are giving air to?
    Afraid of becoming cold.

    Charred flames
    One more time,

    For scared we are-
    Of the dark,
    Of the end,
    Of the unknown.

    We keep pumping breath
    In the corpse,
    Hoping against the hope-
    What's burning never gets doused.

    Unaware, as we are,
    What's perennial is the dark
    And all the embers
    Of all the bonds we create
    Are transcendental:
    Changing existence
    Finally to submerge
    Into the eternal dark.
    The Reality.
    The Infinite.


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    Sept - Embers


  • ecstasy 3w


    Light light , buring so bright
    In the deep of dark you give me sight
    But what are you doing here in the middle of the night
    Buring yourself when people are asleep around you
    No more logs to fule you , no speaking mouths to praise your warmth
    Why do you still burn ?
    Why to still burn ?
    Ease off and turn to ash
    So I can pick the pieces off and pack you in this Urn


  • mystery_in_words 3w

    It's been quite a while since
    I let you stagger off my doorway,
    I let you burn my words to crisp,
    I let you drip down my cheeks at night,
    I let my burning heart keep you warm.
    No matter the months that whiled away,
    Your power over me makes me tremble -
    The kind of spark that lights ashes on fire.
    Tears roll down my eyes to agony unknown;
    I try to wipe it off but to this day,
    The tears still sear through my skin.
    With a coarse trembling voice,
    I beg to be struck by lightning,
    This time, to last.

    01/09/21 - 02.30

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    As soon as he woke up, he began to light everyone with fire. He had forgotten that when they were all sleeping, whatever happened to them would become their power instead of destroying them. After some time, everyone who was on fire began waking up and walking towards him. Understanding the blunder he had done, he lit himself with the same fire hoping that it would become his power too. But the fire he has lit himself with destroyed him before they could.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • superrita_21 3w

    Nexus of Love & Hate

    'Love' blazing massive thrust of pure positive energy fuelling fire to the entire body & soul

    Cascades ornaments of beautiful golden moments plunging life in divine fulfilling spirits, an everlasting trove of gracious treasure


    'Hate' baited lashing purge of fierce venomous energy fuelling fire to the entire body & soul

    Bundling crumbs of grey tepid sodden bloody ashes remains, dwindle life in utter ruins chaotic shambles of everlasting casket of crystalline tears


  • quil_to_paper 3w

    #Fire# poet #writing# liberate # wings

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    Wings are burning
    Turning to white dust,
    Swifting in breeze
    Out came mother of fire..


  • darkness_of_the_sky 3w

    28th August 2021

    In being so afraid that my darkness would consume those who I loved.
    I loved them incompletely without the depth of my heart.

  • naqsaif 4w


    "I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To know that for destruction ice
    Is also great"
    ~ Robert Frost

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    When they
    Tell you,
    You cannot burn
    Like fire
    You cannot turn
    Them into ashes
    Bleed gold
    From your gashes.

    Smile and
    Tell them
    That you can't.

    Like ice
    You can freeze
    Them to death
    You can fade
    All Their hues
    Spill diamonds
    From your bruise


  • afiba_yankey 4w

    I wrote this thinking about two fires in my community. Please tell me what you think

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    Gibson jolts upright in bed. Cool sweat trickling over his brow. Mustard’s barking is a bit louder than the faint popping in his ear. He reaches for his phone. 2:47am.

    He bought this house 5 years ago. Moving in with his wife, Keaton, and their little boy, Newt, was just another happy moment in a good life. Newt was now a big brother and their home was complete. 3200 Opes Road is where they celebrate birthdays, kiss each other good night, and center their lives. Everything they wanted and needed was in this house.

    Gibson throws the blanket back and drops his feet to the hardwood floor. He walks to the bedroom door hoping to find nothing and walk back to bed. Opening the door, Mustard and dark clouds of smoke roll in above him and a hazy orange glow fills the bedroom. Gibson’s eyes grow wide taking in all the color and light. Down the hall flames lick their kitchen ceiling.

    “Fire!” Gibson hollers.
    “Keaton! Fi- Fire!” he chokes out as smoke enters his lungs.
    His wife stirs. “Keaton!!”, he pushes out.
    The smoke alarm sounds as Keaton jolts upright to Mustard pawing at her.

    Gibson rushes upstairs two and three stairs at a time; choking a little more with each step. His son walks out rubbing his eyes.
    Gibson places heavy hands on his boy’s shoulders and shakes him into the moment.
    “Newt, Out of the house!” He instructs his eldest child.

    He wants to snap his fingers and magically zap him to safety. He watches his son run down the stairs. Keaton, his wife, waves frantically at the bottom of stairs to grab her son. He hears her voice but the words are muffled under the coughs.
    He jolts to Adalynn’s room. She is standing atop her bed, screaming, crying. In one swift motion he picks her up, twirls around and leaps out the door. He covers her face from the flames and smoke as he bounds down the steps.
    Gibson sees Keaton sitting on the facing neighbor’s lawn holding their son and watching the bonfire that was their lives. Reaching a safe distance he collapses to the ground, gasping and coughing as he holds Adalynn tight to his chest.

    The scene occupies all of their senses; the sight of the brilliant flames angrily jerking around, eating away at their foundation, the smell of everything burning, the taste of ash on their tongues. Every moment in their home plays in Gibson’s head as if now was the time to try and record it all.

    Neighbors start to gather unsure of how to respond. Sirens become clearer in the would-be silence of the night. A team of firefighters spring into action to stop the blaze.
    As Gibson takes in all that he can, a small hand slips inside of his palm and squeezes. He looks down to see his son looking just as frightened as when they met in the smoke filled hallway moments earlier.

    “Are you okay sir?”
    Gibson turns around to see a young firefighter.
    Gibson just stares into the man’s face hesitant to go back to the reality of the event behind him.
    The firefighter repeats himself.

    “We’re Okay.” Gibson says at last.

    The firefighter looks down and notices Newt’s bare feet. “Hey buddy, let’s get something on those feet.” The young man takes his son’s hand and Newt follows.

    Adrenaline and fear batter at the homes former occupants as Mustard runs back into the fire before anyone can stop him, barking angrily at the fire. A firefighter pulls him out with singed fur. An EMT places oxygen over his muzzle to help him breathe again.
    Gibson drives the family car to his sister’s home in the next town over, about 30 minutes away.
    The car is quiet. Yellow lines. Green trees. White lights. Red lights. Signal. Right turn. Door.
    In the shower the hot water rains down upon his body. Gibson lowers his head to see the water turn a deep shade of grey. Tears begin to push their way to the surface. His world has burned through the night while the world around him seems untouched. How is that possible?
    A mug of coffee sits in front of him. “Ping” The headline on the tablet jumps out at him. Fire Devastates Local Family. Gibson taps the screen to open the article. “Three people, including a child, lost their lives and two others were injured in a house fire that started just after midnight on Thursday, April 1. Jerry Mulligan and his two small daughters lost their lives. He reads and scrolls down to see the image of a charred second floor apartment. The roof had fallen in, and the space was unrecognizable as a place people once lived. This wasn’t their devastation.

    ”Gibson lowered his phone to see his wife across the room kissing their daughter on the forehead.


  • randalthor 6w


    Some men write like their hands is on fire, some men write down the whispers of their demons, some men write for the woman they kiss, some men write to give hope for the next generation.

  • questioning_life 6w

    The scent of blazing wood tickled my nose,
    All I could think of was that they know, it knows.
    It's a lose-lose situation, one I could not possibly win,
    A chocking feeling clawed its way up as I faced my sin.
    An ambient cackling rose admist my screeching thoughts,
    A figure, clocked in black, clutching two swords.
    Orange flames flickered in the reflection of the metal,
    I heard an echoing scream from the night, almost like a kettle.
    The figure strode towards me, as if it had all the time,
    If only I could trade a nickel for a dime.
    But it is too late, as the swords morphed into a scythe
    And the late night birds singed and cried.
    As morning came the rays turned golden,
    With the celebration of the sinner who had fallen.
    The horns of hell lay on top its head,
    As the sinner give into its bloodshed.


  • nicole_kazembe 6w

    I was burning
    And l left everything in my wake as ashes.
    You were ashes

    How could l quench a fire that had a lifetime to brew,
    My body a martyr of lifelong torments and abuses.
    How could I have loved you right, when all I knew was to fake being alright.
    I was burning
    And l burned you too

    ©Nicole Kazembe

  • slaughtered_heart 6w

    To know what fire does to you,
    you have to burn your hands a little.

    To know what love does to you,
    you have to break your heart a little.


  • soultxt 6w

    Looking at the fire
    The thought simply lightens up
    Sparking the curiosity
    The idea burns bright
    Ingniting the canvas
    The ashes become the art
    As the flames start drawing


  • sree_nidhi 20w


    She is a wild fire,
    Lighting up the world,
    With her flames
    As she set fire,
    To the hearts that she touches
    Turning hate and negativity to ashes
    As the flames of love and
    Creativity starts dancing
    Within them.

    #fire #she #her #creative #love

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  • sara_adnan 169w

    He had fire inside him. The kind that ignites the madness in her.