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  • scribbles_of_azkiyah 10h

    This fire,
    It burns so
    Fiercely within her,
    I quake in her presence,
    I look into the mirror and
    then i realized that it is " I "

    I am,
    The "FIRE"
    and i am ready to
    bring a house down!

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    F. I. R. E

    ⚡She was fire

  • aparna_s 2d

    Choices ➡️ destiny

    Never is it late
    in the loop of Time -
    to make Choices,
    and to unlearn things
    that were taught at your tender age.

    The path of your Foot -
    that outruns the havoc of Fire,
    and surpasses through the ravages of Time,
    defines your Destiny.

  • debbanibose 5d

    Oceans set ablaze.

    Deep within the oceans,
    Two souls set ablaze.
    The roaring tides kept them hidden
    From the chaos of the mortal's maze.

    Tons of water around them,
    Failed to quiet down the doom;
    The glowing ember almost as if
    Arrogantly mocking the fierce Neptune.

    Why do you think the seas cry?
    What is it, that make the oceans divine?
    Is it the lies floating on the surface,
    Or the truths they are forced to hide?

    - Debbani Bose ✍️

  • althea234 1w

    #Fire #sad
    This poem has nothing to do with my life but I think some people can relate

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    Widespread fire

    That fire flame that eats on the body of people
    Few got save while others dies
    That widespread fire in my life
    I left alone in this dark fight
    Some got hurt the same got heal
    That widespread fire becomes light of sadness

  • angelssymphony 1w

    Summer Night Delight

    Red like fire,
    Blue like fire,
    Orange like fire,
    Yellow like fire.
    Burning bright.
    Feeling oh so warm.
    Black like midnight.
    Whitish grey clouds.
    Bright white like the stars.
    Redish Pink like Mars.
    Feels so perfect.
    Feels so free.
    Feels so chill.
    Transparent like the wind.
    Green like fireflies.
    Numb like Rum.
    Brown like wood.
    Burning wood feels so good.
    Green like grass.
    Feels good upon my bare foot.
    Grey like smoke.
    Smoke is out the bugs begin to poke.
    Tan like my white skin.
    Hazel like my eyes.
    Black like my eyebrows.
    Light brown like my hair.
    Light blue like my toenails.
    Light but not too light pink like my lips.
    Black like my eyelashes.
    Blue like my blanket.
    On the green grass.
    In the dark blue night.
    With the red embers burning bright.
    Sweet like the wine.
    Clear like the ice.
    Numb like my body.
    Sleeping by the fire.
    Waking up with bug bites.
    Grey like the ashes.
    When the fire went out.
    Light blue and orange like the sky.
    Rising when I wake up after passing out.

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    you can't survive
    and call that a love
    Once you receive the fire of hell
    and you name it worth of soul's desires

  • journeyhale 1w


    My heart skips and something starts to glow inside of me when you are near.
    The banked fire finds forgotten fuel and comes alight once again,

    Turning my bones to lava..

    It happens every time,
    yet I cannot fight the desire I have to stand in the flames and let them consume me.
    Even though I know I will collapse into charred embers before you,
    I still crave the burn.

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    I choose to stay on fire
    before I write your tears
    Where you feel heavy
    rainfalls inside yourself
    as a beautiful tragedy

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    in your eyes
    I found a love
    staying on the fire of tears
    left by the storm of sunshine

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    How can I live and believe with fire of love happily
    when you used to believe that love will always
    be a mysterious feeling in my beautiful heart


  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    Ever you felt fire melting through lips
    Just stay on her lips like rains
    fulfilled earth's desires

  • ashupriyaa 1w

    My theory on love
    #shayri #love #life #fire
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    प्यार उसी से करो जिसे कंट्रोल कर सको,
    जब प्यार आपको कंट्रोल करने लगे,
    तो उसे बर्बाद कर दो।।

  • roseberryy 2w

    In your eyes there is so much more
    It goes beyond the deepest blue
    Such beauty I've not seen before
    In your eyes I see hope and the love i have for you.

    Far beyond the white like freshly fallen snow
    I see you heart pure as a dove
    To explain the wondrous beauty the words I don't know
    All I can give is my own true love.

    Flecks of green and yellow spark imagination and fire
    A beauty rarely seen
    No artist's pallet could conspire
    A picture so perfect and clean.

    But far beyond the color, I see what makes you whole
    If I look deep inside your eyes my dear, I see your soul.


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  • angelssymphony 2w

    Late Night

    I think of my dreams..
    And I dream what I think.
    When dreams don't come true,
    It can really sink..
    You deep..
    Into the ground.
    Call out for help
    Hello, It's me.
    Nobody is there..
    Please send help.
    I can hardly see.
    Am I asleep?
    I'm just me being me..
    Does that make me a freak?
    I'm beginning to sink...
    What do you think?

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art 2w


    In the darkness 
    of the new moon night 
    I lit up a fire 
    in the yard

    I stared at it 
    longing for something 
    that lights up my heart 
    in the middle of my darkest thoughts

  • kanikachugh 2w

    Have you ever closely looked at
    the burning fire?
    Crackling in an open furnace
    like a campfire or a fireplace.
    Attracting you with
    its wavy blazing flares.
    Holding enormous power
    to burn anything in the vicinity
    but stays confined within the limits.
    The mightiness to destroy
    yet provides you the warmth.

    When you look into it
    you feel that power within
    Something burning inside you,
    Something moving you
    towards meaningful
    that has not been cultivated yet.
    The unique magic of fire
    melting walls and penetrating into you
    in form of tiny veins
    unlocking a spectator,
    an observer inside you.

    It opens a chamber of your mind
    where there is too much wisdom
    you aren’t aware of yet.
    Looks like your soul knows it too.
    The answers you had been looking for
    so you start following that gut.
    Forgetting about the world!
    You find there is so much unexplored
    And you wish to dig it all open;
    The parts you rarely visit.

    It could be your higher self.
    Not the Highest One(yet)
    Like an Attic,
    It's rarely used.
    But so much stored in there.
    You visit only when you need it.

    Sometimes your subconscious calls you out
    when it sees you struggling,
    It understands you need something,
    it understands the void you’re trying to fill
    but that won’t be available in the outside world.
    And hence, makes you visit.

    And after this Self-Realisation
    for a fleeting moment
    all comes to halt.
    You are so moved by that power
    That you push yourself through it again,
    You wish to enter that trance again
    but it doesn't happen.

    Similar to an episode of any series.
    When it ends you know you have to wait
    till it airs again.
    That's all you are supposed to know at the moment.
    And you make a truce with it

    In same way,the door has been closed now
    And wants you to stay put for a while.

    I believe Nature holds that power.
    The world we are trying to build outside,
    Nature has the power to showcase that world
    we have already built inside us
    but aren't aware of it.
    It gives us directions from time to time,
    answers to our confusions,
    enriching us with ideas if seeking any.
    That focus, that thinking, that looking does wonders inside us.
    It’s weird but pleasurable.

    That’s why they say. You reflect what you feel within.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #fire

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  • jamesdavismcallister 2w

    You Thought You Buried Me

    You thought you buried me
    Now you'll see it's the beginning
    Resurrection,infection in your head
    And I'm in my prime call me Optimus
    Done living the lie
    cause it's my time to shine
    Like the big dipper call me flipper
    Making waves high tide
    On my grind living my life for the first time
    Not under your grip your slaves whip
    Hey man tell me hows my dick taste
    Shes just a waste
    You'll soon find out what shes all about
    Spreading her legs like a fucking disease
    Bitch bleeds 30 days a month
    You'll see shes just another slut
    Now have I said enough
    Bitch weighs more than a monster truck
    Like what the fuck
    Not just another metaphor
    Shes just a whore
    Wont stop til I settle the score
    Not taking shit from you or your fucking friends
    It all depends how you want this to end
    Cause I'm living my life for the revenge

  • akshay_vasu 2w

    The day she realized that it was not about the world but was all about her, she grew the wings. The day she understood she was not answerable to any of them who always blamed and pointed at her, she had the fire blazing in her eyes. She raised and soared towards the sky. The whole world looked at her in awe, wishing if only they could be her. She was not confined to be on the ground anymore. She had the wings of fire, and she left a trail everywhere she went for others to follow.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • madinah_writes 2w


    The Mighty Dragon,
    A huge, bat winged.
    The fire-breathing lizard that never feed.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    A snake with a barbed tail.
    A legend of Myths and historical tales.
    Bleeding cough of fire out of its mouth
    Shielding swords with it like magical paintings
    Magnificent swords of extraordinary blades.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Mother of knowledge.
    Creator of wars,
    Leads the fiercely battle, It never falls.
    Fighting for humans,
    brings home victory, victory for all.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Large, serpentine legendary creature.
    Withnessed the beginning of life and the whole world's culture.
    Horned with two or four legs.
    Capable of breathing fire,
    Greater than the dinosaur's chest.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Keeper of caves,
    Mighty like the mountains,

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Father of magic,
    Creator if history.
    Beautiful beast,
    It isn't just fantasy.

  • bulderme 2w

    #nature #fire #silence #cabin #life #calm

    Gotta start somewhere. Just take the first move.

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    Silence in the Room

    I rocked in my chair.
    I was alone in my room.
    Silence in the room;
    I have adapted.

    My dog sleeps right beside me;
    I have a cracking fire across the room.
    I want to sit closer;
    It's a heavy winter this year.

    A knock at the door is never inevitable;
    I love silence.
    Natural sounds are exempt;
    It brings me peace.

    Tonight is just my average night;
    The usual happens.
    I need more firewood as the fire dies;
    I open the door and head out into the night.

    The wind blows hard this time;
    It's usually calm.
    It's okay, I'm used to this.
    I come back with logs.

    The fire cracks once again;
    A little stronger this time.
    The fire grows too big.
    The carpet catches flames.

    I tried to put it out,
    But it spreads throughout the cabin.
    Sounds everywhere;
    Not so silent anymore.

    I'm driven insane;
    I run out with my dog.
    The cabin collapses;
    I'm left with only my dog.

    The fire dies out;
    Silence again.
    I set off to find a new place to stay;
    A silent walk to a silent place.