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  • _joyce_dg 2w

    On my paper was a spot,
    Thought it was just a water drop,
    But no cup was near me.

    Tried to look for the source,
    And when I touched my cheek,
    I discovered where it came from.


  • mia_yham_ 5w

    The Day Her Ship Sank

    The day her ship sank
    Is the day his heart sank as well
    On the 1st day of January
    It's not a happy new year for him
    He's longing for her presence
    He's missing the warmth of her embrace
    In the vast ocean of his agony and pain
    He never stops shouting his beloved's name
    The day her ship sank
    Is the day his world stops to spin
    The day her ship sank
    Is the day his heart died together with her


  • mia_yham_ 6w

    Bid Your Goodbye

    Even if you are strange and a bit weird
    It doesn't mean you have to change yourself
    Instead, change your point of view
    Own yourself, embrace yourself, be true
    Don't keep on trying to be someone that is not you
    You don't need to be like them to be you
    Bid goodbye to all your worries
    Say farewell to all of your woes
    You don't need to be sophisticated to be in
    'Cause you'll never be out if you're real and sincere
    I love you just the way you are right now
    And there's nothing I wish to change in you


  • mia_yham_ 6w


    Tryin' to find where the sun rises,
    Seek the home that I truly misses,
    And fulfill all my broken promises,
    To you who loves me dear like nobody else.

    For thy love lessen the pain inside me,
    You made me rose above my own misery,
    And thy laughters made my soul so happy,
    That it's bubbling inside my dying body.

    I am sinking and drowning in an ocean of pain,
    And little by little my inside is literally dyin',
    But as I let my tears washed away by the rain,
    You found me and made the other side of me reign.

    How long should I have to pretend that I am fine?
    Pretend that my smiles are as sweet as the wine,
    But I'm literally wishing to reach my finish line,
    Well, not until you healed this broken heart of mine.


  • betibetss 7w

    Poem for my idols, my #favorite #Filipino #BoyGroup #SB19, P-Pop #Kings ��
    I wrote this months ago when their comeback song WHAT? celebrated its first monthsary. That song is very revolutionary & avante garde! You should all listen to it. It has English subtitles. ��

    Here: https://youtu.be/OAww-qrSnPs

    #tula #BuwanNgWika2021 @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill @mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writersbay #pod #revolutionary #fan #music


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    Sa Ilustradong Musiko


    Hinding hindi ko malilimutan
    ang ating pagdadaop-palad.
    Dama ko pa rin
    ang higpit ng kapit,
    nang iakay mo ako
    para umahong muli.

    Matagal-tagal na akong lugmok,
    humihingi ng saklolo;
    Humihiyaw ngunit
    hindi umaalingawngaw.

    Buti iyong tinanaw
    ang abang kinasadlakan–

    gamit ang iyong tinig,
    sapat ang himig,
    hatid ang pag-ibig!

    hindi pa tapos ang digmaan.
    tuloy ang ahon, tuloy ang pagbagon.

    'Wag mo akong bitawan.
    Pangako, ganoon din ako sa'yo!



  • _joyce_dg 9w


    Heto akong muli,
    Sumusulat ng tula,
    Nadaramang sakit ay mawala.

    Mahal, paano nga ba
    Ang dating masayang pagmamahalan
    Ngayo'y malapit na sa katapusan,
    Wala nang patutunguhan pa.

    Ano nga ba ang dahilan
    Ng malamig na pakikitungo?
    Hindi man alam ang kasalanan
    Hinihiling pa rin na mapatawad mo.

    May ayaw ka ba sa akin?
    Aayusin ko para sa iyo.
    Nasasakal na ba sa pag-ibig ko?
    Ako'y magbabago para sa atin.

    Ikaw ba'y nagseselos?
    Sabihin mo at lalayuan ko siya.
    O baka hinihintay lang na tayo'y magwakas
    Dahil ika'y may mahal nang iba?

    Mahal, pagod na ako
    Ngunit hindi pahinga ang kailangan
    Kundi aking kalayaan
    Mula sa relasyong ito.

    Kaya narito akong muli
    Sa iyo nang harapan
    Hindi para itama ang mali
    Kundi para ika'y akin nang pakawalan.


  • betibetss 9w

    Here's a poem I wrote circa April 2020 about the power of #prayer. If we #fight by #faith, we'll never #lose ��

    @writersbay @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #pod #Filipino #tula #Philippines #panalangin

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    Panahon na.
    Para sumabak sa laban.
    Hindi tayo gagamit ng kutsilyo.
    Hindi ng pana at palaso.
    Hindi sibat o tabak;
    Hindi baril o bomba;
    Hindi kamao
    ang tatapos ng gulo.
    Buksan mo
    ang mga kamay,
    magsisilbing sulo:
    Dadaloy ang apoy
    sa mga palad
    maglayo, mag-aabot;
    maglalapit, mahigpit, kakapit.
    Panahon na.
    Sumabak sa laban!
    sa mga palad na magkadaupa,
    ang iyong sandata.


  • chowder16 9w

    Kagaya ng buwan
    Hindi ka man laging buo,
    Pero lagi kang kahali-halina
    At mahalaga sa buhay ko..
    Meron mang araw o gabi
    Na nawawala ang iyong ningning,
    Para sakin, ikaw parin ay mamahalin..

  • chowder16 9w

    Sana sa pag lubog ng araw matagpuan mo na ang magsisilbing liwanag pag ikaw ay nag-iisa..
    Sa tuwing ika'y nasasaktan,
    Anjan sya para ika'y hawakan..

    Sana sa pag litaw ng buwan,
    Makita mo na ang taong magpapakalma
    Sa pagiisip mong di mo na kaya..
    Sa tuwing isip mo'y magulo at balisa,
    Anjan xa para unawain ka..

    Sana isang araw, makita ng dalawa mong mata kung gaano ka kahalaga..
    Kung paano ang iyong ngiti ay nagbigay saya sa buhay nila.
    Na ang iyong presensya'y dahilan ng kasiyahan ng iba..


  • mia_yham_ 10w


    Rushing to meet the sea and watch the sun to set,
    Down the shore I feel the cold breeze of the wind,
    The sea waves and the twilight with you is perfect.

    Looking up above the wonderful color of the sky,
    A mixed of blue, orange, lavander and pink clouds,
    It's as beautiful as you, believe me it is never a lie.

    My heart is melting as I am staring at your smile,
    Your coffee-brown eyes that sparkle with delight,
    And your fragrance that you can emit even in a mile.

    I really love the scenery, seeing you in white dress,
    Holding a white rose in your hand under the moonlight,
    As I kneel on the ground with a ring and wishing for your sweet "YES".

    I can make you a thousand poems and a hundreds of songs because I love you,
    Just say you love me too and I'm more than willing to do everything for you.
    "Uri nameun salmeul hamkke bonaeyo. Saranghaeyo."

  • praviarts 10w

    This poem is heavily inspired by Lorde’s “Liability (reprise)”, a song from her Melodrama album. Please listen to that song first. #poem #filipino #praviarts

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    Liability. Are we a liability?
    Are we being too much for being who we really are?
    Are we being too much for what we have asked for?

    Maybe we just overthink the things they told to us
    Make beliefs out of what is unordinary
    Or play pretend on those unfavorable circumstances
    You think we are going places
    But instead we are only dancing in circles

    What are we going to do?
    What are we willing to lose?

    You take my highs to the depths of below
    Make me rue my truth so I can go with the flow
    Then tell me you were my only home
    Just to find myself left hopeless and alone

    All of the leaves that are turning
    All of the bridges that are burning

    We know this shall pass too
    I hope it will come so soon

    Liability by choice, not by default
    So whose fault was that though?
    Was it because of me or you?

  • mia_yham_ 11w


    Dear Kid,
    You are a baby sunflower; you were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like a jasmine.
    You were supposed to be yellow, facing the sun and blooming on your own without the feeling of inferiority.

    Sunflower stands tall with grace evoking the feeling of positivity.
    You are as bright as the sun, you possess your own kind of beauty.
    Never compare yourself to a red, red rose or to a newborn lily.
    Not to a jasmine that bloom with fragrance nor to dandelions that dance with the breeze of the wind.

    You are a sunflower, the one that grows like nobody.
    Remember this kid, neither you are inferior nor superior to any.
    Everyone is unique in their own way; we must just learn to embrace the concept of equality.


  • mia_yham_ 11w

    Lipos ng pag-ibig, tila ngayo'y nanlalamig.
    Sa kalaliman ng gabi'y hindi man lamang naka-idlip,
    Pag-ibig na dati'y yanong init,
    Ngayo'y unti-unti nang pumapait.
    Bakit tila yata nagbago't naglaho?
    Pinipintakasing pag-irog ngayo'y lumalabo.
    Mayroon na bang bago?
    O sadyang wala lang talagang tayo?
    Pagka't noong una pa lamang ay walang ikaw at ako.

    "Bakit ka nagbago? Mayroon na bang bago?"
    — Mia Palencia

    #poetry #love #pain #night #cold #world #youandme #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #miraquill #mirakeeworld #pod

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    You and Me

    Full of love, your love now is getting colder.
    In the depths of the night I can't fall into a deep slumber.
    Love that used to be so warm, slowly getting bitter and fades away.
    Why does it have to change and disappear this way?
    The love that I've ever dreamed of, it's fading.
    Do you have someone new,
    Or is it just me who dreams that I can be with you?
    For you and me doesn't really exist from the very beginning —
    it's a tale that'll never come true.


  • betibetss 12w

    POV ng isang ninang; mensahe niya sa inaanak niyang isinilang nang walang buhay isang taon nang nakakaraan.

    Para sa aming anghel, maglaro kang may galak at laya sa kalangitan; nang sa gayon ay matupad naman ang dalangin ng iyong ina.

    #tula #Filipino #angel #cherubin #heaven


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    Tingin ko, panahon na.
    Gampanan mo ang iyong paglipad,
    ang iyong paglaya.
    Sa iyong pagpagaspas,
    bitbitin mo nawa
    ang payapa at ligaya.
    Hiling kong sa pag-uwi mo sa Ama,
    Ibuhos mo ang pagtangis,
    mga litanya ng hinagpis–
    minsang binulalas ng iyong ina;
    wala man lang nakakita.
    Hilingin mong ibaba Niya
    ang presensyang
    walang regalong makahihigit pa.

    Tingin ko, panahon na
    Para lumaya mula sa pait.
    Para sa susunod na pagtangis,
    masisilayan ka ng may tamis!

    Gampanan mo na ang paglipad:
    ang pagbantay at paglaban–
    sa aming lahat. Salamat.

    Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita!


  • _joyce_dg 13w

    Ikaw at Ako

    Andito na naman tayong dalawa
    Kung saan tayo laging nagkikita,
    Inaalala ang bawat nagdaan
    Mula nang tayo'y magmahalan.

    Matagal na tayong magkaibigan
    Ngunit bakit isang pagkakataon
    Nang magtagpo ang ating mga mata
    Tila ba may ibang nadama?

    Hindi nagtagal ika'y umamin,
    Kakaibang saya ang dulot sa akin,
    Dalawang salita mula sa iyong mga labi
    "Mahal kita" at ako'y napangiti.

    Nang sabihin kong mahal na rin kita,
    Kita ang tuwa sa iyong mukha.
    Mga braso mo'y agad yumakap sa akin
    Na tila ba ako'y ayaw nang pakawalan.

    Mula noon tayo ay nangako sa isa't isa
    Na hawak-kamay natin haharapin ang mga problema,
    Na ating mga paa'y sabay lalakbayin
    Ang daan patungo sa ating walang hanggan.

    Sa isang tuhod ika'y luluhod sa aking harapan
    Upang ako'y alukin na ika'y pakasalan,
    Ang mga plano natin para sa ating hinaharap,
    Lahat yan ay nabuo na sa ating mga isip.

    Mahal, masakit pa rin palang alalahanin
    Ang bawat nakaraan natin,
    Panahong ako pa ang nilalaman ng puso mo
    Ngunit ngayon ay iba na ang nagmamay-ari nito.

    Mga mata natin puro luha ang lumalabas.
    Mga labi mo'y puro paalam ang binibigkas.
    Mga tuhod mo'y nakaluhod muli
    Para humingi ng tawad sa iyong mga pagkakamali.

    Ang mga braso mong akala ko ako'y poprotektahan
    Sakit ang hatid dahil may iba nang kayakap ngayon.
    Bakit kapit sa aking kamay ay lalo pang hinigpitan
    Kung ako ay iyo lang din palang bibitawan?

    Kaya ang dasal sa aking isipan
    Lahat ng sakit akin na sanang makalimutan
    Dahil magkaibang landas na
    Ang tinatahak ng ating mga paa.

    Mahal, paalam na rin sa'yo
    Dahil lilisanin ko na ang lugar na ito
    Para ako'y makapagsimula na
    Sa panibagong buhay kung saan wala ka.


  • mia_yham_ 13w


    "I may not be a perfect person,
    but I know I am perfect for you."


  • _joyce_dg 20w


    Within these walls,
    I am free.
    Within these walls,
    I am me.

    I am free to dance
    Even with two left feet
    And inflexible body,
    I won't feel ashamed.

    I am free to sing
    As if having my own concert,
    Sing any genre I like,
    Even when I'm out of tune.

    I am free to laugh
    As loud as I can
    As if there's no tomorrow,
    Be as crazy as I could be.

    I am free to cry.
    Let the tears fall down
    Till nothing comes out anymore.
    I won't be called overdramatic.

    But then that day came
    When something unexpected happened,
    Part of the walls crumbled down
    And silhouettes appeared.

    Hesitant to approach them first,
    So they came to me.
    They suddenly sang and danced,
    And laughed and cried with me.

    With them I can dance shamelessly,
    Sing out of tune,
    Laugh crazily,
    And cry overdramatically.

    With these people,
    I am free.
    With these friends,
    I am me.


  • _joyce_dg 20w

    They say that I can do this
    But negativity is eating me up.

    They say that I am strong
    But I don't feel that side of me anymore.

    They are lifting my spirit up
    But even I am doubting myself.

    I used to be the one cheering them up
    But why can't I do that to myself?

    How can I keep myself motivated?
    How can I push myself to do better?
    How can I win this fight
    When even my mind is battling with me?


  • _joyce_dg 20w

    I want to be a child again,
    Singing and dancing in the rain,
    Crying over just a simple pain,
    But I guess it'll be just a wish every now and then.


  • _joyce_dg 20w

    Many times I've cried.
    Most times I felt stupid.
    But I will not give up.
    I will not lose hope.
    Though you're hard to reach,
    I'd still keep on reachin' you.