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  • rain_e 1w

    Figuring out

    Figuring out, yeah still
    that conversation stuck in my mind
    Yeah it did struck me
    Still haven't recovered
    Since the night when we last met
    I'm not moving , my heart still wheeping
    I didn't get the ending
    Now I'm all empty from within , yeah
    Coz i built my world around you
    It doesn't matter how many days have past since
    I'm still figuring
    Figuring out , yeah still
    What it was that you didn't drive me back
    Left me under the cold night sky
    All alone for people to see my tears
    I think i misheard some stuff
    Or was that what you had in your heart
    For all the time
    You pretended to be mine
    And ended everything when you felt like
    But I'm still figuring
    Figuring out , yeah still

  • giridhar1529 5w

    The mind has its own way of figuring out most of the things,
    well that's that, it only figures out most of the things...
    It can see that some people have a brighter smile on their faces, while some do not...
    but can it really figure out why?


  • hope95 53w


    Numb I wish i could be,
    Numb to the needs of the world,
    numb to the expectations of the ones i love,
    numb to the demons of my heart, which cast shadows on the bright days, and yet remain unreachable for all times I try to snare, to bring them into the light I beg,
    if only I could get ahold of them, throw them into the sun to burn, as does dusk when sun awakes. Numb, to needs of the hour,
    Numb to the future tolling Bell by the hour.
    Numb again to the needs of heart, which says to love again the ones who broke my heart.
    Numb I wish i was to any desires that pull me deep, down into the depths of sins, the light only a blip.
    Numb I wish i was to my wish for numbness, numb enough that come tide and storm, night or day, things stop to matter anyway.

  • singhlakshmi 83w

    Aye zindagi tu suljhati ku nahi-
    Lagta hai jase tujhe suljhane ki kimat meri saase hai...

    Ya sayad tu kabhi uljhi hi nahi thi-
    Bas meri soch hi kuch jada aage nikal gai...
    Aur is mai hum ulajha ke reh gaye

  • _thesilentspectator_ 130w

    The black and blue rainbow

    Thus writes
    The owner of a lonely heart,
    Bottled up with strange thoughts
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    The lovely silent nights
    Were all wasted ,swimming
    In the ocean of black thoughts
    Trying to figure out 
    Who am I?

    The lonely thoughts in 
    The lonely heart seeked
    Some akin friends to hang out
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    The thoughts gave birth to
    Another rainbow of siblings
    Making it harder to
    Win the battles with the brains
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    Out of blue , my strange people
    Got some good friends
    In the heart of a kind soul
    Who travelled and won the combat
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    Who am I now !?
    The Black and blue rainbow
    Invisible to the visibles
    Visible to the invisibles !

    And to the people
    Trying to figure out
    'Is this really a poem !?'
    Good luck with your
    Battle of black thoughts.


  • biglittlelies 171w

    When you go to sleep at night, do you feel at home ❓

    This question mark at the end of this sentence is potent enough to evoke a blizzard in the intellect of the readers.This is one such question which coerce us to see every action of ours in a different light.
    This question can be acknowledged in a million ways,thousands of which would be exemplary but I am penning down my musings ,not to answer this significant question but to ferret out the ulterior motive behind framing it.This post is an arrow which is shot without a target but definitely with a pointed end and wherever it strikes, it will bleed immensely.
    Whatever an individual does,he is doing it beacuse in his reckoning it is the most pertinent thing which should be done. Nobody does a spurious act knowing in his view that it is faulty. We invent multiple excuses to calm down our conscience if at times it doesn't coordinate with our brain ,to justify our actions.
    Undoubtedly, at night everything is more intense,more true and a man is at his weakest.When the entire surrounding is dim,that's when the light of the soul shimmers the brightest. It takes us back to the time we opened our eyes with the sun gleaming above. Since then, whatever we did in the entire day keeps flashing into our minds back and forth. No matter how hard we try to suppress these thoughts, yet the radiance of the soul can't be dimmed.Home is a place where the heart is.If in the whole wide world ,your actions have ripped even a single heart apart,how can the nurturer let you feel at home ? In the present scenario ,one out of a million person in some corner of the world sleeps peacefully but even if the ratio is too disturbed,yet that one person exists.And, definitely that person is not the richest,the happiest or the most fortunate, he might be an unfortunate beggar, an ordinary person or the child of a labourer.To sleep peacefully at the end of the day is the ultimate purpose of existence and it is surely not achieved by the most comfortable mattresses but by the purest intentions.The universe daily reminds us of the sins we are doing ,yet we are overlooking them ,finding excuses to calm down the voice of the soul but are not concentrating upon amending our delusions.
    The rewinding of our actions at the end of the day is nothing but an opportunity the almighty provides us every night to reevaluate our deeds and convert all the negative vibes into positive energies.
    Every night ,the earsplitting alarm of humanity,innocence and honesty rings,but we snooze it and shut not just our eyes but even our brains.All we need to do is let that alarm ring so stridently that we wake up never to sleep again.
    Once you feel at home when you shut your eyes,you've achieved all that the entire human race yearns for !

  • satinlove 176w


    Lying on bed ,I was looking out through window to our well maintained balcony garden .Suddenly a tear drop rolled down from eye to left cheek!Everything looks perfect and still I am feeling lonely!Heaven know what I was wondering . I am happy to be alone and do my work rather than chirping ,going out today!This is my lone time which I have chosen to relax!Alas,my mind still pondering over a feeling of emptiness .A sense of purpose to dress like a fresh day,to work for a lost cause ...I am lost..Am I?Why I am not able to connect to any even I am cordially related to everyone!I am looking for a frequency that tune up to mine .A purpose,a person or a thing..Perhaps this might cost me a life time but better be worth it...

  • awesomeness25 226w


    I loved you till the moon and back
    But there was something I lacked
    Maybe my immaturity, or nature or maybe it simply wasn't the right time
    I'm jus trying to figure out the  reason why I couldn't make you mine.