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  • ____om 1w

    We fight, we argue.
    We stop talking.
    Silence continues for 2-3 days.
    One day I stare at 'you smiling'.
    And damn I can't stay without talking to you anymore.


  • manjunath_s_murthy 2w


    Our love didn't die,
    it was just buried
    under the egos, fights
    and misunderstandings.


  • adeesha 6w

    We are fighting so Hard, all Alone
    With the things..!!
    That sometimes you can only think is that fc*k everything..
    Doesn't matter what happens then..!!


  • abhinav_desa 6w

    Isn't it hard to understand two people's perspectives at the same time..!
    They scream! They fight ! They cry!
    At the end they rise up & they move on..!

    I was referring to fights in metro..!

  • unknownswarachita 7w

    नाराज़ ज़िंदगी

    नाराज़ सी है ज़िंदगी...
    हम उनके लिए,
    सब कुछ तो बन ना पाए,
    पर लड़ाई की वजह,
    हर बार, हर तलक...
    हमें ही बनाया गया।


  • princess_diary 8w

    The First

    Aries constilation rules the sky,
    And speaks about the stronge will to achieve
    Mischievousness spread the happiness
    Ignite and sparkles the love and friendship where they go...
    Even failing doesn't stop them
    They rise again like phonix....
    Born with fire element...
    Aries are cardinal sign
    Cardinals have long been symbolic of beauty in the midst of darkness,
    Hope in the midst of sorrow,
    And renewal in the midst of winter.
    Aries fights for what they believe,
    For those they care for....
    And breakdown every obstacles in way
    Aries are soft hearted, strong minded and stubborn streak...❤️

  • willemvanherk 9w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 17 Part 1

    Chapter 17
    Easeion vs Crayon

    " Now this is just us " said Easeion. " The Bear has wanted this death for so long "
    " I will avenge Bill and Tara, I will be the big brother that they need "
    " It is what it means to be a Smithson, I am a Smithson and a Smithson forever "
    " Bear members are on their way here "
    " They will be disappointed to see that I am alive, I will not die this fight " said Crayon.
    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Not a chance in the world, without Challenger you cannot win "
    " He trusts so much in us " said Crayon. " He knows that I can do it "
    " He will end up being wrong and he will be sobbing at these great deaths " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Now we are going to continue your last fight ever "

    Easeion then charged up the Ultimate Thunderstorm while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter. They both were hit but they both got up, Easeion then started charging for the Bear Implosion.

    Crayon then used the Bird Implosion to counter the attack, they were both hit and knocked to the ground.

    Easeion then got up first, he grabbed Crayon.

    " Crayon, take this " yelled Easeion. " This is for all the Bear members that are not currently fighting with us right now "

    Crayon was slightly struggling but he got up and the he punched Easeion directly which made him start to slightly struggle.

    " What the fuck " said Easeion. " I am too great for this "
    " It doesn't seem that way " said Crayon.
    " My brother and sister need me to win this fight, Brett my father will be pissed " said Easeion.
    " He expected so much as a father, he wanted to take over with all of us "
    " I will win for him, let's go "

    Easeion then charged for the Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter, they both were hit and fell to the ground.

    They both got up, Easeion punched Crayon while Crayon kicked him which they both went to the ground but Easeion got up.

  • princess_diary 9w


    The place filled with memories,
    From day one to last,
    Each corner ,each window
    Speak about the moments,
    Many floors,but one was ours,
    Where we use to timepass,
    And that one class,
    Where we use chit-chat
    Our Friendship, Those Proposals
    And Rejection, The small Flights..
    That early morning meets near the class...
    In the name of group studies,
    Collage hold so much things..
    That are special and always will...

  • willemvanherk 9w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 15 Part 3

    " They want us to not hang out with each other " said Crayon.
    " We cannot let the Bear do this " said Warbler.
    " We will fight " said Crayon.
    " For sure " said Warbler.
    " We are ready for them " said Crayon.

    Crayon told Colouruke, Colourea and Artby about what happened.

    " They are trying to turn us against each other " said Colouruke.
    " Bakers would never put up with that " said Artby.
    " Bakers bake so much tasty bread for that to happen "
    " As customers of bakeries, we must stand strong for our fellow customers "
    " Our fellow customers ? " asked Colourea.
    " Yes, we cannot let such great customers not support each other, it is a disaster for the baker " said Artby. " Bakers want us to hang out together, they bake for that "
    " Well, we will make sure that we keep hanging out with each other but I'm not sure bakers have to do with this " said Colourea.
    " Bakers are so great, they do so much for our mouths " said Artby.
    " Our mouths mean so much, I'll risk death for them "
    " Risking death is worth it "
    " Death ? " asked Crayon.
    " Our mouths mean so much, the bakers have truly loved them " said Artby. " Their baked goods is the special baker to mouth romance that I now know "
    " Romance ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Yes, the bakers are truly in love with my mouth " said Artby. "
    " Their baked goods are the way, this special baker to customer love "
    " Love ? " asked Colourea. " I think that is a bit much "
    " Colourea, bakers are in love with my mouth " said Artby. " Bakers have loved it with bread, bread keeps the love going "
    " The love going ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes, it does " said Artby.

    Time continued to pass, Crayon and his friends went to sleep.

    It was around 6 am. Brett was with Easeion, Melissa, Xax and Whites.

    " Now, you two will be heading off to end Crayon " said Brett.
    " I will make sure that the name Crayon is forgotten forever and never said anymore " said Easeion. " I know he will be finished "
    " This should not be difficult " said Melissa. " If he can tie Bill and Tara, both of us are stronger than Bill so we should be good "
    " Yes " said Whites. " Melissa has became a very powerful woman and we know what will happen when she fights "
    " Easeion's power is ridiculous, he knows two Stage 3 implosions " said Xax. " Crayon has no chance, his death is a death that is guaranteed "
    " We need that death for the sake of our organization, we cannot have him around " said Whites.
    " I hope that Warbler and Allie agree to our deal " said Xax.
    " I think they will do so " said Melissa. " The deal guarantees no dying so they will do it "
    " Whether they do or not, we will take over Colourland " said Brett.
    " It will be great seeing my father rule Colourland and seeing everything belong to us " said Easeion.
    " It will " said Melissa.
    " Hahahahahaha " they all said together.
    " The Bear " they all said together.
    " Now it is time to head to Colourland " said Brett.
    " Crayon's end must come " said Xax.
    " We cannot keep him alive, his death is what the organization needs " said Whites.

    Easeion and Melissa left together in the van while Xax and Whites joined them on the way there, Brett waved goodbye.

    " This is going to be great " said Easeion.
    " Our powers will end Crayon " said Melissa.
    " You two will win " said Whites.

    Seventy minutes passed, QuackQ were doing a broadcast early in the morning.

    " This is the time of Crayon " said Jack.
    " Easeion will use drugs most likely, Crayon and his friends will stop him " said Bryant.
    " Defeating him will reveal a lot " said Amanda.
    " Numerians are committing crimes due to these drugs, Crayon can end it " said Jack.
    " He must for the sake of Colourland " said Bryant.
    " The hall monitors have to watch out for Bear members " said Amanda.
    " Where there is a gang, drugs are there " said Jack.
    " Numerians will be saved by Crayon and his friends, they know what to do " said Bryant.
    " The Bear will fall, we are too Colourlandish to allow this " said Amanda.
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, remember to stay Colourlandish " said Jack.

    Crayon and his friends got up and then they made their breakfast, they ate and after that Warbler then called Crayon.

    " Good morning " said Warbler.
    " We ate " said Crayon.
    " Good, us too " said Warbler.
    " We will meet you outside "
    " Sounds good to me " said Crayon. " The Bear may send people in "
    " We will fight hard " said Warbler.
    " For sure, see you very soon " said Crayon.

    Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby met Warbler and Allie outside.

    " Good morning " said Allie.
    " Hey " said Colouruke.
    " We have to be ready for the Bear " said Colourea.
    " I am ready, bakers want us ready " said Artby. " Baking helps with that "
    " Baking ? " asked Crayon.
    " Bread makes us more ready when we fight " said Artby. " Bakers are a part of our victories "
    " Baking creates victories "
    " Well we should head out " said Colouruke.

    They then headed out, Melissa and Easeion then caught up to them.

  • willemvanherk 12w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 4 Part 3

    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Man, I am so happy to see this shit "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Is this that funny ? " asked Colourea.
    " Yes, now there is no date for here " said Easeion.
    " There is nothing you can do now, I have succeeded and it feels amazing "
    " I have cockblocked you, Crayon "
    " But why do you want to do that ? " asked Crayon.
    " I want my revenge for what happened, I am so happy to see this " said Easeion.
    " We have cockblocked you " said another Bear member.
    " We intend to do things like this " said a different Bear member.

    A Bear member was recording all of this when it happened.

    Bear members had taken the wallets of all the people who were knocked out. They then saw a screen which they removed and they stole it and added it to this knapsack that they had.

    Flora and Jessica entered the room.

    " Man, this got even worse " said Crayon.
    " We have succeeded " said Flora.
    " We have cockblocked you, we will follow you two to where you go " said Jessica.
    " Damnit " said Crayon.
    " My siblings will love this, they want this " said Easeion.
    " Why does the organization want Crayon cockblocked so much ? " asked Colourea.
    " The Bear is very frustrated with what happened to Blackin and Blackina, we will get our revenge " said Easeion. " The organization is very upset with Crayon for what he did "
    " Cockblocking does not achieve that " said Colourea.
    " Look at how frustrated Crayon is " said Easeion. " Soon enough, the tears will follow "
    " When that happens, the Smithsons are laughing "
    " I won't let you do this " said Crayon.
    " You two would have to face three elite fighters at once " said Flora.
    " You two cannot do that " said Jessica.
    " We have succeeded in what we have done, no fucking thing can stop that " said Easeion.
    " Hahahahahaha "

    Crayon and Colourea put their hands behind their backs and were charging some energy which blasted everyone, they ran.

    They then started running for a few minutes and then went inside Colourland's Pasta and Pizza to eat instead.

    Bear members were angry, they took all their stuff and the headed to look for Crayon and Colourea.

    Crayon and Colourea were enjoying the meal they got when they arrived.

    " Wow, this is awesome " said Crayon.
    " It sure is " said Colourea.

    Easeion was very frustrated about this.

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " They will regret this "
    " I will get my revenge on them, it is what the Smithson family needs "

    Meanwhile, Colouruke and Artby were talking.

    " I bet they are having a great time " said Artby.
    " I hope so " said Colouruke.
    " Bakers want them having a great time " said Artby.
    " Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
    " They do " said Artby.

    Crayon and Colourea headed home together, Bear members then headed back to the hideout.

    At the hideout, they showed the stolen stuff to Brett.

    " So wallets, a necklace and a screen with shows what can be ordered in the restaurant? " asked Brett.
    " Crayon was cockblocked at first but then they got away " said Easeion. " It felt good cockblocking him but I hope they went home in frustration "
    " I hope there is tears "
    " Me too, Easeion " said Brett.
    " We recorded it " said a Bear member.
    " Good, all the members need to see this " said Flora.
    " They sure do " said Jessica.
    " The wallets have credit cards and gift cards " said Brett. " By now we have lots of credit cards, we will need Bear members to swipe "
    " I will send in more of them for that "
    " You are all dismissed "

    They went to their areas of the hideout, Crayon and his friends were at home talking.

    " How did it go ? " asked Colouruke.
    " At first we ran into Easeion, Jessica and Flora and the Bear members beat up diners but we attacked and got away " said Crayon. " Easeion seemed happy to cockblock according to him "
    " Luckily we found somewhere else to eat " said Colourea.
    " Bakers are tired of Easeion " said Artby.
    " Well, he is a man who has gone very far " said Colouruke.
    " Bread will stop him " said Artby.
    " Bakers know how to bake bread that stops a man like him "
    " We should continue training tomorrow " said Colourea.
    " For sure " said Crayon.

    Time passed through the day, Crayon kissed Colourea and they all went to bed.

    In the Bear hideout, Whites and Melissa were talking.

    " Good training " said Whites.
    " Thank you " said Melissa.
    " We are getting so great now " said Whites
    " I am happy to be closer to you " said Melissa.
    " Same here " said Whites.

    Easeion was with Xax talking.

    " Glad to see Crayon cockblocked " said Xax. " I laughed a lot at the video "
    " We are all laughing, we enjoy seeing stuff like that " said Easeion.
    " Crayon will be done " said Xax. " Hahahaha "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion.
    " The Bear will takeover this country " said Xax.
    " The hideout will be even better " said Easeion.
    " It sure will " said Xax.

  • willemvanherk 12w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 4 Part 1

    Chapter 4
    Dating In Colourland, It's Not Like Other Countries

    Crayon and his friends were currently resting at the hospital. While that was happening, QuackQ had a broadcast.

    " Crayon has done it " said Jack. " The Bear will be stopped again "
    " Colourland cannot have that gang here " said Bryant.
    " These gangs have no respect for Colourland " said Amanda.
    " Colour King would not have allowed it, but luckily Crayon has stepped up " said Jack.
    " Gangs are not Colourlandish " said Bryant.
    " Drugs are not either " said Amanda. " Challenger does not oppose drugs in the way we wanted him to do so "
    " Crayon and Colourea have gotten stronger, they will succeed " said Jack. " Knowing the Smithsons, they will try to deal drugs "
    " Crayon will stop drugs, Numerians must be saved " said Bryant.
    " It would be very Colourlandish if he did that " said Amanda. " It is not Colourlandish when you are a drug loving gang "
    " True " said Jack. " These drugs are not Colourlandish, I am glad Crayon is not taking them "
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, QuackQ has a lot of great content " said Bryant.

    Bear members arrived in Colourland with Flora and Jessica. Meanwhile Easeion was on his way to Colourland with Bear members in a van.

    " It's time " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Bear members are going to love this "
    " We will do our best " said a Bear member.
    " He must be cockblocked " said Easeion. " I have wanted this very badly "
    " It must happen for the sake of the organization, what I have done with my life, as a Smithson, as a brother and as a man who wants revenge "

    Flora and Jessica then approached people and were roughing them up.

    They took their wallets and they saw a chain which they stole.

    They continued doing this and they stole more stuff, other Bear members robbed a store and they knocked out the clerk and took his wallet.

    Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends were ready to leave the hospital.

    " Glad to be healthy, just like the baker " said Artby. " Bakers have been thinking about our taste buds "
    " Thinking about them ? " asked Allie.
    " Bakers think about us eating the bread, not just buying it " said Artby.
    " Well, I think they like us buying it but our taste buds ? " asked Challenger.
    " Bakers care about the customer, the taste buds they care about a lot " said Artby.
    " They know what they do for the baker "
    " What do they do for the baker ? " asked Allie.
    " They let the baker know how good at baking " said Artby. " Bakers like to know how they have baked for the customer "
    " Well, we should head home " said Crayon.
    " Sounds like a good idea " said Allie.

    Warbler and Allie then decided to head home and shared their goodbyes.

    Crayon and his friends then went home with the bread they bought and they ate.

  • willemvanherk 13w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 21 Part 2

    " No " yelled Jack.
    " I loved the man " said Bryant.
    " He was so Colourlandish " said Amanda.
    " Maybe King Bobby will return " said Jack.
    " He would lead Bird's Isle " said Bryant.
    " King Bobby will set Challenger straight " said Amanda.
    " I feel less Colourlandish with Colour King gone " said Jack.
    " Same here, the people of Colourland loved him " said Bryant.
    " We will have to adjust " said Amanda. " It is unfortunate but that is how things are "
    " Colourlandish people will be very sad, angry and frustrated " said Jack.
    " Challenger will change the laws back to the way it was before " said Bryant.
    " We must always remember Colour King, Colour Queen, Colour Dictator, Colourclever and Colour Administrator for what they did for Colourland " said Amanda.
    " They showed people what it meant to be Colourlandish " said Jack.
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned " said Bryant.

    Jessica and Flora had got some new people who wanted to join the Bear, while Maxclever and Willemease then stole some materials needed to expand the hideout. Other Bear members went to an area outside of Colourland and they were able to steal some stuff, they got some phones and wallets which Brett was happy to see

    The construction of the expansion began.

    The new members arrived and they introduced themselves, they were shown their place to sleep.

    Brett then took Blackin and Blackina's room for himself, Whites and Melissa then shared a room which Melissa was very happy to see.

    " I love that we are here together " said Melissa.
    " It is great " said Whites.
    " I love it " said Melissa. " The Bear will be so amazing, I will love the takeover "
    " We will enjoy it "

    Xax joined Easeion in his room, Bill and Tara were together. Flora, Jessica and Alice shared a double room. Maxclever and Willemease were together in theirs.

    They were all happy to be together in the organization and were looking forward to the changes.

    Easeion and Xax were talking.

    " Man, this is awesome " said Easeion. " We have got some great villainesses "
    " For sure, I am hearing that Alice has thoughts about you " said Xax.
    " Thoughts ? " asked Easeion.
    " On the plane some things were said " said Xax. " That is all I am saying "
    " We shall see what happens in the future "
    " We will, I am looking forward to the expansion of the organization " said Easeion.

    Alice, Flora and Jessica were talking.

    " This will be great " said Alice. " Easeion is a man I am happy about "
    " Happy about ? " asked Flora.
    " I am happy to see him here, I think about him " said Alice.
    " In which way ? " asked Jessica.
    " Well, he is someone I keep thinking about " said Alice. " I think about him so much now, I do not know why "
    " Well, I hope that things go well in the organization " said Flora.
    " Same here, I don't know what will happen with you and Easeion but hopefully things will be good " said Jessica.
    " Thanks " said Alice.

    Days passed and the construction for the new area was almost complete.

    Crayon and his friends then left the hospital, they then headed to the store and got champagne. They all headed to Challenger's place.

    " We did it " they all said. They spent time there eating and having champagne, they contacted Grackle and Dove who were happy to see what happened.

    Eventually it got late in the day and they headed home. Crayon and Colourea were kissing and then they headed into the bedroom together.

    " Baking has made them happy sexually " said Artby. " Bakers have done it "
    " Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Yes " said Artby.
    " I think they would be happy despite baking or not " said Colouruke.
    " I think we should head to bed " said Artby.
    " Sounds like a good idea " said Colouruke.

    They all headed to bed, the time passed more training by the Bear, Crayon and his friends happened.

    The construction was finished a week later and the new members were able to use it. More recruits joined the organization.

    Easeion and Xax were talking again.

    " Whites learned the Bear Implosion " said Xax.
    " Good " said Easeion.
    " I should be able to use it at some point "
    " Our members are way stronger than last time, a lot will be stolen " said Xax.
    " Good " said Easeion. " Alice has felt happier around here a lot in the last week "
    " Awesome " said Xax.
    " It is " said Easeion. " I want her to see me use the Bear Implosion and get my revenge on Crayon "
    " We all want that " said Xax.

    There was a knock on the door, they opened the door.

    " Bill " said Easeion.
    " Bro, the construction is done " said Bill. " It is great having these new members and expanding this place "
    " It is, Bill " said Easeion. " Crayon will have a face full of tears after we are done with him "
    " The stolen phones are being used for the new members " said Bill.
    " Makes perfect sense " said Xax.
    " Anyways, Alice has been happier " said Bill.
    " She has " said Easeion.

    Bill then left and headed to the room where Tara was.

    Maxclever and Willemease were called into the room that Brett was in.

    " I need you two to start the stealing again " said Brett.
    " Where ? " asked Maxclever.
    " We need you to steal from the villages " said Brett.
    " Sounds great " said Willemease.
    " We need you to steal from there, we need fear through the country " said Brett.
    " Hahaha " said Willemease.
    " It will be simple " said Maxclever.
    " We will send members to help you two " said Brett.
    " Awesome " said Willemease.

    Willemease, Maxclever and the members then met outside the hideout and they were on the way to the village.

    This is the end of this section, the next series is Bear Resurgance.

  • willemvanherk 13w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 21 Part 1

    Final Chapter
    The Bear Comes Back

    While Crayon and his friends were resting at the hospital, Whites woke up finally.

    " Yes " said Xax.
    " I am back " said Whites. " What happened to Blackin ? "
    " We are not sure if he will live again, same with Blackina " said Melissa. " I am so happy to see you "
    " Same here " said Whites.
    " Now we can head back to the hideout with all our members and stuff " said Brett.
    " The Bear will be better than ever " said Easeion. " I will get my revenge "
    " Yes " said Jessica. " Crayon must pay for what he did "
    " We are going to cockblock him " said Bill. " I want him cockblocked "
    " What is the plan for that ? " asked Whites.
    " We will send in Bear members and they will find out if they are on a date " said Easeion.
    " I remember we tried to ruin their night last time and it did not go well " said Whites. " We must be more ready "
    " Plus now Colour King has lost so we do not have to worry about him " said Xax. " This is going to be great "
    " We will start stealing again like usual " said Brett. " We need to expand the hideout so we need materials stolen "
    " Our members will have no problems with that " said Maxclever.
    " For sure " said Willemease.
    " Hahaha " said Alice.
    " The Bear is the best organization ever " said Tara.
    " It is, sister " said Easeion.
    " We should get inside the jet " said Brett. " Whites, I will give you some time but you should get some training in "
    " I will become insanely powerful in no time " said Whites.

    The jet arrived, they brought everything that they could use, a second one came that had all the materials from the island.

    The jets took off and headed towards the old hideout.

    " Man, this is awesome " said Tara.
    " We plan on adding new members " said Brett.
    " Flora and Jessica you two will be in charge of that "
    " Maxclever and Willemease you two will be stealing materials for the hideout "
    " We do have some extra beds now since we are moving them to the hideout but we also need to add more places for people to eat so we need a lot stolen "
    " I also encourage our regulars to be stealing as well, it is good for us "
    " We do have the gifts for the wedding between my cousin and Blackina " said Whites.
    " What is in there ? " asked Easeion.
    " Jewellery, lots of hair products, lots of lipstick, lots of money, phones, bras, dresses, credit cards and gift cards " said Brett.
    " Wow " said Easeion. " Blackin did have a desire for Blackina "
    " There are gifts for Blackin as well " said Brett.
    " Similar gifts but men's products instead "
    " How much is all this worth, I wonder " said Bill.
    " Over 100,000 " said Brett. " Our members did great, we will find a use for it "
    " Sounds good to me " said Tara.

    Time passed on the flight to their hideout, they continued talking with each other and eventually they arrived. The other jet with their stuff arrived and they all brought the boxes inside.

    " This takes me back " said Easeion. " I love this place "
    " We all do " said Brett.

    The regular Bear members were there from before and they were all here.

    " The Bear is going to take over " said Flora.
    " Crayon will be cockblocked and miserable " said Easeion.
    " Hahahaha " said Bill and Tara.
    " I will get my revenge " said Easeion.

    They continued their training for the days coming and Whites learned the Frostbite Implosion.

    Meanwhile Crayon and his friends had been resting and eventually they woke up.

    " We stopped Colour King " said Crayon. " Challenger gave it his all "
    " Challenger's ability is extraordinary " said Artby. " Baking has made him so strong, I thank bakers for him "
    " Thank bakers for him ? " asked Allie.
    " I sure do " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for all of us "
    " I glad that Colour King is finished and that things will go back to normal " said Challenger.
    " With Colourland you never know so we should still train " said Colouruke.
    " True " said Colourea.
    " We must celebrate " said Warbler.
    " I love the idea of that " said Allie.
    " Sounds like an idea " said Challenger. " We will have a celebration when we are all ready "
    " For sure " they all said.

    Meanwhile QuackQ were sad to see the end of Colour King in charge.

  • mrinalaniteotia 13w

    #fights #arguements #love #unconditionallove #truelove #calls @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post @writersnetwork

    Just feel this when your loved one and you fight may be with a reason or sometime unreasonably, nevertheless you wait for just that one call..You wait to sort everything out.

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    A drop of tear gravitated to my pillow,
    Slow first, then, fell too quick
    As it touched the nook of my eye
    Still I waited, I waited for him to dial back
    They began to roll too fast
    Soon my eyes rained, letting me drenched
    All my face wet, reddened and veins out
    Knocking my mind to burst out
    Still I waited, truly I expected
    His call...

  • willemvanherk 13w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 19 Part 2

    " I won't give up " said Allie.
    " Glad to see " said Warbler.

    Warbler then used the Ultimate Sky Blast, Colouruke used the Ocean Implosion. It created a hurricane like blast, Colour King used the Colourland Implosion to counter the attack.

    Warbler was slightly struggling but he got back up, Crayon and Colour King kicked each other.

    Colour Queen then used the Colourland Implosion, Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb while Colouruke used the Tenfold Sea Strike. The attacks collided with each other, Colouruke was getting near the end.

    " When we fight for Colourland, we cannot be stopped " said Colour King. " The people need us "
    " The people know what it means to be from here, we cannot fail " said Colour Queen.
    " They must not be led by Challenger " said Colour King.
    " Some of them want to be " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, you are not telling the truth, the people love Colour King " said Colour Queen.
    " Colouruke is too brainwashed by Challenger to understand the people " said Colour King.
    " Brainwashed ? " asked Crayon. " There is none of that "
    " The people love my opinions and they despise your opinions " said Colour King. " Now let's continue the fight, I love the people "

    Artby used his Sun Implosion against Colour King's Colourland Implosion, the attacks collided with each other.

    " Baking has done so much for me, as a customer I will never stop fighting for bakers to bake " said Artby.
    " Customers love the baker, that is the type of customer I have been for so long now "
    " I cannot let bakers down today, tomorrow or ever "
    " I will never give up "

    Artby then charged his Sun Implosion while Colouruke used the Sea Implosion, they combined into this very hot oceanic implosion while Colour Queen and Colour King used their Ultimate Colourland Bombs which combined into an insane bomb and the attacks collided with tons of power.

    Colouruke was defeated, while Artby was getting near the end.

    " Shit " said Artby. " Bakers want me to fight for a friend like Colouruke.

    Allie then started charging the Sky Implosion while Warbler charged the Ultimate Sky Bomb against Colour King's Ultimate Colourland Blast. The attacks collided with lots of power, Allie was defeated.

    " No " yelled Warbler.
    " Warbler, this is how it had to be " said Colour King. " When you disagree with my opinion and do not stay quiet this happens "
    " I must be in control of this country no matter what "
    " But Allie does not have anything to do with your hatred of Challenger " said Warbler.
    " She chose to fight, not agree with me " said Colour King. " She has chosen to side with Challenger and unfortunately "
    " So your opinion is worth more ? " asked Warbler.
    " My opinion is so Colourlandish " said Colour King. " It is worth everything to the people "
    " The people know I am right "
    " The people do know that " said Colour Queen.
    " Let's continue " said Colour King.

    Colour King used the Ultimate Colourland Blast against Warbler's Sky Implosion, the attacks collided and they both took damage.

    Colourea and Colour Queen were busy punching each other while Warbler and Colour King were doing the same and all of them took damage.

    Colour King then charged up for the Ultimate Colourland Bomb while Artby used the Sun Implosion and Warbler used the Tenfold Sky Strike. The attacks all collided and Artby was defeated.

    " Now it is down to four " said Colour King.
    " To be fair you four are a lot stronger but we will save the people of Colourland " said Colour Queen.
    " The people need us, they feel more Colourlandish than they ever did "
    " More Colourlandish ? " asked Challenger.
    " Challenger, the people love my opinion " said Colour King. " Challenger, you must pay for what you have done to Colourland "
    " For disagreeing with your opinion " said Colourea.
    " My opinion is so Colourlandish, it is the opinion the people need " said Colour King.
    " The people love him " said Colour Queen. " He loves the people too much for us to lose "
    " Let's continue " said Crayon.

    Warbler used his Ultimate Sky Blast against Colour Queen's Ultimate Colourland Bomb. The attacks collided, Warbler was starting to slightly struggle.

    Crayon used the Ultimate Bird Blast, Colourea used the Sun Implosion. Colour King then used the Colourland Implosion to counter, all three of them took damage.

    Warbler got up but was swiftly kicked by Colour King down to the ground, Colour King grabbed him.

    " You'll join Allie " said Colour King. " Hahahaha "
    " It's not over " said Warbler.
    " Warbler, you will finished very soon " said Colour King. " The people preferred that you would agree with my opinion "
    " You just saying that to make it seem that you are doing this for Colourland " said Warbler.
    " I am doing it for Colourland, Colourlandish people know what it means to be from here  " said Colour King. " You should have stayed at home "
    " Now prepare to fall "

    Colour King then started charging up the Ultimate Colourland Blast while Colourea used the Sun Implosion and Warbler used the Sky Implosion, the attacks collided and they took damage. Warbler was getting near the end.

    " I will not stop " said Warbler.
    " Well, it is your life not mine " said Colour King.
    " Colourland will be saved from Challenger " said Colour Queen.
    " We are so Colourlandish " said Colour King.
    " So Colourlandish ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes, we love the country more than Challenger " said Colour King.
    " Again with that " said Colourea.
    " It is the truth, Colourea " said Colour Queen.
    " We are making Colourland into the country it must be " said Colour King.
    " How so ? " asked Challenger.
    " The laws that I created are very Colourlandish, Colourland needs them " said Colour King.
    " The laws will cut down on the drug dealers using their drugs to make Numerians commit crimes "
    " What proof of that is there ? " asked Crayon.
    " The crimes that are being committed " said Colour Queen. " Now we must continue since you oppose our great laws "

    Colour Queen then started to charge the Colourland Implosion while Colour King used the Ultimate Colourland Bomb, the attacks created a giant bomb.

    Warbler then used the Sky Implosion while Crayon used the Sun Implosion, the attacks collided with each other and Warbler was defeated.

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    Making a typo in an online argument is equivalent of voice cracking in an verbal argument.


  • willemvanherk 13w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 15 Part 1

    Chapter 15
    Showdown with Dictator, Part One

    " Glad to see you all " said Colour Dictator. " We need you all supporting Colourland, Challenger is not Colourlandish enough "
    " Not Colourlandish enough? " asked Colouruke.
    " He is not " said Colour Dictator.
    " What would he need to do to be that Colourlandish? " asked Crayon.
    " He needs to support the changes that Colour King has made, or at least just one thing " said Colour Dictator.
    " Challenger has not shown that he is going to do that "
    " He believes that Numerians will find the laws racist instead of believing in Numerians being better people because of these great laws "
    " I have no idea how Numerians will react to them having longer sentences than Colourlandish people " said Artby. " There is a possibility that some Numerians will find that racist whether we like it or not "
    " We are not even claiming that Colour King hates all Numerians, we just think that this could make some Numerians find it racist "
    " Numerians will not, this is what I was talking about " said Colour Dictator.
    " How do you know that ? " asked Colourea.
    " I have confidence in Numerians and Colour King for being the type of leader that the country has needed " said Colour Dictator. " Colour King is extremely Colourlandish for these laws "
    " He has stopped protests, when did Challenger ever stop them ?
    " What is so Colourlandish about stopping a protest ? " asked Crayon.
    " The protests do not support what Colour King is doing, that is not Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
    " We must be more Colourlandish than that "
    " So you must support Colour King to be Colourlandish? " asked Colouruke.

    Warbler then showed up.

    " Warbler, glad you are with us " said Colour Dictator.
    " Warbler, you are from Bird's Isle "
    " I know what it means "
    " In what way ? " asked Warbler.
    " You remember King Bobby don't you ? " asked Colour Dictator.
    " I don't remember King Bobby saying that people were not from Bird's Isle if they did not agree with him or stopping these protests " said Warbler. "  It is possible to be from Bird's Isle and not agree with everything he said "
    " He did so much for you " said Colour Dictator. " I heard about what he did involving Allie "
    " Allie was on this dating site " said Warbler. " King Bobby then sent my information to her "
    " It was nice of him do that, but he wanted to force a lot of people to fight in a war against Numeria when Numerians were not enough of a threat for that war "
    " Not to mention that Colour King wants to change Numerians but they are allies ? "
    " Well, King Bobby ended the plan for the war so Colour King was on board " said Colour Dictator. " It seems that you must have not realized that "
    " I just want all of you supporting Colour King instead of Challenger, nothing more "
    " I would like to do that " said Crayon. " Colour King's laws have made it very challenging to do that "
    " It appears that you are not going to listen to what is best for Colourland " said Colour Dictator. " Choose four of you to fight "
    " I'll sit this one out " said Artby. " I fought against all the others "
    " You four are said to be stronger but I will win " said Colour Dictator. " I am fighting for Colour King which is what Colourland needs at all times "
    " Prepare yourselves "

    Meanwhile on the island, the Bear were at Bill woke up.

    " Where is this ? " asked Bill.
    " Bill " said Tara excitedly.
    " The Bear all are here " said Bill.
    " It is great " said Alice.
    " Easeion is not awake yet same with Whites " said Brett.
    " My father " said Bill.
    " Bill, you are great " said Brett. " We need the Smithson family to take everything "
    " When they rise up we will take over "
    " It will be glorious " said Tara.
    " Easeion will want his revenge " said Jessica.
    " For sure, why the fuck would he not " said Flora.
    " I raised Easeion to be that way, I want him getting revenge on people that have wronged him " said Brett.
    " Crayon will be finished " said Maxclever.
    " He must pay for what he has done " said Willemease.
    " He has wronged Easeion, as a brother I cannot allow this " said Bill.
    " As his father, I agree Bill " said Brett. " We must make him regret what he has done "
    " Originally, The Bear wanted him in the organization " said Bill. " His refusal to join us or not get involved has made this decision "
    " Will Easeion want him to be single like last time ? asked Alice.
    " I really have no idea but Easeion may want to kill him " said Bill. " Easeion is the type of brother that does not fuck around when it comes to revenge "
    " Very true " said Flora.
    " When Whites and Easeion recover we will need to expand the hideout that we had before and build it into a larger place " said Brett.
    " The Bear is a wonderful organization " said Melissa. " I am looking forward to all the changes "

    The fight between Colour Dictator vs Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Warbler was about to begin.

    Warbler started charging the Ultimate Sky Blast while Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb. Colour Dictator used the Ultimate Colourland Blast, a technique they had not seen before.

    " Colourland Blast ? " asked Crayon.
    " It is stronger than the Darkness and Shadow ones " said Colour Dictator.

    The attacks collided with each other and they took damage.

    Warbler got up but Colour Dictator grabbed him and then attempted to knock him into Crayon but Crayon got out of the way and Warbler fell to the ground.

    Colour Dictator then started charging for the Ultimate Colourland Bomb while Crayon used the Ultimate Sun Bomb to counter. The bombs hit each other and a giant explosion full of light and darkness hit everyone.

    Colour Dictator got up and then he used the Tenfold Colourland Strike while Colourea used the Tenfold Sun Strike, the strikes hit each other.

    Warbler and Crayon then used their Sky Implosions while Colour Dictator used the Colourland Implosion, the attacks collided and they all took damage.

    " Colourland Implosion is so strong " said Colour Dictator. " Hahahahaha "

    Colour Dictator then got up and then used the Super Colourlandish Barrage while Crayon used the Tenfold Sky Strike, they both took damage.

  • willemvanherk 13w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 14 Part 2

    " Bread has done this for Crayon and Colourea" said Artby.
    " Bread ? " asked Colouruke.
    " You can tell the bakers want the sex, I am proud of bakers " said Artby. " Bakers want Crayon so happy sexually "
    " I'm not sure what bakers want beside us buying their bread " said Colouruke.
    " They bake for the sex between Crayon and Colourea " said Artby. " They bake for sex "
    " Artby " said Colouruke.
    " Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
    " Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, I know " said Artby. " Baking for sex between Crayon and Colourea can be odd to be fair "
    " Bakers can surprise us in ways with baking "
    " Baking saves us all "
    " Odd ? " asked Colouruke.
    " They want Colourea to enjoy it as well, bakers are great like that " said Artby.
    " Bakers want that ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Baking helps them sexually, bakers bake so that the customers are happier sexually " said Artby. " Colouruke you might not be used to that type of baking but it does happen when they bake sometimes "
    " Not once have I heard of that kind of baking " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, it is a great kind of baking " said Artby. " Anyways, we should get to bed "

    They went to bed.

    Morning came and Colour King was talking with Colour Queen.

    " Colour Dictator is our last line of defense before us " said Colour King.
    " He must succeed for the sake of Colourland " said Colour Queen.
    " He knows what it means to be Colourlandish, Challenger does not " said Colour King.
    " I am happy to be with someone so Colourlandish as yourself, not Challenger " said Colour Queen.
    " Colour Dictator knows about the drug dealers who are controlling Numerians and making them commit crimes, he will make sure that we are Colourlandish and that we will stand strong " said Colour King.

    Crayon and his friends went outside and then they saw Colour Dictator who saw them as well. 

  • willemvanherk 14w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 13 Part 1

    This is the Dictator section of the series.

    Chapter 13
    Dictator Rising

    Colour Dictator and Colour King were talking.

    " Colour Dictator, I know of your capabilities " said Colour King.
    " I know those four will fall "
    " They will " said Colour Dictator.
    " They must respect Colourland "
    " Colourland's great " said Colour King. " We are Colourlandish for a reason "
    " We sure are " said Colour Dictator. " Crayon has let Challenger influence him, brainwash him which has not made him as Colourlandish as he could be "
    " I am more Colourlandish than Challenger ever will be " said Colour King.
    " Same here " said Colour Dictator. " Crayon could be more Colourlandish had he supported you instead "
    " True, Crayon just does not seem to get it " said Colour King.
    " He must get it for the sake of this country "
    " I will ban all viewing of sites that disagree with any law I create "
    " Good, disagreeing with Colour King is not Colourlandish in any way " said Colour Dictator.
    " True " said Colour King. " I am so Colourlandish just like you and Colour Queen "

    Colour King dismissed Colour Dictator.

    Meanwhile on the island, all the Bear members were talking and Tara just awakened.

    " Tara " said Brett.
    " Haven't seen you in so long " said Tara. " What about Bill and Easeion ? "
    " Not just yet " said Brett. " They should wake up next then Whites "
    " Sounds great " said Alice.
    " It does " said Flora.
    " Whites is a man I remember " said Xax. " Melissa, you said you were close with him didn't you ? "
    " Yes, I was " said Melissa. " I cannot wait to see Whites again "
    " I loved him in the original Bear organization " said Maxclever.
    " Whites is a man with intense power and ferocity " said Tara.
    " Easeion respected Whites a lot and he wanted Crayon single to get the satisfaction that Whites needed "
    " I remember all of this a lot " said Alice. " Easeion's great, Tara you must be happy being a sister of his "
    " I am " said Tara.
    " The Bear will return better than ever " said Jessica.
    " We need to expand it " said Flora.
    " Indeed " said Brett.
    " I will fucking love this new organization " said Willemease.
    " The Bear " said everyone. " First, when everyone wakes up, we will have to return to our old place and expand it " said Brett. " Now, everyone should continue training "

    They all went to train and got their techniques stronger.

    QuackQ were doing a broadcast.

    " Crayon has not been as Colourlandish as he could " said Jack.
    " Challenger has failed him " said Bryant.
    " Challenger has not shown that he is Colourlandish like Colour King " said Amanda.
    " Colour King's laws are so Colourlandish " said Jack.
    " QuackQ is more Colourlandish than other news stations here " said Bryant.
    " True " said Amanda. " QuackQ knows how to stay Colourlandish "
    " Crayon could be this Colourlandish if he just was with Colour King instead " said Jack.
    " Colourlandish people know what it means to be from here, especially when they hear a man like Colour King " said Bryant.
    " Colour King has made the country more Colourlandish than it has been before " said Amanda.
    " With Challenger it will not be like that " said Jack. " Challenger has failed Colourland "
    " He sure has " said Bryant. " We need to go to a commercial break so stay tuned "

    Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were recovering in the hospital, eventually they were cleared.

    " Glad to be better " said Crayon.
    " For sure " said Colouruke.
    " I am so happy, bakers will be so happy now " said Artby. " Bakers have wanted me healthy like always "
    " Well, you do go to the bakeries a lot " said Colourea.
    " How could I not " said Artby. " Baking has done so much, I will never stop eating bread no matter what "
    " We all go there luckily the bread is very good here " said Warbler.
    " I am very proud of every baker " said Artby. " They are baking so much bread and as a customer I must do the right thing "
    " The right thing ? " asked Allie.
    " Yes " said Artby. " I have done the right thing for bakers which is buying bread "
    " Well, we should head there now " said Crayon.

    They headed to the bakery.

    " Glad to see you bakers again, I am always thankful and grateful for baking " said Artby.
    " Glad to see " said a baker.
    " Bakers are amazing, I love all of you " said Artby. " Not in a sexual or romantic way, in a customer way "
    " In a customer way ? " asked Allie.
    " Yes, as a customer " said Artby.
    " Well, isn't that something " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, you haven't loved bakers in a customer way before ? " asked Artby.
    " No " said Colouruke. " I don't think I have ever seen that outside of Artby "
    " I love all of the bakers as a customer " said Artby. " The baker to customer love is huge for bakers "
    " Huge for us ? " asked a baker.
    " Yes, I am that type of customer " said Artby. " I will keep being the customer I am, it is what bakers deserve "
    " Bakers do so much, I must do the right thing "
    " Uh, yeah " said a baker.

    They got their bread and left.

    " I feel like we are keeping up with doing the right thing for bakers " said Artby.
    " The right thing ? " asked Warbler.
    " Yes " said Artby. " When you buy a lot of bread, bakers feel more appreciated "
    " Baking must be appreciated to keep the baker happier "
    " Appreciated ? " asked Crayon. " What happens if the baker is not ?
    " The baker cannot bake as well, it's sad to see as a customer " said Artby.

  • willemvanherk 14w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 12 Part 1

    Chapter 12
    Intense Showdown with Colourclever

    Colourclever then started charging his Ultimate Darkness Blast while Crayon countered with his Ultimate Sky Blast, the blasts hit and they took damage.

    Colourclever got up and he kicked Colouruke while Colourea punched him. Colourclever then got ready with the Colourlandish Barrage, an attack which several quick punches with some energy then hit Artby.

    " Hahahaha " said Colourclever. " I am lot stronger than Colour Administrator, so prepare yourselves "
    " We will have a Colourland that is truly amazing when Challenger is isolated forever "
    " Colour King is isolating him for Colourland "
    " Isolating him for Colourland or isolating him so that Colour King gets his way ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Colour King knows what it means to be Colourlandish, Challenger does not " said Colourclever.

    Colourclever then charged up for the Darkness Implosion while Crayon countered with his Sky Implosion, the attacks collided and they both took damage.

    Colourclever got up and he then used the Colourlandish Barrage while Artby used the Tenfold Sun Strike, they both took damage from the attack.

    Colourclever got up and he punched Colourea while Colourea kicked him. Colourclever then got up first and he started charging up for the Ultimate Darkness Bomb while Colourea used the Ultimate Sun Bomb, the bombs collided and everyone was hit.

    Colourclever got up and he then grabbed Artby and then pushed him towards Crayon but Crayon got out of the way and Artby fell to the ground.

    Colourclever then used the Tenfold Darkness Strike while Colouruke uses the Tenfold Ocean Strike, they struck each other and they both took damage.

    Colourclever got up first and then he used the Darkness Implosion while Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Sun Blasts. The attacks collided with each other which created a giant explosion which everyone was damaged by.

    " Hahahaha " said Colourclever. " Colour King will be very pleased "
    " We will still fight " said Colouruke.
    " True, bakers want us to keep going " said Artby.
    " Baking must be fought for since it does so much for a customer like me "
    " A customer like you ? " asked Colourclever.
    " Yes, I will make sure that I keep being a good customer " said Artby. " Bakers need a customer like me, and I need their baking "
    " Regardless of what customer you are, I will still crush you for Colour King " said Colourclever. " Challenger has been an ass to Colourland "
    " He has not respected Colourland in the way that Colour King does, Colour King loves Colourland "
    " He is so Colourlandish, his opinion must be defended always "
    " Regardless of that, let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

    Artby then started charging for the Ultimate Sun Blast while Colourclever used the Ultimate Darkness Bomb to counter, both attacks hit their targets.

    Artby was starting to slightly struggle.

    " I will never let a baker down, I cannot be that type of customer " said Artby.
    " I will never give up, bakers would not feel good seeing that "
    " I have bought too much bread to let a baker down "

    Artby then got up and he used the Ultimate Sun Bomb while Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb. Colourclever used the Darkness Implosion to counter and they all took damage.

    " Hahahaha " said Colourclever. " Colour King's opinion is the most Colourlandish opinion ever "
    " So Colourlandish unlike Challenger "
    " By Colourlandish you must mean you " said Crayon.
    " No, Colourland's great " said Colourclever.
    " Colour King's opinion is not the reason for that " said Colourea.
    " It is, his opinion is truly brilliant " said Colourclever.
    " Crayon, you should love his opinion "
    " I don't love it, Colourclever " said Crayon.
    " Crayon, this is what Colourland needs " said Colourclever. " Think about the country "
    " The country ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Colourland is the type of country that needs Colour King, in the way that Bird's Isle needs King Bobby " said Colourclever. " Challenger must be isolated because of his refusal to be quiet or agree "
    " If you had truly cut him off at the beginning then things would not be like this "
    " Needs Colour King ? " asked Colourea. " Why would that be, Challenger was the leader while the Bear were attacking "
    " Challenger did not take strong action luckily you four and Warbler were to win the fight " said Colourclever. " It is a shame since the talent level you have is good and that if you had joined forces with King Bobby then it would have been something "
    " King Bobby wanted war with Numeria but Colour King wants to change Numerians, I don't understand how this makes sense " said Crayon.
    " King Bobby changed his mind and Colour King understood what he needed to do, you must trust in Colour King and how Colourlandish he is " said Colourclever.
    " Now, we should continue the battle "

    Colourclever then started to use the Colourlandish Punch while Colourea used the Tenfold Sun Strike, both of them took damage. Colourclever got up first and he used the Colourlandish Kick directly on Colouruke, knocking him down.

    Colouruke was starting to slightly struggle, he then used the Ocean Implosion while Colourclever used the Darkness Implosion. A very wet and dark explosion happened which soaked and damaged everyone.

    Colouruke and Artby were struggling. They got up and they both grabbed Colourclever and they knocked him down but he tripped Colouruke on the way down.

    Colourclever got up and he used the Darkness Implosion while Colourea used the Ultimate Sun Bomb while Crayon used the Ultimate Sun Blast. A bomb full of energy then blasted Colourclever while Crayon and Colourea were hit by the implosion.