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  • desemboy21 1w

    S E L F

    Do you think if you kill yourself and die all problems will go away?
    No, the problem is getting bigger
    And more and more restless
    Even the burdens and problems of people also increase

    If you kill yourself, have you ever thought people would get into trouble too?
    Lifting your corpse, cleaning your corpse
    Making people scared in that place
    Otherwise the place will be more spooky

    Or don't think about them
    Have you ever thought if you ended your life someone would be sad without you knowing it?
    Your family or your friends who you think they don't care about you
    It will be sad to lose you

    Even if no one cares about you, you can't kill yourself
    Love yourself, prove you have a future
    Don't think your life is the most ruined
    There are still many whose lives are more ruined but still try to live it

    If you don't love yourself
    How can people appreciate you
    You care about yourself it's not selfish
    But something must be done

    Try it yourself
    Try to accept yourself as you are
    Try to forgive yourself for everything
    Try to do positive things that you enjoy

    Don't demand yourself, to be recognized by the world
    Don't change yourself just for their will
    Don't do everything by force
    Be who you are without harming others

    Listen to my advice
    You will be rewarded when you find the right person
    So on the way to finding the right one, Let's improve ourselves even better
    And let's give ourselves a round of applause


  • aprilspring 2w


    It ain't necessary that your hard work needs to be reciprocated every single time.
    Your determination is a path that leads you to a sharp cliff, a cliff that suggests you to put an end to all your efforts and hard work and take a few more steps towards the verge of that cliff to achieve your success, your reward!! And yes ofcourse, you need to run hard, take a rest and again run hard to reach that point.
    But what if u reach the verge and see nothing but a plain ground below? It means the goal was never yours, maybe you were never destined for it. So, what would you do then? Stand there, regret for a moment on all your efforts, considering them as useless and returning  back to where you were? No! That's not what it suggests. The empty cliff and the ground below tells you to take a parachute, land down safely, take a deep breath, pat yourself for the hardwork you did and walk away to find another cliff; A cliff that actually waited for you since a long time and maybe the right choice u would ever make.


  • heyoka_warrior 5w

    Breech Journey

    From God's breath of life in mum's womb,
    An embryo was formed, a peculiar;
    Head up, feet down, why didn't I turn?
    I was conceived, received in wonder.

    Did the thunder beings favor me?
    Did lightning strikes when I was born?
    I didn't choose nor did I plan this;
    Did God thinks it's best for me?

    Breech birth it was but not Caesarean
    For I did come out of mum's birth canal;
    Was I forced to do it or did I finally decide
    To face the world with strange eyes?

    Childhood years were not so pleasant
    With all its drama, pain, and lessons;
    An outcast in this exile, I bore
    The weight of my life's purpose.

    Darkness was fond of me, I adopted
    The void, the depths, the fire, the storms;
    My soul was battered, mind injured
    From fighting foes and my violent demons.

    Innocence torn like broken angel wings,
    My wounds they turned into wisdom;
    Obstacles bumped along the way, I fell;
    Thank God, my Messiah caught me.

    I came out fine, resilient, and able
    With carefree, happy-go-lucky nature;
    I withstood the serious blows and thrived;
    God upheld me in the power of His might.

    With all sobriety I focused on the race
    By the grace of my Lord and Savior;
    He shall finish in me until my last journey
    And I shall dwell in His Presence forever.


  • rin_taki 6w

    "How will you fight
    You are kids, you are weak
    For you there are no lights."
    Don't worry, I'll see the last bend
    And find a way to defend
    To make this Covid-19 end.


  • themystique 6w

    The Depths of the Sea

    Because I'm tired of being surrounded by disingenuous people who feel it is not only acceptable to tear others down but powerful.

    I'm tired of fighting to get through the day just to wake up and do the same meaningless task and routines again. Tired of selling my life to survive.

    I don't want to survive.... I want to live! I want to wake up and appreciate the way the clouds are filtering the sun. For my first breath of the day to be full and fresh. To feel as though my bones are filled with helium rather than weighed down by lead. I am no longer interested in using my happiness and time as a currency in society. I want to open my arms and jump, letting the wind pull me where I am meant to be. I no longer care about fighting against the current to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!

    From this moment forward, I will drift through the open sea and embrace the depths and mysteries of life. I will stand at the edge of a cliff smiling, daring for someone to push me down. For even if I fall, I will still reach for the clouds.

  • _cryptomanic_ 7w

    Yes, as the saying goes jealousy is the root of all evils but jealousy might impact positively if you're working towards self- betterment.

    And rivalry is also a crucial factor to sharpen your skills and make you more capable.



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    Even a rival can bring you inspiration.

  • a_world_of_her_words 7w

    I know how it feels when you try hard to get something but at the end all you have is emptiness
    When you give yourself but no one cares about it
    When you have fallen for thousands of times but you find no one to hold on
    When you trying to keep that faith on yourself because no one did that for you
    When everyone everything is forcing you to rush but you choose to patience with yourself
    When you see what's going on around you but have to keep your heart safe
    When everything falls down you have to keep head mind up
    I feel if you do so than you are alone warrior
    Who have came alone all by yourself
    Fighting for yourself.

  • jpwriter 8w


    Abandoned cannon
    Shots all fired
    Lended a Hand
    Caught like fire
    Cover the head
    Hot as Iron
    None of us Bled
    Lots of Liars
    Levels of Red
    Spot a Sniper
    Hell or the Bed
    Got so Tired
    Smell of the Death
    Want Retire
    Fell in the Trench
    Stomped the Wire
    Tell them Again
    Repeat till the End
    Stock Ignitor
    See you my Friend
    Good bye I can't Fight More

  • kidsarol129 8w

    “God has intention for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness.”

    You just need to believe that God has a good plan for you. Don’t give up! You may have failed, but it does not mean you are a failure, you learn from mistakes, & you will rise again and become wiser.

    Remember this all the times, don’t be drown by other’s people opinion. It’s not their life so don’t allow them to control you.

    Remember that you are still growing and that making mistakes is normal, people will leave you to follow their own path, but losing some one doesn’t have to be considered a loss, focus on improving your own self, transcend your own fears, shatter your limits, because the only thing getting in the way of your success is yourself, not the opinions of others.

    Negative people have a habit of dragging you down to their own level. Because they don’t want to be left behind. And you know what? Just ignore them. Work on yourself.

    Be positive. Don’t waste another minute dealing with a toxic, negative, energy-draining person. Being a positive and having a positive thoughts and keeping them has the power to expand your positivity.

    So let the positive words you want in your life show up and commit using them in your speech, in your art, singing them, praying them, chanting them, dancing them, posting them, using them as much and in any way you can. Because some people are wired for negativity and some people are wired for positivity, yin and yang, good and bad, happiness or hatred. You choose and you’ll live with it. ❤

    #writerscommunity #pod #keepontrusting #godlovesyou #believethat #havefaith #bebravewithyourlife #strongfaith #fighting

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  • window2mysoul 8w

    #fighting this battle alone # they don't understand # scared to die but scared to keep doing this alone # we don't seek attention #Just need reasons to fight #this is pain # no one really wants to die # All lives matter # suicide awareness 2021 - rest in heaven old friend Eric parks this is also wrote for you ��

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    They don't know "

    I am caught between Just living and thoughts of suicide ,but would they even care If I died ,Lord Am I forgiven for how I was living ? , oh how I've cried ,until nothing left inside, but thoughts of suicide

  • sangeetamagar 9w

    It has been a while now
    That the winter has gone
    That spring has come, with vibrant colours
    That summer is long and steady
    That autumn is hope
    That the world is new

    It has been a while now
    That the word negative has lost its effect
    That the mind is not a living hell
    That life is not so miserable anymore
    That the path seem bright and clear
    That optimism is the new word

  • gingrey_ 10w

    nothing is more serious when you try to manage your life in this pandemic era. life sometimes good life sometimes its hell
    but I always thank God for the blessings I/ we had
    I/ we are still alive.

    #mirakee #love #self #life #us #fighting

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    R U M

    A rum that taste better than cola
    The choice I made for several years ago
    It's the RUM I always had on the go.

    Rum that witness a chef in it's own wreck
    But when years come rum is running out of time
    Rum held my hands and said we aren't done.

    Time flies so fast
    In the desert here we adjust
    But still we joined together
    and be part of the pandemicI forever.


  • saqib_mukhtar 11w

    kuch ankahi baatay hain,
    jo karnee hay tumsay.

    kuch bebass khayal b hain,
    jo baantnay hay tumsay.

    Mai jaanta hu ye nhi hay mumkin.
    gr meray soanchnay mai kya jaata hay.

    Hosakha tow kisi rooz mulakat hogi.
    Tum apna haal sunana, mai apni behaali.


  • btspleiades 13w

    Tell me why on earth racism even take place?

    And I'm ready to throw hands on anyone who really try to correct me with my hashtag

    #bts #army #fighting #fuckgrammy

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  • mercileie_zealeaous01 15w

    World No discrimination day

    # let's take pledge together to day no to social evils & end of the Discrimination on this Global No discrimination day .

    #fighting against the social issues ,# notforprofits, #social goals ,#Humanity#beinghuman .

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    2nd March 2019

  • d33_with_f33lings 17w


    How can home, the one place I am supposed to be most at peace and happy be so toxic.

  • harsh_blue14 17w

    Fight between brother and sister

    Someone asked,

    There is a one thing between them and what's that?
    He replied,
    A bond which is more stronger than any other bond in this world and if this bond break it takes energy from happiness

  • dollygoyal 18w

    If you have something on your heart
    Try to pull it out
    This world won't care about you for long
    If you will be the same everyday
    They take you like that only
    No one is bothered here
    No one cares
    Why do you hold your eyes open
    Waiting for them to react
    Real victory is satisfaction over yourself

    #battlefield #fighting #writersnetwork #mirakee #livinghell #life #proud #feeling #satisfaction #writingheart #writingfromexperiences

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    Head down, eyes sad
    Where are you going you don't know
    Noises around but mind full of thoughts
    How the days are changing you don't know
    There remains a million other swords to fight
    What if one cut you down
    If you breathing
    You are still fighting
    This life is a battlefield of its own
    Different traps and sweet prisons everyday
    Poisoning others is their happiness
    Winning over them is not victory
    But a path to the next level

    Is it hell?
    No sitting idle at one level is hell
    Only praying and doing nothing is hell
    Waiting for others to bring happiness is hell
    Take control and
    Don't let your life become a living hell
    Life is a battlefield
    Keep your heads up and eyes proud


  • willemvanherk 19w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 17 Part 1

    Chapter 17
    Easeion vs Crayon

    " Now this is just us " said Easeion. " The Bear has wanted this death for so long "
    " I will avenge Bill and Tara, I will be the big brother that they need "
    " It is what it means to be a Smithson, I am a Smithson and a Smithson forever "
    " Bear members are on their way here "
    " They will be disappointed to see that I am alive, I will not die this fight " said Crayon.
    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Not a chance in the world, without Challenger you cannot win "
    " He trusts so much in us " said Crayon. " He knows that I can do it "
    " He will end up being wrong and he will be sobbing at these great deaths " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Now we are going to continue your last fight ever "

    Easeion then charged up the Ultimate Thunderstorm while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter. They both were hit but they both got up, Easeion then started charging for the Bear Implosion.

    Crayon then used the Bird Implosion to counter the attack, they were both hit and knocked to the ground.

    Easeion then got up first, he grabbed Crayon.

    " Crayon, take this " yelled Easeion. " This is for all the Bear members that are not currently fighting with us right now "

    Crayon was slightly struggling but he got up and the he punched Easeion directly which made him start to slightly struggle.

    " What the fuck " said Easeion. " I am too great for this "
    " It doesn't seem that way " said Crayon.
    " My brother and sister need me to win this fight, Brett my father will be pissed " said Easeion.
    " He expected so much as a father, he wanted to take over with all of us "
    " I will win for him, let's go "

    Easeion then charged for the Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter, they both were hit and fell to the ground.

    They both got up, Easeion punched Crayon while Crayon kicked him which they both went to the ground but Easeion got up.