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  • the_amorist 8w

    The Eyes

    He sits at the dock, head down

    Averting his gaze from the public's eyes filled with fury

    Along with the face of his frail old mother

    Awaiting the inevitable verdict of the jury

    His rap-sheet's one that wouldn't fail to astound

    One would be more fruitful attempting to boil an ocean

    Than to try and fathom how the escalation came into motion

    'Guilty on all charges' announces the judge

    He tries to remember the first time

    He ever crossed the line 

    As his mind is flooded by the auld lang syne

    Taking him back to those nights of innocence

    When he was more human in a sense

    Earphones plugged in as he listens

    To only music of a certain kind that tickled his fancy

    Head on his pillow, eyes towards the ceiling

    Nothing else he could find as appealing

    Or so he thought it first

    He and his mother took pride in the fact

    That he was one of the few kids on the scene

    Who chose to stay clean

    Till that Night of December 17

    Upon preparing for his usual routine

    He encounters a sight

    Amidst the darkness, unlike any other

    Eyes like rubies that shined bright

    They seemed to be staring at him

    And briefly burning into his soul

    Before they faded away

    He tells himself it was a dream and thinks nothing of it

    Oblivious to how his future would unfold

    Despite repeats of the same incident

    He continues to label it insignificant 

    Till that faithful night on the 24th

    As he lays down to get some shut-eye

    His attention is caught by an unusual sound

    One that could only be made by the most savage

    Of beasts and carried with it, a message

    And ever since, he's felt an urge that begs for a release

    Thoughts one could only describe as heinous

    All the while he feels all the more helpless as the years progress

    The eyes of which any suspicion he used to be dismissive

    Have instilled in him a different perspective

    Sunday evening on the 30th of May

    On his way to the market he meets a blonde handing out pamphlets

    He strikes up a convo and after a while persuades her into his bronco

    He takes her back to his abode for a drink or two

    Unbeknownst to her he was about to

    Make his wildest fantasies come true

    After a couple of hints that didn't go amiss

    They both lean in for a kiss 

    His fingers start a journey from her face to her throat

    He wakes up sometime later

    In a pool of entrails and vital fluid

    And that's all he can account for

    Of the first of his many crimes of murder and manslaughter

  • enike_ 8w


    if this is the end, and the noose
    still hangs
    and im carried without
    my knowing, placed below,
    and wildflowers sprout out of me,
    take a few if you visit.
    know that i loved watching the making
    of the day with you,
    hand in hand, your smile in sight.

    if this is the end, and i am but
    memories in a cloud, a
    passing face in the crowd,
    and cant hold your laughter in my palm,
    and it feels like the end all over again.
    your eyes.
    those blue flames. that warmth.

    if this be the end, and
    i am not included in the cast,
    know that my heart was yours alone and it was one of my defining moments.
    i got to spend time with an angel,
    before meeting azrael.

    when it all ends,
    and i'm taken
    from you,and
    the world feels,
    gray and cold, i am still at peace
    because i have color in my heart.


  • naqsaif 8w

    No matter

    No matter……

    No matter how high I fly,
    No matter how gently I sigh,
    No matter how hard it gets,
    No matter how many tales
    I roam, visit, tread and sail,
    No matter how far I reach
    How content, humanly siege,
    I always have and will
    Come back to my window sill
    Where duties and relations lie,
    Where myths and fiction die,
    There, reality smacks
    You find how you lack
    At things that weren’t worth
    Your time or your heart
    I will always come back
    To this worldly shack
    Until one day
    With broken bones I will lay
    Within the dark space
    Of my last resting place.


  • _faded 9w


    19 August 2021

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    Holding on to people is always what I've been doing,
    I try not to let them go,
    Because it's always hard for me to tell people about what I have felt,
    But I tell you everything even if you don't ask,
    Before I was free with you it was different,
    You were keep asking me what I've been feeling,
    And I tell you about things after million of time you've asked,
    Not it's different,
    I tell you about things even if you haven't asked for it,
    I understand the things but how can I stop myself from feeling what I've been felt while I don't get your appropriate reply,
    And I accept that I don't ask you much,
    I'm sorry for that,
    I'll build a habit.

  • mazingmee 9w

    Melting point of my imagination

    I saw her wearing only her smile and covering her body with her long hair..
    Inside the tub she rose..
    She was watching me..
    Just like she could see me through as if she could see my heartbeat rising when I was moving towards her..
    We drove close to each other..
    Her curls were bouncing..
    I saw myself in her deep black eyes..
    When I tap her shoulder to touch...
    My fingers got burnt,and she melt..
    Just like ice ..
    I remember this whenever I watch sanitizer gel vanishing on my palm..

  • nishtha_rai 9w

    "What would life be without memories- an ocean without waves or a heart without love". #fiction

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    I still prefer writing letters with glitter pens,
    Even though I don't have your address anymore,
    I still prefer reading books made of paper,
    Although I am out of roses
    you would buy me on our dates,
    White roses that I used to water for few days,
    Then dried them up to make bookmarks,
    And held them close everytime
    I fell asleep while reading a book,
    I still prefer going out for dinner
    than ordering at home,
    Even though you aren't around anymore
    to look at me with those sharp eyes,
    Eyes that used to talk to me
    even when you weren't,
    I still wear my best dress
    and my longest smile,
    In memory of the best days of my life,
    The ones when I realized that
    if I can have you,
    I could have the world!


  • beware 9w

    My anxiety sits in a corner...

    #start #wod


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    Unarrest Criminal

    My anxiety sits in a corner of my room
    occupying the whole space of my mind,
    controlling my dead body like I'm alive.

    Someone possess my soul,
    makes me unaware,
    i become the puppet of an evil puppeteer.

    I heard a playful whisper
    tempted me to hold this dagger,
    to break the chain locker.

    Outside, I saw the breaking news
    a case of murder;
    who do you think is the culprit or an evildoer?

    Well, nobody can find an answer
    'cause I am the victim and the killer
    it happens when anxiety sits on the corner.

    I'm the unarrest criminal
    the cops can't capture me
    no one can find me dead or alive.


  • divshetty04 9w

    Her Voice

    With the nature
    & in the land of fantasies
    She grew,
    Sometimes with flowers
    Sometimes with leaves,
    Sometimes with skies
    Sometimes with clouds,
    She whispered
    & with the butterflies she twirled,
    In the meadows she ran
    Singing the songs of love,
    Her voice echoed miles away
    Making him fall for her,
    One day he came looking for her
    But she never knew,
    He was stalking her
    & the nature waited
    For a love story to happen.

  • nishabhartijha 10w


    It's midnight the time when most of nyctophile are awake and trapping their thoughts through their hobbies, some of them are writers some of them are observers and I'm blessed with the both thing. Every mid night I observe feelings of the writing app where I write about you, "you the dreams of me, which never disappointed me, the only place where I meet you, but you know that I'm waiting for you"

  • sourav_panwar 10w

    किस्सा अतीत का क्या गाऊँ, कहानी वो क्यों दोहराऊं
    ठंडी पड़ी है राख अभी, चूल्हा फिरसे क्यों जलाऊं
    एक छोटी चिंगारी से, आग क्यों भड़काऊं
    यादें जो मिटती नहीं कभी, कैसे उन्हें मिटाऊँ
    रेगिस्तान में जाकर, पानी की आस किससे लगाऊं
    तीन पहर लहू बहाकर, मुस्कराहट कैसे लाऊँ
    सरहदें है दुश्मनी की, दोस्ती का हाथ कैसे बढाऊँ
    कच्चे मकान में घुटकर, शीशे के महल कैसे बनाऊं
    रंजिशें हैं, ज़लज़ले हैं, विनाश से खुदको कैसे बचाऊँ
    ये मोहरें है अतीत की, निशान इनके कैसे छिपाऊँ
    गर दर्द सिमटता हो दर्द से, तो फिर दर्द को खुलके बताऊँ ।।


  • paraskhandelwal 11w

    *Someone* - Why did you left me? Where did I lacked in giving?

    Me - Respect.


  • black_p_m 11w


    Hand in hand we walked down that beautiful street
    Watching the birds take their leave
    Listening to the soft, sweet sound of the water
    Feeling the stars watching us from above
    Hearing the song of love
    As we walked down that beautiful street.

    This was comfortable
    Now was comfortable
    Forever seemed achievable
    We seemed so invincible

    But let me tell you something about fiction
    Something fiction would never tell you:
    Time is fleeting
    There's sad in happy
    Pain in Beauty
    Sorrow in joy...
    If fiction only told us....

    NOW we're comfortable in this bliss.
    20 years LATER we find ourselves trapped in the beautiful candy coated cottage that lured our Young Minds 20 years ago.
    A sweet tooth that led you to the bitterness that coats the passing of time.
    Now everything you taste is sour
    Your mind is losing its cool
    And you're growing uncomfortable

    Who knew that time would tear us apart
    Who knew how fast blue skies turned to grey
    Who knew how ugly the interior of this candy cottage was...
    If not fiction.


  • zikra_ 12w

    #draft *-*
    @writersnetwork #wod
    #fiction obv.
    Happy friendship day mirakeeans♥️��

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    An untitled letter

    It's been a really long time since we had any conversation. Feeling weird while writing but i thought my lips could never convey my feelings which are kinda dead now but before placing white lilies on its grave i wanna let you know.

    Remember? When i wrote a poetry for the first time just for you. It did have a lot of grammatical errors but you still loved it, that's when it all started.

    I think we have made enough memories to survive being part as we together have really been toxic which is not letting 'us' survive and letting go is the only option left.

    Ending this with another poetry with little improvement in grammar so cheer up a little. Also, you don't need to write a letter back, I'll just reminisce about the verses you said reading my first poetry. Here it goes~

    //Felt like a sunflower
    Bending towards the sun (you)
    Everytime i see you

    Shower of your zephyr
    made me grow
    over my blues

    Listened to your hymns
    Being tucked in your hair
    As a part of beautiful you

    Later, I started humming too.
    It was easy to fall in love
    But not to confess the truth.

    After blooming fully
    I had to wither one day
    That's what flowers do.

    Wanted to be with you till the end.
    Became fragrant flower in your hair
    Now, flower on your grave too.//

    (Wanted to be someone)


  • she_wrote 12w

    What am I?

    What am I?
    I thought for a while,
    So,when people started detaching, I started attaching myself to them.

    When people talked of love as pain and loneliness as treasure, I started cheering for love loudly.

    When people stopped trusting , I started putting my trust in everyone.

    When everyone believed in irrationality, I vowed to maintain my sanity.

    What is normal to you is normal to me except what's abnormal to you is also normal for me.

    I ain't a saint or a sinner. I am not divinity , just a human.
    Mere human.

    At last if you ask
    Who am I ?
    A paradox is what I conclude.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • elingrin 12w

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld. @writersnetwork @writer_bychoice
    Thought Irises...,
    Sharing a few lines and dialogues from my upcoming book 'Artha'


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    He looked beautiful or was it just the moon embracing him gently

  • tokingbetweenthelines 14w

    *no strumpets were hurt in the writing of this story*
    #murder #kill #fiction #blood #writersofindia

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    Buxom, bouncing flesh is all I see
    in the drooling dreamy streets.
    The cars hum across,
    headlights shining on stockinged legs
    draped in thrift shop attire.
    The men stop and trade
    cash for a suck and a fuck
    and drive off.

    She's chewing gum by the light,
    in red spanks, a push up bra
    and leather boots stained in sin;
    she gives champion head,
    and she's who I want tonight.

    I grab,
    and take her away
    to my nowhere.

    I wake her with a slap and strip her down.
    Her eyes scream in confused fear as
    I take out my stainless steel razor blade
    and slice along the length of
    both arms and both legs,
    splitting the skin and
    painting the sand beneath her
    in throbbing red;
    her sweet muffled crying
    growing softer by the second,
    I jerk myself ferociously to
    this masterpiece of my creation;
    her pulsating blood,
    her helpless whimper,
    her rotten body torn,
    her final breath so tender,
    singing to me in her dying gasp.
    I come I come I come
    in heaving, ecstatic delight;
    I breathe in the greatest Hallelujah
    as I gaze in her lifeless eyes.

    I wipe and clean myself
    and walk away,
    with a single tear
    down my cheek.
    The sole witness
    of this divine act.

    As for her,
    I leave her bled body on the sand,
    for the crows and for the maggots,
    a feast for the heavens,
    her greatest feat.

    She was only a whore,
    no one will care.

    No one
    except for me;
    and my,
    she was lovely.

  • paraskhandelwal 14w

    I don't post memes much. #fiction #meme #fast_and_furious #dominic
    I realised there is no option to upload custom images now. Mirakee has shut down the market for memes here. Cool. I always hated meme on such a poetic platform. Don't ruin it.

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    My ex - we've to breakup.
    Me - but you said our love is strong.
    My ex(being dominic from Fast and Furious) - Not as strong as family.

  • aitchvee 14w

    Do you remember?

    Do you remember?
    That night,
    Soft music was playing,
    You were softly touching my cheeks,
    Suddenly, Our favorite song was being played and, we both laughed,
    The song reminds us how stupid we were in love,
    that whenever we hear that song,
    The love song,
    we used to jump and dance,
    No matter, if that song plays in the car's radio
    and we hurt our head,

    Do you Remember?
    That day when we got stuck at home,
    The Rain was pouring,
    We were sitting on the couch holding hands,
    At that moment, I realized nothing matters but you.

    Do You Remember?
    How you used to cook for me,
    I had to taste that salty and hell spicy dinner nonchalantly,
    I still remember and laugh,
    how you run to drink milk after tasting that dish.

    I'm sure you remember everything,
    Every moment we have spent together,
    Here is our favorite song's CD,
    and sorry, but,
    Here is my favorite pasta dish and the milk too, if required.
    Every year I'm giving this to you,
    So, You don't forget our love.

    It's been five years without you,
    No! I'm not crying,
    I have to go,
    the cemetery is about to close,
    Just remember, I always love you.

  • abeautiful_mind 14w

    You become you only by your capabilities or abilities,

    Otherwise this damn world don't give a shit to you.

    Add some skill that would fuck them,

    So they would think that you exist.

    Otherwise, you would be roadside dog.

    People know that this dog exist but they really don't care.
    ©Arihant jain

  • abeautiful_mind 14w

    Everyone wants to achieve something,
    But just in the spur of moment.
    Everyone think of the good days,
    They imagine of living in the good days.
    But no one cares about the darkness
    That is wearing a false mask of happiness.
    Do you really think that you would achieve your goal
    Just in the spur that you thought?
    Do you really think that you would succeed just in a minute?