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  • ajaykrsingh123 2d

    कवि कौन है

    वाह मित्र ! तुम तो कवि हो गए,
    पहले से ऐसे थे या अभी हो गए,
    उसने तो यूँही कहा था, इसका मुझे आभास था
    लेकिन उसमें छुपा एक प्रश्न ,बेहद खास था,
    कैसे मैं कवि बना,कवि भी बनते है क्या?
    उद्योगशालाओं में,
    खिलते है क्या? पेड़ो की शाखाओं में,
    या बहते होंगे ,जल की धाराओं में,
    या उड़ते होंगे हवाओं में,
    या गुम होंगे,अंधेरी गुफाओं में,
    तप में लीन होंगे,ऊँची पर्वतमालाओं में,
    विश्राम करते होंगे,पेड़ो की छाँव में,
    या बसते होंगे,किसी शहर या गाँव में।

    जब किसी की वेदना,शब्दों में ढ़लती है,
    जब किसी की प्रसन्नता,स्वरों पर चलती है,
    जब कोई अपने अनुभव,अंकित कर पाता है,
    जब कोई अपनी आकांक्षा,चित्रित कर पाता है,
    जब कोई सच और झूठ,में अंतर करता है,
    जब कोई विकारों से,युद्ध निरंतर करता है,
    और जो घने अंधेरे में भी,प्रकाशवान रवि होता है,
    तब जाकर शायद कोई,एक कवि होता है।

    इतनी सारी योग्यतायें,नितांत निहित होनी चाहिए,
    यदि सभी ना भी हो पाए,आधी तो चिंहित होनी चाहिये,
    इतने ऊंचे मानक है,मैं तो कहीं टिकता नही हूँ,
    कुछ भी हो सकता हूँ ,मैं पर कवि नही हूँ।
    कोई भी तुकबंदी या काफिया मिला सकता है ,
    पर इससे ही कोई कवि नही हो सकता है,
    कवि तो एक दृष्टि है,कविता जिसकी सृष्टि है,
    लेकिन तुम मुझसे पूछो तो,हर व्यक्ति एक कवि है,
    लिखने वाला कवि है,पढ़ने वाला भी कवि है,
    संचार करने वाला भी,एक कवि ही है,
    इस आधार पर कहीं,मैं भी एक छवि हूँ,
    हाँ मैं कवि हूँ।
    मित्र ने फिर कहा, कुछ जवाब तो दो,
    कहाँ खो गए,तुम तो कवि हो गए,
    पहले से ही ऐसे थे ,या अभी हो गए।

  • imsensiblyyours 2d

    It's been long since you are gone...the roads we have taken together don't scare me anymore,I walk on them,feeling as light as the air...I pass by your home everytime I go to the market but now I hardly have a look at it to see if you are back from hostel...I go the same cafe where I shared my mojito and white sauce pasta along with some laughter,love and a million of memories and moments but barely any of them bothers me now...
    because it's been long since you are gone...I sleep on the bed where we both cuddled when my parents weren't home but I don't get nightmares anymore...I sleep on the same pillow which once was always drenched by my tears but had been dry since a time I can't even remember!!
    It's been hell of a time since you are gone and I can't even remember your lips that I kissed ,your ears I had biten,the sight of those eyes,those long heavy hands,I can't recall how you looked,you are like silhouette which is mouthless,eyeless and is just a border that resembles some kinda body form but...
    But I haven't forgotten your touch...how It felt like getting hit by a lightning of thousand volt when you touched, and, when yesterday,I felt that lightening again in the mall when a boy passed me by,I remembered everything...the silhouette has a face now,I m getting nightmares again, pillows are wet these days,my eyes unintentionally look at your home now,I shifted my cafe now and I never knew there are so many roads that can lead to the market...
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  • imsensiblyyours 3d

    One day you will wake up and realise that all you have done was for nothing.


  • sangte 5d

    Begin Again

    I saw you longingly gazing at the stars
    Like it will lead you to your lost lover,
    Your gaze full of melancholy
    Is taking me back to those days
    I wish I could take the pain and memories away
    But then this lost is a part of you
    That sclupt you into a fine man.
    You've been trough a lot
    Saying it does not suffice at all.
    How you crave for intimacy to fill the void,
    How you try to fill sleepless nights by drinking,
    Walking in stupor, buried in work deminishes the pain for a while.
    This phase had passed. Yes it passed!
    I am estatic that you finally found someone who can heal those wounds.
    Who fill the emptiness
    And you are ready to build a family of your own.
    Let your senseless roaming cease
    As you find a place to grow roots.


  • she_wrote 1w

    ----√Remember me¶-----

    When I am gone and You wonder what to do next,
    Don't fight yourself and listen to me,

    Initially it would be strange to sleep alone
    And you might be scared at night,
    Worrying if I turned into a ghost,
    Which I assure you I won't .

    But there would be those nights with troubled sleep,
    And the memories of happy times will haunt your heart,
    In those critical time, I want you to remember
    I am looking at you from heaven,
    Maybe from hell as well !
    But I am looking at you, that will matter.

    So, here is the guide to remember me curated for you especially,
    Remember me as you remember the aftertaste of sweet lassi you drank at your grandmother's place in summer break,
    Just like the melody of your favourite song you hum without realising that you are humming,
    Just like the book, you pick as a comfort read, the place you drive to when you are upset,

    Some days when you will miss me most,
    Buy a truffle cake and leave it on my grave.
    I won't be able to eat but the sight is enough for me to cheer up.
    Since you know what to do when I am gone
    I hope you keep your words and smile often.
    Kanchan Balodi

    #pod #postoftheday #fiction #rememberme #guide #poem #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Remember me

    Remember me as you remember the aftertaste of sweet lassi you drank at your grandmother's place in summer break,
    Just like the melody of your favourite song you hum without realising that you are humming,
    Just like the book, you pick as a comfort read, the place you drive to when you are upset,

    Kanchan Balodi

  • scintillatingsolitude03 1w

    He might look back
    And read between her lines
    Feel the affection there
    Know it for what it truly was
    For what she carefully let show
    within the confines of their caring.

    She hoped he would look back,
    Understand the sentiment
    Accept it all
    Close his eyes, notice his faint smile
    And forgive her self-preservation.


  • debbanibose 1w

    Oceans set ablaze.

    Deep within the oceans,
    Two souls set ablaze.
    The roaring tides kept them hidden
    From the chaos of the mortal's maze.

    Tons of water around them,
    Failed to quiet down the doom;
    The glowing ember almost as if
    Arrogantly mocking the fierce Neptune.

    Why do you think the seas cry?
    What is it, that make the oceans divine?
    Is it the lies floating on the surface,
    Or the truths they are forced to hide?

    - Debbani Bose ✍️

  • she_wrote 2w


    I am dragged to one secluded corner of the room by an unknown woman,
    I don't think I know her,
    She looks like my mother but is too brave to act like her.

    Well, the story continues...

    While she dragged me, I had a vision
    In which the abuses he hurled at me in the past were visible,
    The most recent one being called a bitch.
    A child born of your blood is called "bitch", Well that's unfortunate I thought and stopped the train of thought.

    What do you say, my dear reader, was I right?

    No, I don't mind being called one,
    Should I let the opinion of one man leave an ugly impression on my mind?
    Sometimes I think I should let all the abuses be absorbed,
    Some day I am a little braver,
    And pity him for his words.

    To be frank, I find the later section more courageous, full of valour
    So, I tend to hear from an ear and take it out from another.

    But the woman today made me stand in a corner,
    Went back into the room
    Asked him if I deserved the words he spoke to me?

    I apologise but it doesn't make any sense,
    Why is she talking about me?
    Doesn't she know I have learnt to live without being affected?
    Yet I heard her
    And remembered someone telling me It's alright sometimes
    When someone decides to stand for you.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • divshetty04 2w

    A Mermaid Princess

    Deep in the friendly oceans
    She was born
    By birth a mermaid she was,
    The oceans celebrated her birth
    The marine creatures welcomed her all,
    With blessings she was showered
    & raised by the kings & the queens,
    She grew like a princess
    Her voice was a boon
    & echoed deep into the oceans,
    One day she sat singing on the rocks
    With her melodious voice
    The moon & the stars came smiling
    The skies became pleased
    The oceans calmed down
    The creatures twirled
    & whenever she sang
    The darkest nights turned into the aesthetic one.

  • nyx_16 2w

    The birthday line really had me��
    #magic #imagination #fiction

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    Fairies learn to dance before they learn to walk,
    Fairies learn to sing before they learn to talk,
    And they steal away the rainbow to lighten up their rooms
    Fairies like a sky dance better than a feast,
    They have birthday once a week atleast

  • aarzoo_kashish 2w


    Pain is an imaginary fact weaved on the graveyard of real fiction.


  • angelssymphony 2w

    Late Night

    I think of my dreams..
    And I dream what I think.
    When dreams don't come true,
    It can really sink..
    You deep..
    Into the ground.
    Call out for help
    Hello, It's me.
    Nobody is there..
    Please send help.
    I can hardly see.
    Am I asleep?
    I'm just me being me..
    Does that make me a freak?
    I'm beginning to sink...
    What do you think?

  • willemvanherk 3w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 14 Part 3

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " I wanted Colourea out "" I am disappointed as well " said Xax. " I guess Colourea isn't as weak as we thought "" Or maybe Colour Administrator isn't the fighter we thought " said Whites. " I will beat Draco "" Rourke faced Queen Starling " said Blackina." I will advance with no problems " said Whites." I am pissed off about Colourea winning, but I will focus on messing with other friends of Crayon " said Easeion." Yeah, we will totally ruin their lives " said Melissa." Colourea will lose next round just like Crayon " said Easeion." Blackin will take this " said Whites. " My victory will be one for the Bear "" My cousin will show his power tomorrow " said Blackin." My love for Blackina is so strong, nobody can love more than me "" Yes, our love means so much " said Blackina." Our wedding will be not like other ones "

    Crayon and his friends were talking after the fight.
    " Awesome fight " said Colouruke." Thanks " said Colourea." Now me, you and Crayon have advanced " said Challenger." Colouruke and me will advance " said Artby." We have eaten so much bread, bakers have done so much for us "" We must get more bread, these purchases will be good for the tournament "" Yeah, we can go do that " said Colouruke." Good " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for fighting "" Baking has done a lot for Colourea, bakers understand her with their baking "" They use bread to understand her "" Uh, what ? " asked Challenger." Yeah, they have a gateway within Colourea for bread " said Artby." Within Colourea ? " asked Crayon." Well, we should go "

    Meanwhile Colour King, Colourclever and Colour Dictator were talking.
    " How could this be " said Colour King." Colourland needs him winning " said Colourclever." This loss means Colourland lost " said Colour Dictator." We needed this "" We will have to rely on our other allies remaining " said Colour King." The people need us winning "" Challenger cannot win this tournament for the sake of Colourland " said Colour Dictator." We need Colour King in charge "" Yes, Challenger has not been Colourlandish enough for Colourland " said Colour King." He has not stayed Colourlandish like I have "" The people have been less Colourlandish with Challenger which is unacceptable "" We need my opinion "" Colourlandish people need Colour King's opinion instead of Challenger's opinion " said Colourclever." The people here have found Challenger to be a jackass "" He must go "" King Bobby and me have a great partnership which will make our respective nations better while Challenger never did anything " said Colour King." He has been a disgrace in the eyes of the people "" I love the people
    Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery where Artby thanked bakers and he started talking.

    " I love the baking here " said Artby." Thanks " said a baker." I dream about bakers baking bread " said Artby. " It is good for bakers to be dreamed about "" Uh, okay " said a baker.
    Crayon and his friends got their bread and left.

    Meanwhile King Bobby ran into Blackin and Blackina.

    " So, we meet " said King Bobby. " Your cousin is facing one of my advisors "" Yes, it will be a great battle " said Blackin." Draco will show his ability " said King Bobby. " He knows of what Crayon has done to Warbler "" He has got in the way of Allie and anything that Warbler needs "" Crayon will be destroyed " said Blackin." Draco must win his fight to get our advisors there " said King Bobby. " If Whites wins, I expect that he will eliminate Crayon "" Crayon has made Allie very angry as a girlfriend "" She is not a woman that wants Crayon and his friends disrespecting the relationship that she has with Warbler "" When a dating site so good is created, the individuals will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have these great relationships for Bird's Isle which must happen "" Well, I have a strong desire for Blackina " said Blackin." When I love Blackina and see such a beautiful, attractive body I must do what is necessary " " Yes, we will see each other again " said King Bobby." Crayon will crumble into dust and look worthless against me "" Warbler will be there to enjoy that moment "
    Crayon and his friends arrived back at the hotel. They saw QuackQ there, they started talking.

  • sonu99 4w

    #cg_city_chall,#ceesreposts, #conceptprompt,@luvnotes_challenge_host, #phraseprompt, #challenge, #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #ecotopia, #city, #utopia,#paradise, #dystopia,#imagination, #fantasy, #virtues, #dream, #fiction, #horizon, #illusion, #moment, #perfection, #birth, #heaven, #pacifism, @mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@galvanizedthoughts
    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • shruti_bhatt 4w

    रोज खुद को ये जूठ बोलती हूं
    की तुम मुझे भूल गए हो।
    क्या तुम भी खुद को यही जूठ बोलते हो?
    या फिर इस जूठ को तुमने सच बना दिया है?

  • _anxin__ 4w

    Life is nothing like a fairy tale,
    Neither is love a fairy tale,
    In fairy tales, it's a must for a happy ending,
    But life or love is not always fair.

    I am not a hidden princess nor a queen,
    I am just me, it's all I ever could be.

    I'm not gonna lie,
    I love Mariposa and Ariel,
    But they are fictional characters,
    They are not real.

    Like I said before,
    Life is not a fantasy,
    Neither true love like fairy stories.
    You should not expect such happy endings,
    Because you're a warrior, not a prince or princess.
    Life is not a fairy tale, it's not always fair.
    To be honest, be like Elsa and write your own story.

    By~ @_anxin__

    #tale #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee #wod #pod #Fairytales #fiction

    P.S. If you believe in fairy tales or true love, it's totally fine. So, don't take this in a wrong way. Please don't get offended.

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    Fairy tales?

  • angelssymphony 4w

    What Am I

    I begin to drift far,far away.
    Not only away from my home, but also away from my body.
    I don't know what happened to me, but I am now free.
    Atleast that's what I think.
    I fly all around, but mostly I am up in the clouds.
    I don't visit anyone, because I can't remember anyone.
    No one can see me.
    No one knows I'm there.
    But I am here floating aimlessly through the air.
    Time holds no value.
    How long have I been here.
    Freedom soon turns into despair.
    I long for a life, a body with dreams.
    I long for the return from this never-endingending stream.
    I've seen no one else here as long as me.
    I stop floating around and feel out of control.
    As if I had been thrown into a dark hole.
    Will I ever be back, there is no way to know.
    For I am now nothing but a lost soul.

  • angelssymphony 4w

    Dark Cloud

    A shadow follows me home, a shadow that is not my own.
    I feel something looming, but no one is there.
    I start to feel panic, I start to feel fear.
    I feel something dark, a shadow creeping over the room, Or was it a dream of what was there in my wake that I just couldn't see.
    An orb hovers nearby as I open my eyes.
    That's it for now to my surprise. 'Til we meet again, I told it goodbye. Things unseen can be seen with the spiritual eye.

  • hiteshprakashpeswani 61w

    Historical poetic story #experiment #fiction

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    Mohenjo daro

    2016 BCE,land of sindh
    flow of sandy wind
    the natural lifespan
    Sarman, a young man
    Ready with future plan
    he was ready to began
    Sarman, a young sindhi
    from village of Amri
    his parents passed
    long back, in the past
    he lost his life's essence
    Sarman lost his parents
    at a very young age
    Amri was like a cage
    fishermen were in stress
    far from every success
    the terror of crocodile
    end of pleasure & delight
    to bring back the smile
    Sarman kills the crocodile
    accomplishment of the plan
    the headache of fishermen
    crocodile was the tension
    Sarman solves the problem
    Sarman becomes a hero
    end of extreme sorrow
    after all the struggle
    Sarman asks Durjan uncle
    for an important permission
    towards ultimate vision
    to go to a place
    far from the state
    Mohenjo Daro, land of trade
    the plan was prepared
    Sarman constructed a plan
    to develop lifespan
    with an effective conduct
    business of family products
    on land of business
    Sarman was fearless
    Mohenjo Daro was destination
    Durjan was in tension
    so his uncle refused
    Durjan did not approved
    dark night, white disk
    Sarman takes a risk
    attempts to sneak away
    through a dark way
    to the city, at night
    under the moonlight
    with Hojo, his buddy
    hiding from everybody
    the light was dim
    but Durjan caught him
    most dissatisfying segment
    but finally Durjan relents
    & allows them to go
    to the Mohenjo daro
    for the business deal
    He gives Sarman a seal
    with an important direction
    seal contains an inscription
    inscription of a unicorn 
    animal with single horn
    the inscription was valuable
    unicorn, the beautiful animal
    that Sarman often sees
    in his beautiful dreams
    far from sadness & grim
    Durjan suggests him
    the important appeal
    he can use the seal
    only in exceptional case
    no chance, no other ways
    in life or death situation
    times of extreme tension
    he listens every advice
    finally Sarman arrives
    with his friend Hojo
    towards Mohenjo daro
    with the aim & vision
    Mohenjo daro was destination
    with concern & care
    soon Sarman reached there
    traders were sad & dejected
    situation was unexpected
    each citizen was a sufferer
    Maham was the ruler
    & Moonja, his wicked son
    was the greatest tension
    the situation was absurd
    Sarman also observed
    dark outcome & means
    unicorn of his dreams
    was symbol of city
    every person was busy
    the power was misused
    Sarman was confused
    everything was familiar
    the place was similar
    the known surrounding
    the houses & painting
    street, market & pillar
    everything was similar
    the tree, lake & stream
    everything was dreamed
    while Sarman is trading
    in a hopeful morning
    Maham wanted to enforce
    he proposes to impose
    additional tax on farmers
    tax on every corners
    tax for city development
    proposal was arrogant
    selfish recommendation
    selfish deal & decision
    most destructive offer
    Sarman leads the farmers
    to oppose the taxes
    for welfare of masses
    Guard Lothar guides him
    Maham is the prime
    tax was the stress
    Sarman gains access
    to the upper city
    he fulfilled necessity
    by showing uncle's amulet
    the successful management
    the task was hard
    but Sarman, Hojo & guard
    reached to upper city
    using uncle's amulet & ability
    Sarman meets Chaani, a girl
    beautiful as a pearl
    daughter of head priest
    the challenges increased
    he falls in love with her
    queen of his emperor
    Chaani was love & relief
    in the moment of grief
    the stress was decreased
    Sarman meets head priest
    priest recognized the man
    who will & who can
    change the situation
    with his ability & vision
    on this precious moment
    Chaani reveals every aspect
    she has been troubled
    she was extremely disturbed
    Moonja was the stress
    Chaani wanted to express
    feelings of trouble & grim
    forcibly betrothed to him
    she was forcefully engaged
    before the teenage
    with Moonja, the enemy
    lack of any remedy
    Moonja was merciless
    inhumane & ruthless
    far from mercy & care
    Maham discovers love affair
    of Sarman & Chaani
    Sarman, youth from Amri
    problem of the king
    Maham discovers everything
    about Sarman, a farmer
    the tax revolt leader
    future turned blur & dim
    Maham challenges him
    to fight Bakar and Zokhar
    the undefeatable fighter
    the two strong champs
    on the highest ranks
    Sarman accepts the challenge
    with strength & courage
    towards ultimate vision
    he purposes a condition
    he clears some needs
    that if he succeeds
    Chaani will be freed
    compulsorily released
    will not be restricted
    she will be permitted
    & released from engagement
    was Sarman's statement
    the condition & norms
    Maham accepts the terms
    many tasks on the way
    at the same day
    Head Priest reveals truth
    to Sarman, the courageous youth
    the truth was disclosed
    dark secrets were exposed
    Sarman understood everything
    from the beginning
    Maham is extremely cruel
    who broke every rule
    & was expelled from Harappa
    Sarman received fact & data
    Maham was punished
    he was strictly dismissed
    because of unsociability
    for illegal trade activity
    with the Sumerians
    after mournful experience
    for better tomorrow
    Maham entered Mohenjo Daro
    as a common trader
    a common profit maker
    working towards ambition
    but in a short duration
    he become the trade chief
    beginning of the grief
    gold was uncovered
    Maham had discovered
    no doubt to reconsider
    that the Sindhu River
    had vast gold deposits,
    path towards profits
    Maham was exited
    so he finally decided
    to place a dam
    dam building programme
    on the Sindhu river
    sweet returns forever
    to divert its course
    all worked with force
    to mine the gold
    all workers were enrolled
    Sujan, Sarman's father
    opposed the order
    Srujan, The wise Chief
    understood Maham's motif
    he opposed this activity
    with total capacity
    after the voting session
    Maham started his mission
    dam building process
    towards ultimate stress
    dam on sindhu river
    for the golden glitter
    gold deposits was aim
    endless energy & flame
    for profitable trade
    there, Surjan was afraid
    facing pain & stress
    Surjan was helpless
    he was sad & demotivated
    Chief Surjan was cheated
    arrested for hoarding gold
    truth remained untold
    Chaani's father and Durjan
    were forced by Maham
    endless pain & grief
    to betray Srujan, the chief
    the anger was expanding
    Maham started planning
    Surjan was badly killed
    Maham's need was fulfilled
    Maham closed all gates
    and took Srujan's place
    as the new Senate Chief.
    towards personal motif
    It is now up to Sarman
    to defeat the evil Maham
    & recover respect & honor
    a revenge for his father.
    after endless mourning
    new task new morning
    with plan and idea
    he was in the arena
    ready to face warriors
    the undefeated champions
    two Tajik mountain cannibals 
    the undefeated Bakar
    and champion Zokar
    in an deadly arena
    most destructive idea
    the plan of King Maham
    the fight against Sarman
    before the entire city
    no peace no mercy
    Sarman remains strong
    nothing went wrong
    with aim & struggle
    After a vicious battle,
    he kills one cannibal
    the victory was valuable
    other cannibal was injured
    the challenge was cleared
    people were with sarman
    against cruel Kng Maham
    King Maham was angry
    after Sarman's victory
    facing endless tension
    Maham urges his son
    to kill Channi & Priest
    the tension increased
    Moonja kills the Priest
    the anger was released
    Channi was in trouble
    after some struggle
    Sarman saves her
    the sorrows disappear
    serious fight occurs
    flow of pain & tears
    towards ultimate delight
    after a great fight
    environment was thrilled
    cruel Moonja was killed
    situation was stressful
    Sarman was successful
    & cruel Moonja died
    situation was modified
    for better lifespan
    Chaani exposes King's plan
    to use gold deposits
    for self gains & profits
    the thought was bitter
    gold from Sindhu River
    were used to smuggle weapons
    opponents were threatened
    all the sin's were exposed
    every person opposed
    the people finally decided
    & Sarman was elected
    as the new chief
    after all stress & grief
    but Sarman suggests
    for ultimate success
    Mohenjo daro needs unity
    People's strength & ability
    not a chief, not a man
    for welfare plan
    a people's government
    for proper management
    suddenly thunderstorm arrived
    the people were horrified
    no transport no devices
    Farmer Sarman realises
    the dam will burst
    water will be enforced
    Sindhu will flood the city
    with force & ability
    during unfavorable season
    Sarman rallies the people
    in the disturbed weather
    to lash boats together
    and form a floating bridge.
    soon situation may switch
    They evacuate Mohenjo Daro
    far from pain & sorrow
    towards new locality
    people left the city
    children, men & sister
    crossed the sindhu river
    trouble for masses
    The dam collapses,
    King was not ashamed
    King Maham was chained
    in the city square
    helpless & despair
    he was badly drowned.
    The once renowned
    Mohenjo Daro was no more.
    carts, houses & door
    everything was destroyed
    all were sad & annoyed
    each & every survivor
    migrate to another river,
    where Sarman sees
    unicorn of his dreams
    and names the river 
    as Ganga, the giver
    new hope & motivation
    opportunity & aspiration
    river Ganga was discovered
    wounds were recovered

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