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  • inside_out 12w

    Breathe blood

    You beneath me

    My hand on your neck

    Choking you to death

    You breathe at my will

    You use your full force to push me away.

    All you see is a drop of blood flowing down your nail that just went through my flesh.

  • feel_the_writer 29w

    For His Fetishisms...

    Engulfed with the flames of corpse,
    Deeming no quibbles, whether,
    It's corpse or a body without soul.
    His pupils were adjusting, covering,
    The intensified fire with flood of tears.
    But who will fulfil his hidden desires,
    After knowing his mere soul is not there.

    What's left behind?
    Remembrance of embraces and fears.
    But terror of what,
    Future of then or of at present.
    Now why to long for that presence,
    Whose soul has conquered that heaven.

    She desired to fade away along.
    How foolish as journey is set always alone.
    Snaps and smiles is all what she left,
    For him, for his only left fetishisms.


  • inked_heights 48w

    You are......

    That fondness, that attraction, that urge to talk, everything, every feeling, every emotion packed into one,
    the wait for your reply......Is something too much to explain in words what it feels like......


    To say In simple words ,
    just so you know .....That.....

    These days.....You are the reason I smile.


  • emotively_unhinged 57w

    Mischievous toes.

    Out on a night drive, there she was beside me...looking outside the window and humming to the song playing on the stereo. Her sweet voice put a smile on my face and mischief in my mind. My left hand reached for her thighs...then slowly creeping deeper towards her. As i was engrossed in the search, i heard her voice.."Focus on the road !". I turn to her, there's that look.. that-"what do you think you are doing ?!"-look...i withdraw my hand, smiling like an idiot.
    After a while, she moved her seat back and put her legs on the dashboard...i m strictly against it bt that night there was something about her fleshy yet toned legs...those fine velvety hairs. Slowly she moved her legs towards me.. placing them right on my shoulders... tickling my ear.
    As if this wasn't enough...she started to poke my lips with her round little toes. Sensing her temptations...i played along.....i kiss...i suck on her toes..and then there was her sound of seduction...that...mmmhhh and aahh.
    Now It was my turn to spoil the fun..."Let's keep something for the bedroom, shall we ?!".

  • jaadugarni 59w

    The wilderness. Pt.1

    Your companions were fast asleep. You sat there, alone, staring at the dying camp fire. The song of crickets was keeping you awake. It reminded you of the times you went camping with your ex. What a beauty she was. Her wet blond hair clinging on to her rosey cheeks. Her wide hazel eyes looking at you in a seductive way. Pulling you close until her bosom is pressed against your chest. The warmth.

  • jaadugarni 60w

    Fantasies are more powerful than you think. They can change your whole world for ever.

  • marianotsaint 63w

    I cannot respect a man who chooses to lick his mother-in-law's feet instead of painting his wife's toes!

  • aachiram 65w

    Cuddles are just something
    That reminds me of being Human.

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    #mine #darkness #dream
    #mirakee #feels #fetish
    #eyes #memories #hearts��

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    Can't I just pause the moment

    your eyes met mine
    We forgot about the time
    Grabbed each other in darkness
    Your vibe bounded my mind.

    You are my Cwtch,
    More than a cuddle,
    Your soul met mine,
    I feel them like tickles.

    Can't I just,
    Get back to the moment,

    we created our own fantasies,
    Walking in the darkness,
    Hearts drown in love,
    Conversations filled with madness.

    Hey love !

    Can't we just,
    Pause the time,
    Ruin the space,
    Break the facades
    And reside inside the soul of each other?,.

    Your cuddles remind me this.


  • kashish_aarzoo 65w

    Oh, My Muse

    Just look into my lusty eyes
    Oh, my muse
    Let me narrate a ribaldry tale to you
    In front of you is the randy salacious deity
    Splayed naked and deluged in carnal desire
    Lies at the confluence of her thighs
    The gateway to the universe of your ecstasy
    It is agape and inviting you to explore
    You don’t need a map to find a new zone
    For your fingers are better adapted
    I can see the flame of lust rousing in you
    Don’t be gentle today with my puffy heavenly gorge
    For it is smouldering already
    Excavate the deepest core
    And let the scorching sun
    Witness the salacious orchestra of our lust
    Finger me deeper and let the ambrosial nectar
    Unguent your effort


  • ajay_writes 76w

    Your smell , my fetish
    Your lips , my candy
    Your voice , my eargasm
    & You ... Who are you ?.
    Well.. There ain't a word for you yet !


  • nigazhini 85w

    Burned away

    The sky split and there came a kindred soul.

    I wished to fill it in my arms

    I wished to fondle it and keep it in my bosom

    But all that happened is I disappeared into thin air

    For the dew I am and the sun it was.


  • _shiny 88w

    You gotta fetish for my love
    I push you out and you come right back..

    Don't see a point in blaming you
    If I were you, I'd do me too...

  • bee_denardo 92w


    She is beauty
    She is grace
    but more importantly
    She spits in your face

  • jerrystorm 102w


    I could write a book on you
    But I'm afraid each word
    Might be proven wrong
    the next day


  • charismapher 123w

    Often people ask me,
    Why it is I love them so?
    A woman's feet is what I mean.
    And truthfully, I don't know.

    Maybe it's the shape...
    The way they look in sandles?
    Maybe it's the softness...
    The way they feel when handled?

    Or maybe it's the prideful way,
    They are groomed with such attention?
    Attached to legs that go on for days,
    With such silky smooth perfection.

    I guess I don't have an answer.
    A weird fetish you could say.
    But girls love a guy,
    who will romance their feet.
    Anytime. Anywhere. Anyday.

    -Christopher Allen

  • im____shubham 126w

    DISCLAIMER : (READ NOW ����) ❤️
    This is just another fictional series by Shubham. The characters and the story is completely fictional.
    7 pm, college canteen.

    "Hey, I'm not coming. I have something to do this night. You guys can go for the party" I said.
    "But Sid, we have completed our exams. Its time to party tonight" replied Rohan.
    "I am not coming. Please you three carry on" i said.
    "Even I am not coming guys. I have plans for tonight" replied Tanya.
    "If you are not coming then even I can't come. My parents will allow only if you come Tanya" replied Sakshi.
    "Rohan, see no one is coming. We can shift this plan na" I said.
    "But guys, please? Okay. Fine" he said.

    Rohan and Sakshi are my bestfriends since our school time. Both of them live in a same colony and they are dating eachother since a year. We all know each other very well except for Tanya. We know her only since a month. It was Rohan who invited her to join our group. But we couldn't make that kind of bond with her.

    "My Mom have called me guys. Its 7 pm, its late. I should leave now" said Sakshi.
    "Wait! I'll drop you" replied Rohan and blinked his left eye giving me a signal. I had told him that I have a crush on Tanya and so he is trying to make something happen today. She looks more beautiful today and I don't know why.
    "Talk with her and tell me what happened tomorrow. Okay?" He tried to tease me.
    "Shut up!" I replied. We all waved hands and they both left.
    I had never talked with Tanya personally. We didn't even have exchange numbers. Whenever we all hangout she is someone who stays out of conversation; perhaps it's because she don't know us well. Something is really strange with her.
    It was awkward standing next to her on a road full of traffic with empty words.

    'Black shirt, black jeans and any watch but in black colour. And everything you wear should be in black colour. Even your undergarment. And yes, be there at 12 pm sharp. We will send you the address' I received a text.
    "Okay, I'll do. But how much will I be paid?" I texted.

    "So Siddharth, we should also leave" said Tanya. I didn't want her to leave now as I wanted to start a conversation.
    "Ya" I said, instead of saying "Hey let's talk for sometime".
    She took her scooty out of the college parking lot and started it. She waved her hands saying "bye" from a distance and left. I wanted to ask her so many things. I just wanted to know her.
    "Bhaiya, Charni road chaloge?" I asked to a taxi driver, since I didn't have any vehicle.
    "Nahi" the taxiwala replied and rushed away.
    After two more rejections, I went to OLA app only to find the hike in rates.
    Later few seconds, "Do you want me to drop you?" A girl in black tshirt yelled. I wonder why Tanya came back.
    "Hey you back again?" I asked.
    "Ya. I thought of dropping you so came back again. Come, get on" she yelled, as there were students who were making noise in the excitement of completion of exams. I walked to the scooty and got on to it. She accelerated and we moved forward.
    "Where is your place?" She asked.
    "Girgaon" I said.
    "Okay" she said. I was both happy while feeling awkward to speak something as we haven't talked so much.
    She speeded up and i got panic. Now I holded the back seat handle as she was accelerating even on speed bumps.
    "I like speed. But don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you" she said.
    "Haha! Its okay" I said, while I tried to calm down.
    "By the way you can hold my waist rather than holding the handle. I won't judge you" she said, trying to break the awkwardness.
    "Okay" I smiled and took my hands off and placed on her waist.
    "That's better" she said while I was blushing from inside.
    "What's your plan for tonight? You said you have got something to do" She asked.
    And in seconds my blushing transformed into panicking. A fear of something which I was going to do for the first time. A trap which could make my life hell. It's something which I can tell no one. No one.
    "Nothing much. A family night out" I said.
    "Oh! But you stay alone in your flat right? Liar!" she said, meanwhile I prepared for a another false reply.
    "I mean, ya. Okay. Just not feeling like going out tonight yaar. I would go and just sleep. These exam nights have spoiled my sleep" I tried to make up.
    "Oh! Lol. Yes. Even I am going to sleep tonight" she said.
    "Liar! Then why did you say us that you have plans for tonight?" I asked.
    "I have the same reason as of yours. Been 8 days since I have got a good sleep Siddharth. I had planned that the day our exams will get over, I'll sleep for a whole day" she said and laughed.
    "Haha! True" I accepted.
    "Hey no, no. Take right" I directed as she was turning left.
    "This building?" She asked.
    "Yes" I said and she parked. I got off the scooty.
    "Thankyou so much Tanya. It means a lot. Where is your place?" I asked.
    "Welcome. I stay in colaba" she said.
    "What! So now you have to go back again? You have to travel the same road again. I would have taken OLA if I knew that" I said.
    "Hey chill Siddharth. It's okay. Kind of road trip" she said.
    "Ya but still. Won't your parents ask you about it?" I asked.
    "No. They are not at home. They went to kashmir for their 20th anniversary" she said.
    "Wow! That's really nice. So you too home alone?" I asked.
    "Yes, for 10 days" she smiled in a way.
    "Hmm. But Thankyou so much. I never thought that you are so cool. Like you don't talk much" I said.
    "Then you don't really know me Siddharth. Jo jaisa dikhta hai, waisa hota ni hai" she said.
    "Haha! With time, I'll know you better. And that line is true" I said.
    "Let's see. Acha okay, Its late now. I should leave" she said.
    "Yaah, you should" I said.
    "Bye Siddharth" she waved her hands.
    "Bye" I replied and she started her scooty.

    "Hey listen, friends call me Sid" I said.
    "Okay Sid" she smiled and left.
    I should say that it's one of my best days. I have never been so happy since the past two months. My life has been no lesser than a hell. One wrong step and I am into a trap where I don't know what is going to happen with me.

    'We have left something for you at your doorstep. Please collect and wear it when you go there' I received a text from them.
    'Room no. 110, Decoasta hotel, Marine lines. At sharp 12. This is the address where you have to go' I received one more text.
    'Okay' I replied and went upstairs to my flat.
    All I did find is a black thick full cover face mask wrapped in a cover outside the flat door which I took inside.
    Only thing I was doing is now panicking.

    Genre - Erotic thriller, drama.
    Episode 2 - Soon.
    #erotica #cocoaconfections #yqfilms #whispering_with_naś #whistlingwanderer #her_hnsm #kritikakiran #UEN
    Follow me on YOUR QUOTE for more romantic comedies.
    Use #ymac to find me.
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  • blank_confession 143w


    Don't turn me so fetishtic with your seducing eyes


  • magicalmystery 143w


    My heart quivers,
    My body convulses:
    Only for a moment,
    Nothing else is noticed:
    When you look upon a pretty face,
    How your imagination creates romantic trains--
    That is how my spirits feels;
    The moment I see blood being spilled--
    So beautiful, I cannot look away--
    From the violence dancing in my brain.
    If tears are shed from you or I,
    Our reasons are very far from being the same.


  • ladybug_apocalypse 145w


    I like to be whipped
    It's strange to say aloud
    As if I'm some bambling drug addict
    I'm starting to feel proud

    How indecorous of me
    To have a secret fetish
    Which should never be set free
    It lies within the crevice

    I keep it hushed beneath a whisper
    Beneath my silk underwear
    My sexuality wild as a river
    Here lies my open love affair

    And even though you're kinky too
    We must act disgusted
    Because this scandalous act should never be on view
    So now I will pretend that I am corrupted

  • tamravaca 145w


    Flowing obsidian hair and soft brown skin
    Cat-like eyes of oriental darkness
    With a deep breath she braces as she delves in
    They lust for what is sacred of hers

    Cat-like eyes of oriental darkness
    Wide-eyed slobbering outlanders salivate at her
    Dry lips quiver at that sanctity of hers
    Prey is to be consumed to satisfy hunger

    Bug-eyed salivating outlanders slobber at her
    They've come for those weaker than them
    Prey is to be consumed to satisfy hunger
    They love power, but they say they love thy land

    © tamravaca