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  • neha_warang 7w

    Saw her coming out late
    My oh my!
    She went for work and ran late
    Cry heavens cry!

    You are lady, you can do what you want,
    People will judge you, they can't digest the fact,
    Climbing the ladder you are breaking the bind,
    Keep going girl, you are our pride!
    Taunting, yapping, they'll try to bring you down,
    Trampling over you, they will try shutting you down,
    Aww so sweet..look at their efforts!
    It's a shame they don't know that you can't be bound!
    You are self made, you don't need a golden cage.
    Smart, successful, you are lady of this age!
    Lots of opportunities, the world is your stage,
    Your life's a book, awaits next page!

  • kv1504 19w

    Feminism for a non-pseudo feminist

    Brothers, I do not belong to this fake feminism culture,
    Those men truly stare me like thirsty vulture.
    Neither do I smoke nor I drink,
    But your forcing me to not go out and work is making my heart even more shrink.
    Believe me I love just one and not five,
    I will prove out to be an inspiring woman and a worthy wife.
    Yes I go out at night but not to sleep with men,
    It's my financial need that makes me stay in office even at ten.
    I accept that I am a bad cleaner, washer and cook,
    That's just because, LIKE YOU, I want to indulge in my book.
    Yes I use mobile but am not a Paytm girl,
    Believe me brothers I am as pure as a pearl.
    I want to earn to serve my household,
    Not to show people that I am bold.
    I don't want freedom to roam naked on the street,
    I request your support to help me stand on my feet.....

  • burningsoul 20w

    You answered you own question friend, I have nothing else to say to say.
    Feminists do not hate men.
    Feminists do not hate the idea of having kids one day.
    Feminists are not home wrecker.
    Lastly, feminists demand to be heard and taken seriously .
    That many of you fail to understand.
    Feminists do not want your permission to do whatever the heck they want(unless they commit a crime and they are answerable to authorities and not to you).
    It's a free country and now they are hell bent on making this county free for themselves.
    All we need is equality, be it for upper caste women or lower class as well.
    All we want is as treated to be equals.
    And the reason, we are always angry is because we have to engage with uneducated morons like you.

    #womenempowerment #equality #womenforwomen #feminists #feminisminInda #womem #indianhistoryoffeminists

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    A guy asked me why are these feminists, so angry all the time.

    Me: Because we are not getting the equal rights as
    Guy: we are letting you to work in any of the fields
    that you want to.
    Me: se that's the problem you're no one to allow us
    to any field of profession.
    Guy: The lawmakers don't care much about you,
    how do you expect society to care.

  • kaushikee_ 53w


    Screaming at the top of her lungs
    Voices unheard
    Babies killed in the womb
    Is this what humanity has come to?
    Girls killed, murdered before they can speak
    Locked in homes
    Forced to only serve,
    All they get in return is hate
    Just because they are girls?
    Victims of abuse,
    Forced to stay silent
    Things one cannot comprehend
    Yet the fault is her's for "allowing it"
    This is not humanity, what i call it is evil.
    Supressing power at it's birth
    Won't stop her from growing
    One day she'll rise and
    blinding all that evil, freeing the fluid beauty
    That i call femininity

  • mrspectacular 66w


    Confined to a pit,
    She can only but move a tiny bit
    As the hole permits her to do it.
    Outside that hole, she is considered unfit.
    Any attempt to leave & she is pounded to grit.
    She is not permitted to make a hit
    But rest in a comfort that is perceived to be lit
    But on the contrary as horrible as being at the mercy of a giant nit.
    Her struggles, she is asked to quit
    And slammed with the Good Book's Submission writ.

    She wants to, against this anomalous norm, rage
    And fight to a standstill, a dumping of this putrid barrage
    But there is so little she can do from her cage.
    Her soul is given a gruesome damage
    The magnitude of which, one cannot gauge

    But she fights on everyday
    Hoping that one day, her struggles would pay.


  • venom69 94w

    True fact♨️

    Girls are like galvanometer

  • venom69 101w


    Pyar karna h toh usse karo

    Arey pyaar karnaa h toh ussse karo

    Jo "acchi" dikhti ho ❤️

    Shakal pe jaao ,dil pe nai


    Every person is known by their face and not by their heart

  • feral_thoughts 109w

    Have you ever asked yourself “Why always me?”

    Have you ever thought that “Why nobody is ever there for you" ?

    Are you always alone?

    Are you always the Damsel in Distress?

    Are you waiting for the Prince Charming or Knight in shining armour?

    If yes. So listen. Listen carefully.

    Sometimes life's not Fair. And We are only ones to make things right.

    Stop Overthinking.
    Stop Comparing.
    Stop faking.

    -Rules to live by.

  • kella_yebba 119w

    You were made with the sun in your eyes,
    Crowned with the moon as your throne.
    And your hair, adorned with glittering stars.
    You are rightly falsely imperfectly perfect


  • the_heena_writings 136w


    We are Feminists. Women need to get equal rights as men . Yes this is true but let's just not forget the real meaning of Feminism . Feminism defines equality. It states that both men amd women are equal and not not just embracing women and negotiating men. Our country needs men empowerment also as much as women empowerment. So let's just be Feminists in Right way.

  • musings_of_a_misanthrope 158w

    To all the women,

    Recent years have been revolutionary with a lot of our kind stepping up and speaking against the unjust that has been done to them. Particularly speaking of sexual harassment, the #metoo movement has been an emotionally draining yet empowering experience for millions of survivors worldwide.
    But there have been repercussions in the form of questions and apprehensions. A man still holds an astonishing power on his future despite his past being a can of filth. A woman on the other hand is deemed responsible for the wrongdoings of her past and the course of her future is decided according to that.
    A man always deserves the benefit of doubt while a woman is gifted with disbelief--almost always.
    Kavanaugh is just one in many whose power has empowered him further to rule his own life with supreme power that 'state' has endowned on to him. Nana Patekar is just one in many who are going ahead with their careers despite acting as a roadblock in someone else's.
    But that doesn't mean we must stop speaking. We are allowed to speak. We are allowed to take our time... We are allowed to find the right vocabulary with right pauses and flow to speak in a way that seems believable.
    Ladies, it is worth your time to wait but it is not worth anything to feel suppressed of unwarranted questions on your own character or on your own voice.
    Own your conscience, take your time, and speak...

    Sure it's a long way ahead, but we all need to take one step at a time!

    #metoo #feminists #thoughtcatalogue #kavanaugh #nanapatekar #sexism #mirakee

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    To all the women: It's not worth your time...

    It's not worth your time to think that you owe any explanation on why you chose to speak something to those in delusion of power... It's courageous to share your story; be it in the very next moment of a catastrophe or after ages...

  • nvjune 162w

    Dear fake feminists,

    Look beyond your Westernised Silicon Valley based blogging sites and kindly live in the real world. It’s called India. We don’t need your imported feminism from the west. We already have it and that though, in bulk. So no thank you.


  • she_whowrites 166w

    Do not get me a cause,why I should be a FEMINISTS....
    Teach me how can I earn respect without bringing in my SEXUALITY....

  • camouflaged_hearts 167w

    Feminist Fang
    (31 Aug 2018)

    He was an adventurous, tough young lad,
    who dreamt to be a soldier.
    A protector, saviour, one who's strong,
    he knew he was that shoulder.

    She was a flight attendant, beautiful girl,
    an angel full of grace.
    As she spoke, her eyes sparkled,
    and his heart was bound to race.

    Her sister's wedding, he drove her all around,
    she made him feel wanted.
    He swore to protect, take care of her,
    when the guestroom, she said, was haunted.

    He insisted to pay, for tickets or food,
    It made him feel like her man.
    She was soft & gentle, he was rough & raw,
    it was cupid's perfect plan.

    He met her family as a common friend,
    she stayed around him with ease.
    That evening, he felt she belonged to him,
    and said, "Sweetheart, Marry me please!".

    He was a gentleman, man of the house,
    his graceful, better half, she starred.
    Love blossomed inspite of the distance,
    She flew around the world, as he stood guard.

    The feminine beings, started a change,
    as the word 'Feminism' was born.
    World changed as ladies turned feminists,
    and their tags of fairer sex were torn.

    She was no different, feminism was in style,
    she too felt part of the change.
    As she spoke about her thoughts to him,
    the warrior started to feel strange.

    She wasnt the girl who wanted him to pay,
    she didn't want him to hold the door.
    She said she didn't need protecting,
    she was nobody's property, for sure.

    The distance between them was growing,
    even when she lay next to him.
    She wasn't the same girl, he wondered,
    as he gazed at her, in moonlight dim.

    She was strong and confident,
    a girl, who 'needs' no man.
    An independent woman, free from all,
    part of the independent 'feminist' clan.

    He wondered, why he stood at the front,
    day & night, no matter, what may come.
    If everyone was free and independent,
    he was fighting for whose freedom?

    As his lady turned feminist,
    (he felt) he wasn't needed anymore.
    Love that once made him feel like a man,
    now felt hollow to the core.

    He was a tough warrior, trained to kill,
    she was his kind heart of love.
    They complimented & completed each other,
    like iron fist and velvet glove.

    He picked up his rifle, before he left,
    told her, he had fallen in love with 'The Girl',
    coz she wanted him, she needed him,
    and her tender love made him curl.

    They knew their paths were different now,
    they said their final goodbye.
    The soldier left to protect his nation,
    and the airhostess went back to fly.

    Their hearts wanted to be together,
    but, their thoughts pushed them apart.
    Love mattered less in this new world,
    as minds took over the hearts.

    The balance of universe has changed,
    there aint no 'yin' and 'yang'.
    Just two broken hearts, miles apart,
    with a mark of the 'Feminist fang'.


  • palmtrees_poetry 174w

    Who Run the World ?

    No Woman, No Nation
    No Nation, No King
    So why do Kings rule nations
    If they are nothing without a QUEEN


  • oliviaedwin 180w


    There are no born feminists,they were all once normal until someone broke their heart.
    ©Olivia Edwin

  • llcrunchyll 180w

    Dear Feminists

    In all certainity your reasons to rebel are correct.

    Women oughta be the dominating species in this world.

    No one would choose to be a mother and the earth shall heal back to its natural form.

  • arjunvox 183w

    Criticism and every type of comments are welcome ✌��

    #women #life #feminism #feminists #rape @writersnetwork

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    Should the woman ever be blamed for being a victim of rape? The politically correct answer to this question will be no. The woman is never to blame. Why would you even consider blaming the victim of a crime for the offence. No, the victim of rape, either male or female, should never be blamed for the crime.

    But, I will ask the question again. Probably not the same question anymore depending on how you choose to look at it. Can a woman do anything to incite rape? This is like asking: can a woman seduce a man? The answer to this question would be yes. There are actions a woman can take that would make certain men believe that she is indeed asking for it.

    Before I go any further, let me do a classification. This classification is very personal but it is based on certain observations. I believe there are two classes of rapists. Before you tear in take note that I said two classes of RAPISTS not two classes of people. Both classes are guilty of the same crime.

    First there is the group I will refer to as sociopathic rapists: in this category I will put in serial rapists. Men who derive pleasure from taking women by force. Some are even married to the women they subject to this torture. In fact, they may not enjoy sex if they do not take it by force. I will also put in this group men who stalk a woman for the singular reason that they want to have sex with her and exercise that power over her. This is like a vocation to them and it wouldn’t matter whether the woman was dressed in a purdah or walking the streets wearing g-strings only. Preaching “a gentleman understands that no is NO” is lost on this group.

    For this group, a woman is encouraged not to walk dark street corners, or be out alone too late a night, or learn martial arts or carry pepper spray or whatever else she is able to do to be able to ward off such an attacker should he strike. Of course she knows when she gets raped she cannot be blamed but she takes PREVENTIVE measures because at the end of the day no one wants to be a victim of rape. It is better to be someone who warded off a rapist by biting off his penis than one telling stories in court to see if she can get a conviction.

    Then there is the other group I choose to refer to as opportunist rapists. This group do not set out to rape anyone mostly. But they do because the opportunity presents itself. For instance, a lady goes visiting a guy even having agreed verbally to have sex, or even he believes she knows its a shagging session and she starts saying yes by allowing him touch her but then says no when it gets down to it. The man is too far gone to stop. Yes, he is still a rapist. Yes, he is still wrong. But he will have a ‘I did it because..” and there are people who would support his actions ( I am not a guy but someone has told me there is a point of no return for some guys. Oh well…)

    Also in this group are guys who actually like a lady and would not mind marrying her and they keep thinking about this girl to the point that they force themselves on her when they get the opportunity. The girl may like them too and even make herself available to them but note that she does not want sex. Like the bible record of Shechem raping Dinah. Note that Shechem was a gentleman, but violate her he did. Guilty, he is. But if Dinah didn’t make visiting the people of the land a custom would she have been a victim?

    Oh, I have not forgotten the issue of dressing. Again let me say that a lady’s dressing should never be seen by any sane person as an invitation to rape. But did anyone say rapists are sane? Opportunist rapists are just as insane as their sociopathic counterparts and that is why for them a woman would do well to avoid certain actions.

    I’d you do not want to laugh, do not show your teeth. The default for most people is that a boy and a girl who spend so much time together want to get involved sexually. And with virginity being treated with disdain by many, a guy or girl will believe that if you let them hit first base then they should move to second base. Make your stand clear. Have the conversation. If you do not want sex tell him or her well in advance that you do not want sex. Tell them that when/if you say no it means no.

    Do not give off wrong signals. Do not through your dress and mannerisms give off the impression that you are easy. Back in bible times, there was a dress that identified women of easy virtue. Today, there are clothes for different occasions. The way you dress to the club is different from the way you will dress to the office or to a day party or taking a walk down the street or to the mall. Do not make yourself a walking target. I could use the illustration of someone who doesn't want to attract thieves not exposing expensives items in their car but I think it has been overused. I will rather ask if you will be thought wise for walking into a bull ring dressed in all red and dainty stiletto shoes? Think of every opportunist rapist as a raging bull and you may just get the reason they should never be tempted with red.

    My message to all boys is: when a girl says no, no matter how far gone you are, that is the end. No means NO. I believe some boys are sane and reasonable. I know not all men are sane and/or reasonable, so my message to all girls will be: Learn martial arts, carry something to protect yourself but do not do anything that will attract the attention of a human predator. (Wrong dressing style or anything that attract eyes ) It is better to say it could have happened than let’s get a conviction. No conviction will bring back the loss of self esteem, the anger against the opposite sex, the betrayal and everything else that comes with being a victim.

    I never knew I would get to use this clicheic expression. But really, Prevention is better than cure.


  • llcrunchyll 188w

    Dear Feminists

    When fighting for equality in a world dominated by men who create inequality amongst themselves.

    You shall be granted to have all modes of service but you shall never be granted the choice to earn money, have sex of your choice and the choice of not choosing to be a mother.

  • baraf_ka_gola 189w

    Your decision maybe wrong but it is not unfixable, I am still here, waiting for you.
    _Kashika Sharma