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  • tannuchetri 3w

    Today !

    Of all the fears, the pain and the heartache ,
    I let go off today !

    The air that shackled my breath and my nerves ,
    I respite today !

    Though you impugn my words ,I'll screech out,
    You'll hear me hawl today!

    Now you have seen me on my knees ,
    Just watch me fly today!

  • neha_warang 4w

    Saw her coming out late
    My oh my!
    She went for work and ran late
    Cry heavens cry!

    You are lady, you can do what you want,
    People will judge you, they can't digest the fact,
    Climbing the ladder you are breaking the bind,
    Keep going girl, you are our pride!
    Taunting, yapping, they'll try to bring you down,
    Trampling over you, they will try shutting you down,
    Aww so sweet..look at their efforts!
    It's a shame they don't know that you can't be bound!
    You are self made, you don't need a golden cage.
    Smart, successful, you are lady of this age!
    Lots of opportunities, the world is your stage,
    Your life's a book, awaits next page!

  • rishabhardwaj 5w


    Indian women are brought up to basically say "yes", Be Polite , Be Soft , unnecessarily apologize. Nothing else matters neither their opinions nor convenience ,not will. It takes a lifetime to unlearn this upbringing and to start saying "no". Even if we say no, we apologize 100 times. And ofcourse growing up in India as a girl, a thread.

  • erase_r 8w


    "Do Not

    Play safe
    Be nice
    Have low professional expectations
    Drown in love
    Forget about work
    Live through others
    Stay in places assigned to you."

    Claim it,but do not recieve it.

    The above mentioned words are of a renowned essayist

  • erase_r 8w

    We encouraged and allowed girls to come out of the kitchen,but we did not inform the boys about the importance of entering the kitchen.

    Is that a mistake many did n' doing still?

  • jayanti_sharma 8w


    Beware of the person who gloats about his self proclaimed liberal and progressive thoughts because he apparently "allows" what other stereotypical men do not.

    He's one of the worst kinds of patriarch you could encounter.......


  • singhlakshmi 9w

    If you are wondering why feminism evolved,
    Then see the list of top early schoolers of any field...
    No more words will be needed...

  • simon_rock_pujari 9w



    Yeah, it was the very first time
    i had seen so much blood
    gushing out from my body
    to be very precise
    "my genitalia"

    I was panicking
    dazed and confused
    In that blood red paranoia

    You didn't know?
    I was a pretty shy kid in school
    Soft-spoken, dumb, lost, disturbed
    A coward

    I was 7 years old
    when the ladies of my commune
    took me to a tiny, dark room
    where i was told about a lot of
    unheard, unspoken, unseen things,
    things a 7 year old hardly needs to care for

    they asked me to lie on that messy bed
    circling around me
    someone grabbed my hands
    patted my head
    covered my mouth
    spread my legs
    pulled down my under pants
    And breaking that circle
    vividly i saw my grandmother
    with a blade and a tattered piece of cloth
    in her hands
    Closed my eyes

    feeling a stinging pain between my legs
    Feverish i woke up feeble
    To the sound of the ladies
    congratulating my mother, aunt, grandmother

    "She has been circumcised"

    Imagine a 7 year old girl in that situation
    hating her ultimate state of existence!
    Unsure of what was wrong with her?


    Then my mother came
    explaining, comforting and lying
    the whitest piece of truth
    - there is or there was
    a certain piece of flesh in my body
    that is or that was sinful and filthy
    which the God didn't liked

    [The supreme creator of the entire universe
    the divine God himself
    the creator of earth, moon, mount everest, man, blue whale, dinosaur, stars
    Had a problem with
    a tiny bit of flesh
    At the most inappropriate part of my little body?]

    The thing is
    There is no such thing as "Consent"
    in force feeding religion and it's distorted practices
    or be it sexual orientation or caste
    you were born with it
    you die with it

    It is everybody who were once somehow cornered by somebody
    at some junction of life
    repeating the same action to the other somebody

    And they all spend their entire lives
    standing in a 'grey' area
    No black, no white, no wrong, no right
    Peforming - genital mutilation, violence, mass murders, rape, infanticide, massacre, taboo, sacrifice, genital mutilation
    like a puppet - calling it
    "The will of God"

    So, that was
    "The story of my circumcision"

    That felt like, as if -
    All the prophet of righteousness
    were chanting the name of God
    In a casino, betting Derby
    drinking beer and a pork leg
    Screaming to death
    cussing, cursing
    that my "clitoris" is or was a

    ©Simon bhusal

  • oliveabunaw 12w

    Pray ,Love , Serve , Live

    Prayer guides
    Love heals
    Service builds
    Living maintains

    Do all four today .

  • leapborn 14w

    El mar

    To quench the thirst of her insecurities,
    With her chameleon nature,
    She immersed many into her lap...

    Poor thing, didn't know...
    The one whose intentions were never about love.,
    How one can be able to embrace it!!!


  • the_soulful_writer01 17w

    Dear Patriarchy

    You have taught me that it's wrong for me to be discourteous, afterall I'm just a woman.
    Why should I ignore your lewd jokes?
    Why should I turndown your advances?
    How can I be too busy to reply your "Hello?
    You tell me "You're a woman for God's sake, have some manners, act like a woman.
    Dear patriarch, have you ever thought of how you should act towards me?
    Aren't patriarchs meant to have some manners?
    Does it have to be you being rude and me being prim and proper the whole time?
    Have a rethink dear patriarch, we're both humans and what's good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 17w

    People say marry at the right age, otherwise you won't get a suitable partner.
    Is it true?
    Well according to me it's better not to get married rather than jeopardizing not only your life but the life of the person you are getting married to and his/her entire family.
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    I won't get married
    until I am ready to get married
    Is it that difficult to understand?

  • bluepetal_girl 18w

    The Woman

    The world seemed a big bad place,
    Especially for her because she was a 'she',
    People have a way of ruining beauty.
    Moment she raised her voice,
    They were ready to strike her down,
    Worried of that which they do not understand.
    She fought and she strived,
    But at the end of the day,
    Her dreams were hanging on a broken hinge.
    Yet, she thought, "I survived"
    And like a Phoenix from the ashes,
    She rose to fight another day
    Her dreams not yet shattered,
    Barely hanging on,
    Teetering dangerously in the gusty wind.
    She wondered,
    "But anything that's broken
    Can be fixed again, can't it?"
    With hope renewed,
    She held up her head,
    Determined for change.
    The hinge would be fixed,
    Her dreams will not shatter,
    Nor will the thousands, she clung close to hers.

  • _lostsoul___ 18w

    Getting molested for the first time at the age of 4-5 is what i remember it's a nightmare to me.
    Thinking of others out there i wish noone get a touch of it. Besides all the human right authorities n feminist group's these kind a misbehavior takes place to almost every girl out there.
    I ask all the women's out there to teach there children's to respect other genders n ask them to be speaking up when they need. They need not hold themselves for any reason i say any reason.

    We Indian girls are never told to speak up n place our rights...
    We are never told to speak up when we are harrassed...
    We are never told to speak up when we are molested...
    We are never told to speak up when stand for oneself...
    We are never taught such.
    Besides we find many old women's to say shit about girls...
    when they speak,
    When they stand for themselves,
    When they wear what they want,
    N even if we choose our paths to pursue on.
    These ladies always carry a bad mouth for all of us...
    whatever we say, whatever we do...
    Being a lady she knows everything but following some dumb stupid noms they're like we r women's we have to take it, we have to do so ,we have to bound our limits n god knows what all.

    Speak up ladies...
    Speak up for urself...
    Speak up u have ur rights...
    Speak up in front of the society...
    Know ur worth dear SPEAK UP.


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    Speak up


  • rupal_kaur_anand 18w

    My mother taught me one thing very well

    "Whenever face danger, never try to escape it
    Instead face it, fight it with all your power"

    ©R.K Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 19w

    Your heart knows what you want.
    Don't let all the people around you barricade your dreams, your passion, your voice
    #feminist #feminism #womanhood #woman #metoo #girlpower #indianwoman

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    Listen to yourself

  • rupal_kaur_anand 19w

    Listen to yourself first


    #woman #quotes #feminism #feminist #creative

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    Don't let society takes decision for you

  • rupal_kaur_anand 20w

    I also get insecure sometimes but I won't let it suppress my strength.
    Last night I choked to my tears just because my mother told me it's okay not to work after marriage if your husband or family doesn't like it. I was in terrific state that time. I never thought my mother who always inspires me will speak something like this.
    I live for my work and I am never going to stop it just because some man doesn't like it.
    I haven't came this far for society to tell me what to do and not to do ... I travelled this far for myself and I will keep walking as long as I want

    #feminist #feminism #selfcare #selfgrowth #womenhood #myself #insecurities #motivation

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    Don't let your insecurities overpower you

    ©R.K Anand

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  • saloniiiii 21w

    #feminist @hindiwriters @hindinama

    वो कौन से शब्द है जो गवाही दे
    हर बार दण्ड के हकदार हम नहीं


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    एक बात समझ में आयी है
    गलत नर नहीं, नारी ही कहलायी है

    तुम लाख मशक़्क़त कर लो चाहे
    पर तुम्हारी ही होनी रूसवाई है