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  • lettersinink 14h

    Let's change the world

    Don't you think it's time
    to change our world a bit
    to change our perspectives
    to change ourselves a bit.

    Don't you think it's time we learn
    that a woman has dreams too
    that she breathes air and lives too
    that she has feelings too.

    Don't you think it's time we see a woman
    as someone with equal cerebral capacity
    and not a Barbie doll on the shelf,
    that we rewrite our fairy tales
    and weave stories of brave women
    and not damsels awaiting Mr. Prince Charming.

    Don't you think it's time we knew
    that equality is not only physical
    that a girl can voice her opinions too
    that she has the right to succeed too.

    Don't you think it's time we accept
    that a woman can work and manage a house too,
    that a man can work and help in the kitchen too.

    Don't you think it's time we understand
    that a woman's body is hers
    that she has the right to choose
    that she is not an object but a human too.

    Don't you think it's time we realize
    that a victim is not to be blamed
    and the culprit is not to be protected,
    that a woman is not be shackled
    but it's our vile thoughts that should be chained.

    Don't you think it's time we must be taught
    that a man and woman are not antithesis
    but a different version of the same species,
    that we do not succeed by defeating the other
    but by joining hands and working together.

    Don't you think it's time we acknowledge
    that we as women need to change ourselves
    that we must give up hate,jealousy,ego and have each other's back,
    that we are not rivalries
    but the same spirit in different bodies.

    I don't know what you all think
    but I think it's time to change the world
    that it's time we let a girl breathe
    it's time for women to join hands, break barriers and march into a better world.

    Kavya Menon

  • _poeticvibe_ 4d

    It's a Harsh truth of Society ��✌��

    #poem #womenempowerment #feminism #equality #poetry #poemsdaily

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    Indian Society (still)


    Being girl is a Curse;
    Becaus before speaking u have to rehearse.
    Some says if you cook while you are; menstruating you will reborn as a Bitch;
    And so nothing can be done by a witch.
    Some still think it's ok to demand Dowry;
    After getting it's ok if u bury.
    Thousands of restrictions on a Girl;
    But boys go out with whirl.
    A girl can't wear shorts in Public;
    Coz others will think its a trick.
    The solution to make things normal;
    Is to treat others like Equal.
    - Pavitra Bhangale

  • unsung_seagull 1w


    As dreams sway
    With the winds
    And the leaves.
    Colours depart
    Through petty sieves.

    Hopes beyond
    Window panes,
    Are stuck in
    Narrow lanes.
    Some at edges
    Of brain.
    Others at social

    Staring eyes,
    Complaining cries.
    The rain that
    Falls here is meant
    In a stinky drain
    Of prejudice.

    The broth in the
    Cooker is
    Purposefully spoilt.
    Light outside
    The room is meant
    Only to the flies.

    A bird that
    Learnt to fly is
    Just a good hunt
    For over a night.
    The one that sang
    Looks beautiful
    Only in a cage,
    Saree is a disguise.

    Dreams are rare
    Ceramics for
    Visitors' display.
    Teen Girls in
    Colors are reserved
    For slave trades.

    Either you die
    As a wife or
    Live long enough
    To be aborted.
    Between two
    The girl that lives
    Here is a curse.
    If she's manly enough
    To dream,
    It can get worse.


  • madinah_writes 3w

    She is a girl,
    She is beautiful,
    She is intelligent,
    She still gets raped.

    She is a kid,
    She is a teenager,
    She is an adult,
    She still gets raped.

    She is uneducated,
    She is a literate,
    She is cultured,
    She still gets raped.

    She is an orphan,
    She has both parents,
    She barely feeds,
    She still gets raped.

    She wears short dresses,
    Her clothes are transparent,
    She wears long, flowing hijab and niqab.
    She still gets raped.

    She is a burden,
    She is a blessing,
    She is unfortunate,
    She still gets raped.

    She is single,
    She is married,
    She is widowed,
    She still gets raped.

    She is fat,
    She is slim,
    She is modrate,
    She still gets raped.

    She is five,
    She is fifteen,
    She is fifty.
    She still gets raped.


  • neha_warang 3w

    Saw her coming out late
    My oh my!
    She went for work and ran late
    Cry heavens cry!

    You are lady, you can do what you want,
    People will judge you, they can't digest the fact,
    Climbing the ladder you are breaking the bind,
    Keep going girl, you are our pride!
    Taunting, yapping, they'll try to bring you down,
    Trampling over you, they will try shutting you down,
    Aww so sweet..look at their efforts!
    It's a shame they don't know that you can't be bound!
    You are self made, you don't need a golden cage.
    Smart, successful, you are lady of this age!
    Lots of opportunities, the world is your stage,
    Your life's a book, awaits next page!

  • raibhatt 4w

    You may know about the concept of 'Veer Suhagan', not 'Veer Suhag'.

  • scarlet 4w

    We think of a man as a man
    Before we think of him as a father
    Or a brother, or a husband
    But we think of a woman as a mother,
    A sister, a wife or even an arm candy.

    I am an only child, I am no one's sister,
    I am unwed, I am nobody's wife,
    I don't plan on being a mother,
    Nor am I pretty enough to be an arm candy
    Does that make me less of a woman?
    Who am I if not a woman?

  • sumitsoni85 6w

    मैं मर्द हूँ.. इसलिए बदनाम हूँ..
    पर मेरी ख़ता क्या है??
    यही.. के कल शाम एक राह गुज़रती औरत को बाज़ार में गलती से छू लिया था..
    या शायद गलती से उसका हाथ मेरे हाथ से टकरा गया..
    मुझे क्या ख़बर थी.. के मेरा उसे छू लेना..
    या उसका मुझे छू लेना..
    उसे ना क़ाबिल-ऐ-बर्दाश्त था..
    गलत मैं ही था और मैं ही रहूँगा आख़िर तक..
    शायद यही मेरा ग़ुनाह है और यही मेरा नसीब भी..
    क्यों उसकी एक आवाज़ पर पूरा मुल्क़ उसकी हिमायत करता है..
    क्यों मेरी आवाज़ कहीं फिर सुनी नहीं जाती..
    मैं मर्द हूँ या कोई खिलौना..
    जिस से जब चाहा खेल लिया..
    जब चाहा छोड़ दिया..
    या रूह तक तोड़ मरोड़ दिया..
    उस कुदरत की सोच का ही कोई पवित्र हिस्सा हूँ मैं..
    या उसकी खामियों का अंजाम हूँ..
    मैं मर्द हूँ.. इसलिए बदनाम हूँ..

    ©Sumit Soni

  • erase_r 6w

    Man is not equal to woman.
    But he or she is not the superior one.
    Both are HUMANS.
    And human doesn't literally means man only.
    Don't misunderstand by the letters m-a-n in the term "human."


  • lovely_rachana 7w

    Undefeated but Forgotten

    When daughter of the land Badamba
    Saw the sword with an awe
    Her eyes became filled with desire
    To learn it's usage was what she had aspire
    Born in the land of equality
    She was taught with precision and quality
    Her sword shined with her glow
    And she used it with smooth flow
    Princess of Badamba became Queen of Banki
    Her beauty grace bravery filled with kindness
    Spread across her kingdom like wildfire
    She showed love and care to everyone
    She also devoted her prayers to Lord Jagannath
    But one day a war out of sudden ensued
    On the land of Ragadigrama bloodshed dued
    In the massive war she lost her beloved
    But it wasn't only tears that she shed
    She held up the sword in one hand
    And commanded the soldiers of her land
    The war wasn't over declared the queen
    She didn't allow sorrow and bravery twin
    She lashed the enemy and won the war
    And became the ever glowing star
    But her glory shined with her kind heart
    She forgave the enemy King for a new start
    She didn't allow another queen to become widow
    But alas the undefeated Queen Sukadei was kept in shadow
    Her glory remaining undefeated
    But forgotten over the generations who fought for equality that's cheated

  • anupriyachauhan18 7w


    Feminism is strength. Feminism is power. Feminism is a voice for those centuries of oppression for the gender who is been demarcated as the "weaker one" since times immemorial. For all those who have got it the wrong way, Feminism is not about voicing your opinions on why short skirts are not allowed for girls in school as their uniform. Feminism is providing education to all those girls who have been deprived of their education solely on the basis of their gender. Feminism is not a trend its a revolution. Feminism is standing up for other women whenever they are being oppressed. Feminism is not about supporting only the causes of women who reciprocate to your perspective and pulling down other women who dont reciprocate to your perspective. Its not bashing or anything but a fact that women are women's greatest enemies , because girls already face a lot of harassment from the opposite gender all their lives and adding on to that they also are in constant vigilance of the so called "aunties" of the society who are ever ready to term them with the phrase "slut" for anything and everything they do.
    Men and Women can never be equal , they were made different for a reason which is scientifically explained too. Equality is needed in our views as a society as a whole. The day we realise the needs which each specific gender has to serve to the society , the world will be a better place to live.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • euphoriccree 7w

    The Perfect Woman.

    She was the greatest
    And the wisest
    Woman I have ever met.
    Sadly taken away from me by death.
    I still owe her a debt
    For all the teachings and knowledge
    She left in me
    And I pledge
    Never to forget her.

    Especially when times are dark
    And in the late hours.
    I don't have to see her in my dream.
    I feel her presence even when
    I'm not asleep
    And she gives me peace.
    I love her so much
    Because she bore me with love,
    Taught me with love,
    And that's why she is my Mom.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • euphoriccree 7w


    I am not the prefect woman neither am I the woman he has been dreaming about nor the woman he wants and has been craving his entire life.
    But I'm the only woman who can make his happiness forever.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • erase_r 7w


    "Do Not

    Play safe
    Be nice
    Have low professional expectations
    Drown in love
    Forget about work
    Live through others
    Stay in places assigned to you."

    Claim it,but do not recieve it.

    The above mentioned words are of a renowned essayist

  • erase_r 7w

    We encouraged and allowed girls to come out of the kitchen,but we did not inform the boys about the importance of entering the kitchen.

    Is that a mistake many did n' doing still?

  • jayanti_sharma 8w


    Beware of the person who gloats about his self proclaimed liberal and progressive thoughts because he apparently "allows" what other stereotypical men do not.

    He's one of the worst kinds of patriarch you could encounter.......


  • harilakshmiii 8w

    Stop idolizing mothers and sisters and women in general. Yes we can handle pain and some back stronger but that is not an excuse to make us tolerate a goddamn thing.

  • writergirl_inks 8w

    Feminism is not being against Men
    But securing the position of
    Equality and Respect for Myself..

    - Geetha

  • benevolentsoulhealer 8w

    Oh, To Be a Woman

    Oh, to be a woman
    In yesterday’s society,
    When gentlemen claimed ladies
    Yet ignoring their own sobriety.
    Women seen as less than
    What they actually are and do.
    When what men deemed unworthy
    Was unnecessary hell to go through.
    Kept up to high expectations
    Pretend to not be in pain,
    And “try getting kicked in the balls”
    Leaves women with the most dreadful shame.
    Tormented, ignored, abused, raped, killed,
    Is just to name a few.
    Men all generalising women;
    But you can’t do that to men too.
    Women still get paid less,
    And sold into sex slavery.
    We’re still denied education,
    Yet “taking action isn’t bravery.”
    Will we ever be equal?
    Local man weighs in, says no.
    Girls are stuck at rock bottom,
    And yet still have nowhere else to go.
    But, here’s the real question
    In which is pounding in my mind:
    Which era am I referring to?
    Today’s world? Or the one I left behind?
    We bend our backs and break them,
    And think the world goes ‘round again.
    We’re left with 98% of women,
    But we’ve heard it, “not all men.”

    #feminism #world #oldera #newera #98%

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    Oh, To Be a Woman

    We bend our backs and break them,
    And think the world goes ‘round again.
    We’re left with 98% of women,
    But we’ve heard it, “not all men.”

  • otherwise_goodgirl 9w

    Ohh Dear Woman

    Ohh dear woman, you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.
    The sun rises to fall on your face,
    The moon bestows on you it's grace.
    Your heart is a source
    Of love and care as it pours.
    Your dexterous fingers sew together,
    Ruptures caused by man and brother.
    Ohh dear woman you are a wonder
    Like rain, like thunder.