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  • madinah_writes 22h

    A black woman!
    You're a black woman,
    Moulded in shapes and colours and sizes.
    Blackness could be called 'ugly'
    But yours, is uniquely beautiful.
    It is the shade of your skin, and hair and eyes.

    You're a black woman!
    Not an epitome of imperfection.
    You are the golden spectrum of ivory revenes,
    A prefix to another sweet name,
    An image of parables and light of hope.

    You are a black woman!
    Not the illiterate being they think you are.
    Just because you can't read or write.
    Or pronounce the foreign language that isn't even yours.
    Freedom, either written or spoken
    Shouldn't be forced.

    You are a black woman!
    You've painted galaxies in the purpleness of your words.
    The whiteness of your thoughts and you've lived in the blackness of the soil beneath your feet.
    A farmer and a trader.
    You are strong and wise.

    You are a black woman!
    The music that hummes to the calm breeze and noisy wind.
    You are the protector of your families in the bright daylight
    And blinding darkness that engulfs us all.

    You are... A black woman!
    The mother of the whole universe.
    Just like the moon mother's the night and the sun mother's the day.
    You own the world's oldest, populated area.
    You own the world's largest reserves of precious metals.

    You are a black woman!
    The beauty of art,
    Is found inside of you.
    The wisdom of our elders,
    Is fabricated inside of you.
    The stories of caravans, Savannah and  the beginning of life, itself
    Is forged inside of you.

    You are a black woman!
    Not a slave.
    A queen and not a slave.
    You are an epitome of beauty and not a slave.
    A magic cracker and not a slave.
    A flower of love and not a slave.

    You are a black woman!
    You chain the world's best languages.
    Arabic, English, Swahili, Hausa and French.
    Same goes for Berber, Portuguese and Spanish.
    You can go anywhere,
    Even to Europe where you once ruled.

    You are a black woman!
    Fearless, yet welcoming.
    You should be comfortable in your own skin instead of bleaching it!
    You should be comfortable in your own clothes instead of burning it!
    You should be comfortable bearing that indigenous name instead of changing it!

    You are a black woman!
    The discovery of rich culture and traditions and norms
    The disclosure of of true, natural beauty.
    You're not just any wowan,
    You are... A black woman!

    © Madinah_Writes

    #Blackwoman #feminism #Blackculture #Africans #Blackgirlmagic #mirakee #miraquill #wod #pod #writersnetwork #writerscommunity

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    You Are A Black Woman

    The discovery of rich culture and traditions and norms.
    The disclosure of of true, natural beauty.
    You're not just any wowan,
    You are... A black woman!


  • chandrimas772 22h

    Hoisting the Flag of Feminism
    on Social Media
    is appreciable!

    But ! Not Raising your Voice
    for it in your own home
    even after witnessing
    abuse and
    violation of rights, is unjustifiable !


  • capricious_quill 1d

    Feeble and perhaps futile attempt to say something meaningful. Can anyone understand or relate?

    #waxing #pain #society #poetry #fake #beauty
    #feminism #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork

    @aphroditenow @clichepenname @revathychandrasekhar Do cast my balderdash attempt your poetic glance ��

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    She tried to fight her apprehension
    In vain while casting surreptitious glances
    At the knife dipped in the fearful concoction
    Supposed to " purify" her skin, like candlestick fragrances.

    She watched in horrified silence
    As the knife spread the searing liquid,
    On her virgin skin, as sick with pretence,
    As was her eye, holding on to the urge of letting out salty fluid.

    She waited with bated breath and racing heart
    After being buttered like a freshly baked bread,
    Counting the seconds for the hungry attack that would tear apart
    Her controlled composure at the surface, replacing with dread.

    She relaxed for a moment under the soft strip,
    Glued, by the molten wax, to her repulsive body,
    Then flinched as her forested cover did it rip
    Along with her soul, Or so did the excruciating pain embody.

    She strangled the cries that never left her lips
    While trying to reinvigorate her suddenly volatile conviction
    As her mind attempted hasty fugitive trips
    To the land of cruelly condescending feminine eyes and masculine rejection.

    She wrestled against herslef until
    Noxious red hives broke out on her skin.
    Now she longs to let the wax of reason spill
    And wipe out society's obscene undergrowth clean.


  • thebhavnasaxena 2d

    ##Inspired from the life of Elizabeth I, an attempt to speculate the inner workings of her heart.##
    @writersnetwork thank you for Editor's choice ��

    They kiss her shadow
    Out of reverence,
    Their heads bowed down
    With respect,
    They kneel to be knighted,
    Their eyes lowered in deference,
    They dare not take her name,
    For she is Regina, and her name
    Holds a special power.

    She has been put on a pedestal,
    Worshipped, as if she were a
    Goddess incarnate, but in all
    Her power annointed and divine,
    Can she compel the Goddess of love
    To smile upon her?

    #queen #virgin #whore #dichotomy #hypocrisy #patriarchy #feminism #character #sketch #love #desire #passion #power #throne #war #people #life #feeling #perspective #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #thoughts #diary #writersbay #mirakeeworld #woman #masks #history #inspired #penportrait #wod

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    She is a woman too, with a heart
    Beating, crying out for love, it too
    Wants to be ruled by passion carnal,
    But their eyes never look into hers,
    Even as they clamor for the coins
    That come bearing the likeness of
    Her face, she is a woman too,
    Her heart fancies a dalliance with
    Romance itself, but alas, in the
    Dichotomy of this world, she
    Is forced to choose masks,
    The virgin or the whore,
    The throne is too small
    To hold the multitudes that
    She must hide, because in the
    World of men, kings have conquered
    Lands and women alike, but a queen
    Must let go of desire, to hold on to power,
    The virgin is the one her soldiers
    Follow into war, the whore is
    The one trampled upon, war or no war.

  • realnotreel 2d

    No One 'Has It All,' Because 'Having It All' Doesn't Exist

    Oh, us modern women. Forever chasing the elusive "all of it," hoping to "have" "it" while still also "having" the rest of "it." Look at me, "eating" my "cake"! And that "other" "cake" too! (Sidenote: I want cake.)
    Telling young women that you can have it all and do it all, regardless of what field you are in. Which means I'd been part, albeit unwittingly, of making millions of women feel that they are to blame if they cannot manage to rise up the ladder as fast as men and also have a family and an active home life (and be thin and beautiful to boot).

    Women are not monolithic, and culture is so exhaustingly complex that there are no concrete finalities about what people should do. (There are open-ended ones, for sure—ones that facilitate choice and freedom rather than rigidity and conformity: People should not oppress other people. All people deserve equal rights. You know, all the old chestnuts.) Because we all grew up mired in this wound-up culture—where women are objects and caregivers and capitulators—no one has enough perspective to come to a conclusion and say, "This is the way things should be. Women can't have a career and a family. Full stop." We can only think so many steps ahead. A hundred years ago the most radical feminist alive would have keeled over at the idea of a Slut Walk or "vagina-bombing" a senator. And in 100 years, we'll probably feel the same way about this nutty argument. Can women do whatever the heck they want? OF COURSE THEY CAN. And it'll suck sometimes, and sometimes it won't. And all people will have to sacrifice certain things for certain other things. The only thing we can do right now is work toward a goal where everyone—everyone—has the same choices and chances. Any commentary beyond that is bound to be fatally flawed—because we don't know enough. And we never will.


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    Nobody Is Happy !


  • was_ahmad 1w

    हर बार
    स्त्रीयां ही
    प्रेम में परखी गयी है।
    किसी ने
    परखा अपने प्रेमी को
    मर्यादा का हवाला देकर।
    तो किसी ने
    अपनाया अपने प्रेमी को
    उनका हलाला करवा कर।

    आप चाहे लाख डंका
    बजाये एक आदर्श प्रेमी होने का।
    प्रेम में किसी को
    परखना ही सबूत है ठगने का।।

    स्त्रीयां ही
    प्रेम में क्यूँ परखी गयी ?
    स्त्रीयां ही
    प्रेम में क्यूँ ठगी गयी ?"

    तुम कभी
    इन सवालों का
    जवाब तलाशना
    ठगे जाने के बाद
    सीने में दर्द होने पर।
    फिर भी
    परखने का भूत बचा रहे
    तो सवाल करना
    अपने मर्द होने पर।

    #love #feminism #instapoem #kavita @syaahiii aap tavazzo dijiye

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    प्यार में परखना

    आप चाहे लाख डंका
    बजाये एक आदर्श प्रेमी होने का।
    प्रेम में किसी को
    परखना ही सबूत है ठगने का।।

    (full in caption)

  • kv1504 2w

    Feminism for a non-pseudo feminist

    Brothers, I do not belong to this fake feminism culture,
    Those men truly stare me like thirsty vulture.
    Neither do I smoke nor I drink,
    But your forcing me to not go out and work is making my heart even more shrink.
    Believe me I love just one and not five,
    I will prove out to be an inspiring woman and a worthy wife.
    Yes I go out at night but not to sleep with men,
    It's my financial need that makes me stay in office even at ten.
    I accept that I am a bad cleaner, washer and cook,
    That's just because, LIKE YOU, I want to indulge in my book.
    Yes I use mobile but am not a Paytm girl,
    Believe me brothers I am as pure as a pearl.
    I want to earn to serve my household,
    Not to show people that I am bold.
    I don't want freedom to roam naked on the street,
    I request your support to help me stand on my feet.....

  • dilsewrite 3w


    If the earth is the beautiful park in heaven than girls are the butterflies of that park...

  • archie909 3w

    #lilith #mythology #firstwoman #firstwifeofadam
    #adameve #love #feminism #equality

    Wanna know more about Lilith, check out my new article


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    They called her a demon 
    A child-eating monster,
    the vampire queen,
    the first wife of Adam.
    But nobody saw her, 
    as who she was,
    nobody saw the, 
    real woman behind
    the mask of a monster.
    The woman whose children,
    were killed ruthlessly,
    whose husband replaced,
    her almost instantaneously.
    And what was her fault?
    she didn't want to bow down!
    and tell me,
    why should she?
    When she was created as an equal.
    When she was deemed to be the queen.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 3w

    People say marry at the right age, otherwise you won't get a suitable partner.
    Is it true?
    Well according to me it's better not to get married rather than jeopardizing not only your life but the life of the person you are getting married to and his/her entire family.
    #feminism #feministquotes #feminist #equalrights #society #girls #equality #socialpressure #quotes #philosiphical #decisions #weddingdecisions #wisdom #instagram #caption

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    I won't get married
    until I am ready to get married
    Is it that difficult to understand?

  • blossomwrites 4w

    ~To a girl a person’s identity fascinates more than his glamour ~

  • bluepetal_girl 4w

    The Woman

    The world seemed a big bad place,
    Especially for her because she was a 'she',
    People have a way of ruining beauty.
    Moment she raised her voice,
    They were ready to strike her down,
    Worried of that which they do not understand.
    She fought and she strived,
    But at the end of the day,
    Her dreams were hanging on a broken hinge.
    Yet, she thought, "I survived"
    And like a Phoenix from the ashes,
    She rose to fight another day
    Her dreams not yet shattered,
    Barely hanging on,
    Teetering dangerously in the gusty wind.
    She wondered,
    "But anything that's broken
    Can be fixed again, can't it?"
    With hope renewed,
    She held up her head,
    Determined for change.
    The hinge would be fixed,
    Her dreams will not shatter,
    Nor will the thousands, she clung close to hers.

  • firozikalam 5w


    The society has been producing REBELLION WOMEN
    And I'm so in love with it ....
    Cause they can be truly 'themselves' !


  • sonu99 5w

    #sita, #emotion, #inspiration, #mother, #sister, #daughter, #wife, #purity, #chastity, #virtue, #disciple,#warrior, #feminism, #selfrespect, #woman,@writersnetwork,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writerstolli
    Not just a name
    But an emotion,an inspiration.
    The epitome of purity,sanctity and chastity.
    The embodiment of dutiful daughter and faithful wife;
    Affectionate mother and caring sister;
    Obedient disciple and pious woman.
    An incarnation of a brave warrior and quintessence of feminine self-respect and virtue.

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  • thebhavnasaxena 5w


    A crown of serpents
    Atop a braid decked
    With flowers,
    A garland of bones around a
    Throat that sings of
    Sunshine mellow and rainbows galore,
    Butterflies on her sleeve,
    And hands painted in blood,
    Who is that creature of such
    Beastly beauty, they ask in
    Hushed tones, one eye shining
    As the sun, and another bleeding
    Stars, she smiles upon them a half
    Smile, rosebud of a mouth
    Bared, as her black fangs descend,
    And she says, I am the one who
    Nurtures with love and hunts with
    Passion, no box that you have
    Designed will contain me, for I
    Am multitudes collapsing under
    One skin, so meet me with your heart,
    Wild and beating crimson, either with
    Love burning its way, or a sword
    Slicing its way through you,
    One way or another, devour you, I shall.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 5w

    My mother taught me one thing very well

    "Whenever face danger, never try to escape it
    Instead face it, fight it with all your power"

    ©R.K Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 5w

    I was reading a children's book and I realised there were lot of things we have learnt that we start forgetting as we grow.
    We become selfish and self-centered as we become older and we start blaming life or society for it .
    Well never lose the child inside you, sometimes that child is much Wiser than older you.
    #equality #racism #discrimination #generequality #equalrights #feminism #empowerment #womanhood #likes #imstagram #instadaily #motivation #wisewords #wisdom #kindness

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    Never forget the lessons of equality, patience, kindness and generosity we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • mystery_in_words 5w

    Tonight seems awfully quiet
    Silence, like a ringing in my ears
    As loud as it gets at funerals
    As corpses lay in houses, dead or asleep -
    Who cares?
    As long as the monsters are asleep
    Hunting away in their dreams.
    I step out leaving my coat and scarf behind
    In clothes that let me breathe,
    The same clothes that predators sniff
    The supposed pull of a predator to a prey
    A prey that is not cold but covers itself;
    Not tonight, though.
    I stand over their graves
    The rustle of leaves singing goodbyes
    As my skin breathes.

    17/05/21 - 01.52

  • rupal_kaur_anand 6w

    As we grow there are so many things we forget.
    Yes we might learn important life lessons as we grow but never forget the old ones ♥️

    #descrimination #racism #inequality #womanhood #feminism #lessonswelearn #instagram #follow

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    Never forget the lesson of equality we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • in_fragments 6w

    "I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.

    The fire from my thighs
    and the fire in my eyes
    are pyroclastic.
    My climax floods over the land
    and everything hardens
    into rock. I insist that I burst
    with whatever I want to,
    whenever I want to,
    be it enmity or euphoria,
    grief or explosive joy-
    I will feel everything,
    and so will all of you.

    I am woman.
    Centuries of women
    live inside of my bones.
    You have burned me
    since the discovery of flame,
    drowned me, buried me alive,
    defiled me, assaulted me,
    murdered me,
    underestimated me
    as nothing more than a toy,
    a piece of meat to dangle,
    a lost animal to brutalize.

    We have now
    been Resurrected,
    and we are engulfing your planet
    in our lava.
    No one else can control the flow,
    we are all-powerful and equal
    in our destruction.
    We are coming for you.
    I know you can see it,
    and there's nothing you can do
    to hold us back anymore.

    The wrath of its woman
    will bring this nation to its knees.

    I dance my ways
    for the male gaze,
    as you bellow and howl
    and grab pieces of me,
    like my body is a buffet platter
    only for you to consume.
    I make myself meek,
    a misplaced little girl
    happy to pick up
    any scrap of "love" you can give.
    I will favor you, follow you,
    make you feel in control,
    and then...

    I will rip it all out
    from underneath you,
    as I swallow every one of you
    in my painful inferno, watch
    as you writhe, your skin
    as it peels away like wet paper,
    your eyes as they melt
    out of their sockets like soup,
    what's left of your manhood,
    your body, your dominions, reduced
    to nothing more
    than piles of smoke
    and blood
    and ash.

    Little do they know,
    they will soon be suffocated
    by their own sicknesses,
    and the world we once knew
    will be obliterated
    under miles of rubble.
    We will form a new earth
    to replace the old,
    and the frame of reference
    will belong to women,
    giving us the space and support
    to design secure lives
    and reclaim the bodily freedoms
    we have always deserved."

    A girl can dream, can't she? Lol.
    #pod #poem #volcano #fire #woman #patriarchy #feminism #life @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Volcano Girl

    I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.