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    Dirty clothes next to the hamper,
    A sight to bring any wife to anger.
    “How many times do I have to say,
    I’m so tired of seeing this every day?”

    A roll of the eyes often follows,
    With an apology that seems muted and hollow.
    But wait! What snapshot could this be?
    Certainly not of my love and me!

    Now hold on, before you get all in a tizzy,
    This snapshot has frames and moves very quickly.
    ‘Tis but a sliver of a moment of your future life,
    Long after you’ve become husband and wife.

    And the bubbles of champagne have long since settled,
    The mundane of the daily begins to mettle.
    To poke and to pry at the tiniest crease,
    In any union that yearns for peace.

    Fear not my loves, for wisdom abounds,
    In stories of other loves who’ve covered much ground.
    Once, in conversation with my mother, her eyes fixed on a vision,
    She said that so often in marriage, love is a decision.

    “A decision, how boring,” I naively said.
    “You’ll see,” she replied and shook her head.
    And see I did and more so each day,
    That the decision to love means more than I can say.

    More than flowers and superficial gifts,
    Much more than the annoyances of daily rifts.
    For the choice to stand and confidently say,
    “My love, to you I pledge my life today.”

    ‘Tis the most beautiful and bold act of defiance,
    In the face of what many call an outdated alliance.
    So, to you, I implore to each other hold tight,
    Never to get lost in anger or spite.

    Keep close the magic and wonder of your love,
    As nothing less than a blessing from above.
    This path is not easy, of that you can be sure,
    But confident am I that your love will endure.

    Be blessed in your years as the calendar turns,
    The genesis of your story will continue to burn.
    And when, in the end, you live forever in glory,
    Your legacy will sing the magic of your story.

    – A. Marie

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