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  • shanthi_yella 16w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Chapters released till today..
    1. Fantasy love story to Suspicious mystery
    2. Things are piled up
    3. Digging the past
    4. The Big writing.
    5. The big writing-continues
    6. Calligraphy book
    7. My name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj
    8. Where is Shenoy?
    9. I'm afraid of

    When I started writing this book I had no idea about how to plan chapter names?
    Slowly I did it.. My chapter names are a part of the dialogue of my characters in that particular chapter. Situational chapter names.

    Like here I named chapter 7 " My name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj" which is a part of this dialogue in this chapter
    " Dr. Kanika reading the book in her room.
    She has completed reading half of the book.

    Before going to bed she reads a page with a line saying, " Vinay used to call me Hamsa in Goa University. I always hate, when he calls me Hamsa. He calls me Hamsa because my name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj."

    Her parents are continuing their familial legacy. They respect both Indian culture and Italian culture. That's why they named her Hamsavathi, an Indian name from the mantra
    "Hamsavathi mukhya shakti samanvitha" meaning " Goddess Durga who is surrounded by Shakthi or strength called Hamsavathi".
    Her Biblical name Adah means adornment.
    Great cultures.
    May God bless Vathi with peace of mind.
    It's time to sleep."

    Vathi met Vaathi @webnovel ebook

  • shanthi_yella 16w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Francesca reads the book written by Vathi.

    "After completion of training, I went to Goa University for PG. My parents accompanied me in the joining procedure. I took a room in a shared flat with Sufiya and Crystal. Sufiya is my classmate. Whereas Crystal belongs to Science.

    I shifted to Goa after 4months from the day I said yes to Shenoy's proposal. We planned to get married after the completion of my PG. We call our relation a Live-in but never meant to be in a physical relationship. Shenoy always supported me in education and I supported him in his work. Our relationship is about sharing responsibilities and friendship.

    Shenoy took me for a drive, lunch, and amusement park in Bangalore before I left for Goa.

    After two months he came to Goa. He always had a busy schedule. So, he could stay for only 1 day in Goa. He used to come on the morning flight and leave on the evening flight.

    Usually, I pick him from the airport. We went to our flat. I, my roommates and Shenoy cook meals together often.

    A glance from my book Vathi met Vaathi @ webnovel