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  • porcupine 4d

    To: A cat named Midnight

    A cat
    None like him
    Black as night
    Named Midnight

    A feline
    Best of the best
    Calm and mellow
    His eyes are yellow

    A friend
    Side by side
    He counts sheep
    Cuddles and sleeps

    I recall
    I still remember
    The best cat ever
    Will be with me forever

  • porcupine 3w

    A poem about Midnight

    This cat I know
    He is the best
    Friendly as can be
    And never a pest

    Looking for a lap
    He stares right at me
    Waiting for a sign
    To jump on my knee

    Only for ten minutes
    And he feels content
    Then over to his chair
    To become dormant

    He sleeps a few hours
    Changing positions often
    Never very happy
    With the one he is in

    Stretches and yawns
    Gets up and yawns more
    Meows a little bit then
    He's gone out the door

    He drinks some water
    Then a few bites to eat
    Not long after that he
    Wants outside to the street

    He will leave for hours
    Sometimes for days
    A cat is unpredictable
    Returning when they say

    Midnight is his name
    And he has soft black fur
    He has yellow eyes
    And always likes to purr

    No other feline
    Can compare to him
    He is something special
    He filled my heart to the brim

  • princessluna 30w

    Mother of Cats

    She picked them up and brought them home
    Feed them till they were full
    Played with them till they were down
    And scolded them when they broke a rule.
    As the night descended, she put them to dose
    In their own baskets with cosy blankets and toys.

    As the sun came up, she always found them on her bed
    Laying around and all over her, like cute little kids.
    She loved them too much that she hugged them tight-----
    With a promise to protect them untill she was gone.
    Wandering off to unknown sites, she never let them be
    For she was afterall the Mother of those little felines.


  • porcupine 40w

    A cat I know (edit)

    There is this cat I know
    And I can always say this
    He is one of the best
    Felines I've seen grow

    He is so very mellow
    And enjoyable to be with
    All he ever wants is a lap
    Then his love will show

    He likes a treat or two
    It makes him very content
    Maybe pet him a little
    And his loyalty is with you

    He loves to be outside
    He is gone most of the day
    Still away for the night
    At dawn time to be inside

    His sleeping is very deep
    Nothing could bother him
    Until he gets a bit hungry
    Then I get what he needs

    I love this cat to bits
    He is simply the best
    I always want him happy
    ...Though he does no tricks

  • sukasora 41w

    20 Feb 2021
    Sayonara Sakura. (._.)

    #cat #neko #feline #catlover

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    Our Little Story

    I wish life was easy
    My cats are always healthy
    Or at least they didn't die so soon
    No matter how much they have put our house into disaster
    I always love them to be around
    Got scars all over my body is another story
    But suddenly, we said our little last goodbye
    And now my heart has shattered into pieces again.
    I hope those scars they left will last for forever.


  • james_taumas 76w


    Welcome me home
    Twining around my legs
    A show of affection
    That ASMR purr
    Troubles melt
    Keep me warm
    You follow me around
    My constant companion
    Wake up you're there
    Staring at me
    What are you plotting?


  • diana733 86w

    Have you ever hated someone so much that you regret that you regretted their loss when they walked out of your life?
    #mirakee #poems #regret #feline #pod #postoftheday

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    Regretting regrets

    Once I had faith in
    Trusted her in eye's blink.
    I trusted her than the needed chink
    And that's what made me sink.
    Didn't knew she was a cunning feline
    Standing on my life's every line,
    Me, blindfolded in her passion, thought "she is mine".
    I would have come to help her anytime, maybe ten or nine!
    Then there came an angel,
    I don't know the name, Isabell or Rachel?
    She told me the truth and tale
    I knew now, I can't trust that female.
    I had regretted 'cause she was lost.
    Well, besides I needed her the most.
    But now that I have done the tit for tat,
    I am regretting my regrets.

  • imoddiknow 99w

    That strange cat.
    He purrs on Sunday
    & hisses at Monday;
    Razor sharp claws, hidden for protection.
    Happily drooling at the touch of affection.
    That strange feline.
    In boredom, he chews like that of a canine.
    Quite demanding of attention...
    Naturally gifted with the ability to ease any tension.
    Handsome as can be with his long furcoat.
    A soft meow of joy develops within his throat.
    After a long hard day;
    He'll curl up next to me and communicate that everything will be okay.
    What would I ever do;
    Without that strange black cat...


  • james_taumas 103w

    Feline life

    Door bangs shut
    Trot to the window
    Say silent goodbye
    Left alone again
    Another lazy day
    Hear the rain
    Couch just for me
    A cushy throne
    Massage my spot
    Curl up and dream
    Now it's my domain.


  • darrianlynx 111w

    #jaguar #death #extinction #feline #sacred #poaching #pollution #big cats #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #love #madness #poetry #rhyme @danny_a @ghoulfrost @njram6 @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    The lion and the tiger are predicted to be extinct from the wild in as few as twenty years from now. We need to wake up and take control of our planet and our home. Take back control from the oil companies and logging industry. When will we all start fighting?

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    Pointless Poach

    Deep in the undergrowth, down low in the darkness, two glowing amber discs burn steadily, watching, waiting.. Unblinking, floating lights in the dank, green, stalks and branches, the brambles that would scratch and tear at human flesh but do no harm to the creature who owns those golden, glowing orbs that hover there, patiently... Still... Hardly breathing...
    An unsuspecting herbivore noses and nuzzles roots from the rich earth, crunching and munching grubs and worms that burst on it's salivating tongue, popping and snapping, its flattened molars crushing as it feeds on things that make their home in the dirt.
    The golden orbs, unwavering and steady, slowly rise, almost imperceptibly, soundlessly they move and what was mistaken for warm, dappled sunlight, harmless and friendly, transforms as it begins to move, becoming the lithe and powerful body of a jaguar, muscle and fur, skin and claws, eyes and fangs, it crouches low and creeps forward, amber eyes never leave its unsuspecting prey.
    In one swift, graceful leap it springs from the underbrush, soaring without a sound, claws unsheathed, fangs exposed as its powerful jaws prepare to close upon the animal who has now ceased its nuzzling and rooting, fully aware now, its predicament, but frozen in terror as it becomes aware of its impending doom.
    Just as the majestic cat is touching down upon what would be her hard earned meal... BOOM!

    A shot rings out.

    The noises of the jungle cease.

    The air is deadened and hollow.

    The sun, ashamed, hides itself behind a solitary cloud.

    The graceful jaguar crashes to the floor of the peaceful jungle that has been her home since the day she was born. The hunting ground that she was specifically and carefully designed to rule, down to her camouflaging spots and padded paws that make no sound as she moves and stalks her prey. Her body, now limp, as the light, that once caused her eyes to glow with near supernatural light, slowly begins to dim. The look of confidant success is briefly replaced with one of confusion and pain before going completely blank as the light of life is extinguished for her forever.

    The poacher ignores the scurrying creature she had been stalking as it scampers away, unsure why it still lives and breathes. The callous hands of man grab fistfulls of her soft, golden and black, spotted fur as the one enemy to the top of her food chain heartlessly begins to cut and tear the beautiful pelt from her lifeless form, the trophy he will take and sell somewhere for a sum so meager and unworthy of her sacred, endangered life that it causes the mind to reel and sickens the soul.

    Not far off in a small alcove, hidden from view and protected from the weather, two hungry cubs poke their faces out, mewing and waiting, looking around in every direction as their voices grow louder and hunger settles in, searching for a mother they will never again lay eyes upon.


  • darrianlynx 114w

    Please Don't Fade

    Oh mighty lion, leopard and lynx,
    Getting so close to becoming extinct
    Jungle is shrinking as we lay waste
    The path to destruction we travel with haste
    The cheetah will soon have nowhere to run
    Just so the human gets to have fun
    Where will the jaguar hunt for her prey?
    Where will she rest her head every day?
    Once we have mowed down all of our trees
    What will the leopard climb if you please?
    Filth and pollution is our offering
    To the king of the jungle, it's all that we bring
    Then comes a poacher if that's not enough
    Hunting the tiger, thinking he's tough
    Top of the food chain, the feline has won
    But no fang or claw can compete with a gun.


  • shreyagain 146w

    Mother, me, daughter.

    Fourteen days after I turned
    I had left home for high school
    And I have never ever
    Slept on the same bed with you.

    Sixteen and high.
    Bloodstains on the bedsheets, half drank note of cheap alcohol, an ashtray
    Telling me that it I don't stop,
    I will anyway die from lung cancer in twenty years.
    I didn't care.

    Seventeen and heartbroken in a dingy hotel room
    In Delhi,
    Wondering why would I
    Want to sleep with someone else
    When all I felt was safety
    When I slept
    Beside you.
    I drowned another strip of my SOS pills.
    High and good.
    I didn't care.

    Nineteen and falling in love.
    Nineteen and she tells me that she loves me
    The way she has always wanted to love someone.
    I cared.

    Twenty something and I realise that her love and my love don't collide.
    I am an safe harbor.
    I am your happy days.
    But I am, also, also your storm.
    But I am never your prison cell.

    Twenty and heartbroken.

    Almost twenty one and a little baby comes home.
    I am scared, terrified.
    I smile although I'm shrieking in my mind.

    She walks on four legs.
    Has emerald eyes.
    Doesn't speak
    My human tongue.

    A lot has passed since then.

    A lot has gone down since then.

    About a year later, and some months and days later, tonight she took the couch.
    For the first time.


    I called you by so many names.
    The first thing I would scream every morning I'd wake up when I was with you.

    Two days back I did the same.
    Then I realised you probably don't even remember that I remember you so.
    That I miss you so.

    Because all we do is fight, Maa.
    All we do is spit venom.
    Sometimes, I drink it too.

    But Maa, is this what it feels like what they say is empty nest syndrome?
    Is this why you'd sometimes ask me to lay beside you when you'd come to see me?
    Even though I'd snort and tell you to adjust with the fact that
    Children grow up and
    That you need to learn
    How to give your children some space?
    Is this why, Maa?

    Why don't you tell me?
    Why do you not speak, Maa?

    Why do you say everything's okay, that I never did anything wrong?
    When did you get so good at acting, Maa?
    Why would you never tell me that it hurts, that I hurt,
    That me leaving hurt,
    That me screaming at you hurts.
    That sometimes everything hurts and sometimes nothing is okay.

    Because it does, Maa.
    I know it now.

  • sley_writes 151w


    Lone feline
    Little eyes draped all over
    Spots and stripes a remarkable blend
    Fusion of gold and black
    Standing out among his brothers
    Yet often mistaken for them
    Power surging through bones
    At peace with darkness and night
    His sturdy friends
    A cover for his prowl
    Stealthy predator
    Terror of prey small and furry and winged
    Trails and scent of sweet smelling food
    The only upset to his balance in darkness
    S. L.

  • iqra_10 158w

    She was as bright as the morning star.
    Her thoughts as deep as Mariana Trench.
    Her eyes shone even when they were supposed to be drenched.
    She may seem like a mushy cat but within her stays a strong Jaguar.

  • withered_writings 159w


    Her feline gazes and movements,
    Made him wild.
    He was a leo,
    She became his tribe.
    The way she hunt down him-
    For the first time,
    A lion became the captive,
    of a feline.

  • blackgoldilocks 161w

    Feline friends

    There's an overwhelming sense of comfort and peace when I have a cat next to me. I love animals,but cats are little angels sent to earth but scratch at our furniture and tear down our curtains and also purr as a way of apologising. Cats love to be dotted on but the "resting bitch face" can make you think twice about the mission. Cats make me happy just like music, food and dancing. I feel the connection deeply when I have a cat right beside me. The best therapeutic touch is when it rolls on its back and allows you to scratch the belly. That's trust a few possess.


  • randomnessk 171w

    Coffee and sugar

    Herbal tea, dollop of honey
    Cappuccino, 1 spoon of sugar
    Tea, black no sugar
    Coffee and sugar are a no compromise duo.

    They come head to tail as a pair
    Brothers. Kittens. Growing cats
    Like chalk and cheese
    Coffee and sugar mischievous as one.

    Tails waggling, the purring
    The fur shedding, poop scooping
    Four legs. My babies
    Not human but second to none.

  • sukasora 174w

    Cat's Friend

    There is a small town called "Neko no Owari". A town where the existence of cats is more than the population of humans. In that small town, there lives a small little girl with a short black haired. She always wears a red backpack on her back walking home after school. She walks home alone not like other girls whom always having fun chatting with their friend on their way home.

    She never had a friend, never talked, never sang, never heard a voice, never knew what is the voice. What does voice mean, she knows nothing about it. All she hears is this one voice, meows of cats.
    Since she never heard a voice so she never had an acknowledge that those meows are voices.

    Though she always went home alone, she never felt alone. She loves walking home alone with no friends. Being with another human feels so awkward, but when it comes to the cat. She feels like someone else, someone that worth living.

    Cats are only her friends, having so many morning greetings from cat-friend on her way to school and have a long chat with them when she walks home after school is a life. Being so much fun in that conversation with cats make her forget about a human world. Sometimes, she always thinks that she is a cat too.

    When the sun goes down, the cats always reminds her of going home. She then says farewell in a cat language. Walks home with a smile on her face, that is all she need. Not having a human friend never bothers her or make her feel so alone.

    Every day of her life begins with a meow and ends with a meow.


  • sukasora 174w

    I always wonder what do cats always thinking when they look at us in the eyes. Do they ever think about us human?

    4th Aug 2018
    1.50 a.m
    #feline #cat #catlover

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    I am Her Cat

    That late and lonely night
    I left her alone on her bed
    Let her cried
    A pillow was wet with her tears
    The room was filled with pain
    I laid on my little bed
    At the corner of the room
    Watched her from far away
    I wished I could hug her
    Wipe away her tears
    And tell her
    "I always right here."


  • vinithavk 176w

    Snow White Felidae

    Mystique eyes
    purity in expression-
    children of heaven.

    Snowy fur
    highlighting stripes-
    angel of the jungle.

    Dominating genes
    pale coloration-
    legacy of nature.

    Rarely seen
    truly regal-
    eclipse of life.

    A mother
    with predatory skills-
    stages of survival.

    A leader
    guarding fraternity-
    fundamentals of kinship.

    Their rights to live
    ours, to let live –
    commandment of Christ