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    Felicity, this is to say,
    that I've been trying my best to
    bring you back, and
    this desire to do so
    was born with the advent of
    my failed experiment
    to grow yellow wisteria for a
    grade, since then
    I have been trod over with
    a childish desire to embrace you
    once again, to feel the mist in
    your eyes with you, to dance
    to the songs you dance along to
    on a midsummer night.
    You've almost always been lost
    in my locality, and I must've told
    you a hundred times that a U-turn
    and two right turns is
    all that you need to take, or
    maybe this is something
    that I've told myself.
    It's probably for the best, because
    the painters screwed up,
    and they painted my house blue
    when I asked them to distemper
    it with yellow, or perhaps this is
    something I told myself once again,
    old habits are meant for dying hard.
    The paint is still wet and when you
    try to knock on the door it smears
    your hand a little, or a lot, depends
    on the knocking and sometimes the knocker.

    I first met you in an
    arbitrary backyard during autumn
    and I remember you plucking a safflower
    and planting it in the space
    between my hair and my ear,
    and I let a giggle escape me instead of a sigh,
    and I watched you turn your heel in
    the opposite direction
    and I never saw you face-to-face
    ever again,
    this is all I remember of you
    because I am nothing
    but of letters dipped
    in wine to prevent them from ageing,
    and I do not know why I tell you this.
    Everything aside, I realised that
    to make you mine directions weren't
    enough, and when this hit me
    I let my sorrow gratify
    the hole in my chest
    and went mad
    because I didn't know what to do.

    Days passed, infinities elapsed, suns drowned
    and one moon,
    I ran out of my home to witness the skies
    and found them
    sobbing violently with a heaving chest,
    darker than what i could've ever see in
    my lifetime.
    I let fear push buttons in my head
    that I never knew were present
    and then saw a hurricane in a corner
    pirouette tipsily, turbulently,
    with threads searing through
    its demure chest
    I summoned an icarus
    and felt my heart sink
    as i watched it fall down
    like a stone from the skyline
    and held my hand up demurely
    hoping foolishly
    that it would entwine with it
    As the darkness forced down
    a demure chuckle and a dry laugh
    because in that moment,
    it was the only one who knew
    all of this , it
    was a tapestry
    painted by
    the pain that settled
    in the void of your absence
    in convoluted shades that are
    manipulated on sight
    {that are all the rage these days}
    and my hysteria was but
    a great source of entertainment
    to the heavens; placid and level-headed
    with faces kissed by cherry blossoms

    and I do not know why I tell you this.

    Felicity, in all truthfulness,
    I am on the cusp of
    dangerous sobriety
    Your breath, my breath.
    Your skies, my skies.

    come swinging through
    these demure gates, I
    plead of you,
    and save me while you
    bring with your divinity
    sun-kissed dawns
    and cherry-coloured light.
    Save me before
    the thousand and one tales
    on jet black nights I etch nimbly
    emerge from my mind
    and engulf me
    with their silhouette.
    When I drown in the
    raging sea,
    and cannot hear my own voice
    over the roaring of the waves,
    run after me madly and
    call out my name like you
    never have before.
    When I crash and crumble
    on my knees
    after the rubble
    from the blue walls I tried
    to destroy on my own
    inflicts upon me injuries deeper
    than I could've ever imagined
    and I lie face down, trapped,
    ready to become the carcass
    I knew I would be,
    save me, Felicity.

    You are the poem
    I fantasise to write about
    and frame on my enclosures of
    my home.
    You are my pain,
    my grief cooling down
    after they've been set
    on fire a thousand times
    all painted in yellow.

    A prayer that I would chant
    without hesitation
    that doesn't need
    an 'amen' for ratification.

    You are why I
    roam the streets
    when the clock strikes 12
    not for a pill or a thousand
    but to think
    to think the musings of a child's mind,
    touching the sky ,
    and kissing a million dreams
    wuthering and hanging by
    the stars.

    To stare back at the heavens
    in its finfigual entirety
    and then puckering my
    mouth into a little O.

    To steal fireflies in
    a glassy-eyed jar
    only to let them out again

    To write, to dream, to hope
    And to stare at the infinites of the world
    without being drenched in wrongdoing,
    And envy,
    And an arbitary feeling
    Of a blackbird's song
    tingling through my spine.

    Felicity, in all truthfulness
    Your hand is the anchor
    to this sinking ship.
    The strings that seep
    through our chests
    are the only thing
    that remotely connect us these days.
    And I hope that someday
    we improvise and
    manipulate these strings
    and turn them into
    pink kites
    we shall chase in the skies,
    And I hope that someday, Felicity,
    you shall become mine.

    With this, I shall leave.

    And with this,
    shall you leave?


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    This is really bad ( ・ั﹏・ั)
    But you all will not let me delete this T_T


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    Dedicated to my beautiful wife for 18 wonderful years of togetherness. Tough times, great times, we've been there for each other the whole time and wouldnever change a thing.
    Credit for picture goes to original owner
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    #lover #sweetheart #anniversary

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    Celebrate of eighteen years
    With my best friend, my lover
    Mother of child, my everafter
    Felicity overcame my being
    More this than any other day
    Proud, together we've stayed
    Sweetheart, let's love forever
    Tomorrow even more again
    Forever, with you I'll spend

  • bonitasarahbabu 56w

    Watching him laugh,
    It was a source of bittersweet felicity.
    If wishes were dimes,
    She would be with the love of her life.
    Reality is a cruel wake up call,
    All she had were the memories.
    As the memories were too painful to dwell on,
    Bittersweet felicity was all she was left with.

  • _mathematics 56w

    the eyes gazing moon
    dawdling for coming nights
    to show up soon
    with appropriate expression
    affirming mirth to self, groan

    Once a soft touch whirled to
    dry layers parting skin
    In different pairs

    Sensitive control lost
    the sign when unheard
    cinch cut the crypt
    reminding respect to
    either man or woman exists

    the safest yard before
    now the darkest memory
    became when slaughtering

    the flesh of naive
    but accused to inflame
    the gray beast of
    the nonnative person
    Enlisted as inhumane

    many have named
    the act of brutality
    as the felicity to
    the nasty thought
    from which once
    always suffered until death brought.

    Ps: the apologies to souls suffered or suffering till the date while walking down streets from the eyes gazing perpetually without fearing the arising fate. One day it will change, you will walk willingly in the streets of your city's main.

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    appropriate expression

    Don't teach them
    how to deliver
    Cause one of their
    Kind held
    since birth when
    born with no name


  • 300roses 56w

    A poem comes to life
    with its felicity of expression &
    provides a glimpse into the poet's innermost thoughts.


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    Not at all times would life meet our expectations. We enter an epoch where we inhale and exhale very naturally and sense awful asphyxiation. The heart thumps against the chest and we believe it's the most oppressive labor to do. There are days when life brings you to your knees and you reckon everything is over and get depressed over that fallacy.

    //Yes, the problems might be hefty and heavy. But, wouldn't you carry them infinitely if they were light and delicate?

    Yes, failures are so difficult and brutal, and wouldn't you get used to them if they were easy and peaceful?

    Yes, the sweat and tears are too salty, and would you ever get over them if they were sweet?

    Did any candle spread light without disarming its silhouette?

    Could you ever sniff the piquant petrichor if clouds won't burst into tears?

    Did any vegetable make it to a recipe without being simmered in flames and spices?

    Could any pristine paper render poetry without getting soaked in stygian ink?//

    In life's game, you are threatened to fall but again it does give you a chance to raise and succeed. It has a habit is to offer you both felicity and despair. Sufferings aren't foreign to us as we were used to wails the moment we took birth. The valiant ones get a larger share of despair. You are the valiant one so the embers arrived at your door. This is the moment you get to show your mettle. Reach out and embrace whatever life has in store for you.
    Endure it. Traverse it. Learn from it.

    #hopenotes is this considered one? @saya__

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  • sproutedseeds 56w


    Life is full of moments to enjoy. To know the
    moment feel it with full justice given to happiness
    Live in the moment without any distraction
    without any expectations of the fruit, whether it will ripe or rot. Be positive and keep going to have inner peace.

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    To know the felicity
    we should know to
    extract the essence
    of the moment.

    In all possibilities,
    with no expectations
    of the return value
    from the moment
    will help us with
    inner peace.

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    #imaginationsonly ����
    #felicityc #moon

    ♡Bg credit to the rightful owner

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    Felicity for me is to get lost inside the labyrinth of those deep eyes, those familiar lips, that cute nose, those darling cheeks, those "champu" hair of yours ; for long hours in the intense darkness of the night with the moon showering its love on us...


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    In her quintessential style, she sat on the couch smoking her third cigarette. It was true what everyone said about her, she indeed had an intimidating persona. As I ushered her in she gave an icy-cold look of annoyance. And that eventually augmented my nervousness.

    TSO: It is truly an honor to sit in front of you Miss Davis, I....

    BD: Let's cut down the pleasantries and get to the point.

    TSO: Oh, okay. Well I know how passionate you are about your craft. I just wanted to know why so much of it. I mean, to the extent of risking your love life, your motherhood, and family time.

    BD: Aren't you a darling! Well I loved watching plays and had a knack for acting since childhood. When I saw Miss Garbo on screen I'd stare at her with dreamy eyes. It would baffle me as to how can someone who's not really there, captivate everyone's attention.

    And it was the point of epiphany for me and my mother. You know, she travelled with me to all of my auditions. Consoled me everytime the casting director yelled at me. They wanted a pretty gift cover to show-off and I was nothing but a cardboard cutout that did not tickle their male genitals, or their ego, well in their case the lines were blurred in that context.

    That made me tough. You know, I was a Yankee. Giving up was not in my blood. And when George Cukor signed me for my very first acting assignment for the play Broadway, there was no looking back for me.

    TSO: That is quite fascinating. I heard you were terminated multiple times as you didn't have the much needed sex appeal. Why were women's role in films limited to just that?

    BD: Well honey, quite honestly, those bald and fat studio heads wanted to authenticate their fantasies. I was asked to kiss and lay below twenty men for a screen test. Believe me, I so craved for a silver lining, and after playing minor roles like a shadow, it came in the form of Mr. George Arliss who gave me my first break in Hollywood with a leading role opposite him. That's when the Hollywood Elites noticed me. And after a few more roles I finally got my first-ever Oscar nomination for Of Human Bondage, although it wasn't an official one but due to public protest they were forced to give me one.

    TSO: Since you mentioned The Oscars, you've been unapologetically outspoken about your views regarding it. It was evident that you were upset when you didn't win for All About Eve, as per your expectation. But you know what they say about expectations. //Expectations are like heartbeats. Life goes on when the line is both high and low//

    BD: Look at you, comforting me with your philosophical shit. Oh, I so adore your innocence kid. Well, The Oscars and I had an unusual relationship. I was given the honour of felicity for those films and roles that weren't my best ones eventually robbing me for all of my bests, including Baby Jane. How can I forget the night when Miss Joan Crawford walked onto the stage to collect the Best Actress award on behalf of Miss Bancroft, after lobbying the academy members against me.

    Yes I was in deep melancholy when I didn't win for All About Eve, for that was quite frankly, the greatest role of my career. And you know, I too would've gotten it for Gone With the Wind, had they let me play the role of Scarlett O'Hara instead of that incompetent Vivien Leigh. But all said and done, I'm happy with my trajectory.

    TSO: As you said, all said and done. I so admire your audacity to speak your mind. You raised your voice against pay parity, better roles for women, major studio investments for women centric pictures, helping the families of the soldiers we lost during the war, and what not. I mean you brought down the Studio System that literally obstructed all the artists amidst contractual obligations. You were one hell of a trailblazer.

    BD: Hell, yeah! I wasn't going to settle for less just because of my sex. Being a woman did not mean I was to be treated with inferiority. I wanted to speak up my mind through my film choices. Of Human Bondage was considered a blasphemous film but when you see the current ones, it might seem less sensational.

    But it surely jeopardized my personal life. I always thought that my mother was my only friend. But she used to send letters to her friend complaining about me. Telling her how I thought of myself as the Queen and that I was narcissistic. My own daughter hated me and even wrote a book about how I tormented her. I went through four failed marriages. But you know, the only thing that kept me going was my work. And I will keep working till my body gives up. Till my last breath. To still keep the lights on.

    TSO: Thank you so much, Miss Davis for taking time out to have a conversation with me. I used to dream about this since the moment I first saw you on screen.

    And also for not smoking the entire time. That was pretty generous of you.

    BD: My God! You'll kill me with so much of this nicety. And was this a conversation? Felt more of an interview. Never mind, I had a great time. As far as the smoking is concerned, I'm told to not do that at all. And I just had five of them.

    TSO: (Smiles)

    It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not. It's a sign of your worth sometimes, if you are hated by the right people- Bette Davis


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    Another ode to yet another legend. A fiesty, sarcastic and exceptionally straightforward lady and artist.

    For posts on similar theme, check out #ScreenLegends

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    Bette Davis

  • discoveringself 56w

    Felicity vs happiness

    Felicity can only be experienced in moments. The birth of a child, marriage, that much coveted promotion, or the long desired family vacation finally happening. Once, back to the routine, the momentary sense of elation subsides and the normal state of mind returns.

    Lasting happiness is through acceptance, gratitude, and peace!

    Accepting your limitations and those of your loved ones, being thankful for the many blessings, and being at peace with your course of life having known, you did and continue to do your best, regardless of the final outcome!

    And, finally in the hope that tomorrow will be better than today!


  • pallavi4 56w

    In the pursuit of Felicity

    The feeling of intense joy- felicity ,
    Is one our fundamental rights-
    The others being life and liberty.
    Happiness is the highest state of
    Health of every human being.
    Most people spend there entire lives
    In the pursuit of happiness....
    Chasing it like it is some kind of
    Unattainable asset and the more they
    Chase it, the more distant it becomes.
    If you think you’d like to stay in a
    Perpetual state of felicity - you will
    Most likely be met with inevitable
    Disappointment. One can always
    Try and do this the recommended
    Way- by being confident, doing things
    We love, celebrating life and being
    Grateful. But does the pursuit of
    Happiness always lead to it ? We are
    Programmed to believe that only
    When we’re completely happy and
    Satisfied with life, will we be capable
    Of making others around us happy.
    We keep chasing this feeling, it keeps
    Up its act of being elusive , we keep
    Being miserable or less than our real,
    Happy and content selves and keeping
    Others around us unhappy too, often by
    Snapping at them. They in turn hurt us
    And this continues- this endless, vicious
    Circle of unhappiness and unenviably
    Discontentment. Is this pursuit selfish?
    Chasing happiness is considered the
    Most selfless goal one can possibly
    Have in life. Only when one pursues
    Felicity everyday like a constant
    Goal does one come close to it ,
    Otherwise it just wastes one’s time
    And in turn depresses us- making us
    Unhappier than we were to start with.
    Happiness is the water every plant
    Needs not only to survive but to thrive.
    It is both essential as it is necessary.
    When we are happy and pursuing
    The ultimate goal- happiness , we
    Undoubtedly become more focused
    Both on ourselves and on being
    Happy which in turn helps us in
    Being nice to others and generally
    Being at peace.
    This is the pursuit of felicity -
    The best goal we can possibly have.


    26th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • murmur_ 56w

    Even when you're chortling with glee & brimming with felicity, there's an unnerving sadness that comes unheralded and ensconces itself within your giddy insides. And you'd be mistaken if you think that this sadness will taper into nothingness, for it fondles your very being.

    There are moments – hundreds and thousands of them, when this empty sadness eddies out of you, and a rapturous laughter or two snakes instead, but it retreats only to pounce on you in the next moment.

    If I were to wring out the marred fabric of your being, all I'd ever get would be this larger-than-life sadness that grazes, ricochets against, and feeds on crumbs of hope.

    Each passing day is all but an elegy inscribing itself on your insides, a film of dust settling on your hopeless existence.

    But in deranged lives like ours, where the paradoxical saying, 'change is the only constant,' stands true, what does one strive for, if not familiarity?

    And so, you stop flailing your arms around, and allow the water to seep into your bones.

    You don't brush the dust off your existence.



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    Descent into hysteria

  • ashamurali 56w


    I am a leaf young and tender,
    listen to the advise I offer,
    my life is no doubt short,
    negativity I always thwart,
    I am born to spread cheer,
    to everyone that comes near,
    I accept every change,
    of colours melange,
    I consider myself a celebrity,
    I am always filled with felicity,
    nature's orders I obey,
    I am happy come what may.

    -Asha murali

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #daadigotyourback @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #readthisJ #felicityc

    This tender leaf looked like a just born baby to me. I was simply compelled to take a picture of it. Hats off to nature's creation.

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  • asphodel_ 56w

    There arrives the night when my brain buzzes, heart pounds in the chest. When my whole body is dead and weightless but the cologne of regrets keep me bound to the gravity. The lungs tighten and muscles tense. I feel nauseous of my own pen. I know what I need but my cravings attract me further. How I whisper every night to the pillow, bring Kelly McGonigal to peep through my window.

    Every tick tick calls of my thoughts and they just pale tempting me to get suicidal leaving the gracious fad. Felicity turned the way being a myth and the bottled regrets afloat over shark's back. Each second night showers asteroid of melancholy burning my bed and making me devoid of a moral to weep.
    Why the trespassers smuggle negativity, is not an astonishing quest about me. The way my pierced hands bleed and my body lay soulless, my dark room is always left abandoned.

    I weep to scream fears, holding grudges over my painted deeds. But the other me howls to stay back. Falling in traps has now been a cold breeze. Standing over the boundary of terrace, I see sky with fluctuating whim. It felt heart warming in the past but the lost felicity in my eyes behold the dream of closure.
    Closure of the pen and curtains.
    Closure of book of my blank pages, kissing me over the concrete down the terrace.


    P.S bg is exactly opposite of the scribbled words just like the reminiscence of happiness in my tears.


    I'm in tears rn, if I express my true feelings then it would be "Abhi bhi dhak dhak Ho rela h mujhe"
    Thanku so much @mirakee and @writersnetwork ����
    I got fever by your surprise, thanku so much again. ❤

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  • rekhuu 56w

    Felicity. .

    The true felicity of life
    is to have minimalistic expectations

    Lest your hopes are splintered
    into myriad pieces

    And all that is left of you
    is volumes of forlorn poetries


  • the_moustached_poet 57w

    blue skies can be overwhelming.
    they celebrate sunshine
    like victorious kings,
    and release vibes of felicity.


  • the_moustached_poet 57w

    good vs. evil

    dark clouds shadowed
    the festive plains,
    poor inhabitants could not
    move out in fear of rains...
    and when the sun pierced
    through the dark shadows,
    the villagers shouted as if the demon
    was slaughtered by shouts of felicity!


  • the_moustached_poet 57w

    smiles are silent,
    they wear calmness
    over feelings
    wrapped in pure felicity


  • the_moustached_poet 57w

    as the squirrels fought,
    the children shouted in felicity-
    tempted to pick them up in arms,
    bounded by the curiosity to watch!


  • the_moustached_poet 57w


    As the father brought home
    the leftover sweets at his shop,
    the kids laughed with felicity.

    It was then that the festival
    acquired its innocent beauty!