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  • alltimefamished 2d

    I'm there for you

    No one wanted to know what happened till the end.
    Everyone blamed her. They cursed her for not being a women. They shattered her little confidence to become a mother again.

    Her husband was standing right next to her. Her biggest moral support. He said nothing but just pressed her shoulders. A way of telling her "I'm there for you".

  • aaaginz 2d

    In the morning dawn the world asleep
    Left its thoughts burrowing so deep
    Clouding imaginations far beyond it lays
    A heavy heart in the silent it stays

    The shadows sight in line with pain
    Camouflaging with smiles the hurt stain
    Drowning fears and shielding hearts
    A cloth of mask guarding the facade

    Constructing thoughts, feels with a pounding nerve
    Weak legs to unknown paths it swerves
    Dreams at night with temporary pleasant pleasures
    Hallucinate and creating unwanted mind-monsters.

    Wish to dance to the feels of not knowing
    Now nothing can be change to the happenings
    It's hard to discard away the feelings
    But Hope is all I got to believe in

  • akshay_vasu 1w

    Pieces falling apart

    #akshayvasu #she #fears #dreams

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    Every piece of her had begun falling into a different place. Once everything had fallen apart, she began connecting all the pieces by drawing a line from one piece to another. Once she was done connecting all the pieces, she climbed the mountain she had always feared and looked down. The image she saw was the same that she had seen in her dream all these years and wished to witness in reality.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • arjyach 5w

    Creeping in

    It has been days,
    Maybe months,
    I just feel the old fears creeping in.
    Thought I was free,
    But didn't know that wasn't for free.

    Wonder if that was a degree,
    That I could pursue for free,
    And at top would I be,
    If All India rank was calculated to be.

    Ain't that surprise,
    Just disappointed,
    Not on people,
    But on self coz I can't just get it out,
    As a trash it is to be.

    Sun and moon revolves daily,
    Who knew it wouldn't go along with me.
    I feel myself still hiding in the dark,
    As it is to be.

    Only broken ones dare to light a flame,
    Rest all are still figuring out how that could be.
    Couldn't you just leave my mind as long time it has been,
    But no, darkness proceeds deeper the way even light can't be.

    Didn't hate anyone, or did he,
    But never did something that would mean anything bad to thee.
    All this fears kept creeping in,
    All he did , was keep hiding in.

    I don't know what triggers it,
    Maybe new people or the fear of losing old ones did.
    Never did I wish for it to happen tho,
    My shoes still don't cover my whole toe.

    Wasn't his fault if he felt low or insecure,
    Or a fear of being lost,
    Few things for him were a deadly holocaust.
    So, don't blame him if he feels he's not enough,
    Might be in the dark ,that his former self is still lost.

  • nonns_poetry 5w


    Eyes stare in fields where flowers dance
    waving to a burning sun with dried up tears
    singing to winds that travel beyond the abyss
    to misty seas where fear comes in waves
    and splashes to mirrors that doubles its fears
    untill nothing goes and nothing comes
    and all that's left are dried up tears.

  • akshay_vasu 5w

    Many birds in that place never flew even though they could. They believed that they were inside the cage too, as the shadows of the cages of other birds fell on them.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • akshay_vasu 7w

    The cage and the creatures

    #akshayvasu #freedom #fears

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    I had been seizing those creatures for ages and caging them inside an inescapable cage. All I remember now is one day I was standing in front of one such cage and looking at a creature. And an eye-blinding light flashed. The moment I opened my eyes again, all I saw was myself caged in every cage that existed there. And all those creatures were standing out there, savoring their freedom while staring at me.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • barbietocatwoman 7w

    The marks aren't there but the scars remain
    They tell me to breathe
    Well, the fuck you think I been doing?

    The deep end encroaches upon the only space I ever had left within me
    And the laughter echoes off the walls
    They tell me stories; of what exactly I can't recollect

    They tell me about every good thing I have missed in this world
    Sum of what I'll never become,
    of who I'll never end up with

    My taunters bear the likeness of the people I love the most

    They tear me apart like the horcrux I could never close


  • poetic_hulk 8w

    I need love and affection,
    I don't want to be alone,
    I anxiously fear rejection,
    I dread falling in love, alone.

    Anyhow, I was happy once,
    All alone in my unrequited love!
    Will all my fears fade at once,
    If I go back and undo my love?


  • heartchapters 10w

    In my twenties it's a life full of risks
    All around,
    Every new step is a new risk
    It starts from my own place

    Whenever I talked to my Mom
    She ends up the conversation saying,
    "I don't understand you" ahhh!
    It's a risk to tell my Mom
    What I'm feeling and how bad I'm living.
    How tough it is when your Mom always says,
    She can't understand you.
    To whom should I tell things Mom?

    To be open up about my Love inside,
    To ask for the needs, to tell them what I want
    To tell them the reason of my tears at nights

    Whenever I stepped forward, their stares
    To stop me to do that, is another risk.
    It gives birth to many inner fears then they
    Become risks for whole life.
    Before saying what I want, I always think about what people are going to say?
    You know no phase of life is easy but twenties
    Have its own fears, risks and dangers.

    If I will try to do against them but for me,
    Surely I'll face to much but,
    I believe, after all these risks I will be a new strong me that no one can beat me and
    I hope my Mom will then understand me.
    .Love you.
    Areeka Naveen

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    #twenty #fears
    #risks #mom
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    In my twenties....

    To whom should I tell things Mom?......

  • syncope 10w

    A Birthday Wish

    A birthday wish / 20 candles melting begging to be snuffed out. I close my eyes tight. I can feel the heat pressing and the camera like my mind snaps. Like a shutter / snap. I am excessively clothed but wishing for a swimsuit and a kidney shaped pool all to myself. I brush my hand against my cinged eyelashes. Time for last minute gifts and sorry icecream. Picking wax from airbrushed pieces of cake. Inhaling the fears / exhailing the years. Looking across the table at what I might be 20 years from now.

  • akshay_vasu 10w

    He stood in the rain and storm. Watching a demon with his face, laughing at him, standing on a chariot that was run by drunk horses. The storm threw the dust into his eyes while the demon unleashed the horses one after the other at him.

    - Akshay Vasu 

  • meline18_hk 12w

    What I fear is not being alone
    but feeling lonely in someone’s presence.


  • 21yearold 12w

    A note to my younger self.

    Dearest Haleema,

    I am writing this from the future, not exactly the future in which you dreamed to be flying high so the clouds fear you but definitely the future in which you'll be living in peace. I wished for you to make friends but it's okay if no one wants to be your friend because you probably look like your brother more than your own self. But don't you worry I ended up making new friends but in all this I lost the understanding with my best friend, my brother, who is not my friend anymore but don't you worry we still talk and eat together. And stop acting like you're scared of cats, because I've two cats now and you'll love them. Speaking of love so that it will not always be red and bright sometimes it will be dark and shallow but you'll grow through all that. I don't wanna ruin your surprises but you'll be on your feet in blinks. Just remember you have one happy life ahead so live it like you mean it. Be confident and always trust your gut.

    Xoxo, your future self. ‚̧ԳŹ


  • akshay_vasu 13w

    Running away from yourself.

    #fears #demons #akshayvasu

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    In the darkest forest that ever existed. Where the trees bled into the rivers, and no light ever reached the ground. I saw a demon crawling behind me, whispering everything I didn't want to hear. I screamed and ran to escape it until I lost all my breath and fell on my knees. Until it laughed maniacally and whispered in my ear again, "you cannot run from yourself."

    - Akshay Vasu

  • barbietocatwoman 14w

    You're my greatest mistake
    why my voice breaks everytime I sing
    and my breath disappears
    leaving me naked, barren, gasping for air

    You're my biggest concern
    'cause everytime the phone rings and your name's on screen
    my heart jumps several steps like a daemon's attempt to leave my body

    I am filled with trepidation whenever I remember you're alive
    like you're vindictive enough to steal any happy ending I might have

    Like you're just around the corner waiting for me to give birth
    so you steal away whom you believe to be your son

    I have many fears
    this might be the biggest
    that I made a mistake, yet
    they'd be paying the price for my sins


  • porcupine 14w

    Under the bed

    There's these people
    They are very bad
    They practice evil
    They're always mad

    They instigate
    They agitate
    They favour hate
    That's their trait

    They hide away
    They wait to prey
    It's always the same
    Each and everyday

    Down under the bed
    They sit and hear
    Do not look below
    They sense your fear

    I'm much older now
    They do not exist
    After all the worries
    I'm shaking my fist

    They weren't there
    False sensations
    As I look back now
    Was just my imagination

    When I was a kid I was afraid of people hiding under my bed until I fell asleep.

  • akshay_vasu 15w

    When fears are screaming in your ears, try to hear the whispers of your faith and run into that dark path where no light exists. That is how you reach paradise.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • sillysadar 17w

    Buried fears

    I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times, they come in to search for their lost courage and bravery. Giggling at first to calm their fears, screaming the second the gust of wind blew by and shut the doors making the abandoned house creek. I see them coming in with a smile only for them to leave not a minute later with tears streaming as they run away far from the house to tell preposterous stories about what happened making the house reek of fear more than ever. One day, Archie, a person who's known to be the son of a wealthy man decided to go and give it a try himself. Giggling like all the kids before, but not cause of fear, but his ego. Thinking this was foolish and silly, the moment the houses creeked as a shadow passed due to the bright moon, he stopped giggling. The further he stepped in the house the further he lost bravery, he stepped into a room where the chair was rocking, the wallpaper was decaying, the windows were breaking like the floors and the ceillng was falling, he gagged at the sight almost falling. He turned to face the chair to see a doll laughing with vague red eyes which sent shivers down his body, but what sent away was the gust of wind blowing making the house creek like before. For he didn't want to be trapped here with this doll, and all these thoughts made him lose the little bravery he had. So he ran back home to tell his father another preposterous story, his father had enough of them so he ordered to destroy the abandoned building once known to be the most luxurious bakery in town now crumbled into rumbles. Being forgotten by fears that buried the whole beauty of what it once was, but that year that building was no more, yet a new building was.
    - Sadar

  • solace 16w

    Fears became flaws
    Flaws became wounds
    Wounds became scars
    Scars tattooed on skin
    Skin dissolved in death
    Death of life celebration
    Celebration of a hero
    Hero now aeons memories
    Aeon Memories vanished
    As the last of his kin decayed