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    Countless fights
    But always
    Crawling back up


  • itsssiya 4w

    Heyy yall rudra here I'm sorry I haven't posted In a while I had exams �� but I back now and will post lyrics once everyday I hope you like it #love #mirror #super #promise #fearless #amazing #someday #brave #kind stay happy stay positive ����

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    What do I  see 
    When I  look in the mirror 
    I see a perfect killer 
    I'm beautiful sweet but a little sour 
    I can be sweet if your nice to me 
    I am an angel inside and out 
    And I don't need to doubt 
    My abilities 

    My sign is supergirl 
    I'm strong I'm cool I'm fly 
    When I fly I soar so high 
    I will reach the sky 
    I will climb so high to a place no one has dared to try 
    I'm gonna be the impossible 
    Be unstoppable 
    I'm gonna be a real life superhero

    Today's the day 
    I'm gonna pave my way 
    Not gonna be afraid 
    Just gonna keep pushing on 
    Like there's no tommorow 
    Cause that's what I see when I look in the mirror
    Someone brave kind but a little sour 
    I see that I won't give up no matter what

    someday in someway you will look in the mirror too 
    And I promise to be there for you 
    When everything turns blue 
    I will protect you 
    Cause I'm gonna be a real life superhero

  • itsssiya 6w

    #love #beyourself #loveyourself #empowerment #fearless #dontworry #perfectasyouare hey guys I'm back with another poem this is really from my heart so I hope yall like it remember you are the king or quenn of your just be yourself don't worry about anything love yall ��

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    Forever me

    I hear an echo in my heart 
    Yea its crystal clear 
    I used to love having you near 
    But we broke apart 
    Does it hurt when you look back at it 
    Does it make you cry or make you smile 
    You betrayed me 
    The faith i had was broken but i put it back together 

    You don't control my life 
    What's on the inside will come out 
    U can’t dictate me 
    Can't tell me what i must and mustn't do 
    Cause it's my life my rules 
    No one no one tells me what to do 

    You hurt me once hurt me twice 
    Hurt me again a million times 
    But you should know 
    Im not broken down 
    The pain helped me realize i don't need you in my life 
    Even if u come back crawling on your hands and knees 
    Begging i will never forgive you 
    For what you did to me 
    You will never be treated like family 

    I made a mistake once trusting you 
    You stabbed my in the back and left without a glance 
    You didn't care i was hurtin all you wanted was to use me 

    Well not anymore 
    Its my life 

  • itsssiya 8w

    #youareworthsomuch #dontchange #loveyourself #love #fearless #beyourself #perfect heyy guys sorry I didn't post I had my exams but I'm back with another poem and I hope you like it stay happy stay positive ����

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    My worth

    How could you be so mean
    I saw you for who you were
    Never forgetting to text you
    You made up lame excuses
    Now you expect me to excuse you

    You keep on lying boy
    How dare you treat me like trash
    But I know im worth so much more
    I'm worth more than silver more than gold
    More than anything you can afford

    So now none of your sorry mean anything to me
    You can apologize and try to make me cry
    But that won't affect me no more
    Even tho I'm not perfect
    You are not worth it
    I'm not gonna change for you

  • _akshay_bond 8w

    No fear

    "Have no fear when doing wholesome deeds,when your heart is in the right place you will have" no fear "if you are doing the right thing helping the poor ,helping the weak ,helping the elderly !!"you are not just helping them you are also helping yourself to find enlightenment to become enlightened "so have strength and courage if you do something good !!

  • itsssiya 9w

    Fake as my fantasy

    Came to my house one evening
    With your mind headset 
    On framing me why couldn't you just let me be 
    You ripped my world apart 
    I built it back up part by part 
    But you you don't have a conscience your a demon to me 
    Without a soul i'll face you once face you twice i will never be scared 
    Cause now i'm cold as ice 

    You told me to talk to you if i ever needed anything
    What a load of crap because 
    We came over to talk things out 
    You locked the door and shut me out
    We shed tears for you 
    The least you could do 
    Was trust me too
    Treated you as friends 
    Spent time as family 
    Just my luck you were fake as my fantasy 

    If i meet you out on the streets 
    I won't be scared 
    I may hate myself because of what you made me 
    You made me what i am today and i'm proud of it 
    You made me stronger thanks but no thanks 
    I'm not afraid of you not affected by what people say about me 
    I am who i am and im perfect and i am worth it 

  • itsssiya 9w

    Love hurts

    Break up 
    Were we not soulmates?
    Make up 
    What have we got to lose 
    Would you
    Break my heart and make me cry to sleep again]
    Or can i trust you 

    How can i trust you
    When i gave up on love because of you
    How can i make me 
    Love you again
    My heart  is built on love 
    But u broke my heart
    And i need to find someone tp build it back up again

    Falling for you again
    Calling for you to help me 
    U left me out to dry just because she was more popular 
    Well just you wait
    U will come crawling  to me 

    Am i just a waste of space 
    Am i just another pretty face 
    Will a guy really like me for me 
    Or will he tell me to be what he needs me to be 
    How can i trust you
    When i gave up on love because of you
    How can i make me 
    Love you again

  • itsssiya 9w

    Fear Is Not In My Vocabulary

    Fear is not in my vocabulary

    I'm done being scared of what I'll face
    Cause you were my happy place

    We shared our happy moments but that will fade away

    This is a start of a new day
    I'm done done with you
    Telling me what to do

    Done done with your lies
    And your fake smiles

  • benhurbedford 11w

    A Play in the Theatre.

    I could smile as my crisp teeth brighten the surgery room. The general anaesthesia creeps inside you, and knocks you out the 1st round of battling with a fractured collar. But it is pleasing to watch how I blow the candles heat away, transforming its light to a humane essence.
    You can barely see my ripped muscles covered in stubborn fat to keep me warm at night. Just smile. That is all I can say.

  • dilsewrite 14w


    May the fireflies follow you where the butterflies do not.

  • teensheldon_111 15w


    'Yes I can accept me as I am. Because all I know is that I love you..' ,she wishpered in her ears and landed a soft kiss on her forehead...


  • raman_writes 16w


    दिल - ऐ - नादान मोहब्बत चाहता है ।

    दुनिया के तौर तरीकों से ये वाकिफ़ नहीं ।।


  • krwriteup 17w


    She is a portray of glory and her smile makes everything look beautiful. She is a woman and the perfect art of God.

  • propheticsinner 18w

    Many people unfollow the advice or harsh truths given by person in their face.
    This should not be the case.
    We should listen more to them.

    Remember: Listening more & speaking Less always pays off.

    #reality #truth #man #women #strength #fearless #strong #mindful #patient

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    Never fear the man who speaks harsh truth in front of your face

    Fear the man who always spoke sweet
    in front of your face
    harsh behind yours

  • drishty_das 19w


    I fear to be that piece of poetry
    written on an old parchment
    in between the pages
    of a book
    that has been
    long forgotton in the corner
    of the bookshelf.

    I fear to be that twig of leaves
    that has been,
    for years,
    pressed in between
    the pages of an old diary
    and now her veins are visible
    to your naked eyes,
    that you would abandon
    because she is too bare,
    too plain now.

    I fear to be that storm
    at night
    who rattles the windows,
    upturns the roots
    and fills everything with her tears
    only to be a regretful image of
    in the day light.

    I fear to be the warmth
    of that soft blanket
    on those early rainy mornings
    when the pitter patter
    is comforting to sleep to
    which wont allow the feet
    to touch the cold floor
    and walk out
    to maybe see
    a rainbow.

    I fear to be that vase,
    that sits on a stool in my room
    with a long line of scar
    where she had once cracked
    into two parts,
    is often told to be thrown away
    because now she is just a broken
    piece of an art.

    I fear if they made a pill
    in Pink and blue
    to unlearn your fears
    and become comfortingly
    I would take one
    and lose myself to
    a continuing stillnes again.


  • sillysadar 20w

    The rat and the lion

    A lion ruled the jungle
    Sitting on top of a ledge
    Overlooking at it

    Everyone feared him
    Even the other lions
    Which fed his ego

    Until one day
    A rat came with a way
    To stop the lion from ruling the jungle

    The rat came on top of a ledge
    Where the lion sat
    The rat was trying to be sneaky

    But the lion saw it
    The lion started attacked the rat
    But unable to

    For the rat was too small
    The rat stood at the edge of the ledge
    The lion surely enough came running to it

    Attacking it yet failing again only to fall to his demise
    The lion had such a huge ego
    Which blinded him

    While the rat had a brain that wasn't in his strength
    So the rat became the new ruler
    Yet it wished to make an elephant the new ruler

    And then everyone lived fearlessly
    Happy that the lion Is gone
    And they lived in harmony

    The end my little animals
    Off you go now
    You can't be late when the elephant calls
    - Sadar

  • loves_passion 21w

    Fire is Life

    Fire of becoming fearless to live the life limitless

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 23w

    She was beautiful,
    But not the way society wanted.
    She was strong and fearless,
    But not the way society wanted.
    She was successful,
    But not the way society wanted.

    Society wants
    "Beautiful looks,
    Strong at household works,
    Successful in taking care of husband and children."

    But for her
    "Beautiful meant being good to herself and others.
    Strong meant learning something good from bad, and making herself better daily without fearing about failure.
    Successful meant standing on her own legs and loving herself."

    The moment she kept aside about what society wanted,
    And with smile and confidence went in the way she loved,
    Her life started to fill with beauty.
    And that beauty can be only seen through pure hearts and not through cunning eyes.


  • inkandfable670 24w

    A Recall To My Childhood......

    The vision of those day are still visible to my eyes,
    When we unfolded hand and pretended as flying,
    Run madly at night to catch some fireflies,
    Racing of paper boats in monsoon ,
    Smile, after getting a helium balloon ,
    Craziness for candies, love for ice-cream,
    Sometimes became a cause of our beatings ,
    Drenching in rains, splashing water on siblings
    Our heart seeked pleasure even in petty things,
    Cycling in garden ,jumping on trees ,
    Dancing in rain ,craving for mom's maggie ,
    Those fear vibes after watching a horror movie ,
    Our idiocy which made us believed in fantasies ,
    My face is smiling while recalling those phases,
    When my pain got vanished with mom's soothing blow,
    With father, we were always ready to go ,
    It's an age we had only priority that is play ,
    We never got tanned while playing in sunny rays,
    In those days we were careless and free ,
    Fought with friends but never called them enemy ,
    Thousand plans we had create just to bunk school ,
    Oh should I call myself innocent , ignorant or a fool
    Who trusted an old woman stays on that shiny moon.


    Sorry for my grammatical errors and typos:

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    #pod #memories
    #childhood #poem
    #poetry #nostalgic
    #mirakee #wod
    #freedom #fearless
    #mirakill #thoughts

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  • pavankumar37 25w


    "Once you becomes fearless,
    Life will becomes limitless"
    -Sandeep Maheshwari