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  • godwillprince 11h

    I’ve been staring at my dream for a long time now.
    Eyes gazed, cowardly wondering if I’ll ever muscle up and say hi.
    At least just once.
    Its a beautiful sight from where I’m standing honestly.
    And even though I’m short sighted, I still see it so clearly.
    Everything I ever wanted in its place. Meticulously prepared and fit to taste.
    My dream, busy living my life for me while my mind gather up dust from thinking about it way too much in reality.
    I hear a voice sometimes saying, “come in”. Sounds a lot like me, I must confess.
    I want to.
    But I can’t seem to be able to place a foot in front of the other.
    Like it matters which foot comes first.
    Well, maybe if I hear the voice again, I might just be forced to.
    Who am I kidding though?
    Damn! But lord knows I want to.
    This quiet obsessing over the life I yearn for is eating the very part of me that helps me breathe.
    I need to! If I ever plan to lead a fulfilled life then I have to.
    More than anything, I have to.
    Allow me be brave and walk in if or when I hear the voice again lord.
    That is If it isn’t already bored to death by my disheartening cowardice.
    This dream, I’m sorry, I mean, this hidden fulfilled life of mine.
    Will I ever get to meet you? Or will I just have to settle for the same fate Moses had.
    I guess I’ll find out when its all over.

  • lalitha_l2 1d

    The #beauty of childhood games,
    The #smiles of unknown reasons,
    The #pity for deserved ones,
    #Angry bird of my unsatisfied wishes,
    The #courage to cross life phases,
    The #fear of unknown devil's,
    The #pain with #disgust,
    The #surprise of #life and
    #Peace of #happiness,
    Things I #preserved,
    Over many years,
    In the small box,
    Called little #recapping #brain.

    #kept #wod @miraquill

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    The beauty of childhood games,
    The smiles of unknown reasons,
    The pity for deserved ones,
    Angry bird of my unsatisfied wishes,
    The courage to cross life phases,
    The fear of unknown devil's,
    The pain with disgust,
    The surprise of life and
    Peace of happiness,
    Things I preserved,
    Over many years,
    In the small box,
    Called little recapping brain.

  • nightpen 2d

    Grave(hope) of the Fireflies 2021

    When you forget the past
    It will outlast the present
    Symphony is then dissonance
    Destroyed by human definition
    Harmony can be preserved, face the darkness
    Build the light, the future is all that we prevent..


  • _knit_es_ 2d

    Fear has no face

    Fear has no face

    hidden behind
    locked deeply underground
    the feeling she never showed anyone -
    for it is her mark of vulnerability -
    the side of her which is weakly

    fear has no face

    masking it out
    muscle after muscle
    strength and body mass covering it up -
    for it is something taboo for him to feel
    for men must be strong must be firm

    fear has no face

    they have grown old fearing death
    but now it's nearing down with their every breath
    they have fought hard years against their
    for life is short to worry about small things
    and to think about endings

    but fear has no face
    she feels it
    he feels it
    they who have old feel it
    and you are allowed to feel it

    may it be what you cannot see
    what you cannot feel
    or what you cannot talk about,
    feel fear
    for it is only by feeling it that you can defeat it

    fear has no fear but we must face it.

  • crystal_snow 2d

    Crystal tears
    Falls on fear
    And it shears
    Making hope dear


  • vasu_maddy 2d


    It's an imaginary thing that does not exist...!!

    Which is created by your memory...!!!

    And lets you ruin your present...!!

    Do what the hell makes you happy...!!

    No matter what you are always on the profit side..!!


  • jshrei 2d


    Fear engulfs me,
    Fear, what the outcomes might be,
    Fear, if tomorrow might be worse,
    Fear, that success is too far to reach,
    Fear, of worst nightmares coming true,
    Fear is eating me alive...
    Making the feeling vanish appears impossible.


  • mypinknotes 1d

    I am afraid of my anger;
    Not that it gets violent,
    But it hurts.
    It hurts everyone involved.

    What I'm most fearful of is tears of anger:
    Not that it's shed out of anger,
    But of sadness and breaking hearts.
    It kills me inside.

    I'm only angry because love hurts when it is supposed to make us happy.


  • zukkah 3d


    Hey fear, let's be friends.
    What's the worst that could happen?
    Don't tell me you're scared!


  • wanowak 4d

    The Fossil In Ice

    Such a calm late summer night.
    Air so still.
    As I sit and wait.
    On this dusty worn wooden stoop.
    Trepidation abounds knowing she soon will arrive and leap
    into in my arms.
    Creating a feeling so powerful,
    more beautiful than any
    dream I could create.

    I look into her eyes
    and she in mine.
    No words need be spoken.
    Our bodies tingle just at the
    mere sight of the other.
    Telling us what our heart has
    known since our first kiss.
    That Cupid's arrow, no matter
    what she and I try to tell
    ourselves, did not miss.

    But then, at the same moment,
    fear grips me so tight.
    Afraid she will be gone by the morning's light.

    A confluence of feelings
    surely hard to describe.
    So foreign to many.
    But causes one to become cold.
    Especially those that
    had safety when young.
    Not me; or her.
    We simply survived.
    Having to play "adult"
    to parents who were often
    insane or drunk to even care.
    Growing up too fast; leaving little laughter and a black hole in our soul.

    Yet I wait tonight on these
    wooden steps.
    Like a child on Christmas morning.
    Hoping, but still
    holding my breath.
    Seeing if reality matches
    the beautiful, caring words
    from her mouth.
    That she loves me; more
    so than any man before.
    Only God knows what is in store.

    I see her alight from her car.
    My breath truly taken away;
    perhaps for the first time in my life.
    I refuse to let my fears triumph this night.
    As I hold her tight.
    Looking into her soulful eyes.

    Capturing this moment in my mind.
    Like a fossil frozen in ice.
    To remind me during those times when past ghosts chose tocreep in.
    That she does truly care;
    not like those from yesteryear.

    The fossil in ice...

  • hoorbanu98 4d

    Sludge life♥

    You know in between us
    Happiness is smile on face
    and ears are screaming of fear...

    《 21-09-2021 》

  • lolablackthorn 5d


    I think I want to have "it"
    The way the ones that "got it"
    Have "it"
    The ones whose caffeinated words
    Always fall into place
    Typewriters clacking phrases
    Into patterns of lace
    I can't write a poem
    I don't eventually hate
    I've accepted mediocrity as my
    Inevitable fate
    For the the ordinary
    Is how they survive
    Making history out of
    Someone's unoriginal life
    They already wrote the ending
    Of you and I
    I want to tell it differently
    But I'm too scared to try
    At this point metaphors fail
    Once my words sound real
    Is when I bail
    I think every doubt is
    My holy grail
    Do you think anonymity leaves a trail

  • nightpen 1w

    Misplaced Childhood

    I was raised in America
    Land of the free
    So many horrid lies
    You broke our fragile lives
    We live surviving our shattered dreams


  • shrutisinha95 1w


    Call me wind if you do so please be mindful of the fact
    That gust of wind is heedless of fear so don't expect me to be fearful
    That wind is free to move anywhere so don't try to confine me
    That wind is impregnable so don't make any attempt to cessate my way
    That wind is somewhere cool breeze and somewhere sirocco, so don't ask me to behave well everywhere
    And If you failed to acknowledge this let me make you aware of the certitude
    That wind has potential to comfort you by bringing monsoon as well as torment you by taking the form of tornado so don't even dare mistreat me
    All that you can do is be like that green fertile land and not that barren desert for me to be a cold breeze that soothe you

  • pallavi4 1w


    What a strange time this is
    A part of me is holding back tears
    The world is a chaotic mess and has come
    Face to face with its most appalling fears

    While the world fights a war collectively
    Seeking to somehow prolong the peace
    I’m left halfway nursing the notions of fleeing to a place
    In my mind where this endless war has ceased

    I breathe, wait and hope praying for calmness
    Trying to discard the feeling of emptiness inside me
    I am terrified of the consequences of this mayhem
    And what the end of all this could be

    Excruciating painful images of a distorted tomorrow
    Make me cower and from myself hide
    Call me wind if you do please know that’s again I am
    Thoroughly shaken and to my core petrified

    This is a poem seeking love and compassion
    Asking us to work unitedly towards a common goal
    If we focus all our energies against this creation of war
    Maybe the future will thank us for having saved many souls


    19th of September, 2021

    Words used from list:

    Set A
    Call me wind if you do please
    A part of me is holding back tears
    I breathe, wait and hope
    What a strange time this is
    When the world fights a war

    Set B

    Pic credit: “Hillside fence” by Michael Kenna , picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #combination #thispoemc #writersbay @writersbay #war #world_peace #mayhem #peace #fear @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • diamond49 1w

    What strange time is this..
    Exactly what I wrote in lockdown
    May 4, 2020
    #Strange #Fear #Lockdown

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    What a strange time is this..
    Feeling like untouchables
    Cant express our love the way we want
    Out of fear

    Fear of something we cant see
    Fear of something we cant feel

    What a strange time is this..
    Locked in a room
    Cant express our smile with cheers and hope
    Out of Compulsions

    What a strange time is this..

  • exploreelysian 1w

    #combination #wod #miraquil #teenage #fear
    Set-A - What a strange time this is
    Set-B- fear

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    What a stange time!

    What a strange time this is
    You are
    Stuck at an age
    Neither a child you are nor an adult
    This is teenage.

    When you fear
    Of being right or wrong
    When you fear
    Of being left alone
    When FOMO
    Scares you the most.
    All these happen
    When you are stuck at this phase.

    What a strange time this is
    Where little moments
    Are to be enjoyed
    But the fear also comes
    If this leaves a scar to your fate.

  • jana_3009 1w

    Call me wind if you do please
    Filled with fear yet I won't cease.

  • ssunayana 1w

    Day and Night

    Day and Night. Salt and Pepper.
    Two contrasting ends of color.
    And yet so many different shades exist 
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Joy and Grief.
    Two contrasting ends of emotions.
    And yet so many different emotions exist
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Hope and Fear.
    Two contrasting ends of your state, dear heart.
    And yet so many possibilities exist
    In between the two ends.

    And I want you to remember that.
    It never is "The End".
    That's the thing about Possibilities,
    They always exist.

  • iamgyaaani 4d

    Don't jugde. Don't dump your opinions on others. Don't compare.

    How can we possess same qualities while we were created unique.

    Stay unique... And let others stay unique #Peacefully

    #fear #rejection #faith #strong #poem #thoughts #love #unique #pod #postoftheday #mirakee #iamgyaaani

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    I fear the fear that can build up in me,
    The fear of being judged by them and thee.

    The fear of colour and race, my appearance and my face,
    That has been increasing from phase to phase.

    The fear of not being accepted.
    The fear of being rejected.

    To be ridiculed and mocked by the world,
    By the harsh expressions and the rudeness hurled.

    The fear of me being wrong,
    Losing faith in me and not staying up strong.

    The fear of giving up just before my win,
    To see my struggles, thrown in the bin.

    I fear the fear that has build up in me,
    The fear is killing my faith and that's all I see.