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    Time is a factor controlled by none. Every situation that time brings in has its own importance. So here's a poem from a helpless son's heart who never could let his feelings speak out - "Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha.."

    Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha…
    Ki kadam kuch saath unke chalna tha…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yahi maanga tha…
    Isiliye mai akele khara tha…

    Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha…
    Ki aapko mai ab bhi khoj raha tha…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yahi manga tha…
    Isiliye mai khudko adhura hi pura smjh rha tha….

    Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha…
    Ki shukraguzaar tha hamesa main aapka…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yahi manga tha…
    Isiliye aapko wo ehsaas karana tha…

    Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha…
    Ki khush toh mai bhi nahi tha…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yahi manga tha…
    Isiliye chehre pe muskaan hamesa rehta tha…

    Kyun mai bol nahi pata tha…
    Ki aapse mai utna hi pyar krta tha…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yhi manga tha…
    Isiliye khud ko kamjor na hone dena chahta tha…

    Haa mai aapko bol nahi pata tha…
    Isiliye khud me hi bahut pachtata tha…
    Sayad waqt ne aaj yahi manga tha…
    Haa waqt ne mere se aaj yahi manga tha…

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    Kyu nahi mai bol paata tha...!

    (Read in caption - A poem from a helpless son's heart who never could let his feelings speak out)


  • howling_athena 2d


    Very less quotes and songs are sung for papa ! But we always say ki papa is best ! ❤️ Or my dad is super hero !! But what do we do for him ?? Just we say ki vo best hae but we never ask him how much did he suffered for us !! We never ask him For getting us good clothing how much did he sacrifice ?? We never ask him for fulfilling our demands how much overtime he did ?? ❤️ Just to get one smile on our face how many years did he waste of his youth .
    We always remember that mom use to have sleepless nights " when I was ill " but we forget that even daddy used to stay awake but the because the mindset that " daddy is strong and never cries " we never saw his tears .
    Whenever my legs wobbled and I tripped over you didn't even take a look on my wounds but always said Be stronger . This did hurt me ! But now one thing I realised is that no matter how much strong I am , I am never stronger enough to live without you ❤️
    I did my schooling from very well known school . I used to see my classmates going in big cars or having canteen food or having vacation at foreign countries and one day I complained about it. U never said a word but your eyes expressed alot ❤️ . To the reader , I request the mistake I did please never do it ✨ because aise kehte ki. " mausam ka haal usse na sunaye jo tumhare liye roz bhagta raha ,jiske liye dhoop kya sardi kya barish kya ❤️❤️
    Kabhi unse mat puchna ki tumne kya kayama jinki jeevan bhar ki kaamai tum ho "
    Always during festives I used to get new clothes and toys and everything I asked for but never noticed that inspite of me getting new clothes and toys and makeups and accessories my dad use to wear the same old clothes . I would never forget that for purchasing my happiness my dad got spent ❤️
    When I grew up I had a habit of saying ki "Mai kissi se darti nahi ". People used to feel ki I am egoistic but no one knew that deep down I knew no matter what would happen ✨my dad wouldn't stop supporting me . He himself was so simple but spoilt me with everything a girl could ask for . And I am so spoilt that even if a guy comes on unicorns I wouldn't accept him if he is less than my father truly dadda u kept me as Princess
    And I also heard about many people getting listed on Forbes as World's richest man but for me no one is as rich as my dad ❤️ because I remember everytime daddy removing few bills frrom his torn pockets of shirts and saying get my daughter anything she wants ❤️.
    And all this made me realize that Father's tears and fears might me unseen and his love might be unexpressed but his love and protection always remains in the basis of our foundation ✨. Love you papa Happy Father's Day ❤️

  • tjfoxx 2d

    A Father's Love

    No act too indefensible,
    No words to reprehensible,
    All things are repentable,
    For a father's love is unconditional.


  • maevee 2d

    Father : My Co - Pilot

    Who says only mother can over love and she builds her child to be a strong individual?

    I participated often in drawing competitions as a kid there was one where I needed to have oil pastels. I call my father telling him there aren't any at the nearest stationary if he could get me some on his way home, he was running late he mentioned. I slept waiting for him that night. Next day there was a 60 shades oil pastel box kept along with my breakfast.

    For every bet he ever lost I'd get a large swirl as a prize to his misery.
    He'd manage to make somewhat round paratha's whenever mom was away and he'd always serve it with extra ghee.

    Somehow I never got maths and maths never got me. He'd always drop me in the morning for all my papers, nudging some fruits my way to eat and asking me to take it easy but of all the papers it was my maths paper morning that he'd an early board meeting. He managed to call me right before I walk in giving me his best prep talk, post the paper listening to my gloomy voice he decided to get two family pack of ice cream to soothe it all away.

    Leaving me to live on my own was clearly the hardest day of his life but be was still more focused on not letting me put mess right away to always sending me extra money and encouraging me to have a cheat day to eat my favourite outside.
    He'd send an entire box of mangoes in summer or a big packet full of dry fruits in the winter.

    To oiling my hair on the days they were too rough to stocking the fridge with all my favourites whenever I visited. To saving my ass from my mother when she found a lighter in the handbag or from the time whenever she saw a new novel in my hand, he'd always had my back.

    To listening me rant and to always telling me not to give up, he has always pushed me to be my best, sky is the limit he'd say.

    As I was preparing for interviews I'd tell him you being such an experienced interviewer should be giving me some tips to excel and he'd only have this crooked smile on his face saying nothimg in return.

    One day I go up to him and ask why do we celebrate Ganpati, I mean I've not heard our version of it like how maharashtirans have theirs.
    Very casually reading the newspaper he tells me well, I don't know and I look at him stunned what do you mean you don't know and he says exactly what you know that I've no clue.
    The unconvinced me asked him did you never ask your parents, he says we weren't so intelligent beta.
    The unsettled me asks him in return didn't you think what you'd answer if your kids ever asked, he answered with an evil smile I never thought my kids will be so intelligent either beta.. leaving me happy but speechless.

    Visiting relatives is always entertainingly handful so after one such visit when we returned I ask my father you're so well educated, you've seen so much of this world, you're at such a better position than any other to bring a change. Then why is it that you haven't done much on betterment of females in our house? He says I've done my share and I asked him how?
    With his usual evil grin on his face he replied our times were different and for to bring in the change you talk about I'd to only raise you right, the fact that today you ask me such questions and it troubles you this much, it only tells me I've done my part right.
    You're the change I'd in my hands to create, to mould my child and you're my rebillion against the world.

    As I grow up I realise he wanted me to be at the steering wheel and he'd only adjust it from time to time so that I stay on the path I'd decided for myself.
    He never chose a destination or a decision for me. He always left the cues along the path, he's there to support me, to motivate me.
    Thanks for being the best co-pilot papa.

    #father #happyfathersday #mirakee #miraquill #writers #thebond #co-pilot #partnersincrime #support #love #raisingright #writerscommunity #writers_together

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    Father : My Co-Pilot


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    The only innocent person who sacrifices for everyone. #father

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    Endrum adayatha thuyarathai adainthen...
    Andru iravu nee urangumbothu
    Nadandhu nadandhu theyindhu pona un paathangalayi kandu

    Un thyagathil naan kanda santhosham endrum inimaiyana valiyai tharum


  • herteddy 2d


    You taught me life
    With your experience
    From you I learnt
    The power of patience
    Troubles see you as an attraction
    But you always finish them all
    like it's your legendary profession
    Though sometimes
    I've seen you being tired,
    Stressed, and trying hard
    But never giving up
    And still smiling in those
    Impossible situation
    Bapuji you are such a superhero
    Whose everyday is an adventure
    You have so many abilities
    You're an expert of survival skills
    I admire them all because I'm smart
    There are so many art
    In these world
    But your heart
    Is a masterpiece

  • avnish_kumar_chaudhary 2d

    प्यारे पापा ❤️

    क्या लिखूँ आपके बारे में...पापा ?
    आप ही मेरा संसार हो...?
    बस इतना ही काफ़ी नहीं होगा
    आपके प्यार को बताने के लिए
    इससे कहीं ज्यादा हो आप मेरे लिए

    प्यार का मतलब तो
    आप ही हो मेरे लिए
    दिल के इस कोने से
    उस कोने तक
    आपका ही प्यार भरा हैं अंदर
    जब तक जिन्दगी रहेगी मेरी
    तब तक आप ही मेरे
    हीरो रहोगे मेरे पापा

    मुझ पे कोइ भी दिक्कत आई
    आप ही सुपर हीरो की तरह
    मेरे हर कदम पे साथ दिया
    मेरे परवर दिगार बनके
    मुझे सम्भाला हरदम

    जो चीज़ जो मुझे चाहिए था
    हर हालत मे उसे पूरा करना
    किसी भी चीज़ की कमी ना हो
    इसके लिए दिन रात एक कर देना
    पर मुझे एक पल भी दिक्कत ना आए
    उसके लिए हर सम्भव कोशिश करना
    और मुझे हर हाल मे खुस देखना
    यही आपका सपना बन गया

    आप हैं तो सब कुछ हैं
    मेरी दुनियाँ मेरा जहां
    ये धरती ये आसमा
    फुल सितारे चाँद तारे
    सारे के सारे फीके हैं
    मेरे पापा के प्यार के सामने

    पापा यक़ीन करना
    जब तक मेरी साँसे चलेगी
    जब तक सिर्फ आप ही हो मेरे अन्दर
    मेरे रूह से लेकर जिस्म तक
    सिर्फ और सिर्फ आपका ही
    तस्वीर सज़ा रखा हूँ
    मेरे रोम रोम मे

    आपके ही सजदे मे सर झुकेगा
    मेरे भगवान मेरे परवर दीगार
    मेरे पापा.... ❤️

    रचयिता - अवनीश कुमार चौधरी

  • soumen_sonu 2d


    खामोशी इश्क है उसकी मजबूरी नहीं,
    ये बात तुझे बाप बन ने पे समझ आएगी।

  • zarshaq 2d

    The Strong One

    His eyes so sharp
    Invites a strengthening demeanor
    To my apprehensive self

    His ears are ever so patient
    They could listen to my setbacks
    And blabbering all day long

    His booming voice
    Woven with words of guidance
    Saves me from world's lecherous behaviors

    His hands are heavy
    Yet the soothing massages they leave
    Lulls me into a painless and peaceful slumber

    His feet firm
    Placed on the ground humbly
    Teaching me simplicity in the most unostentatious ways

    His heart strongest ever
    Can waver never
    Despite my foibles
    And all my queries
    The kindest of all
    My Father.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #father #love

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    The Strong One

    His heart strongest ever
    Can waver never
    Despite my foibles
    And all my queries
    The kindest of all
    My Father.

  • daisy_pens 2d


    //My father
    implanted in me
    seeds of sublime honesty

    Transcending his cosmic shade
    in ambrosial fragrance of perpetuity
    My father taught me to fly
    Fly like a seagull !

    Amidst the bedlam of perplexities
    He introduced me with calmness
    Like Silence after Hurricanes
    And Rainbows after storms

    Starting from him to me
    Is the prism of Humanity
    Rhythming in unfathomable bliss

    And reverberating again from my heart
    To thousands of strangers
    being the downpour of heavenly solace ! //

    By: @daisy_pens

    (I will remain ever indebted to my father for endless reasons...❤️)
    Dedicated to my father ,all the fathers of the Globe,and single mothers who showers their love with unfathomable grace )

    Lots of love ����
    From ~ Himakshi Saud .

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite
    #mirakeeassistant #father #fathersday #love #life #cosmic
    #wod #pod

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    Transcending his cosmic shade
    In ambrosial fragrance of perpetuity
    My father taught me to fly
    Fly like a sea-gull !
    Starting from him to me
    Is the prism of Humanity
    Rhythming in unfathomable bliss

    And reverberating again from my heart
    To thousands of strangers
    Being the downpour of heavenly solace !


  • janvi2901 2d

    #merepapa #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #hindi #quotes #parentslove
    #father #mother #family #inspiration #motivation #papaMyHero

    Hey friends if you like my post then ❤️ comment repost and follow my page ☺️☺️.


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    Happy Father's Day

    मां हमें पालती है और
    पिता हमें जिंदगी जीने का तरीका सिखाते हैं।


  • shree_tanwi 2d


    Dear papa,

    You are truly a king to your children,
    The legacy of your knowledge, thoughts and fun,
    Is worn by us with proud,
    You are the best, there is no doubt.
    You taught humanity and love for the country,
    With you we have learnt to enjoy Sachin's century.
    All the tenses to the champaks in English,
    Through us you carefully planted generous seedlings.
    You gave us free thoughts and independency,
    We are already proud carrying your legacy...
    Leave the crown of best DAD, you are the best human..
    You are the one who taught me to hold pen.
    But even this pen has no status to describe you and your doings,
    And no word in dictionary can describe my love, care, respect or any of those feelings...


  • kasishray 2d

    Happy fathers day baba💗
    You are my real king. My super hero. Everything that I ever revered. Whatever I am, I am because of you. I am the affection you stuffed in the food you had cooked for me ( you cook better than mom). I am the patience you had every time I did something to annoy you. I am the forgiveness that you gave me upon my every mistake. I am the lessons you have taught me without I knowing that I’m learning. I am all of you and I want to be more like you. My every goal,each ambition,breathes the purpose to make you proud and I hope one day you will be super proud of me. As proud of me as I am being your daughter.

    I know my dad won’t be reading this…(cause he don’t use this app and I like to keep things to myself. To be honest, I’m kind of a shy person when it comes to express in words.) but it feels good to write down what’s in my heart. To tell to those few strangers who take some time to read my unheard thoughts.

    #happyfathersday #father #dad

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    To my dad

    You are the epitome of unconditional love
    as you always choose me before you
    be it watching my favourite show which you didn’t like
    Or materialising my unvoiced wish,you did that too.
    I believe action speaks much volume
    And my each action is full of inexplicable love as a clue,
    I know that you know this from the start
    cause I have learnt it from you.
    Hold my small hands for I’ll forever be a child
    And teach me more lessons about life
    Like you once said how to look within ourselves,
    For we often get blinded in much bright.
    All i want is I to be by your side
    Shadowing you, walking with you every time,
    Cause I have infinite lessons to learn
    And with your blessings all shall be more than fine.


  • unknown_vibes 2d

    He is the mirror I want to see in

    Everyone says he want to be doctor, engineer, IAS etcetera but when someone asks me what I want to be, the answer just strikes my mind firstly is I want to be like my PAPA. I try to follow him unknowingly like it is in my habit now. But I don't know whether the day would ever come when I'll be like him... so calm, so modest though sharp, always conscious, punctual and so many other qualities that is hard to comprehend easily. I know he deserves so much from their children as he gives us too much to express the gratitude just by saying or doing something for him. It will be truly justified when I'll do something in my life that will make him proud to say that she's my daughter. There were many moments in life that causes him to be proud on me but I'm still waiting for the day when I'll be on cloud nine seeing his ultimate happiness.

  • kalp_cloud 2d

    Happy Father's Day

    He is not special for a day.
    His existence is a celebration
    right from our birth.
    His every step and every act,
    Is a part of our upbringing.
    He puts his soul into,
    In utter silence,
    to see us laugh aloud.
    Having his back and blessings
    Is truly being fortunate.
    A thank won't be enough,
    and he never even wished for it.
    It's all love and care forever.

    ❤Happy Father's Day❤

  • aghoriamli 2d

    जीवन का सारा सार
    जिनके माथे पर झलकता है
    वह पिता ही परमेश्वर कहलाता है

  • supreetinayak 2d

    Foreigners celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, because you know most of their marriages are contract marriage. And they are separated from their parents after a certain age, so they spend one day from their busy life/seduleas father's day or mother's day. But in our culture and traditions, there is no Father's Day or Mother's Day. We live in the same family, so why bother celebrating one day if you want to celebrate? Then celebrate everyday not only one day. If you love your parents, talk to them every day before it's too late. You have a life ahead but they don't have so don't celebrate one day just to show in social media. Feel them special and give importance to them because now is the time they want our attention. Help them, love them, care for them, and very importantly respect them, So go and celebrate parent's Day everyday.

    Remember one thing can you celebrate your mom and dad's birthday?? Do you know their birthday date?? Are you interested to celebrate a day then please go and just tell them how much you love them. They have brought us into this beautiful world. Is it sufficient to celebrating one day in a whole year. think about it!! And please in some interval of time have a chitchat with them. And lastly one day please tell them how much they are important to you and what are the most special moments of you with them.


  • lawsacerdos 2d


    We always see the smile of our parents but we never know the struggle, tears, sweat, theirs worst Days behind their smile which they have spent to make their child worthy and happy.

    Whatever we are today, parents are the only reason behind that, So keep them happy.
    Must Respect Your Parents and get your parents respected by others as well.

    I wish you all "Happy Father's Day"

  • falakamit 2d

    Jisne bujh kar zalaya hai tumku...
    Aaj hi kyu yaad aaya hai tumku....

           Every day is Dear dad's day....


  • gunsandroses 2d


    The one whose care and love for us is hidden,
    The one whose tears and fears are unseen,
    The one who can't be replaceable,
    The one who is strict but softhearted as well,
    The one whose smile makes me feel adore is you dad , with a bunch of proud, love, care, happiness and blessings....!!

    *HaPpY FAtHeR's DaY DAD*