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    Papa mujhe McDonald's khana hai

    Beta kya yehi kaam baki rah gaya hai mere zindagi main


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    She had fallen from the chair to which she was tied, crying for help but her cries couldn't reach any ear as she was kept in a dark room out of the crowded area of the town. Her name was Trisha and she was actually kidnapped by a young educated unemployed guy called Tarun.
    Trisha, the daughter of a well known diamond merchant and politician of the city, was kidnapped whilst she was returning home from college.
    Tarun was jobless because the parasite called nepotism was eroding his career and dreams bit by bit and turning him into a criminal.
    Tarun called Trisha's dad to demand Rs. 10 lac as the ransom money on the 2nd day of kidnapping. But her dad was so deeply engrossed in the preparations of his upcoming elections that neither did he have time to meet Tarun nor did he wish to rescue his daughter at that particular point of time as that news might have defamed him and curbed his chances of winning the election.
    One fine day, Tarun went inside the room to scare Trisha as she was yelling too badly for help but as soon as he advanced towards her, he noticed that she was shivering as she had fever and her dress was all stained because of her monthly cycle. He rushed to his house to get a few sarees of his mother and then went to the medical to purchase medicines and sanitary napkin for Trisha.
    Whilst he was returning from the chemist he was cursing his fate as he was sort of stuck because he didn't get the ransom money and couldn't even leave Trisha because of the fear that she might lodge a complain against him if gets freed. But he was struggling to gather money anyhow to save his mother which called for a surgery worth Rs. 5 lacs. Since he couldn't fetch the amount within stipulated time he committed a crime, the crime of kidnapping. Disease like unemployment and nepotism had caused a talented educated person to wear the cloak of a criminal.
    As time passed by, Trisha realised and accepted the fact that her father wouldn’t turn to rescue her and she stopped asking Tarun whether was there any call from her father's side.
    Tarun, on the other side, was witnessing her mother sinking bit by bit evrry day but he was helpless. One day, he went to give food to Trisha. He heard her moaning from outside and went inside the room to see her.
    He sat in front of her like a loser and explained his state of mind to her. He was completely broken from within. Trisha carefully listened to his story. She was already upset because of her father and Tarun's story brought tears in her eyes, though was still a bit reluctant to believe him. As soon as Tarun got up to go, she stopped him, took off and gave away her diamond jewellery which she did not adored any more. This was the least she could do to help Tarun and she also hoped that this gesture might melt Tarun's heart and compel him to set her free.
    Tarun couldn't believe himself , he grabbed the jewellery from her hands and without wasting a single minute he went to the jewellery shop to sell them off and hospitalised his mom. After a week, he heived a sigh of content when his mother returned back home fit and fine.
    He was in guilt and happy as well. Mixed emotions were making the situation very perplexed for him to handle. He was nonplussed, he felt completely blank as to what is to be done further.
    Next day, he went to thank Trisha and asked her to accompany him to his house once to meet his old mother and then decide what to do next.
    By the end of the 3rd month, she had built good amount of trust over him, thus willingly agreed. After reaching his house, Trisha realised that Tarun's mother had only one son and his story he narrated was true.
    Now, Trisha was free to go but her feet felt like stuck on their doorstep. She dropped the idea of complaining about Tarun as he was the only support of the old lady and since she was already suffering from the pain of betrayal from her father, she did not wish to give similar pain to Tarun and his mother by seperating them. What tied her feet to that house was actually love Trisha had developed for Tarun who touched her not even once in those 3 months, a genuine gentleman he was. She turned back, proceeded towards them and placed her head on his mother's feet who lied on her bed and said, “Maa, I don't want to go back to my dad who is least bothered about me, could your son please keep me here, in this small yet beautiful house, kidnapped for lifetime as I don't have a mother like you nor a gentleman like your son in my life?
    Tarun's mother kissed her forehead and looked towards her son to mark his reaction. Tarun was happy with Trisha's proposal and expressed his willingness to marry her. His mother tied them together with the marital knot. The dowry, the daughter of a diamond merchant cum politician, carried along with her though empty handed was her mother-in-law's life.
    Later, she got a job for herself and Tarun started a small business to fetch his livelihood. Trisha supported him with all her heart in all possible ways and they lived a simple yet wonderful life ahead.
    When the news reached Trisha's father, he went to meet her but she refused to even talk to the man who loved wealth and fame more than his only daughter. Her father was left all alone in his life as he himself lost his only daughter. Trisha ,at last, went to her father's funeral, to fulfil the rituals and formality.





    Reshma kausar Mohideen.
    Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.

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    Unconditional love

    I never realised my unconditional love for him until he left me alone in this cruel world.

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    My family is the best.
    #family #sister #mother #father #joycechow #haikus

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    My family

    My father stands tall
    Providing shade for us all.
    He is like a tree.

    My mother grows plants,
    Nurturing and watering.
    She's a gardener.

    My sister Jen booms
    She dazzles in the night sky
    She's a firework.

    My sister Ca floats.
    Mind likes to wanders around.
    She is a white cloud.

    I like to fly free
    In the air without a care.
    I am a blue jay.

    ©Joyce Chow

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    Parso tak wo Jaan maangti to dene ko Tayaar tha me...
    Or aaj usne maang bhi li....
    Par me de na saka...
    Kyuki Yaar wo kal Papa ne taarif ki thi meri pehli Baar...
    To Man nhi Kiya fir koi aesa Vaada Nibhane Ka...

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    We are connected to our #father so emotionally it can't be described in words.

    And I would never want n try my hardest not to be the reason for u being embarassed in front of others. Atleast that's what I think.

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    You give the sense of protection,
    Your presence is the most important,
    What am I going to do without you,
    Will I ever be able to make you proud enough,
    I cannot repay the amount of love and care,
    Will I ever be able to become what u want me to,
    Am I working hard enough in your eyes,
    Am I lacking what you want see me doing,
    You never pushed me to do anything,
    You know I'll feel stressed over easily,
    How can I stay away from a person,
    Who always put me high on his shoulder,
    I just want to make you proud,
    I just want you to have a carefree future,
    I don't know if I am trying hard enough to do so,
    But my life is worth only,
    If I make you feel proud for raising me.

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    What is magic?

    Magic is like an equation with infinite solution in mathematics, Like isotopes of carbon compounds in chemistry.Simply, people have created so many standards & criteria to describe a simple word magic.Sometimes looking to the stars and feel nothing is magic and another times crying for someone you can't afford the distance is also magic.Sometimes deep convo with best friend is magic,another times just an "angyaa" From crush is also magic.Sometimes hitting a six to your brother is magic another times questioning your existence is also magic.
    Sometimes the pride in your father eyes for you is magic,another times "how are you beta? " From mom is magic.
    Magic happens when you believe in magic.

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    #poetry #father

    My Father is Not "Man Enough"

    He's not man enough
    But human enough

    Human enough to be vulnerable
    Human enough to feel and fall

    The strongest muscle he has
    Is his brave loving heart

    Some say talking touchy things
    Makes a man less manly

    But those touchy things they say
    Makes him more real than many

    I wish I could extend his life
    By donating half of my life span

    And before my father leaves this life
    I hope that like him, I am strong enough

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    Adhura sapna....

    Ek adhura spna h wo pura Karne aaungi....
    Apne papa ko papa kehkar bula sakun...
    Islye mein agla janam yhi Lena chahungi..
    Papa ke sath khel sakun Hans sakun...
    Betiyon ki sari zid sari khwahisse Puri krne aaungi.....
    Mein apni papa ki laadli hum bs yhi sunne mein agla janam yhi Lena chahungi....
    Bachpan se lekar aakhri tk Apne papa ke laad pyar se palne aaungi ....
    Kuch unhe paresaan karungi to Kuch Khud sad hone par unke goud me sar Rakh rone aaungi.....
    Apne bachpan ki sari adhuri khwahisse pure krne aaungi.....
    Mein aaun es duniya mein dubara to bs mummy ki beti aur papa Ka beta banne aaungi...
    Mere papa mile mujhe agle janam islye mein agla janam Lena chahungi....

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    Kitne pyare hona aap, din bhr kam karke bhi mere sath msti karne ki energy kha se late ho, khi bhi atku yaad bs tum hi aate ho,
    neend jo takiye per na aaye mujhko,
    apne hath ko takiya bnaker mujhe kitne pyar se sulate ho,
    Jivan ki har sidi aap hi to chdna sikhate ho,
    Beej vishwas ka boker kitna nider bnate ho,
    Giru jo khi me aaker aap hi to uthate ho, chhav jo rhe aapki chhu na pati suraj ki ek kiran mujko, har mushkil aasan lgti h, papa aapke sath hr dagar aasaan lgti h,
    agr jo kbhi dr jau bs aapki baho me hi sukun pau,
    Agr jo kbhi daat lgate ho, khilonon se phir muskan lotate ho,
    Kitna bhi khu km hai, bs isi tarah khush rhe aap hmesha,

    Thank you so much Papa, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  • ashamurali 2w

    A sick and old man lying helpless speaks to his grandchild. I am inspired to write this after reading
    @raghavendran poem on a stuffed lionhead.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #readthisj #pod #ceesrepostts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #father

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    Waiting for the final call

    You see me powerless now,
    king sized life I had, ask me how!
    Terror and fear when I speak,
    Respect and regard as I walk!

    You know nothing about my morning,
    Never judge me based on my evening,
    My life has been a masterpiece,
    Now I am totally at peace.

    No complaints, no regrets,
    I celebrate what the moment begets,
    Change is the only constant,
    Only fools think life is permanent.

    I have lived, cried and laughed,
    I have gladly gone where life has called,
    You are free to flip my pages,
    Isnt life is all about choices?


  • silencedink 2w

    When I 'm at my best ,
    You 're the proudest Father ..
    When I 'm at my worst,
    You 're still the best ,Papa ...
    You were ,are and will
    always be the Best .


  • wings_happiness 2w

    Daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world.
    Daddy is the most handsome.
    The smartest.
    The most clever.
    The kindest.
    He is my superman.
    Daddy is just great.

    But, he lies.
    He lies about having a job.
    He lies about having money
    He lies that he is not tired.
    He lies that he is not hungry.
    He lies that we have everything.
    He lies about his happiness.
    He lies because of me.

    I never ever forget his sacrifices that he did for me.
    And I promise that one day I'll definitely make my daddy proud.


    #dad #father #love #proud #wod #innerbeauty #sacrifies #happiness


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  • slaughtered_heart 3w

    father : a stranger in his own


  • onlywarrior 3w

    What gives me hope is ,
    The struggle faced by my father;
    Which includes several sleepless nights.
    What gives me hope is ,
    Wrinkles on my mother face due to a stressful days ;
    Which she hides through her prettiest smile on her face .
    What gives me hope is ,
    That lost true love ;
    Which I thought
    will be last longer than my lifetime .
    What gives me hope is ,
    That dual face friends;
    Whom with I spend several day and nights
    Devote my lots of time like a selfless child .
    What gives me hope is,
    My room is full of crowd ;
    Whenever there is a party to celebrate happiness of mine,
    But when I need anyone of them
    I just can listen the chirping and buzzing of tiniest creatures which are already living in my room from way back time .
    What gives me hope is ,
    The person standing in front of me when I am watching mirror to feel my own internal vibes.
    What gives me hope is ,
    Is just me and my powerful thoughts which I weave in my alone time .
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #life #lifequotes #poem #poet #motivation #inspiration #mother #father #friends #struggle #hardship #sleep #travel

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  • ashamurali 3w

    Mirakee #wod #superstition

    Superstition/blind belief/brain washing all belong to the same family and believing them depends a lot on our mental equilibrium at that time. During low phases of our lives, we could catch even a broken reed, and in this true story, my father was holding on to some roots! Read on!

    This story is set about 35 years ago, when I was still in school. I used to stay in a residential locality and ours was a very close knit family of my father, mother and brother and a grandfather who would stay with us for four months a year. Unlike the present apartments our gate opened to the road.

    My father, an otherwise energetic and enthusiastic man suddenly experienced weakness and felt very dull and demotivated. The reason was obvious, a new tyrant in the form of his Boss. He did not share about it with anyone and kept things bottled up and very soon, he started believing that he will soon die and that he has some disease.

    One Sunday, when my mother was making breakfast and all of us had woken up late, the loud calling bell startled us. When I opened the door, I was shocked to find a hefty 6 foot “swamiji” wearing a red dhoti and a very fancy headgear that betrayed his long knotted hair and just a long cloth to cover his chest. He had a long bag and he was wearing a heavy beady necklace. He had adorned his forehead with red vermilion and his body was smeared with holy ash. He also sported a long beard and his sharp eyes pierced through me as he spoke in his booming voice asking for my father.

    Before I could run inside to call my parents, they themselves rushed to the door after hearing the loud voice. They called him in and looked at him quizzically. He said that he has got a divine message which prompted him to visit us. He said that he knows that my father has some issues that are bothering him a lot and affecting his health. Hearing this, my mother broke down and said that she is very worried about my father. He reassured her and said he has got a remedy. He said that he will teach a mantra which has to be told in the midnight five thousand times on an new moon day, and the location, hold your breath.. in a pitch dark graveyard!

    We were simply horrified hearing his “remedy”. When my mother's soft sobs were a continuation of the previous crying session, he said don’t worry my dear sister, I have already done it two days back and I have the talisman ready which he has to wear it all the time. He was willing to give it to her at a small cost. My mother immediately jumped at the offer and said please tell me how much I owe you. Wthout batting an eyelid, he said, give me Rs. Five thousand. It was a princely sum back then. My mother went inside and brought her gold bangle and gave it to him in exchange for the “holy amulet” . My father protested feebly but by then the transaction was already over)!₩

    He proceeded to tie the amulet on my father's neck in a black thread and told that he should not remove at any time and that his well being was totally dependant on it. It was a small cylindrical box with six “divine” roots in them. He said that my father has now come to “safe hands” and that no harm will ever come to him.

    Call it psychological, but my father became very cheerful from the time he started wearing the “holy amulet”. He even went on a trek to Himalayas after that and was proud of his physical fitness. My mother thanked all the stars for sending the divine person to cure my father.

    Fast forward to three years from then. All hell broke lose one morning, also a Sunday. My father woke up and found that the amulet had opened and the five divine roots had fallen off somewhere. He could not move from the bed and said that it is time to bid goodbye to us. He thought that the divine roots falling off is a sign that he will leave the world.

    All of us got busy searching around the house for the divine roots. Even as a young girl, I was a bit skeptical about it and knew that the roots have no connection with my father’s well being. Quickly I bent down and pulled five coir strands from the coir door mat and announced that the divine roots have been found and waved the coir strands. I myself put it inside the amulet quickly before anyone could check it. I told my father he was safe and instantly he got up as if someone has injected fresh energy. He wore it for several more years and believed that it was his guardian angel.

    Till his death, I never revealed to him or anyone else that the “divine roots” was not so divine after all, but pieces of our coir mat.

    Now, my reader, you know my little secret!

    Asha Murali
    25th March 2021

    #father #memories @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #godmen #ceesreposts

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    Does it cure anxiety?
    Or is it a ticket to sanity?
    Is it a magical amulet?
    Or comfort when desperate?
    Several things are unknown
    So, to each his own!

  • shibani_sonowal_paul 3w


    Sometimes I start to worry,
    I might forget your face

    You never said you were leaving
    You were gone before I knew it.

    It broke my heart to loose you
    If love alone could have saved you
    You never would have died

    There were times I needed you
    Times when I cried to hear your voice

    I miss the times that we once had
    But one day once again
    In my heart I'll hold you close
    I just wish I knew when

    You left this world, no sound was heard
    Nobody had the idea
    That life on earth , would end for you.

    You never said I am leaving


  • prince_keshri 3w


    वो दर्द भी, वो मर्ज़ भी,
    मैं लिखू अगर, तो फर्ज़ भी |
    न मांग, न मुराद है, उनकी,
    पिता अटूट वो क़र्ज़ भी ||

    वो लगा बदलने, वक़्त मेरे,
    सहकर जख्म हजारों की |
    करू बयान मैं, शब्द मे उनको,
    घोंट गला संघर्ष की ||

    साहस भी, वो रेहमत भी,
    वृद्धि निर्माण की नियत भी|
    नाम वालिद, कर्म खुदा का,
    पूजनीय उनकी सीरत भी ||

    करके मेहनत , लाख जतन की,
    खाए ताने और, परिहास भी |
    पर खुश हूँ पाके, पिता तुझे मैं,
    तू सफर का साथ भी ||

  • varsharathore 3w

    I love my Papa a lot
    He is the only person who tries to understand me
    He is the only one who loves me from the core of his heart
    He never says but his affection reflects through his eyes
    He is a gentleman and my Hero
    I love him not only just because he is my father or I consider him as my mentor
    The reason I love him the most is that the kind of human he is or I should say human with kindness is the thing that touches my heart
    Some born with the silver spoon in mouth but he had born with the golden heart....

  • soonam 13w

    अरे.. जो करते थे ऐश अपने पापा के कैश पर
    आज उन्हें पैसे जुटाते देखा है..
    जो घुमते थे बेफिक्र होकर..रात भर
    आज उन्हें चिंता में डूबते देखा है
    जो करते थे हर छोटी बात पर जिद्द
    उन्हें छुप-छुप कर रोते देखा है
    एक दिन कभी न टिकते थे घर पे
    आज उन्हें अपना घर संभालते देखा है
    जिसे अपना घर कभी लगता था छोटा
    उन्हें अब एक कमरे में दिन गुजारते देखा है
    जो हर बात पर करते थे..बेटा-बेटा
    उस घर को बेटियों को संभालते देखा है
    परेशानियों में कभी जेंडर नहीं देखते..
    अरे जो लड़ते थे..हर छोटी-बड़ी बात पर
    आज उन बच्चों को साथ मिलकर सुख-दुख बांटते देखा है
    कि.. बिना बाप के बच्चों को घर चलाते देखा है..!!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld #papa #father #children #family

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    कहते हैं.. एक बाप घर का स्तंभ होता है..
    ये कहना ही क्या.. यह तो सच है..
    क्योंकि एक बाप ही है जो..
    बिना थके हारे..बिना डगमगाये..
    बिना किसी इच्छा के..
    परेशानियों को अपने अंदर दबाए
    एक मजबूत स्तंभ की तरह
    अपने घर परिवार को उठाए चलता है
    ताकि उनका परिवार दर-दर की ठोकरें ना खाए..
    पर वही स्तंभ जब एक दिन टूट जाता है
    तोह.. जैसे सब बिखर जाता..!!